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Online Thrift Store Furniture: 71 Best Options Online Thrift Store Furniture: 71 Best Options

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Online Thrift Store Furniture: 71 Best Options

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Snag the best online thrift store furniture from these places! Affordable yet practical, these are the best offers you'll find.

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Saving money is a necessity nowadays. If you are planning to add furniture in your collection you can choose to buy used furniture at thrift stores. It will help you save money, but you should check your thrift shop purchased furniture for damages. Considering that most of us would go for designer digs without necessarily paying through the nose at a number of high-end online second-hand furniture stores, you also want your money’s worth.



As furniture is really costly, most of the people search for various alternatives to get them at the lowest prices. One of them is going for second hand furniture. But there are cases that you can find various discounts on furniture even if it is first hand and you will end up with the same cost as second hand products. So, before deciding upon the best alternatives know all the ways available to maximize your savings.



70 Best Online Furniture Thrift Stores



1. One Kings Lane

blue room modelled with one kings lane furniture

Photo from onekingslane.com


The One Kings Lane vintage marketplace has a higher-end selection of traditional and mid-century modern pieces from a crop of sellers from around the U.S. You’ll find more traditional antiques than vintage or modern pieces, but their growing selection has some unique finds. Visit One Kings Lane here.



2. Sotheby’s Home

Room furnished with furniture from Sothebys Home

Photo from https://sothebyshome.com/


The creators of Sotheby’s Home with the intention of exposing wannabe interior designers to professionalism. It is a place where you can not only gate your hand on used designer furniture, but also sell some of your own or that of your client. Visit Sotheby’s Home here.



Best for: Those looking for a designer furniture item at a fair price.




3. Craigslist

Best furniture from Craigslist

Photo from theeverygirl.com



We’d be remiss to not include Craigslist which is an amazing place for anything used.  In case you’ve never used it, it’s where people list their used items and you can buy them.  You contact the seller and arrange a time to meet them.  You can negotiate the price down or pay the asking price.  The amount of used stuff that’s sold via Craigslist is mind boggling. Visit Craigslist here.



4. FleaPop

Furniture from Fleapop

Photo from sunset.com


This online serves the better of two worlds with regards to furniture as it deals with both used and new. Here, sellers have the option of creating “shops” for free, charging a 6% commission. Their product category list has got options for buyers to shop in accordance to item, location or style with payment options such as PayPal. Visit FleaPop here.



Best for: Those who like flea markets minus the crowds.



5. Furnishly

Furniture from Furnishly

Photo from furnishly.uk


This user-friendly Chicago-based P2P marketplace is a great way to find semi-curated pieces of furniture in your neighborhood. Furnishly handles the transactions and as a buyer, you can arrange for your own delivery through the seller. Visit Furnishly here.



Best for: Those of you who want an online platform that is streamlined for your experience at yard sale.



6. Amazon

Furniture from Amazon

Photo from popsugar.com


I bet you didn’t know Amazon sells used furniture.  They do and they offer plenty of it.  Amazon is an all rounded kind of marketplace that is selling from the best heated jacket to needles in its store and this being so it also caters for those looking for authentic and modern second-hand furniture. This mammoth online shopping platform deals with licensed as well as approved furniture of modern and mid-century modern nature. Visit Amazon here.



Best for: Those who are out to Mad Men their house at a budget.



7. Chairish

chairish logo



This is a great user-friendly app for those of you who are trying to dispose of that gigantic chaise you bought out of the blues, but is too big to go through the door to your apartment. All you gotta do is take a photo of the piece of furniture, upload it including some information on it and wait. With Chairish, you receive 80% of the sale price and furniture company store names, also handle all the shipping costs.



This online marketplace specializes in buying and resale of curated home items. For sellers you can use their app to easily take pictures and upload a snapshot of what you want to sell with its brief description. It also gives buyers a 48-hour window to return the item if it does not satisfy you. Visit Chairish here.



Best for: Those of you furniture shoppers who are design-forward. At shop.chairish.com you are sure to find great antiques, unique brands and a good number of designer discards. Perhaps this is why their prices are comparatively higher than some other online second-hand furniture stores but it is worth it given their well-curated selection and great deals if you take more time scrolling for one. It is the place to go for those of you who are looking for high-end items at prices of medium-end.




8. AptDeco

aptdeco logo


Aptdeco is not only New Yorkers favorite but is gaining popularity across America. Those who have dealt with them worship this secondhand and vintage furniture online store. This is because they have made it all the more easily to get your hand on a sofa, kitchen table, chaise you name it. Their delivery is insured and paid for and they also offer good quantity discounts.



This way you get to know exactly how much you will be saving. It’s easy to come across great deals with some even 50% off normal market price. AptDeco’s curated listing of second-hand furniture is more of a cheat sheet for the trending in urban décor. It is never short of warm industrial pieces of furniture, handcrafted artisan items, and well-known brands such as West Elm.



