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Apple Watch Charging Stand: 25 Lust-Worthy Options Apple Watch Charging Stand: 25 Lust-Worthy Options

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Apple Watch Charging Stand: 25 Lust-Worthy Options

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Make your desk the envy of everyone with these stunning Apple watch charging stands that will elevate your interiors and keep your watch in tiptop shape.

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Desktops have come a mighty long way in the past twenty years. From being a piece of furniture on which we place our important documents and stationery, it has since evolved into a sophisticated device-centric hub of the home or office. The designs of work desks have changed to accommodate new technology that’s become essential for work. Plenty of office desks now feature holes for cords to seamlessly pass through and keep our floors free from unnecessary tangles.



A far simpler solution, however, would be to purchase an Apple Watch charging stand that can serve as a one-stop station for your watch, phone, and earphones. It comes in different materials and forms, so you’re bound to find something that matches your needs perfectly. Without further ado, here are the options to keep an eye on: 



Infographic on the different types of apple watch charging stand available





It’s always good to start with something that’s no muss and no fuss. Spigen is a brand that everyone’s come to love with their wide range of super durable and reliable tech accessories. It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve also come up with a gorgeous option for charging your Apple Watch while keeping your desk looking clean and stylish. It comes in a simple shape and features a sleek matte black finish. This is a super easy choice for anyone who wants a reliable smart watch charger that they can instantly access. 




It’s pretty rare that we only leave our smartwatches charging on our desk. It’s almost always in conjunction with our phones, and misplacing charging cables can be a real hassle. This gorgeous stand features slim metal framing that will hold your gadgets at a comfortable angle and keep them within reach at all times. As they sport a similar metal stand design, this Apple charging stand is going to look especially nice if you have an iMac on your desk.




If you want something that has a little more height than a basic charging stand but is not too high, this Apple Watch charging stand from Lamicall might just be the one for you. It keeps your Apple Watch elevated and prevents it from being accidentally caught on anything. There’s also a hole that allows your cable to run through to create that effortless charging station right on your desk.




For the minimalists out there, this one’s going to make you jump for joy. The wireless charger is here to stay but it can be scary when you’re charging your Apple Watch as it doesn’t really lie flat on the charger. You can just as easily sweep them away with your hand, which is the last thing you want to happen. This wireless charger offers a pop-up dongle to act as a stopper. It also reaches the back of your watch easier as this is where wireless charging takes place. You can charge your watch better and keep it secure at the same time with this simple yet charming charger.




Probably the most realistic Apple Watch charging stand one could want is this option right here. It is able to accommodate a few of the most commonly owned Apple products, namely the Apple watch, the iPhone, and the Air Pods. Whether you’re at the office or just got home from a long day, this gorgeous aluminum stand will serve you well as your one-stop charger. Keep your favorite gadgets safely resting and charging until you need them again.




Apple Watch stands are pretty saturated with intricate metal forms but if you want to go simpler, there are always other options you can explore. This particular option sports a simple L-shape design whereby you can simply hang your Apple Watch to charge. It comes in a super simple and neutral color that will look great against your desk and keep your set-up looking stylish and put-together.




As much convenience as wireless chargers can give us, having a different charger for every device you have can also be a giant hassle. It will inevitably clutter your desk with not just the charger pads themselves but also their wires! You can avoid this by investing in a large wireless charger that is able to accommodate more than just one device. Since they’re all in one place, your table space will thank you and your devices will be easier to access as well.





Elago boasts a very expansive repertoire of simple but useful Apple Watch charging stands. This particular option is very reminiscent of the classic Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a design buff, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this adorable form factor that will keep your desk space clean and free of clutter.




Building on the concept of a larger wireless charger to keep all your precious devices in one place, it would definitely be more convenient to be able to charge your Air Pods on the same pad while simultaneously improving the viewing angle of your phone. The last thing you want is to be hard at work and then have to strain to see any message you might receive. This wireless charger option offers an inclined backrest to keep your phone comfortably charging while you’re out and about.




It’s always interesting to see the marriage of electronic functions with old-school designs. This wireless charger is a must-have staple not only for being an electronic hub for charging but also as a place to store small items like memo pads or paper clips. It’s such a simple yet refreshing concept to see in the landscape of electronic accessories. Any hardworking dad would surely enjoy getting this for Father’s Day.




Charging stands that accommodate more than just your Apple Watch have the tendency to be bulky. They usually have a larger footprint which then takes up more space on your desk. If you don’t have a large table, this could prove to be an unnecessary inconvenience. However, you can easily address this issue by getting a charging stand that works with the vertical space. This adds a clever twist to the concept of a simple Apple Watch stand with an additional charging slot that’s perfect for giving your Air Pods or phone the energy boost it needs.




