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32 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture (Locally & Online) 32 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture (Locally & Online)

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32 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture (Locally & Online)

Written by: Grace Wilson

Easily sell your used furniture using these trustworthy online stores. Earn quick bucks and free up space at the same time!

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Most people will agree that good furniture is essential for good living, we sometimes need to give our house a makeover. There are other times where a certain room may just need a bit of freshening up. In most cases, “old” furniture that may still be in good condition are stored away and forgotten about.



Selling used furniture is a great way to earn money on the side while avoiding an unwanted collection of furniture pieces. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can sell your furniture at reasonable prices.



Stores That Buy Used Furniture Near Me

Used Furniture Store



There is no need to haul your used furniture off to the dump. Sell your old furniture and make money to stem the costs of that new couch you’re eyeing.




If you are the kind of person who loves to change furniture often, selling your used ones ensures that your money is always moving. This post will present businesses – both online and offline – that will pay good money for your used furniture. Here are the stores and apps that’ll help make the selling process significantly easier.



32 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture (Locally & Online) - Infographics



1. Furniture Finders

furniture finders logo


Furniture Finders enables you to use more than 10 matching units to find a buyer for your second-hand furniture.  The most common type of furniture accepted by the store is used office furniture. Head straight to Furniture Finders if you are replacing your office furniture to sell your old ones.




Furniture Finder will engage a local dealer to give you a quote. You can either go ahead with the sale or continue to look for a better buyer. When selling furniture, ensure that you include pictures of your furniture to drive interest to your post. Visit Furniture Finders here.



2. Craigslist

craigslist logo

Craigslist is one of the most patronized internet classified sites in the USA and one of the best places for you to sell used furniture. You can list your furniture for free in a few minutes using its easy-to-navigate interface.



You need to include a picture of the furniture on the ad with a detailed description to attract buyers. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: the first thing you’d want to see is the image of the product as well as its specifications/details. 




The good thing about Craigslist is that you can sell your furniture anytime, anywhere. The only pre-requisite is a stable internet connection! Visit Craigslist here.



3. Ruby Lane

rubylane logo


Ruby Lane is a reliable place to both buy and sell used furniture, primarily vintage pieces. Whatever you want to sell here must be expensive and high-end designs. All products listed are subject to a 3.75% service fee charge. If you adore vintage pieces and antique furniture, Ruby Lane is the site to visit. Visit Ruby Lane here.



4. Letgo

letgo logo


Letgo is another famous online furniture marketplace. Unlike other platforms, visuals are the star of Letgo’s site: the first thing that is visible when you visit are the images. As a result, a good picture will probably get a buyer for your used furniture faster. Make sure to add pictures if you want your listings to gain attention.



Another impressive feature on the Letgo app is the in-app chat that allows you to communicate quickly and privately with interested buyers. 




Letgo buyers will also be able to check other items you are selling. Although they may not buy the furniture, they might buy your other listings if they’re interested.  Visit Letgo here.



5. Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs

Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs logo


If you are confused about where to go to sell your used office furniture, look no further than Arizona Office Liquidators and Design. Through them, you can sell used lobby furniture, files, chairs, desks, tables, and more. Apart from your typical furniture pieces, they also accept artwork and other fixtures. To sell your items via their website, give them a call or submit a quote online. Visit Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs here.



6. OfferUp

offerup logo


OfferUp is one of the easiest means to sell and buy locally. It’s also a free internet classified application that you can use to sell used furniture. It doesn’t take much time to make a listing: you upload the pictures of the product you want to sell, add detailed information, and post it right from your smartphone.



Buyers can view the best proximate result and search for items using specific keywords.  They are also able to choose a counter price for the product they are purchasing, a nod to its name. Buyers and sellers can communicate via the in-app chat, after which both parties can meet up to seal the deal. Visit Offerup here.



7. Pinterest

pinterest logo


Pinterest is a social medium that can be used to list used items such as old furniture.  While it’s free to use, you can pay to boost a pin and quickly attract buyers. This is especially useful for pricey or high-end furniture. It’s a well-established site that has thousands of visitors flocking to it every day. Give it a try and you might just strike gold! Visit Pinterest here.



8. Facebook

Facebook logo


Many people think Facebook is just a social media platform used to communicate with their family and friends. While this is true, Facebook also has a marketplace for people to buy and sell online quickly and easily.




Facebook Marketplace serves as a store to sell your new and used items that are still in good condition. Naturally, this platform helps you sell old furniture locally, too.




The best thing about this app is that it’s free to use. All you have to do is to list the item you want to sell on your local buy-and-sell group at the Facebook Marketplace. You can also list your item in yard and/or neighborhood sale groups, secondhand item groups, and many more.




Here is a tip for you: when you enter the detailed description of the furniture you want to sell, take extra care to highlight its features. Facebook ads are also something to consider if you’re looking to start your own used furniture business – their user base makes the platform a great way to reach more people. 



When you use sponsor listings, your ads will appear on people’s Facebook timelines. Likewise, you can streamline the ads to specific geographical locations. You can also reach out to a particular gender or age group that may be interested in buying your furniture. Visit Facebook here.



