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30 Storage Bags To Keep Items In Pristine Condition 30 Storage Bags To Keep Items In Pristine Condition

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30 Storage Bags To Keep Items In Pristine Condition

Written by: Alexander Johnson

If you're the type to display your collections proudly, consider investing in these reliable storage bags that are guaranteed to keep your items clean!

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Space saver saving seal bag sucking air vacuum clothing storage compressed package.


Ah, the life of a collector – whether it’s collecting different types of figurines like Funkos or expensive designer goods, we tend to collect things that we love. Before we know it, however, we’ll have a massive collection on our hands that we don’t quite how to deal with.



If you’re the type to display your collections proudly, you’d also probably find yourself spending quite some time every day trying to maintain them. This type of routine is no doubt time-consuming and can get rather tiring.  Free up precious time with these clever storage bag options: not only can they be used to neatly store your things, they’re also guaranteed to keep them clean!




Starting with something simple, this storage bag is completely clear and allows you to easily identify its contents. Also, once it’s all stacked and stored, you’ll be able to save a lot of time as you won’t need to open and go through every bag whenever you’re looking for something. In terms of maintenance, it’s also quite easy to maintain compared to fabric bags, the latter which are more prone to gathering dust. Plastic is easy to clean – just give it a quick wipe-down, and place it back in storage.





If you desire a little bit more privacy for the items that you want to store,  a classic fabric bag is an easy choice. When choosing a fabric bag, it’s best to go for one that’s made from a waterproof material such as this product. Not only is it smooth and durable, it also discourages dust from accumulating, which is usually the downfall of most fabric storage bags. You can also use this as a spacious duffle bag for your various travels, be they domestic trips or international ones. The nice shape means that it is ideal for stacking and storing in closets.





Bag collectors will probably relate to the dilemma of constantly running out of space to store their branded handbags. Not only are such handbags pricey, storing them usually proves to be a problem due to their unique but delicate forms. You can’t simply stack them haphazardly nor keep them exposed. It may be a bit funny to think that your bags need their own bags, but trust us when we say that storage bags are absolutely essential if you want to keep them around for a long time. This hanging bag storage will definitely keep your bags neatly stored while still allowing them to be easily seen and accessed.





Rugs and other large fabric furnishings need their very own storage as well. If you are the type to switch things up at home a lot, you will probably need a handy and trusty rug storage bag to effectively switch out your rugs at home. Maybe you have a specific rug you want to use during the summertime that’s more lightweight or even a nautical-themed pick while you switch it out with a plushy rug for the cooler seasons. You can keep your rugs safe and clean in storage bags like this one!





The underside of our bed is often underutilized storage space, which is why manufacturers have designed storage bags that are low but wide. They’re designed to seamlessly sneak underneath your beds but look sleek stored in your closets at the same time. Essentially, these are slim storage bags that can store anything from seasonal clothes to even bedding that you rotate or keep in store as backups. With its chic gray fabric build, it’s simple and unimposing, not to mention stylish.





With the holidays right around the corner, we’re reminded that those of us who use plastic Christmas trees dread storing them. Especially with all the fake bristles and foliage, it’s the greatest magnet for dust you can find and it’s more tedious to clean than anything you can imagine. There’s nothing worse than taking out a dusty old Christmas tree from storage and see all the dust fly about. I’m sure thinking about this is already making your skin crawl, so make this a thing of the past by purchasing a storage bag for your Christmas tree.




A classic garment storage bag will never go out of style and is probably the most universal manner of storage for more delicate or expensive pieces of clothing. Your suits, tuxes, and ballgowns deserve the best kind of garment storage and nothing beats this one with a clear window from Perber. Your formal and business attire will no doubt demand the respect that they deserve being carried around in these storage bags.





Vacuum-sealing is probably the most effective way to save space – it may shock you as to how much space is freed up when you remove air from the equation. This is particularly useful for fabric items such as clothes, pillows, or even your duvets. You simply stuff your items in the storage bags and then use the vacuum attachment to remove the air and you’re left with incredibly compact bags with your things inside. Don’t worry though because after you open the bags, the contents will regain their natural shape in an instant.