This new online second-hand furniture store is based in New York City making it quite convenient for New Yorkers and the West coast delivery available in all the five boroughs. Visit AptDeco here.



Best for: Furniture shoppers looking for high-end curated collection of second-hand furniture. It is also user-friendly as it is comparatively easier to wade through.



9. 1st Dibs

1stdibs logo


1st Dibs is among the leading online platforms for high-end furniture, vintage as well as antique furniture not forgetting, jewelry, and boutique. Their prices are relatively much higher but their items are certainly worth it if you are looking for a replica of well-known vintage and antique items. For those of you who are price conscious, it is advisable to first of all set the scrolling price limits prior to embarking on your search so you can be enticed with only the items that meet your budget. Visit 1stdibs here.



Best for: Those of you with high-end taste and deep pockets. Luxury seekers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind item this is the place for you. It is filled with fine and carefully selected vintage and antiques as well as fine art from dealers all across the country. It is a shopping destination for people looking for pieces that stand out. It has all you need to furnish it in accordance to your dreams.



10. Etsy

etsy logo


Etsy is famously known as a destination for catchy birthday cards, suggestive needlepoints and crafty goods and it also allows you to buy and sell used home decor and furniture items. At Etsy you can look for just about anything such as media cabinets, chandeliers etc and there’s usually a good chance you’ll come across one as there are equally many people selling with them. It’s more like doing your shopping at a yard sale without the hustle in that you are exempted from waking in the wee hours to secure a great deal.



In addition to your everyday comic hero boutiques and Game of Thrones items and embroidery, Etsy is also a superb place for buying used and vintage interior décor and furniture. Given their huge list of items to sift through, it’s best to use filters such as price, color, and ship-to to narrow down your choices. Visit Etsy here.



Best for: This is the kind of place for those who like their furniture items and vintage with that DIY edge. Also best-known source for custom made merchandise, Etsy also avails you a huge selection of items from different parts of the world. Given its crafty culture the site offers you plenty of updated finds. It is the kind of site for an estate sale kind of shopping in the comfort of your house. For this site it is advisable to limit your search to your area and taking care of your transportation needs is cheaper as their shipping is pricey.



11. Krrb

krrb logo


Pronounced “curb” this marketplace has got a lot of similarities to Craigslist and is just the perfect fit if you are looking to toss some items to the curb and clear your space or spruce up your home giving it the much-needed upgrade. However with this site they delegate the handling of transactions and even though they clearly ship and deliver buttons, most of their sellers expect their buyers to pick up the item in person.



In case you may be asking yourself why use it? The answer is it is very well organized. It has a feature that lets you know the number of interested buyers for your preferred item just so you either make a better offer or don’t get your hopes up.



With this “hyperlocal” marketplace you will find vintage items with great furnishings. You can also set your location and conduct a search for nearby sellers or dealers of curated collections. With Krrb you can post via their app or website, and probably one of their best functions is that of aggregating postings from other platforms such as Etsy, Amazon and eBay right to Krrb.



Although they don’t charge commissions their listings will cost you “credits” that you have to purchase or earn through doing things such as shopping, marketing, or even filling out a profile. Note: Krrb has been acquired by Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar



Best for: This is the kind of market place for selling or buying something that is unique in or near a major city. It is meant for those of DIY transactions, and shipment.




urbanfusiondecor logo



What you talk about style whichever your kind, Fusion Décor Boutique has got you covered. With them you may rest assured that they may just have something special that can go with your home décor. They have donated merchandise that is able to fit many homes be it a modern home, traditional home, casual apartment they have the art deco and antique that is a perfect suit.



They have living room furniture on their list consisting of lovely sofas, love seats and rocking chairs, accent chairs not forgetting to mention end tables as well as coffee tables. For your dining room update, they have tables ranging from elegant, high-end to casual. Visit Urbanfusiondecor here.



Best for: Those who love antique shopping and into fashion and design. Individuals looking to make special changes and facelift to their homes both with regards to embroidery, furniture and antiques. Basically, they got you covered with upscale inventory improvements with their changes of items in their list being regular with each item being one of a kind.



13. This is Not IKEA

TINI which stands for This Is Not Ikea is a Vintage furniture store that started more out of a hobby of owner Alexis Hadjopulos’ who was a shopping addict. His unique finds consisted of items from garage sales, neighborhood estate sales, the flea markets as well as auctions.



These basically constitute the items Tini.com deals with ranging from shabby lamps, mid century-lanterns, modern benches, old-school embroidery and attires, you name them he’s got it and more. Being a dedicated shopper, Hadjopulos has new stuff always coming in and rises above the competition in his niche by having an online gallery. Here TINI allows you to browse before placing an order. Visit TINI here.