Here’s another interesting tech accessory from elago. It’s so cool when they play with their basic Apple Watch charging stand design and breathe new types of life into it simply by changing its form. Although it’s mostly a cosmetic move on their part, we’re sure you’ll love all the available options to better suit your personality. This one has a more retro touch and is almost reminiscent of a personal computer from the early 2000s with its tones and small details.




It’s sleek,  black, and so many types of gorgeous. If you want to talk about lust-worthy options for an Apple Watch charging stand, it certainly doesn’t get any more luxurious than this option from OLEBR. This will no doubt become your perfect charging station that’s stylish but also highly functional. Anyone would fall in love with it: from its matte black casing to the small pedestal for your Air Pods.




Even couples can enjoy a space-saving Apple Watch charging stand. Instead of getting separate stands with their own cables, why not cut down on clutter by getting this dual charging station? This option is a wireless charger in a simplistic matte black frame that goes with virtually anything. It will easily blend in with your furniture and await your next charging session.




Rose gold is always going to be a popular color as it combines the luxurious warmth of gold with just a touch of a soft rose color. This particular model is more suited for those who use older Air Pod models but is still very much a desirable central charging area for your Apple essentials. This stand will keep your gadgets firmly in place so that you’ll never have to worry about accidentally knocking them over.




Contrary to popular belief, smaller is sometimes better. Orzly proves just that with their uber-minimal design for their Apple Watch stand. Smaller than the palm of your hand, it’s super ergonomic and will take up next to no space on your desk. It also features a pop-up ring for wireless charging and structural stability for your Apple Watch.




Probably the cutest thing that elago has to offer, this Nintendo Gameboy-inspired charging stand will make an amazing gift to any Apple Watch user or as a reward for yourself. After all, there’s always a good reason to give gifts to ourselves! This charging stand will no doubt give you wave upon wave of nostalgia as you go about your work. There’s nothing more satisfying than admiring a design that’s been executed so incredibly well.




Your typical couple watch stand can be taken a step further with this elevated dual watch charging stand that comes with an added phone holder at the bottom. Maybe you guys want to have a little movie session while keeping your watches charging? Well, that’s now possible with this smart little holder from AOJUE.




Legally Blonde fans will surely flip for this awesome charging stand. MAPUCE jumps on the themed design bandwagon and puts this adorable option on the market. It’s so reminiscent of an old Macintosh that you rest your Apple Watch in. Get that burst of Legally Blonde realness every time you take it out to charge your smartwatch.




Continuing the theme of cute pink designs, this simple curved stand is a great option to have a stand that doesn’t take up too much desk space. The form looks like Grimace who is made super cute and feminine with the pastel pink finish. If you’re looking for something that isn’t black, gray, or white, then you’ll probably love this.




Compact charger stands will always be a smart choice when it comes to decorating your desktop. With small gadgets like the Apple Watch, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest in an elaborate throne for one tiny thing. If you’re in the market for something that’s no-nonsense and does the job perfectly, look no further than this AWINNER Apple Watch charging stand.




Wireless chargers often come in black, and it can totally ruin the motif of a room especially if you’re going for just soft and feminine colors. You can now keep your soft theme going with this pastel pink wireless charger that sports a pop-up ring to add stability to your Apple Watch while charging.




If your desktop set-up is a powerful gaming computer with a lot of RGB lighting, you might want an equally cool charging stand to go with it. Keeping your desktop design cohesive is always very satisfying to look at. If your keyboard and CPU sport a gorgeous RGB light show, then your new charging stand definitely should, too!





Almost like a sleek little beach chair, this Apple Watch charging stand could almost be fit for a display in an Apple store. This particular shade of gunmetal on an aluminum holder is perfection and will no doubt earn the favor of a lot of design experts. You can definitely decorate your desk like a total pro with this design from Sincetop.




This clean C shape is enough to make any minimalist happy. This Apple Watch charging stand is probably the cleanest design on the market with its unbeatable and simple aesthetic. It almost looks like your watch is just being held by a piece of paper or maybe even just floating. It’s always the simplest designs that make the greatest impacts with their understated form factor and material choice.




There’s truly nothing more satisfying than seeing an organized and clean work surface. Even though the things you need to have on your desk keep increasing, investing in smart accessories can help keep clutter to a minimum and you can form a tech hub of sorts right on your desk.



Instead of creating different spots within your home for different gadgets, you can always create a specific spot for them and save yourself the hassle. It’s absolutely possible to keep your essentials within reach and still have enough space to conduct your usual studies or work. All it takes is a quick scroll through this list for you to find the perfect Apple Watch charging stand for you. 

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