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Your Guide to Understanding What Is a Trundle Bed Your Guide to Understanding What Is a Trundle Bed

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Your Guide to Understanding What Is a Trundle Bed

Written by: Grace Wilson

A trundle bed is a must-have for small spaces, especially with kids or guests around. Learn what is a trundle bed and how to use it to your advantage!

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Creating an organized bedroom is fulfilling and challenging at the same time. Having a sound system in place balances our need for comfort and order, while keeping everything accessible. When you live in a small space, every inch is essential — that’s why trundle beds are valuable. This makes them ideal for people who want the extra storage that a bed with drawers provides without sacrificing floor space.


What Is a Trundle Bed?


A trundle bed is a compact bed frame that can be pulled out from underneath to create a full-sized bed. It is often found on a platform with wheels that can be easily pushed underneath the primary bed when not in use. Traditionally, trundle beds are used for kids, particularly in twin bunk beds that are too high for younger children to climb into.



However, they’re now popular among adults, particularly for those who live in small spaces and need to maximize everything. A trundle bed is also used as a low-cost solution for housing guests, as it is easy to store away when not in use. It can also create more storage space in your bedroom.



It is usually paired with mattresses that are no more than 5 inches to make it easier for the trundle to be pulled out. In addition, you can find trundle beds made from various materials and styles, including wood or metal, making them more durable and long-lasting.


What Is a Trundle Bed Used For?


A trundle bed is a low-profile alternative to a full-size bed for small spaces, such as studios or small apartments. It is also a good option for children’s bedrooms, where space is limited, and the need for additional storage may be urgent. However, if you have enough room in your bedroom, you can keep your regular bed and use the trundle as an extra bed for overnight guests.



Likewise, parents can choose this option if they want their growing children to have their own bed but still want to sleep in the same bedroom with them. A trundle bed is easy to set up in any room and still has plenty of space left over for other uses. Of course, the size of your home or bedroom will determine whether you should purchase a full-size trundle or one that is smaller than standard twin-size beds.



You also need to consider how much storage space you want in your room and whether you will use the trundle primarily for its additional sleeping space or as an extra place to store items while unloading them from your main bed. For example, a twin-size trundle may not provide enough storage space if you have a lot of things that need storing during normal day-to-day activities. In this case, consider getting two full-size beds instead of one smaller one.


Types of Trundle Beds


There are many different types of trundle beds available today, including those listed below.


Platform Trundle Bed


The most popular style is the platform trundle bed, which is essentially a simple frame with a mattress on top. This style is perfect for children’s rooms or small spaces, as it takes up very little room when not in use.


This type of trundle bed is quite convenient as it allows you to use your standard bed for uninterrupted sleep and still have an extra bed for guests. As it sits underneath the main bed, there is no need to purchase a new bed frame or have carpentry work done to your current bed.


Trundle Bunk Beds


A twin trundle bunk bed is an excellent option for children’s rooms. This bed has a regular twin bed on top and a smaller trundle bed on the bottom. The trundle can be rolled underneath the upper bunk, out of sight when not in use. This saves valuable floor space and makes it easy to set up an extra bed when needed.


These beds are also great as transition beds for growing kids who need more sleeping space. If you have a slanted floor and need something to level out your mattress, trundle bunk beds can also fix that for you. The upper bunk can be used as a regular bed, while the lower trundle can be pulled out when additional sleeping space is required. This roll-out trundle bunk bed is also an excellent option for sleepovers and overnight guests.


Daybeds with Trundle


If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, a daybed with a trundle can be an excellent solution for your needs. Trundle daybeds add versatility, allowing you to quickly transform the look of your space. If you have a child who likes to have their own space but isn’t quite ready for their own bed, a daybed with a trundle is a great option.


Since most of these trundle beds are equipped with a lift-up seat, you can rest assured that your child can hop in and out of them safely. If you have guests over often, a trundle daybed can also be the perfect solution for you. They are comfy and convenient for guests to sleep on, but they also have plenty of storage space. With a few simple changes, the trundle daybed can also be transformed into an extra seating area, making it easier to accommodate them during the day time.


Trundle Bed With Drawers


This type of trundle has a storage section under the bottom part of the mattress where you can store items that you need to use daily, such as extra beddings, reading materials, and even toiletries. Some trundle beds also come with shelves instead of drawers where you can place display accessories like potted plants, stuffed toys, or frames.


This trundle bed is great for big families looking for ways to keep their things organized. You can also use this bed to store items that you don’t need on-hand.


Benefits of Trundle Beds


Trundle beds are a great choice if you want to save space. You can use its storage drawers to store items you don’t necessarily need daily but might need later or for an upcoming occasion. You can also use them for storing items that are too bulky for your current dresser and closet.



Trundle beds can function as an extra guest bed, an extra seating area where you can entertain guests, or even an extra office space to work from home when necessary. Indeed, maximizing your space will be a piece of cake with this type of furniture! However, it’s important to note that not every household can accommodate trundle beds, regardless of its type.



