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45 Best Toy Storage Ideas of All Time 45 Best Toy Storage Ideas of All Time

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45 Best Toy Storage Ideas of All Time

Written by: Emily Roberts

Our 45 best toy storage ideas are guaranteed to declutter your messy house that overuns with toys. Stack your children's toys beautifully RIGHT AWAY!

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Have you ever let your eyes wander across your home only to notice toys scattered on virtually every surface you lay your eyes on? You’re not alone in this as many others have found themselves looking for toy storage ideas the way you’re doing right now.



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There is no pain quite like the pain of stepping on a stray Lego block. Except for childbirth, but even that’s debatable for some! In order to avoid this type of pain, getting toy storage is important.



While toy boxes can do the trick, its appearance can definitely break the look of the room you’ll place it in. However, who said toy organizers have to look tacky? We certainly don’t!



45 Best Toy Storage Ideas of All Time - Infographics


Here are 45 of the best toy storage ideas that won’t force you to choose between your sanity and your home’s aesthetic.

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45 Best Toy Storage Ideas Of All Time



This cotton rope basket is simply adorable. If you’ve hopped on the monochromatic color scheme train, you’ll love the beautiful range of muted colors that this hamper is available in.




How clever is this toy storage idea? Toys can emptied directly into the integrated 52-inch plat mat, and you can simply pull the handles to slide all the toys back into the basket once playtime is over. It’s available in solid gray or a cute gray-and-white striped pattern to make toy organization stylish.





Are you working with limited floor space? Then this toy storage hammock is perfect for you. Simply attach the hammock to your wall and voila! Pick from white, blue or pink color options and store up to 30 toys.




We love this Nordic-style toy wooden storage rack. The bottom of this nifty compactum is a wheeled storage trolley while its shelves also provide ample place to store your kids’ toys. Its sides are thoughtfully coated with chalkboard material so every family member can write messages on it. Available color options are a soft blue or pale pink.





Do you have a natural theme running through your home’s exterior? Is your child’s bedroom fairy or woodland themed? Either way, this wood stump storage stool will work out beautifully. While it only has a small toy storage capacity, its design is simply stunning and will fit in rooms with natural motifs.




This is a different take on a toy organizer, and we love it! This toy organizer is simply hung over the door of your child’s bedroom for it to properly do its job. That’s it! You can take your pick from six color options, but we must admit we’re partial to the grey and beige hues.




Ottomans make for perfect toy boxes AND home decorations. We love how this ottoman is stylish, can store a large number of toys, and also act as a plush spot to sit on.




If you want to keep it traditional, opt for wooden toy boxes. Not only is this handcrafted wooden toy box gorgeous to look at, but it also has 4.5 cubic feet of storage space to keep all of those toys hidden from sight. The cherry on top is that its lid doubles as a bench.




If you’re looking for an all-in-one toy storage solution, you may find it in a multi-section storage cabinet. This beechwood storage cabinet has a section for books and art supplies, features 15 removable wicker toy baskets, and is stunning to look at.




This toy organizer is a shelf, basket, and bin all in one. Its features solid wood construction and an elegant finish, so this product can occupy a corner of your living room and not make you want to gauge your eyes out. It comes in both black and white to suit a lot of rooms.




Anything stackable is a winner in our eyes since it helps sort out your space problems. Stack the bins atop one another and fill them with small toys and teddy bears. These cute plastic stackable storage bins would look great in rooms that are rocking a pale pastel palette.




A child’s size is in no way indicative of how many toys it possesses, and this is all the more true for babies. This baby bed toy organizer ties onto the bars of your baby’s crib and sorts out your baby’s toys. Four smaller toy pouches line the top while two larger toy pouches line the bottom.




Doesn’t this organizer give off an industrial-like feeling? We love it for the vibe it provides. Fill each of the 12 plastic baskets with toys, and your child can easily remove whichever basket they wish to play with.




If you REALLY want those toys kept out of sight and out of mind, your best bet is an underbed storage solution. This wheeled toy storage solution can slide in and out of the underside of your child’s bed like a dream.





These two-tone gray toy cubes stack atop one another and feature magnetic-fastened lids to ensure toys don’t accidentally spill out. It’s collapsible and folds flat so once your kid grows out of it, you’ll be able to pop it into a cupboard and forget all about it.




Are you chasing a minimalist feel? Store everything from your child’s toys and books to their clothing and shoes in a mega storage cube. What’s great about this option is that you can connect the cubes in any way you’d like. Be it a staggered layout or a rectangular layout, the possibilities are endless.




If you have a rustically styled home, this hanging basket toy storage cubby was designed with you in mind. All sorts of toys can be stored in the three beautiful handwoven seagrass baskets that comes with this toy storage option. Depending on your aesthetic, you can pick between a lighter natural stain or a darker espresso stain.




We cannot get enough of the industrial style of decorating, which is why this product found its way into our list of toy storage ideas. This multi-purpose wire cube acts as a toy organizer, bookshelf, display shelf, or regular storage solution.




The nesting aspect of these storage bins is simply wonderful. Any type of toy can be stored in these stackable storage bins so that your floor wouldn’t be cluttered with stuff. When not in use, the three bins nest into one another and can be easily stored.




Everybody loves canvas toy boxes and we are no exception. Those who have more than one child will love the detachable divider that neatly compartmentalizes your kids’ toys. It is available in beautiful Chevron, solid gray, or beige.




