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What Kind Of Glass Storage Containers Do You Need? What Kind Of Glass Storage Containers Do You Need?

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What Kind Of Glass Storage Containers Do You Need?

Written by: Chloe Davis

Quickly learn about the different types of glass containers and how to fully utilize them! Check out this article for all the information you need to know.

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Make that oft-repeated promise to yourself a reality – it’s time to sort your items into aesthetic glass storage containers. This article provides more than 10 innovative ideas for corralling the chaos in your home.



These clever solutions are both practical and beautiful. If you’re looking for more tips, we’re confident that these storage ideas will help you get your ideal house. While some possessions are best hidden away, using glass storage containers means we like to show off the contents of the container. 



The display objects in glass storage containers can be divided into functional and non-functional. Photo frames are non-functional, except that they provide immense visual pleasure. They are often the decorative details which give a home its distinctive identity and style.



Possessions are very individual, and what may be junk and clutter to some are objects of beauty and sentimentality to others. A handful of shells carefully collected and arranged on glass shelves costs next to nothing but looks stunning, recalling happy memories of summer holidays.



Whatever you cherish deserves showing off, whether priceless china or second-hand books. However, for your functional objects, you have no reason to store them in unsightly containers, let alone the manufacturer’s packaging. So, store them in large glass containers to always know where your belongings are and when to replenish them when needed. 



Why Use Glass Storage Containers? 

Healthy vegan food in glass containers, top view. Rice, beans, vegetables, hummus and juice.



Firstly, this part of the article will discuss the properties of glass as the choice of material for your containers over other materials. Secondly, the section will espouse why you should use glass storage containers, especially for your kitchen needs.



Glass is a great choice of material for your storage needs because it is dustproof. You can easily clean and wipe down the containers because of the smooth and glossy texture. Moreover, glass does not rust or degrade over time with chemicals or the surroundings. And for the eco-conscious readers, glass is 100% recyclable without wasting any pieces during the process of recycling.



Thus, when your containers break, broken pieces of glass can be gathered and melted and it becomes reusable. Glass will not lose its quality and strength no matter how many times it undergoes recycling. Therefore, use glass over materials that cannot be recycled and reused, such as plastic.



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Choose Glass When Storing Food And Beverages 

Use glass storage containers for your kitchen needs to avoid any toxins. It is best to avoid plastic containers when handling food because they are full of toxic chemicals that can lead to potential health problems. Also, glass storage containers can handle the heat from your food, so you can immediately transfer your freshly cooked food to the container.



Since the typical glass container can withstand -50 to 300 degrees Celsius, you can safely take the container from freezer to oven. Moreover, this glass freezer container allows you to view the contents without opening the lid. This prevents unnecessary food spoilage due to frequent exposure to air.



Also, the clear sides act as a visual reminder that you have leftover food when you open the fridge. Why waste your hard-earned cash to eat outside when you have your leftovers in the fridge? Practice food dating your perishables?



Since glass is smooth, you can adhere washi tape to indicate the date of preparation and when to consume by. Furthermore, the best reason to choose glass as the material for food storage containers is that glass is not porous. Say goodbye to stale smells which can alter the tastes of your food. 



What Kinds Of Glass Storage Containers Do You Need - INFOGRAPHICS



Glass Storage Container By Area 


Conquer the clutter as soon as you walk through the door! Have a spot for knick-knacks, house keys, and loose change. 





Entrance halls, landings, and corridors are often treated as afterthoughts. They are usually the last to be decorated and their potential for useful extra storage or as display areas are often overlooked. So, transform your entryway into a mini goal-setting space, organizer or to display your knick-knacks by adding mason jars. Utilize the mason jars to store your house keys, loose change or even tea light candles to create a soft ambience when your guests enter your house. 



Got your eyes on a cute pair of shoes or a Bottega Veneta lanyard for your office access card? Collect all your loose change in the mason jar and by the year’s end, you can say “Holla” to your new purchases. If you’re constantly misplacing your house keys, these food storage containers will be the perfect solution so you will always know where they are! 






Use this centrepiece to add a touch of elegance and glam to your home, featuring two drawers and a cabinet all with faux crystal rosette knobs. This drawer set is a great statement piece for your entryway. The cabinet is sophisticated but casual, with mirrored surfaces that sparkle and reflect light. The illusion this drawer gives will open up the narrow entryway to make space appear larger than reality.



The design fuses the Hollywood 1920s Great Gatsby feel with modern art deco that easily complements the other furniture in the house. Pair this drawer with the mason jars and you will give your guests a memorable entrance and departure. Plus, you can use this as a final check on your outfit before heading out the door! The drawers measure at 28 x 13 x 28 inches. Compact enough to squeeze in the tightest of hallways. 