For example, most mattresses need air ventilation, and beds stacked underneath each other can get hot and uncomfortable. In addition, if you live in areas with high humidity, this can cause further damage to your furniture and can even turn into a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and mildew. Another potential issue is that trundle beds tend to be low to the ground. This makes them less comfortable for adults and taller people who may have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Additionally, the mattresses on trundle beds are often thinner than traditional mattresses, making them less comfortable for some people.


  • Space efficient
  • Offers additional sleeping space
  • Can be used as extra storage space
  • Multifunctional
  • Storage-safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Versatile


  • May require a specific type of mattress
  • Can be costly
  • Require more ventilation
  • Can cause allergies and asthma

Factors to Consider When Buying Trundle Beds




The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a trundle bed is comfort. Naturally, you want something comfortable for your children and guests to sleep on to achieve the optimum level of relaxation. On that note, make sure that the bed frame is sturdy and will not collapse under the weight of the mattress. Comfort also means the bed is easy to assemble and disassemble when necessary and that it meets all safety standards and regulations. With this proper consideration in mind, purchasing a trundle bed will provide you with a comfortable and safe place to sleep while saving space in your home.




The size of your mattress will determine the size of the trundle bed. For example, if you have a standard twin-size mattress, you can get a trundle bed that is one-third the size. However, if you have a king-size or larger mattress, you may consider purchasing a full-size trundle bed instead.


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Many trundle beds come with storage options such as drawers or shelves, which can be a great way to save space in your home. However, you want to ensure that the storage option you select is easy to access and is enough to store all of your belongings. There are also trundle beds with a sofa or chair and some with a lift system. This feature makes it convenient to move it in and out of bed.




The material used to make the bed is essential when determining which type of trundle bed to purchase. For example, a wooden frame provides more stability and durability than a steel frame, and mesh mattresses are more breathable than solid mattresses. If you plan to use your trundle bed as an extra seating area for guests or as office space for work, consider buying one that has mesh cushions for better ventilation.




Trundle beds can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Therefore, you want to make sure that you select a bed that fits your budget, is of good quality, and will last for many years.



When shopping for a trundle bed, make it a point to check out reviews from other customers. These reviews can tell you if the price is reasonable enough and cost-effective. It will also tell you more about a particular bed, such as how well it was built and how comfortable it is. You also want to ensure that the bed you select comes with a good warranty. The longer the warranty, the better. A good warranty will also cover any defects that may come with the bed and provide coverage for some time if the bed needs to be repaired.


Mattress and Pillows


Choosing a mattress for your trundle bed is crucial. Most people prefer memory foam mattresses because they offer support and comfort for both sleeping and sitting. You can also find mattresses that come with gel inserts or latex mattresses that offer additional support for those who suffer from back pain.



It’s also vital to choose suitable pillows that can go well with your trundle bed. For example, foam pillows provide better ventilation and are more durable when paired with solid wood or metal frames in high humidity areas.


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Ease of Assembly


Assembling a trundle bed can be difficult if you don’t have much experience with the product. The most important part of assembling your bed is to make sure that the frame is level and stable. You can use an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts, but if you are unsure whether or not your trundle bed is level, consider purchasing a leveler.



If you plan to use your trundle bed for your office or guest room, you will need to install a desk or table on top of it. This can be done by attaching legs to the bottom of the frame, which will allow you to add furniture on top of it. However, if you don’t want to add furniture on top of your trundle bed, consider buying a headboard that will allow you to add storage space underneath it.



Most trundle beds come preassembled, but some models are made with easy assembly instructions. If you’re a DIYer, you’ll want to look for models with clear instructions to make sure that you can put them together correctly. If you don’t have a lot of space in the bedroom but still want to use a trundle bed, then consider buying one that folds up and can be stored away when not in use.


What Mattress Works Best for a Trundle Bed?


Regardless of the bed, having a good mattress is crucial to getting the optimum level of quality sleep. As trundle beds are usually tucked under the main bed, you want a relatively thinner but still comfortable mattress to sleep on. In addition, you should also find a model with a good amount of cushioning and padding to provide enough comfort and support to prevent pain and other health issues.



When buying a trundle bed mattress, look for one made from high-quality materials that provide excellent comfort without the extra weight of an innerspring bed. If you’re looking for a hybrid option that combines the comfort of a foam mattress with the durability of an innerspring bed, consider getting a mattress topper as well.



Another option is to choose a mattress to fit your bed frame. A trundle bed mattress that fits in the space underneath your bed can save you time and effort. If you want to use a smaller frame, consider getting an adjustable bed frame that lets you fit a twin-sized trundle into it.




A trundle bed is more than just another piece of furniture. For many, it’s a game-changer that maximizes sleeping accommodation while effectively utilizing space. This is especially useful for those in need of an extra bed for any member of the family who visits occasionally, or for friends who come to stay from time to time. It also looks great in any room, especially the master’s bedroom. So, if you’re ready to transform your home and make the most of the space you have, invest in trundle beds now!

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