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20 Pretty And Practical Kitchen Storage Containers 20 Pretty And Practical Kitchen Storage Containers

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20 Pretty And Practical Kitchen Storage Containers

Written by: Olivia Parker

Kitchen storage containers that you definitely won't regret buying! Gorgeous and affordable, these will last for a long time.

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We know how essential storage containers can be in the kitchen, especially with many kitchen utilities requiring airtight storage. But who says you can’t stylishly store your kitchen supplies? Several practical storage containers can add space and style to your kitchen. Come with us as we show you the top 20 kitchen storage containers on our list. If you’re looking for ideas in general, check out this list of storage ideas.



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This is one of the best large storage containers available today. It also falls in the large storage containers category, which is good for space. The 3.8-quart storage container can keep a large number of kitchen supplies airtight for you. It comes with a mess-free measuring leveling bar that you can use to gauge its content hygienically. It comes in a stylish design that boasts of solid functionality.





These plastic kitchen storage containers are very desirable for their multi-functionality. It comes in a 6-piece container set that can be used for different purposes. In the set, you will find something for flour for sugar and other items. You will also find two mini pro keepers. The six pieces are also stackable in case you want them together in one place. It is very stylish too and will bring some class to your kitchen. It is built rugged so you can wash it with a dishwasher.





This is one of those kitchen storage containers that are perfect for storage and also perfect for microwaving. It comes with built-in vents that help keep whatever you are microwaving from splattering. It comes in a set of 21 containers that give you flexibility with your storage. And what’s even good is that the lids snap together at the bases so that you can stack them together and avoid cluttering your kitchen.





These kitchen storage containers are built tough. They can withstand several conditions such as microwaving, refrigerating, preheating in ovens. It is also dishwasher safe. The 13 pieces come with airtight lids so you can keep your kitchen supplies from draughts that can ruin them. It is made with glass, which is healthier than plastic for storage because it doesn’t warp, stain, leach, or retain smells.





It comes in a set of three. These are one of the best dry bulk food storage containers you can get your hands on. With it, your dry food can remain dry for as long as you want it. It is also very stylish and can help you keep your countertop very organized. It is multifunctional as it can also be used outside the kitchen as it is perfect for storing crafts and toys. It is built with BPA-free plastic, which is healthy for storing food items.





This kitchen storage is another one in the large storage containers category, meaning that you get enough space to store large items, should you decide to go with it. It contains six large boxes fitted with six lids. The lid and base are made transparent so you can see the condition of anything you store in them. The lids are indexed so you can stack them on one another in a stylish pattern that also conserves space.





If you are struggling with space in your kitchen, you have the perfect plastic kitchen storage containers in these beauties. They are built with space conservation in mind. They are built in square formats, which can store 22% when they are stacked on a shelf more, compared to round containers. It comes with a great sealing effect that keeps it moisture-proof and anti-deterioration. They are multifunctional too as they can be used for storing food and also for marinating meats, and for storing dry cereal.





If you are looking for storage that can safely and stylishly store your food, then you’ve found one. This kitchen storage bag is made with 100% safe and non-toxic platinum silicone so you can rest assured that whatever you store in it is not getting contaminated. It is better than traditional bags because it is made free from BPA, latex, and PVC. This container is reusable, so you can pride in the fact that you have joined the plastic-free movement. It comes with the innovative pinch-lock airtight seal.





With this kitchen storage container, you get ten borosilicate glass food containers that have been fitted with BPA-free plastics. It gives you ample storage space your food stylishly because of the different shapes of containers in the set. Some are squares, while others are circular in case you need to store them on a shelf. The locking lid has silicone rings that prevent spillages.





These kitchen storage containers are exquisite with their conical shapes and beautiful white lids. You can be sure that they will inject some organization and beauty into your kitchen. The sets are in versatile shapes so that you can use them for various storage. They are made with containers that are easy to use and clean. You can easily remove the silicones attached to the lid and wash it with soap and water.





These kitchen storage containers are built safely for kitchen use. They are made of BPA-free, food-grade plastics. These are containers approved for food storage by the FDA. With them, you have safe and durable containers that you can use as a cereal container for storing rice, nuts, cereals, beans, and so on.





With these pantry storage containers, you have something for keeping your cookies, flour, sugar, and the rest of them. They are transparent for easy accessibility as you easily locate the things you store. They come in square shapes that are known to take up less room on the shelves and in the fridge. It is very stylish with the stainless screw-top lids that are easy to clean and maintain.





It comes in a set of four adjustable airtight containers. They are made adjustable to grant you flexibility with storing the containers on shelves and fridges. You can also adjust the containers according to what you want to store. They are transparent, too, so that you can easily locate your stored items without having to open the individual lids.





These large storage containers are built tough with a polycarbonate material that can resist breakage. That is why they are highly durable. The material is also clear for product visibility. It comes in a clean surface finishing that is very easy to clean. They are built in the square format, which enables them to save 25% more space. It has wide temperature adaptability of between -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.





These pantry storage containers are airtight as they are fitted with airtight lid seal and a lock system. That makes the container both air and watertight. It comes in the highly desirable see-through design that grants you quick access to stored items. It comes in a stylish design that still offers functionality.





These are airtight pasta containers that can stylishly fit into any kitchen. To make it utterly airtight, the manufacturers fitted it with locking lids to keep the elements out. It comes in a set of two rectangular containers that are built to decoratively hold you spaghetti, noodles, lasagna, macaroni, and the rest of them.





This kitchen storage container is built for the storage of plates and other kitchen utensils. It is very stylish with its fine design and white color. The dividers inside are adjustable, so you can make space if you ever need to store something bigger. It is made with the coveted BPA-free plastic that is safe for storing and holding food items. The container is straightforward to clean. And it is easy to set up.





These set of four pantry storage containers are the real deal. They bring good organization and style to your kitchen. The pantry storage containers are stackable so you can neatly organize them in your kitchen. This practical stackable design is aimed at giving you flexibility in managing your space. They are highly multifunctional as they can be used in kitchen countertops, shelves, cabinets, freezers, offices, rooms, and so on. It is made of durable plastic that is 100% safe for food storage.





We can’t talk about airtight containers without mentioning these beauties. The six of them are fitted with airtight covers so they draughts can stay out. These six containers are perfect for the pantry, making them great pantry storage containers. They come in the perfect sizes for any of your kitchen storage needs. They are made of BPA-free plastics, making them fit for food storage. It is also leak-proof so that your food can be kept safe from insects and weevils. They have four-sided locking lids for this purpose.





This glass Tupperware comes in a set of 2 soup mugs. The mugs are microwave reheatable so that you can easily use it to warm whatever you store inside it. It has features for preventing spills when you are using it for reheating. Just pop the steam vent on it and leave the seal in place. It comes equipped with the PLUS stain guard, which ensures that they remain forever stylish. It is one of those airtight containers that you can use for keeping items from draught.




Kitchen storage containers, like every other thing, have different sizes, properties, prices, and what they are suitable for. So, it can be difficult putting all of these into consideration and choosing the right ones for you. But not anymore; we have done your homework for you by streamlining down to the very bests. Just pick according to what your needs are; you can be sure that you are picking the bests in that category.

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