We don’t just store our clothes in the closet but also different types of bedding that can take up a significant amount of space. Since clothes typically don’t have rigid forms, it’s quite common for them to fall all over each other, especially if you knock them over or brush up against them. There are extra large storage bags to remedy this very problem. They can neatly store a ton of your clothes or even accommodate all of the stuff used on a single bed: two or more pillows and even a whole duvet!





Another simple and timeless form of a storage bag is the drawstring fabric type! It’s easy to carry around while the loose fabric can accommodate objects of any shape or size without the risk of denting or deforming what’s inside. They’re breathable and dustproof, so you can rest easy knowing your bags or shoes or clothes are sitting comfortably away from the degrading elements that wish to cause it harm.





Storage bags can also come in a ton of different sizes and shapes to store more unconventional items. Instead of a big empty space where you dump your stuff, you could opt for a storage bag with subdivided spaces to store different types of items. As seen in the photo above, such bags can be used to store gift wrapping tools. Different sizes of pockets can carry anything from rolls of paper to gifts bags, and even twine and ribbons!





When it comes to storing your linens, clothes or bedding, it truly doesn’t get more straightforward than a large boxy fabric bag. It’s also in a beautiful shade of gray that it won’t look tacky in your storage spaces and will blend right in with plain interiors. Its zippers go almost all the way around, so you can peel the top off and reorganize the contents inside any time.





This plastic bag storage organizer defies the typical shape of the storage bags which are usually perfect boxes, resulting in a very unique-looking storage bag. It comes in different sizes to accommodate the vastly varying forms and shapes of handbags and is easy to carry with its sizable handle. The cream and dark brown color combination gives it a sophisticated and elegant feel that you’ll feel so fashionable just using them around your home. I’d wager that they’re pretty enough to use as bags themselves!





Plastic are hands down one of the best materials you can use for storage bags because they’re so easy to clean and are resistant to moisture and dirt as well. Due to the delicate nature of rugs, their tightly woven threads can get frayed if you’re not careful. Give your rugs the love and care they deserve while not breaking the bank with these lovely plastic rug storage bags. They’ll be clean and waiting for you to use them again.





Plastic storage bags can be as large as suitcases, so be as creative as you can with regards to how you use them. Not only can this store a few pieces of luggage, it can also fit a small bike or furniture you would like to put in storage. It always pays to invest in smart and versatile storage solutions. Not only will these keep your prized possessions safe, they will also make them look like presents when you take them out again.





Where to store your plastic bags is always a giant issue at home. They’re reusable so we always feel obligated to keep them around. Also, it’s much better than just simply dumping them and adding to the plastic waste which our planet definitely does not need any more of! These handy little storage bags are going to make plastic bag storage an issue of the past. It hangs conveniently in your kitchen and has a small pocket underneath from which you can retrieve your plastic bags whenever you need it.





Pillows are large and fluffy, so storing them can be annoying as they can take up so much space. Remember when you bought them at the store and they were handed to you in a vacuum-sealed bag? You could almost swear that you were handed a flat piece of fabric… then it suddenly plumps up after opening the bag. Well, worry not – you can now put it back in that state whenever you need to with this vacuum seal bag!





Storage bags can also come as big as a whole mattress because you never know when you might need to store your mattress. Maybe you have a guest room that doesn’t get used very often. Instead of putting your items away every time, why not just use storage bags to keep everything clean and in place? When you have a guest, you can simply unzip the bag, then pull out the mattress. Talk about convenience!





This design for storage bags was definitely popularized by Ikea. It’s no surprise that it gained as much popularity as it did: not only is it a funky storage bag to look at, it is also quite functional. The fabric used is waterproof and easy to clean. It also repels dust so it keeps the contents clean and safe. The fabric is also quite sturdy that it can take harsh pulls and sudden hits without getting damaged in the least. Lastly, its gigantic size makes it absolutely perfect for carrying anything.





If you’re looking to take your Christmas tree storage to the next level, consider going all the way with a large storage bag that’s big enough to fit the whole thing in. This way, it can be easily stored without its legs or bristles awkwardly poking out – resulting in a more pleasing storage space to look at. I also love that it uses red and green as its colors so you can easily identify and associate it with the colors of Christmas.