Living Rooms
Make living easy in this gathering place with simple ideas for organizing and displaying books and personal achievements. 



A living room should be the easiest room to plan and organize – the only real constraints are your budget and available space. However, the suggestions here are budget-friendly and appropriate in size for your living room. Always remember the living room is the showpiece of a home, the area most frequently seen by outsiders, but also the room that you come home to for total relaxation in privacy and comfort. 





Display your personal and family achievements in the living room to remind you of all the hard work you have put in whether it be a long service award or 1st place in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition. Worried that the glass shelves do not have the strength to withstand the trophies and awards?



The shelves have a 28.6lbs (12kg) weight limit. With five shelves, the display cabinet measures at 23.8 x 14.5 x 64.2 inches. There’s plenty of space for you and your family to display your achievements and items of sentimentality. Let your accomplishments be your motivation for greater things in life or a constant reminder to your guests and relatives that you have it all together. 





Looking for a simple and aesthetic bookcase for your living room to display your book collections or coffee table books? This sleek bookcase with sturdy tempered glass offers a modern design to your living room. Each of the five shelves holds approximately 25 to 30 lbs so you can be sure your first edition Harry Potter book collection will not shatter the bookcase.



The glass creates an airy look that assures your books take centre stage instead of the bookcase. The time to assemble the bookcase will take approximately 40 minutes and the measurements are 58” H x 24” W x 12” D. You don’t have to worry about glass shards but worry about paper cuts. 





Why spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful bottle of vintage red wine and not have a decanter to pour it in. Every wine connoisseur will know the importance of a decanter. Fundamentally, decanting serves two purposes: to separate the wine from any sediments that may have formed and to aerate the wine in the hopes that its aromas and flavours will be more vibrant upon serving.



This wine decanter is made of 100% lead-free crystal. Hand-blown into an elegant shape, impress your guests and enhance the ambience with this decanter. The decanter will be able to hold a glass bottle of 750 ml. The design allows for the wine to have a wide breathable surface area, allowing for maximum aeration. If you aren’t a wine drinker, these lead free glass food storage containers make the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast. 



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Make meal prep a pleasure instead of a chore in your home’s most hardworking room. 



The kitchen is usually the greediest area for storage, demanding not only sufficient space for a vast and diverse range of equipment but also in specific places if the room is going to have any sense of order about it. It is easier to find room for everything in your kitchen if you have these glass storage containers. 





Looking for the perfect glass storage containers from pantry to hold your foods? These clear storage containers will help you to keep your food fresh and visible in your refrigerator. This 18-piece container set includes 1 cup round container, 6 cups rectangular container, and 7 cup round container, with two each of 2 cup round container, 4 cup round container, and 3 cups rectangular container. All lids included for each dish. Afraid that these containers will shatter?



Each container is made from Pyrex glass which is microwave, dishwasher, preheated oven, and freeze safe. You can now meal prep your entire week without fearing the food going bad with the airtight lids to keep your food fresher longer. This set comes with a 2-year limited warranty on the Pyrex glass and plastic lids against manufacturer defects. 





This is for all parents out there! While “glass” and “baby” are rarely seen together in a sentence, let me convince you on why you should be using glass baby bottles for your infants. While there are plastic baby bottles on the market without harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, why not be sure and make the shift to glass bottles.



The glass bottles by Philips Avent are made to withstand parenting life such as quick changes in temperature to accidentally dropping from a stroller. This set is sold in the 4oz/120ml size for 1-6 months old infants. But Philips Avent has bottles from newly born to 6 months plus. The best thing about glass bottles is that they can be boiled to sanitize, unlike plastic bottles, so that the contents won’t be contaminated.



You might be led to believe that the glass bottles may be slippery, but the ergonomic design of the bottle will allow you to easily handle them. You can also purchase anti-slip sleeves for added measure. Besides, glass bottles can outlive plastic bottles. Plastic bottles turn yellow and cloudy after constant thermal exposure but the glass bottle will remain spick and span. So you can use the same bottle if you decide to have a second child, just please change the nipple. 





Foodstuffs not kept in the fridge or freezer should be stored close to the preparation zone for easy access. Food preparation counters must be kept squeaky clean, and this is made easier if they are kept free from clutter. To keep your counters clutter-free, you need a spice rack to store your spices.



No, Stacey, Salt & Pepper are not enough to flavour your dishes. No one has won a cooking show just by using Salt and Pepper, but they have been eliminated for under seasoning their food. So to all the aspiring chefs out there, a 12-jar revolving spice rack is what you need to at least save you from elimination. Have all 12 spices at your fingertips when you need them.