9. Bookoo

bookoo logo


Bookoo is a user-friendly classified-cum-social-media platform where you can make new friends.  Selling here is a more secure process since you can see the buyer’s picture before you meet. Buyers and sellers have the opportunity to include feedback to help you avoid making a bad purchase.




You can list your piece for free, and all the items you are selling will be visible to buyers. This means you could sell more items on BooKoo. Visit Bookoo here.



10. Antique Stores

In store of antique furniture


If you have antique furniture, antique stores are the best place to sell them off to. There are a host of antique local and online stores that are available and willing to buy your antique furniture.




To locate antique stores that buy used furniture, you can check your local yellow pages. Alternatively, you can also use the Antiques.com database. There are over 30,000 listed antique dealers that will be eager to purchase your furniture from you at a reasonable price. Visit Antiques.com here.



11. Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Apartment Therapy Marketplace logo

You can sell mid-century and modern used furniture on this platform. While it’s free to list items, giving a particular listing a boost will set you back $1.



In this place, you can design your seller profile with your photo. You can also share any listings you make on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can request for in-person pickup, local delivery, or ship-to-destination. Visit Apartment Therapy Marketplace here.



12. Consignment Stores

Paris street antique shop sidewalk shopper in red coat


Consignment stores are good alternatives to antique stores. They are a great option for you to sell old furniture or any other old items you may have. Customers will be able to browse items in person before deciding on a purchase. Sellers will get paid after the item has officially been sold.



The downside of using consignment stores is that they keep a portion of the profit made. Having said that, they still make excellent choices if you want to opt-out of the actual selling process and still make a bit of money. Check out a list of the best consignment stores here.



13. Recycler

recycler.com logo


Recycler is another local place to sell used furniture. It’s a classified newspaper service that allows you to list for free. An internet classified marketplace that is based in L.A, it has been in existence since 2010. 




You can make up to 25 listings daily that you can share on social media. It’s among the best places to exchange your used furniture for some cash. Visit Recycler here.



14. Used Furniture Stores

Many old chairs on street market for sale


Used furniture stores are everywhere, so you should be able to find one close to you. Consider selling used furniture like an end table or a coffee table at these stores. These stores will visit your home to inspect your furniture and maybe give a quote for it. You don’t need to worry about logistics because they will often pick up your old furniture themselves. Check out this list of best used furniture stores.




15. Route 66 Furniture

route 66 furniture logo


This is another online marketplace that you can use to sell your used furniture. You must attach the image of the furniture in the email you send them. Upon receiving your email, Route 66 will get in touch with you within a day and come to pick up your item. They will then sell the item and pay you accordingly.




If Route 66 is unable to sell your furniture within a month, they will reduce the price of the item to attract buyers. If they don’t sell it in two months, you can pick it up, request for them to ship it back to you, or re-list the item. Visit Route66 here.



16. Garage Sale

Garage sale sign on the lawn of a suburban home


A garage sale is an excellent option for you to sell used furniture. Through this means, an interested buyer will visit you at home and buy what you have on sale. This gives you the opportunity to sell any second-hand item you wish to get rid of such as used furniture, video games, clothing, and more.




As a seller, it is important that you’re firm with your prices since garage sale buyers typically haggle for the lowest price possible. Set a price before you open the sale and stick to it as much as possible. You could also try online and offline advertising to attract more potential buyers. For instance, you could advertise via Craigslist, Facebook yard sale groups, or even the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Find out about the latest garage sales here.



17. Local Newspaper

Newspapers - Classified section


Few people read physical newspapers these days, but many still go local when they need second-hand items such as furniture. In case you don’t know, some newspapers allow people to advertise for free. Give it a try if you don’t mind! Alternatively, you could check out these online classifieds



18. Estate Sale

Home Inspection


Many people do hold estate sales to sell used furniture. An appraiser will help you assess the right price for the furniture to be sold, and your items will be sold at fixed auction prices afterward.



Estate sales are more time-effective as you can sell items in bulk as opposed to selling them individually. Visit a local newspaper or an online store to advertise your estate sale as it’s the best way to attract buyers. Also, you can hang some signs around town.



Do note that many of these estate sale companies charge a small commission fee – in some cases, they take 10-15% of your sale profits. Check out these estate sales.



19. eBid

ebid logo


eBid was launched in 1999 and is a good eBay alternative. It has a low commission fee of just 3% and boasts over 14,000 product listings on its site to date. You can list your used furniture at a fixed or auction price, and you also request for a local pickup.




You can easily import listings from eBay and Amazon to eBid, making the selling process more convenient. If you’re looking to set up your own business, consider getting eBid’s lifetime membership: while it sets you back $99.98, it will help to reduce long-term selling charges. Visit eBid here.



20. eBay

ebay logo


A household name, eBay is a good place to start when it comes to selling used furniture. eBay offers you options to sell old furniture online: you can choose to either sell at an auction price or set a fixed sale price. eBay carries a wide selection of items and offers free shipping on many of those to make online shopping an absolute joy. Visit eBay here.