You’ve heard of garment storage bags, but what if we level it up and turn it into a unique storage bag all on its own? With its chic little frame, this large storage bag is like a whole other closet inside your closet. This is for people who like to organize their clothing in groups. Maybe you want to store your work clothes and fun clothes separately, or perhaps you’re a fashion designer who would like to organize your massive collections. Either way, look no further than this awesome hanging storage bag by MISSLO!





If you have a mattress without springs that need to be stored, one feasible option is to have it put into a storage vacuum bag. I’m sure you would be shocked at how small your seemingly heavy/boxy mattress can become. In the photo, you can see that it has shrunk to a size that you can roll up easily. Can you imagine how convenient this would be when you have to move? No one in the world would be able to guess that that roll in the corner is actually your bed.





A cool innovation in this vacuum bag storage is this new attachment that’s so compact and slim that it hardly even looks like a vacuum nozzle. To the untrained eye, it might just even look like Google Smart Home device. Just be careful not to call it Alexa! This possesses all the features of a vacuum seal bag that everyone knows and loves, but now comes with a nifty vacuum attachment that you can take it with you on your next trip. This way, you can save so much on storage space!





Although tubular storage bags are great, you should consider the type of bag opening that would best suit your purpose. Typically, they come with zippered openings along the long side of the bag so it could be a bit difficult pulling the rug out, especially if the zippers don’t cover the entire length of the bag. Here, we have a rug storage bag that opens on its side so you can simply slide the rug in for storage but also just as easily slide it out whenever you need it.





The changing seasons can demand different types of bedding. You probably won’t want to use your duvet during the height of summer and you will probably opt for a lighter blanket. Instead of keeping your duvet in a plastic bag, or worse, just left on your couch, why not invest in a good storage bag where it can wait for you to be ready for it again? You can protect it from dust and dirt while it sits pretty in your closet.





Small items like jewelry deserve their own storage bag as well, especially if you’re someone who moves around a lot. Carrying them around in something you improvised is a hassle and not to mention dangerous. As early as now, you can opt for a hanging storage bag such as this one which can hold not just your jewelry but small things of equal importance like flash drives containing personal files or even memory cards!





Storage bags can contain multiple smaller divisions to organize objects such as shoes. This one is designed to be low but wide (to be able to effortlessly fit under your bed), but would look just as nice placed at the foot of your closet. It’s compact and easy to tuck away, but also boasts a large space inside to store whatever you may need. If you have a large collection of shoes, they would all be neatly displayed in this bag, quietly awaiting your next big fashion moment.





These portable storage bags have rigid frames that can accommodate anything from toys to your important documents. There’s a convenient handle on the sides, so you can easily pull them off of high shelves. Carrying them around will also be a breeze thanks to its large sturdy handles on top. They can also act as nice shopping bags whenever you need to make a trip to the grocery store. Look chic but efficient with these beauties.





When you think of Ziploc bags, the first thing that comes to mind are probably plastic bags to keep your sandwiches or snacks or whole lunches. It turns out that Ziploc is more than just a place to keep your food! They also have whole storage bags that keep all of your kitchen linens in one place or everything on your bed in a single bag. Their plastic storage bags offer so much versatility that they will probably earn a spot in your home as your go-to source of storage materials after trying this.





If you’re a chef who travels a lot or a handyman who wants more than just a simple toolbox to carry around, this rolling storage bag might be perfect for you. It’s really intended to be a safe carrying case for knives as these are very personal to chefs and they prefer to use their own wherever their jobs might take them. However, the slots should be able to carry other tools as well, so if you have a hobby that requires the same amount of storage, you might want to look this up too! Also, let’s not forget the luxurious leather cover that will no doubt make anyone who uses it feel like such a pro.



Why You Need Storage Bags

This is arguably the most important question of all: why should you opt for storage bags, when there are so many other options out there? 


For one, storage bags are foldable, and take up little space when not in use. Not only are they affordable, they are also extremely cost-efficient. Depending on the type of storage bag you’re looking for, they can go for as little as $11 per 120 bags – that’s just 10 cents per bag!


Apart from the aforementioned benefits, storage bags also tend to be durable and effectively prevent entry of dust, dirt and moisture, thus keeping your items in A++ condition. 




What We Need To Consider Before Buying Storage Bags

The search for that perfect storage bag can be trying. Confused by the sheer number of options available? No worries, we’ve got you: here are the 4 main factors to consider when choosing a storage bag.



