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Acquisition of Justatraceblog Lifestyle Blog Acquisition of Justatraceblog Lifestyle Blog


Acquisition of Justatraceblog Lifestyle Blog

Explore the merger of Just a Trace blog and Storables: a unique blend of lifestyle insights and practical organizing tips for an enriched living experience.

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Just a Trace blog is a platform that showcases Tracey’s journey and experiences, particularly after moving to Ottawa. The blog features a mix of personal stories, lifestyle tips, and collaborations with both local companies and international brands. It has evolved to include a variety of content, reflecting Tracey’s interests and life changes over time.

The acquisition of Just a Trace blog by Storables is a strategic move that blends the unique storytelling and lifestyle focus of Just a Trace with the practical, space-optimizing ethos of Storables. This merger is expected to offer a rich variety of content, merging the personal, relatable narratives from Just a Trace with the functional, organization-centered advice from Storables.com. Readers can look forward to an expanded range of topics, including personal development, effective home organization, and lifestyle optimization, all presented through a lens of practicality and personal experience.

This collaboration promises to cater to a diverse audience, offering a unique combination of inspiration and practical solutions. The content is set to cover a spectrum of interests – from decluttering methods and organizing techniques to insights on balancing life’s demands and personal growth. By integrating Storables’ organizational expertise with the warm, engaging storytelling of Just a Trace, the new platform aims to provide valuable resources for those seeking to enhance their daily lives both personally and spatially.

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