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14 Watch Travel Case For Maximum Functionality 14 Watch Travel Case For Maximum Functionality

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14 Watch Travel Case For Maximum Functionality

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Find some of the best watch travel cases right here. Travel like a pro while keeping your precious watches safe and secure.

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Traveling is a tricky subject to tackle because there’s a fine line between packing smart and overdoing things. We want to be prepared for unexpected situations that may occur during our vacations as much as possible. More often than not, however, we just end up packing way too much stuff. For example, your expensive Longines needs to be stored carefully while you’re traveling. Enter watch travel cases. 



Travel cases give soft items like clothes a solid form to better work with the existing boxy contours of a typical piece of luggage. Even when it comes to smaller items such as your watches, a watch travel case is your best bet to keep your collection safe and secure while also providing you with a ton of options when it comes to your travel outfits. After all, you should always make it a point to dress well when you travel!




Featuring a classic design that will probably work for anybody, this watch case from Oirlv is made from high-quality leather that’s guaranteed to be every bit as luxurious to look at as the watch it carries and protects. Thanks to its more rounded shape, its interiors will keep your watch safely in place without any space being wasted. Simply pop it into your bag and be on your way.




Fabric is always a safe choice for a watch travel case even though it’s not quite as nice to look at as a structured leather pouch. This option focuses more on functionality and convenience which are vital when it comes to your traveling bags. It looks like an earbud on an expensive headset, but its contours are tailor-made to carry your watches without running the risk of wrinkling the band. Its soft casing makes it perfect for stuffing it into your luggage at the last minute.




While you probably won’t need this many watches if you’re just traveling for leisure, this particular design is excellent for those who need to carry around a bunch of watches for a living. Maybe you’re a salesman in need of a highly secure watch travel case or a stylist who always needs to have tons of options available at any time. Not only is this case super solid on the outside, but it’s also cushy and secure on the inside.




Round cases can be highly advantageous when compared to the typical watch box. They conform to the overall shape of your watch especially since most watches today can’t really sit flat and require the small pillow to act as an arm to wind around. The biggest upside to round cases is that they also save space and look much lighter and less stuffy than other options. You can easily pop them open to access your watch collection.




Round cases aren’t really for everyone and that’s totally fine. If you prefer your watch travel case to be a little more sturdy and robust, this aluminum design might just earn its spot inside your luggage. If you’re the type of traveler to segregate and organize your things inside boxy travel cases, this gorgeous case would fit right in with the other cases and it would also be easier to configure how the contents will be arranged inside the trunk.




This can definitely be considered as the baby brother to the Case Club: it retains pretty much the same features, but features a slightly smaller capacity. Surely, you would enjoy having this adorable carrying case on your vanity like a secret spy. You can then open it  to reveal the watch collection you’ve decided to bring with you. Although it takes up a lot of space, the amount of protection it gives your watches is going to be totally worth it.




Your watch travel case can definitely also be a display case but still remain compact enough to sensibly pack. If you’re staying somewhere for a while, why not put this gorgeous piece on your vanity? It’s also in a stunning shade of orange which is such a refreshing change from the usual black or brown leather. Who says you can’t enjoy a gorgeous display of your watch even while traveling?




A single soft watch case is great because you can just stick them into awkward spots in your luggage, but if you plan on bring more than just one watch, it would also make a lot of sense to go for a soft case that carry all three watches you want to bring. It would make them much easier to find and it also eliminates the need to go through every single box every time to look for the one watch you actually want to use. Even with its three slots, it’s going to be super easy to stow away in your luggage.




A classic watch roll is a great compromise between a hard case that takes a bit too much space, and a soft case that could also possibly get crushed while in transit. This particular option offers three spacious slots that will perfectly conform to your watches and help retain their shape while the solid leather casing will keep them safe from any unwanted external forces.




One of the most unique characteristics of a leather watch is that the straps can easily fold down and make them so much more compact when not in use. Most watches can tend to be awkward as they still have to keep their circular form even when you take them off which is why a lot of watch cases can be round and still a bit bulky. If you have a leather watch that requires storage, this is going to make a fantastic option. Bring your two favorite leather watches with you on your next trip in this handy watch travel case!




You can also make your watch case your whole travel case for accessories. It’s always best to keep similar things together just so it’s easier to pack up or even set up at your new place. This particular carrying case provides you with two slots for your watches and then an expansive jewelry organizer up top. Traveling smart has never been easier with this awesome watch travel case.




This one is definitely for the big leather watch collector that doesn’t want to part with their collection even when they travel. This sleek and compact watch travel case holds up to eight leather watches with a convenient protective leather pad to prevent them from scratching each other so no matter the turbulence, you can be at peace knowing your leather watches are safe and secure.




When we talk about watch travel cases, it always seems to be a tough choice between upholstered leather and soft padded fabric. There are also options such as this one from AUKURA. It’s a hard case that’s upholstered with fabric which makes it a lot more lightweight but still quite protective. It can carry up to five of your watches, thus giving you a ton of flexibility on your trip. It also isn’t too boxy or imposing so it’s going to be easy to pack whatever you have.




If you’ve always enjoyed the intricacy of a well-designed toiletry bag, this is probably the equivalent of that in terms of watch storage. Here, you can have a multi-tiered travel case that has three watch slots on the bottom level and then you have options to store alternative watch straps on the second layer. It is then finished off with a mesh pouch on the lid for added convenience and organization.

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