While differences in other aspects may be slight and therefore negligible, size matters and is the first factor you should always consider: what are the sizes of the objects you’re looking to store? While a certain storage bag might be the perfect size for storing mattresses, the same bag would probably be less than ideal for storing smaller items such as stationery and souvenirs. 



Thick, crease-less plastic is ideal here: not only must your storage bag be able to contain the desired items, it should also not break easily. On top of that, it should also boast plenty of interior space and – in the case of vacuum storage bags – can be compressed by a large amount.



To make sure you’re getting bang for your buck, divide the price of the item by its quantity: for example, $9 for 3 bags means each individual bag costs $3. Price isn’t necessarily indicative of quality, so don’t dismiss a certain storage bag just because it falls below the supposed “average” cost.



Most storage bags are made from plastic: different types of plastic, there is. Listed below are 4 of the most common types of storage bags available.


Plastic food storage bags



1. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Bags

Strong, lightweight, and able to withstand high temperatures of up to 120 degrees for short periods, HDPE is one of the most common types of plastics used in the world. A HDPE plastic storage bag is perfect for all types of food: whether they are fresh, frozen or ready-to-eat.



2. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Bags

Commonly used for food storage and utility purposes, LDPE bags have a low melting point and are thus perfect for heat-sealing items. The transparent nature of low density polyethylene makes identifying items a breeze – something that’s particularly useful when it comes to the commercial setting.



3. LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) Bags

LLDPE storage bags meet FDA/USDA handling guidelines and can be used to safely store food without trouble. With a thinner gauge than LDPE storage bags, LLDPE bags are more cost-efficient: they are stronger and hence can carry greater weight.



4. PP (Polypropylene) Bags

An excellent blend of chemical resistance and strength, PP bags are by far the most transparent type of plastic storage bags there are. They’re commonly used to store candies, nuts, and other types of confectionery.



Where to Buy Affordable and High Quality Storage Bags

Storables.com is your #1 aggregator for the best storage ideas and products, and the same applies for storage bags: take your pick from the finest selection of storage bags right here.



Storage Bags You Must Have

To save you time and hassle, we’ve categorized the various types of storage bags by their functions. Here are the best storage bags that you mustn’t miss out on. 


Generally speaking, storage bags are perfect for storing items of any type and size: whether toys, clothes, or miscellaneous items, they do a good job of protecting objects and making sure they remain in pristine condition.
The ultimate space-saving option, choose vacuum storage bags if you have many things to store, but none of that space. This is an especially excellent pick for large, puffy objects like mattresses and blankets. 
Effortlessly organize your collection with these DVD storage bags: see what’s inside at a single glance, and grab exactly what you need.
Keep clothes dust and dirt-free with handy garment storage bags. Made from an assortment of materials including non-woven PP, tyvek and muslin, they effectively extend the lifespans of your precious garments. 
Whether you’re looking at short-term storage (transportation from venue to venue) or long-term storage (e.g. preserving your wedding dress), these gown storage bags are durable, lightweight, and deliver according to expectations.
Big day just ’round the corner, or friend’s wedding to attend this weekend? Suit storage bags provide your suits with the care and protection they deserve by preventing the entry of dirt, dust and moisture.
Keep moths and other equally annoying insects away from your favorite cashmere sweater. No mold and mildew, either.
Ensure your most important documents stay safe by investing in a fireproof storage bag: most of these are not just fire-resistant, but water-resistant as well. Overkill, you say? We say it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 
Tuck away seasonal wear, memorabilia and more with peace of mind that they’ll be secure and free of marks made by gnawing teeth. 



How To Utilize And Organize Storage Bags

Like other storage options, storage bags are best utilized when you consider all relevant factors with the likes of size, price and quality (as mentioned above).



More important than anything is purpose: what do you want to store xxx for? Do you just need temporary storage, or are you seeking a more permanent solution? 



Storage bags can be organized according to their frequency of usage, accessibility and size. To find out more, be sure to check out this video by Youtuber Simply Cherie, which takes you through the basics of organizing storage bags.



Best Storage Bags To Store Your Winter Clothes


Storing clothes in your closet or wardrobe might be a fairly simple task, but things get slightly trickier when it comes to seasonal storage: these refer to clothes you only wear during a particular season, and put away for the rest of the year. 


