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35 Daybeds You Should Never Miss 35 Daybeds You Should Never Miss

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35 Daybeds You Should Never Miss

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Finding the best daybed for your home can be a tough. However, you don't have to worry about that as we listed ten of the best daybeds online!

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Do you have an empty space in the house and don’t know what to put there? Do you wish it was something multifunctional but aesthetically pleasing? Perhaps a couch or a sofa that could also be used as a bed. In case you’ve never heard of them, daybed is an actual thing and most home-owners look out for them when furniture hunting.


Daybeds have a mattress big enough to fit a sleeping person. Moreover, they usually have stylish backs or armrests, much like a sofa. You can find this unique piece of furniture in several varieties, including full-size daybeds, day beds with storage, or an outdoor daybed. You can also find a daybed couch in convertible and rollout forms so you can save more space. These models are perfect for smaller areas of the house, and they’re incredibly adorable!


Needless to say, one size (or design) doesn’t fit all! Everyone has their own aesthetic sense and space requirements. However, there are a few general things to keep in mind while making the purchase. These are quality, cost, and size. Once you’ve figured out the budget and what material and size you want, you can go ahead and select a daybed you like best.



This twin size daybed couch is as minimalistic and chic as it gets. Its white steel frame is sturdy, secure, and very aesthetically pleasing. Hence, it would be best suited for cozy corners in your lounge or bedroom. Plus, it’s great for those who have kids in the house because the frame on this daybed is rounded and has minimal chances of injuring pets or children. It comes with two twin mattresses, and you can also choose the color of the bed as per your liking. Also, if you’re looking for full-size daybeds, you can select the bigger version of it as well!


True to its name, this outdoor daybed has a very durable construction. It can hold 300 lbs and comes with extra seating. If you’re into daybeds with storage, the Caspian daybed also comes with under bed storage. Moreover, the design is minimalistic and very convenient. It has a wooden frame with a headboard and a beautiful grey finish. Use blankets and cushions in contrasting colors, and you can style this piece of furniture literally anywhere. Considering the grey color, it would look best sitting in your sun-room or somewhere outside under a shade.


If you’re fond of a classic mid-century look, you’ll love this particular design. It has wingback arms with brown tapered legs and a diamond-tufted backrest. Moreover, this daybed sofa has a hidden surprise under it – a trundle! Apart from the luxurious gray linen and a modern yet classic design, you get a twin-sized wooden frame and an extra bed frame underneath. The casters of the trundle also lock in place, so there’s added security and stability.




This straightforward yet elegant design has a brown steel frame and features a trundle underneath, hence saving lots of room but giving plenty of space. Apart from the stylish and functional design, it can hold up to 250 lbs of weight, and you also get five years of warranty with the purchase. You can choose to buy the trundle set, the frame, or both. Thanks to the minimalistic design, it could go well in literally any interior setting.


Contemporary daybeds are also a massive trend in some parts of the world. This one has a beautiful white frame with a classic, old school, guest-room look. The curves look elegant and very vintage. Plus, the frame is rounded and doesn’t have sharp, dangerous edges if you plan to keep it in your little one’s room. Thanks to the metal construction, it’s sturdy and very durable. Plus, it’s one of those functional daybeds with storage that comes with extra space under the bed and a trundle for an additional mattress.


This daybed couch is yet another modern yet simple design. However, you can get it in either a classic black that goes with every interior or a bright blue finish that quickly adds a pop of color to a monotone room. Other color options include gold, grey, and an elegant white. This twin size daybed also comes with a trundle, so there’s additional space but less room occupation overall. The frame is all metal, which means it’s sturdy, long-lasting, and very stable.


If you’re on the lookout for daybeds with storage that would look elegant sitting in your study or in front of the fireplace, here’s a great option. This black, wooden daybed couch has a cottage style design with a straight backrest and arms. It also comes with a twin size trundle and three spacious drawers underneath. Furthermore, the wooden frame is aesthetically pleasing, robust, and long-lasting. Plus, you can also get it in a beautiful white finish if that’s what you prefer.



While we’re on the subject of elegance and wooden daybeds, here’s one by Camaflexi. It’s a twin size daybed with a vintage Arch Spindle design. There’s also a pullout trundle underneath, which you can use for an additional mattress or storing items if you’re looking for daybeds with storage. Since the design is relatively compact and easy, you can fit this one in a small cozy corner of the house. If you wish to add some color, add a bright mattress or colorful cushions on top. The possibilities are endless!



This modern daybed sofa features a beautiful, simple yet elegant design and a twin size mattress. It has a solid wood construction that looks vintage but modern at the same time. Since daybeds with storage are such a huge trend, this one also gives you plenty of space to store your clutter underneath. Moreover, the frame is large enough to fit both adults and kids and hold up to 250 lbs of weight.