We love a good hanging basket. Each basket has its own entry point that faces a different direction than the next. This means that not only does your child have a great place to store their toys but they’ll also be improving their coordination and distance-gauging skills.






Don’t think that traditional toy storage can’t be exciting. There’s nothing wrong with using shelves as your way of storing or displaying your child’s toys. This is especially true with floating shelves!




Put your hand up if you are totally in love with this toy organizer that doubles as a reading nook. The unique and innovative reading nook is beautifully designed piece of furniture that not only provides ample storage space for toys but also gives your little one a comfortable space to read.




What we love most about this organizer cube is that it allows you to see exactly what your child has hidden inside it. It also veers away from the typical childish color palette and instead offers cream, gray, navy and blush color options.




We’re living for these wall mounted wire baskets! The style is a stunning combination of vintage and industrial, which ticks all of our boxes, if you will. The baskets are capable of housing toys of all shapes and sizes.




This rolling toy storage cart is capable of storing toys and art supplies as well as smaller items of clothing such as socks or underwear. The semi-transparent material means you’re provided with a clear idea of what’s in the drawers without actually seeing the contents.




Are you looking for a simple solution to your toy problem? Then opt for a simple container storage bin. These standard plastic toy boxes can hold an abundance of toys and are totally shatterproof.




How great is it when a product embodies everything great about toy boxes as well as toy baskets? That’s exactly what this toy box basket combo does. The bottom of this product is your typical wooden toy box whereas the top consists of three removable plastic baskets.





If you’re obsessed with the ice cream pastel trend, you’ll absolutely fall in love with these collapsible linen toy organizers. You can store absolutely any type of toy within this toy organizer, except maybe those with sharp edges.




This wall shelf provides the perfect space to keep special toys out of harm’s way. On top of this, the three storage pegs make for the perfect storage space for skipping ropes, scarves, and dressing gowns. Yay for versatility!


Toy-Specific Storage Solutions 

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair Alternatives To Toy Boxes




Does your child have a bit of a teddy bear or stuffed toy addiction? Store up to 100 stuffed animals in this canvas storage bag that doubles as a bean bag chair. With 12 different color and pattern options to choose from, you’re bound to find one that matches your home’s aesthetic.




Toy cars are easy to store with the help of container storage solutions. Get your hands on a toy car organizer and you’ll never take an unexpected spurt of skating again. Your child will love organizing each one of their cars in its very own slot.



33. Lego Block Toy Holder


We know, we know, we promised no kitsch storage solutions. However, we couldn’t resist adding this to the list for obvious reasons. This Lego container storage solution is essentially a giant block of Lego that opens up to store thousands of tiny Lego pieces within. It comes in 19 different colors so there’s a possibility that it might just match your home’s color scheme.




What little girl doesn’t love her collection of baby dolls? Let your little girl take care of her own little girls by placing each one of them in their very own drawer. You have the choice of color between gray, pink, blue and lilac.




Keep all of your child’s balls out of the way (not to mention your dog’s mouth!) by opting to store them in a wall ball bag. Its black mesh design is not offensive and will blend with most interiors.


Best Bath Toy Organizers




This neoprene corner-fit bath toy organizer is the very definition of adorable. Not only does this bath toy organizer look great, but it’ll encourage your kids to tidy up their toys after taking their baths. You can thank us later.




A hanging bath toy storage unit will keep your tub tidy and any toys out the way. Simply use the suction cups to stick it to the wall of the bath or shower and rest easy knowing you’ll never have to scoop toys out of the bath before enjoy a bubble bath of your own.




Keep your bath free from toys by storing them in a mesh bath net. All you need to do is use the suction cups and stick them to the wall. Enjoy storing up to four pounds worth of toys in it so your child will always have a fun bath.




If you have a combined bath and shower, you’re the prime candidate for a hanging shower caddy. You can easily store your child’s bath boys away to reduce any hazards while you take a bath.




We love the simplicity of a mesh bath toy basket when it comes to toy storage ideas. Its silver hue is suitable with any modern bathroom. Looks aside, you can store your little ones bath toys and toiletries in a mesh bath toy basket.



Best DIY Toy Storage Ideas

DIY Underbed Toy Organizer Storage Solution



We love the natural look of plant baskets, so incorporating them into your child’s room is a sure-fire way to keep the toys out of the way. This storage option can also spruce up the whole look and feel of the room it’s in.




If you’ve got an old shoe organizer lying around, you’ve also got yourself the perfect makeshift Barbie holder. Simply place the Barbies in the slots and hang it over the door or even inside the wardrobe so that these dolls aren’t just placed everywhere.



43. Toy Tire

Recycling is cool and can have some stylish by-products. The next time you change your tires, keep the old ones and give them a lick of paint to turn them into a tall toy holder. Use a piece of plywood to seal off the bottom and—if you want to go all out—craft a plywood lid to complete the look!




If you’re in love with the underbed toy organizer we mentioned earlier but don’t have the cash to buy it, the alternative is to build it! All you’ll need is an old drawer, four caster wheels, and a pull handle to have this underbed toy organizer at a cheaper cost!




Is simple and inexpensive what you’re after? Then build your own toy box with an old crate and set of caster wheels. You can even create a cushioned top to turn this mobile toy box into a makeshift seat.



Some of these toy storage ideas are pure genius while the others are so simple we don’t know how we didn’t think of them first! All that matters is that the days of toys strewn around your living room are thankfully over.


Which of these toy storage ideas will you be using to turn your home back into your home? Let us know in the comments below!




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