21. Sell.com

sell.com logo


Sell.com is a well-established site that has been in existence since 1999. It offers its services to people who want to sell old or new products. You can put up your second-hand furniture ads on Sell.com for just $1. With just one listing, you can reach many prospective buyers worldwide. Visit Sell.com here.



22. Oodle

oodle logo


This is a classified online website where you can list your items for free. Buyers can view listings closest to their current location.  Upon confirmation, you can fix a date to meet the buyer and seal the deal.


As of now, Oodle does not have as many users compared to eBay and Craiglist. This means problems in making a quick sale if you don’t live in a featured city. Having said that, it does not hurt to give them a try, especially if you’re not in a hurry to sell your furniture. Visit Oodle here.



23. Etsy

etsy logo

Many people think of Etsy as a place where they can sell their arts and crafts. However, you can use it to sell anything, including used furniture and home décor. On this site, you can sell vintage, antique furniture as well as other accessories like pull handles. As of 2019, over 2.5 million sellers have managed to successfully sell their items through the site. Visit Etsy here.



24. Shopify

shopify logo

If you’re looking to regularly sell second-hand items, try Shopify. Shopify has pre-made templates that you can use to quickly create listings.




You have free access to stock pictures to add value to your Shopify listing. Besides that, they also offer you a free analytical tool for enhancement. The tools are meant to record every piece of information concerning your advertising campaigns. This enables you to target prospective buyers to view your products. Visit Shopify here.



25. Bonanza

bonzana logo


If you need an alternative to eBay and Amazon, Bonanza is where you should visit. More than 25, 000 buyers are already on board, and the site claims that it is a “seller-centric marketplace” that places the interests of sellers first. Listings on Bonanza can be exported to Etsy and eBay. Find Bonanza here.



26. Chairish

chairish logo


A site that is rapidly rising in popularity, Chairish is an excellent platform for you to sell your old furniture. Apart from selling your used furniture here, you can also sell your outdoor and artworks. This platform receives hundreds of items for sale from across the country every day. Above everything else, Chairish prides itself on its “inspiring mix of expertly edited inventory” and “world-class customer experience.” Visit Chairish here.



27. Viyet

viyet logo


Viyet is one of the common online consignment stores where you can advertise and sell your expensive used furniture. But furniture from big-name brands aren’t the only things you can sell there: you are also allowed to sell any restored piece that is in a good situation. 



Viyet will send an assessor to your house to check and take pictures of the expensive items you are selling. After approving your item, Viyet will list it on their site and use email and social media marketing to generate interest on your furniture. They will provide a link of your listing to prospective buyers to speed up the process.




Buyers are also permitted to make offers that you are free to decline. Once Viyet sells your used furniture, they will arrange for shipping if there is a need for it. Visit Viyet here (edit: Viyet is now part of Sotheby’s).



28. Wertz Brothers

wertz brothers logo


If you live in Los Angeles, this local store is one of the best places to sell second-hand furniture. Established in 1931, Wertz Brothers is a trustworthy option for selling your items. They don’t sell any item on consignment, so you’ll be able to receive store credit or a cheque for your items immediately. Free pick-up service is available with most of their offers. Visit Wertz Brothers here.



29. Aptdeco

aptdeco logo

If you currently reside in Washington D.C., New York City, or New Jersey, this is a good option for you. Besides furniture, you can also sell items like rugs and lighting fixtures. Boston and Philly residents, worry not – AptDeco promises to extend its services there soon. You can list your used furniture for free here: the selling fee is 29%, and whoever purchases any items from them will get free shipping. More than 25,000 items have been sold since the store was established. Visit AptDeco here.



30. Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home logo


Have some used designer furniture to sell? Then this site is for you. It’s one of the best places to sell second-hand furniture. Do note, however, that the store only accepts items that are in mint condition. You will be paid once the item has been sold. The minimum retail price for each item at Sotheby’s Home is $1,000. Visit Sotheby’s here.



31. 1stdibs

1stdibs logo


1stdibs enables sellers to promote and sell used furniture of all styles and designs. This is an online store for global sellers and buyers.  You must first submit a dealer application; upon approval, you will have access to start selling on this global marketplace. Like other sites, 1stdibs sees to the shipping costs of any item purchased from them. Visit 1stdibs here.



32. Remoov

remoov logo


Remoov is one of the best places that buy used furniture. In fact, they don’t just buy old furniture: they’ll get everything you don’t need in your house! Just snap and submit the pictures of the items you want to sell. They will agree on a pickup date with you and inform you whenever they sell the stuff. Any item they wouldn’t be able to sell will be donated to charities. This way, you are doing a good deed while cutting on your taxes.




Regardless of your reasons for selling, you have many local and online options to sell used furniture. If you really want to sell your furniture fast, use the two methods together. You can sell it yourself or try consignment if you are always busy. Visit Remoov here.




Plenty of options are available for sellers to cash in on old furniture: the sustainability movement is growing, and more people are likely to choose secondhand in the future. Try these sites today, and let us know how it goes!

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