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Storables Acquires RetailerNOW Storables Acquires RetailerNOW


Storables Acquires RetailerNOW

Storables.com acquires RetailerNOW, enhancing resources for home furnishings retailers with focused insights on sales, marketing, and store design.

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Storables.com has officially acquired RetailerNOW, the premier publication of the Home Furnishings Association, which is published 10 times a year and distributed at major furniture markets including Las Vegas, High Point, and others. RetailerNOW is renowned for its focus on aiding retailers in enhancing their business operations beyond daily management, with a readership comprising over 90% retailers, from the top 100 to local independents.

The acquisition promises to leverage Storables.com’s resources to further empower home furnishings retailers with insightful articles on a range of topics such as sales, marketing, and store design, continuing to serve as the essential guide for retailers aiming for success in the industry.

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