Thanks to the engineered wood construction and beautiful grey finish, this daybed couch gives you both quality and elegance. It has an upholstered design with a silver border and molded legs with a classic black finish. If you want to keep the room modern and contemporary, keep it as it is. If you wish to brighten up space, add a bright-colored throw on top or add some fun cushions to it.



Here’s another diamond-tufted daybed sofa with a twin size frame and a gray linen finish. You can also get it in a grey velvet finish based on your personal preference. Apart from the luxurious looks and feels, this daybed sofa also has a functional and convenient structure. It has a padded back and sides, which maximizes comfort and strong tapered wooden legs with an elegant brown finish.


For all the vintage lovers, this one is another classic option to consider. It has a dark walnut wood frame with straight slatted panels. The overall style is very transitional, and the construction is robust and durable. It can fit a twin size mattress on it and has space underneath. You can choose to use that space for storage or leave it as it is.



This wooden daybed is a beautiful mixture of modernization and chicness. Despite the plain white frame and minimal design, this extending daybed comes with a trundle to maximize functionality. If you need extra space to lie down or more people to sit, you can pull out the trundle from underneath the bed. You can choose to add bright, eye-catching cushions or keep it neutral thanks to the plain color.



This daybed sofa is another gorgeous eye candy but very multifunctional. This grey daybed comes in linen and velvet finishes, and you can get it in twin and full sizes. It has a sturdy wooden frame that looks contemporary but offers a lot of strength and durability. Full-size daybeds such as this one can be spacious for adults and perfect for sunrooms, larger TV lounges, and nurseries.



This shiny wooden pine daybed not only gives you aesthetics and quality but also gives you plenty of space for storage. The solid wood construction ensures heavy-duty construction and long-term usage. Moreover, you can get it in a beautiful walnut color or a white finish. These daybeds with storage offer three drawers for storage and a pullout trundle.


With a minimal design and lots of stability and strength, this steel daybed sofa is one of its kind. It has a twin size mattress and a black steel frame. Overall, the daybed is simple but very versatile in terms of usage and styling. It would look good sitting in a monotone room or a bright one to add contrast. Since the frame is plain-colored, you can keep changing the pillows and cushions and add colorful throws to play with the room’s vibe.



If you’re looking for a guest daybed sofa, this one by ZXL is an excellent option. It has a black full metal frame with a straightforward yet elegant design. It consists of four tapered poles and a straight piped frame with curves in the middle. You can also get the same daybed in a beige color and style it differently. Also, this single bed is available in a double bed version as well.



This metal daybed comes with a trundle to maximize space while covering the minimum area in the room. The design is very contemporary and vintage, with curved frames and tapered poles. You can get a bronze and a white version of this daybed, both elegant and equally stylish. These full-size daybeds come in twin sizes as well, so you can choose one based on the space you have.



This design is one of the classic camel style full-size daybeds that look good in any modern lounge. The trundle looks like two drawers, so you can either put a mattress in or use it as a storage unit for blankets, pillows, and other clutter. The wooden frame is curved and has plates on the sides. The back of the daybed couch has three adorable hearts cut in it.


Homelegance created this one of its kind daybed couch to be both versatile and multifunctional. With a sturdy and robust metal frame, this daybed is reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. The poles tamper, and the sides and back have a piped design. The daybed sofa also comes with a twin size trundle underneath, which is as convenient as it gets!


If you want to get something colorful to brighten up the room, consider a teal-colored daybed couch like this one by Novogratz. Apart from being easy on the eyes, this daybed also comes with a trundle underneath that you can pull out whenever needed. The entire frame is made of metal, which means that it’s long-lasting, durable, and heavy-duty. Additionally, the design is straightforward yet elegant with curved edges, a headboard, and a footboard. You can also get this Novogratz daybed in other attractive colors like classic black, a sleek white, or a beautiful, bright yellow.



This one is yet another masterpiece by Homelegance. It has a relatively simple but very functional design. Thanks to the tampered poles and straight borders of the frame, you can style it pretty much anywhere, in any room of the house. Since it comes in a black metal frame, it would add great contrast to a bright, colorful interior. If you have a modern, simple, and monotone room, it would still look exquisite sitting in a corner. The metal frame also ensures that the daybed is long-lasting and can hold a lot of weight.


Coming back to daybeds with storage, check out this gorgeous piece of furniture that comes in both velvet and linen finishes. Both of these full-size daybeds have two drawers underneath for extra storage of pillowcases, throws, magazines, and what not! You can also get it in two colors: blue and grey, both equally gorgeous and modern. The material is entirely wood, which makes it very strong and durable. Also, it features a contemporary upholstered design with a plain straight back and sides. The daybed has enough space for a typical twin size mattress.




An outdoor daybed should be weather-resistant, comfortable, and durable. This one by Homesential is all of this and more. It has a beautiful wooden frame, strong enough to support multiple adults and chic enough to style it in your patio. The excellent quality solid wood ensures quality, durability, and strength. The design of this daybed sofa is effortless yet fashionable and modern. With curved arms and a straight backrest, it is a very versatile piece of furniture. However, extra care is necessary if you plan to put this wood furniture out in the open. Make sure you cover the furniture if it’s raining or dusty outside.