As pricey as they are, it’s advisable to choose your storage bag carefully when it comes to storing winter clothes.  Some things to look out for:


  • Durable fabric such as nylon and linen
  • Reinforced handles for easier handling of the storage bag
  • Anti-moisture construction so mold and mildew don’t form over time




Advantages Of Using Vacuum Storage Bags

Meat vacuum sealed on stone table


1. Saves space

Sucks out air such that items are a mere fraction of their original size, so you can store a lot more. If you’re buying them for use at home, you’d be happy to know that they take up markedly less space than storage containers, storage bins, etc.



2. Prolongs lifespan of items / Keeps items in pristine condition

This is especially useful for fresh food items as they generally have short lifespans: by preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi, vacuum storage bags help ensure that they last longer. 



3. Value for money

Vacuum storage bags are typically sold in sets, and can be re-used multiple times, making them extremely cost-efficient choices.



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4. Multiple packaging options

Vacuum storage bags come in a wide variety of options. Some come with resealable zippers, while others are lined with foil, so you can easily choose one that best suits your needs.



How To Pack Clothes For Travel Using Vacuum Storage Bags

Are vacuum bags good for travel? Absolutely. When it comes to storage, air alone can take up to as much as 50% more space: vacuum storage bags squeeze all the air out, effectively freeing up more space so you can store more clothes. This also means more space for souvenirs and other tourist-y things. Just follow these steps closely:



1. Roll each of your clothes up tightly, smoothing each item as you’re rolling them up so they won’t come out wrinkled

2. Place your rolled-up clothes into the vacuum storage bag

3. Seal the bag and roll it up slowly, ensuring all the air gets squeezed out in the process





Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Bags


1. What Can You Use Storage Bags For? 

Storage bags can be used to store an assortment of items, including food, stationery, memorabilia, and miscellaneous items. Plastic storage bags can even be used to make protein shakes, or whip up an instant meal.



2. How To Sanitize Reusable Plastic Storage Bags?

Plastic might not be good for the environment, but there’s a (guilt-free) way for you to use plastic storage bags. With the help of soap and water, they can easily be re-used a second, third or even forth time. Here are the steps.



re-using plastic storage bags

Photo from Wide Open Eats


  • Turn the bag inside out
  • Use warm/cool water to rinse out any goop or residue
  • Add some soap and seal the bag tightly
  • Shake the bag such that the soap covers the inside of the bag
  • Rinse thoroughly with water
  • Let it dry naturally



3. Why Do You Need Breast Milk Storage Bags? 

Breast milk storage bags are specifically designed to hold your breast milk such that it doesn’t leak or spill.  Some of these storage bags, like the Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bag, even allow you to directly squeeze milk into the bag – talk about convenience.



4. Advantages of Breast Milk Storage Bags

Unlike bottles, breast milk storage bags allow milk to be frozen flat: this saves freezer space and makes thawing quicker. Such bags are also more convenient as they can be disposed after just a single use.



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5. How to use breast milk storage bags?

Breast milk storage bags are similar to plastic storage bags, but tend to be thicker and more durable. Some breast milk storage bags also come with features that help mums squeeze milk/feed their babies more easily. Examples include tear-and pour sprouts, waterproof plastic and double-zipper locks. 



6. Efficient ways to maximize breast milk storage bags?

First things first: be mindful of the measurement indicator line, and make sure not to fill bags to the brim. Freshly pumped milk should always be placed at the coldest area of the fridge (the back) or stored in the freezer. 



7. Choosing the best vacuum storage bags for your luggage?

  • Figure out the number of clothes you want to bring along on your trip
  • Decide on the sealing method for your vacuum storage bag
  • Read the specifications/check the quality of the storage bag: it’s ideal for a storage bag to be made from thick and durable materials


8. Where to buy the best breast milk storage bags?

Storables.com is your go-to site for all storage bags, include breast milk storage bags. We’ve carefully curated a collection of breast milk storage bags for both mum-to-bes and new mums alike. 



9. How to choose the best ziploc bags?

There are many different kinds of ziploc bags: ziploc freezer bags, ziploc marinade bags, ziploc sandwich bags… the list goes on. Determine what exactly you want to use the ziploc bag for (purpose), then the size(s) of said item(s).

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