This rack features a carousel design that sits on a smooth revolving base, giving you a good view of all your spices that gives you a gourmet look and feel. With no assembly required, you can just take it out of the box and fill the jars with 12 of your favourite spices and herbs, and start doing the cooking manoeuvrability with control and precision. While it won’t guarantee you a spot on the Master Chef show, you will have a flavourful meal. The rack measures at 6.3 x 6.2 x 11.8 inches. Each jar measures at 4 cm x 9 cm. 



Here’s a pro tip: make sure you add Cinnamon powder to one of your jars. Not only does it have health benefits, but your meal will also have a layer of complexity that will leave your guests craving for more. 





Rest easy knowing that you’ll wake up in a space where everything is in order – at least before you start a busy day!



The dressing table is the traditional home for smaller and more personal things in a bedroom. But without proper organizing, the dressing table turns to an eyesore. For your other night essentials, a bedside table is essential to place your alarm clock and glass of water. The following products will improve your sleeping and getting up preparations. 






We all know jewellery tarnishes due to a reaction to moisture and the air. Prevent your shiny jewellery from dark discolouration by placing them in this beautiful clear jewellery box. The brass lining adds a vintage look to the box without overpowering the overall aesthetic of this piece.



A great addition to your vanity or dresser, the glass box can also be used as a decor piece in any room in the house. Your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets will not tarnish as fast as before because you’ve kept them in this glass box with a lid that reduces moisture from affecting the jewellery. The dimensions of the box are 8.7” x 5.9” x 2”.While it’s no glass slipper, you can still feel like Cinderella with this small glass treasure chest of yours and make the night as magical as you want. And what’s the cherry on top, you ask? You don’t have to end the night by midnight.



But, sadly, it doesn’t come with a Prince Charming or Princess Delight – your secret is safe with us. 





Do you have random items you reach for before going to bed such as a book, setting your alarm or a glass of water? You need a bedside table! And what better than a bedside table with clean and defined lines that lend a modern feel. This versatile table is easy to match with the rest of your bedroom furniture with its S-shape modern design.



The table is stain resistant and easy to clean with just a gentle wipe. The three shelves can serve as bookshelves or a display for your decorative items. You can even use this table for the outdoors if you need extra table space – made of premium glass, which is waterproof and durable, this table is ready to battle the elements. 





Most bedrooms have vanities where people start or end their day. Seeing a messy vanity will not put you in the right state of mind to start the day or add unnecessary stress to end off your day. Use these glass storage containers with wooden lids to cure your headache. Perfect for your hair accessories such as hair ties, pins, and even VSCO scrunchies.



Resistant to your hair spray, makeup stains and Victoria Secret body mist, the glass container can be easily cleaned and wiped down. With a wide opening, you can easily insert your arm to reach the base for a thorough cleaning. The set comes with 5 different storage containers – 24oz/700ml x 1 34oz/1000ml x 1 44oz/1300ml x 1 61oz/1800ml. Never again do you have to scour your bedroom for your misplaced hair accessories. Goodbye messy hair days, hello gorgeous you. 




Start and end your day in a beautifully organized way with these ideas to keep the bathroom aesthetic and clean. 



Glass storage makes practical and attractive storage; the containers are easy to clean and visually do not monopolize space. The transparency makes them suitable carriers for essentials like personal hygiene products and cotton pads and swabs so you know when to stock up on them. 





This glass soap dispenser with a steel pump holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. You can either use them to hold your shampoo, conditioner, or hand and body wash. Perfect as a housewarming gift or for you to use in your bathrooms.



Instead of forking out hard-earned cash to buy aesthetically pleasing products such as Aesop for their glass dispensers, you can just buy these glass containers and pour our own choice of hygiene products. Help the environment by buying refills instead of full products or better yet, buy from eco-friendly stores where you can directly dispense the liquids straight into these glass soap dispensers. 



Smell and feel great with this soap dispenser and never again have to share a bar of soap with others. 



We all know how bland and boring the packaging of cotton pads and swabs are, so we should place them in cute containers. This glass apothecary jar will do just the job! Perfect for your cotton pads and swabs, this jar will protect them from dust and moisture with their lids. The large jar stands at 14.75” H x 5” W, the medium jar at 12.75” H x 5” W, and the small jar at 10” H x 4.5” W.



You can fit your luffa sponge in the largest jar to add some visual texture to your otherwise plain bathroom sink top. Want a tropical or beach atmosphere in your bathroom? You can also use these jars as decorative pieces. Simply put sand or seashells to elevate the interior design of your bathroom without spending a bomb. All you need now are some shades and a classic margarita in hand to experience the beach in your bathroom. 

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