This gorgeous daybed couch is the epitome of modernization and class. With curved edges and a straight frame, this daybed has a wooden mesh on either armrest and four stylish legs. The natural beige color of the wood and French mid-century frame combine to make the best of style. Also, if you’re looking for full-size daybeds, you’ve found one that’s both functional and gorgeous. You also get ivory cushions with linen fabric to go with the beige frame. You can style it against a bold, colorful wall or surround it with many greenery and fresh plants.


Full-size daybeds like this one can be very versatile to style. Since the metal frame is simple and straightforward, you can add statement colors on top or around it. Add colorful throws or make the background statement with paintings and colors. This beautiful frame comes in four different colors, including black, bronze, gold, and white, all easy to style and very adorable. Moreover, you can also get this daybed in a twin size version. Not to forget that you also get a trundle underneath with wheels for easy mobility!



With a beautiful diamond-tufted backrest and footrest, this linen daybed is both vintage and luxurious. You can get this upholstered design in both twin and full-size daybeds with storage. The upholstery features a beautiful nailhead trim design on either side of the daybed’s arms. Moreover, you also get two spacious drawers underneath to store your daybed’s items or tuck them away. You can also use these spacious, efficient drawers to store your magazines, books, shoes, and other clutter.


If you’re looking for something neutral but solid and modern, this twin wooden daybed by Red Barrel Studio is an attractive choice. It has a neutral beige frame with an ivory seat and dark wooden legs underneath. Considering the daybed’s design and feel, you can style it easily against plain walls along with statement paintings and frames. It would also be a great subtle addition to a small room. This way, you can add multifunctional furniture to the room without making it look too crowded.



This outdoor daybed is perfect for gardens, backyards, lawns, and even your patio. You can get this beautiful outdoor daybed in three different colors, including black, brown, and grey. The beautiful wicker design and compact structure of the daybed are aesthetically pleasing and very functional. Plus, it is an excellent option for any outdoor setting, thanks to its UV and weather-resistant features. What’s more, it is portable and adjustable so that you can convert it from a two-person couch into a daybed. When not in use, you can simply pick up the daybed very quickly and bring it inside. The design and style also go well with indoor settings, so it can be very versatile.



As plain and simple as this design is, it is also very versatile and modern. Throw your favorite blanket and cushions on it depending on your mood, and it can completely change the look of the room. The daybed is shaped like a 3-walled cube with high opaque fences and stylish wooden legs underneath. You can get this upholstered daybed in two different finishes (velvet and linen) and four different color options, including black, tan, blue, and grey. These full-size daybeds are also available in a smaller twin size version.



This outdoor daybed has adjustable seating so that you can convert it from a patio sofa into a twin-size daybed in less than five seconds. With a wooden frame and comfortable green seating, this futon daybed adds fresh vibes to your balcony, patio, or any other outdoor setting. Adding it to an empty patio or an indoor garden will be the perfect environment to set up this daybed. It has a convenient seating capacity for one person, and you can adjust the length according to your wish.



This twin-sized wooden daybed comes in two stylish colors, grey and espresso, and both daybeds with storage have dual drawers underneath. The sofa can support up to 275 pounds of weight and has a classy, sleek design. The backrest has a slight curve to it mimicking the traditional cottage design with a slightly arched silhouette. Meanwhile, the arms are straight, and so are the legs. Furthermore, the drawers underneath have shiny, stylish knobs to pull them out, and, they too, are made of high-quality pine wood. The whole piece of furniture is polished and looks gorgeous, sitting in modern lounges, bedrooms, and drawing rooms.



This outdoor daybed is also a daybed sofa as you can adjust the length. It takes less than 30 seconds for you to convert it from a single-seater sofa to a twin size daybed. Additionally, the purchase also includes four throw pillows that coordinate with the comfortable, stylish seat. The beautiful green finish gives your patio or sunroom an instant fresh pop of color. Moreover, the daybed is weather-resistant with polyester cushions, which you can wash with water and mild soap. The high-quality wooden frame also ensures durability and strength.


If you are into vintage Indian furniture and want something for your pet, this outdoor daybed is an excellent choice. The pliable palm stems of rattan woven around a metal frame ensure maximum strength, durability, and aesthetics. Thanks to this unique mixture of components, it is also weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor settings. The design has a mesh woven network on the sides as well as the backrest. Also, the frame is a beautiful dark combination of caramel and mocha with a comfortable grey cushion.



This Victoria daybed is nothing less than elegance with its simple design and sturdy structure. The entire frame is made of metal, ensuring strength and durability. The contemporary design fits best inside the home and in the garden as an outdoor daybed. Both twin and full-size daybeds are available in 4 different colors, including white, pewter, dark grey, and bronze.

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