Best for: This is for the price conscious and very particular furniture dealer or buyer and antique collector. It is a good place to start your DIY home makeover to resemble any day, age and culture you desire.



14. Wayfair

wayfair logo


Wayfair has one of the best furniture websites online because it’s super easy to search for exactly what you’re looking for.  Moreover, you can enter custom price ranges, which is a nice feature.  The furniture search results are almost always exact.  Another great feature Wayfair offers is called “Shop this Look” which is a huge database of professionally designed rooms with similar product offerings depicted in the images. 



15. Google Shopping

google shopping logo


Google who built a business helping people find things on the internet is now an online retailer selling all kinds of things including offering a huge array of furniture.  As you’d expect from the biggest search engine in the world, Google Shopping is easy-to-use and of course makes searching very, very simple. Visit Google Shopping here.



16. Hayneedle

hayneedle logo


Hayneedle offers a wide range of furniture.  They are selective though and so they’re offerings are slimmer than Amazon.  What I like about Hayneedle is they offer “storyboards” which are room themes under which products are suggested.  Hayneedle is a great furniture website to browse around because they make the experience fun and effective. Visit Hayneedle here.



17.  Houzz

houzz logo


Currently one of, if not the biggest interior design websites, Houzz is quickly growing to become one of the biggest online furniture stores.  They’re offerings are definitely worth a look when shopping for furniture. Visit Houzz here.



18. Dwell

dwell logo


You have to appreciate this name.  I like it short, punchy and on-point.  Dwell offers modern furniture and home décor products.  The selection is not huge, but what they do offer is in line with their focus on all things modern and minimalist. Visit Dwell here.



19. All Modern

allmodern logo


All Modern is an online furniture store focusing on offering only modern furniture.  The offerings are for every room of the home.  You can find some great modern styles on this site. Visit All Modern here.



20. LexMod

lexmod logo


LexMod has a lot of fun and really promotes it’s “Deal of the Day” which is a heavily discounted furniture item.  It’s definitely worth checking out because you can save a lot of money.  The LexMod big picture is a website that focuses on selling modern furniture for every room of the home. Visit LexMod here.



21. BurkeDecor

burke decor logo


BurkeDecor focuses on mid-century modern and European inspired furniture.  Much of their furniture is minimalist design, so if that’s the look you’re going for, visit BurkeDecor.  I like the style and furniture offered, but then I like minimalist design. Visit BurkeDecor here.



22. Homesquare

HomeSquare logo

Homesquare serves regular household customers as well as professional interior designers by offering bulk order arrangements.  Homesquare offers a wide array of furniture styles. Visit Homesquare here.



23. Laura Ashley

laura ashley logo



Based in the UK, Laura Ashley primarily serves the European market.  The furniture styles are largely English.  Also, Laura Ashley is a clothing online retailer as well. Visit Laura Ashley here. Visit Laura Ashley here.



24. Caroline Rustica

carolina rustica furniture logo


Carolina Rustica started as a brick and mortar furniture store in North Carolina and over the years expanded on the web developing a premiere online furniture store focusing on furniture from North Carolina.  They feature many premium furniture brands.  The site is easy to navigate, offers plenty of great images and most importantly of all, has a great selection of furniture. Visit Carolina Rustica here.



25. Joss and Main

joss & main logo


Joss and Main is a members-only website which really means giving them your email and joining their email newsletter in order to search their website.  Joss and Main is unique in that they curate what they call “events” which are brief showcasings of various home furnishings steeply discounted (up to 70% off).  Having to join is a small price to pay for big savings. Visit Joss and Main here.



26. ARTeFac

artefact logo


ARTeFac is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of kitchen chairs, stools, leather dining chairs, leather club chairs, leather bar stools, leather ottomans and contemporary leather chairs. Visit ARTeFac here.



27. MDG

MDG logo



MDG serves Canada only.  It’s a unique business model in which they finance furniture that you buy directly through them.  Everyone is approved for financing.  Their furniture selection is quite good (along with a wide array of electronics).  If you require financing and reside in Canada, this is a great furniture and electronics store option for you. Visit MDG here.



28.One Kings Lane


One Kings Lane requires you to join, which is free; you simply provide an email address.  One Kings lane focuses on vintage furnishings, decorations and home accessories.  The site curates offerings that fit in with their preferred vintage style.  If it’s vintage you like, check out One Kings Lane.



29. Simply Amish

simply amish logo


As the name suggests, this website focuses on selling Amish style furniture “straight lines… legs and posts are square.  Drawer fronts are plain… Hardware is plain wood… Mouldings flat.  Generally, a modern, clean look. Visit Simply Amish here.



30. Design Within Reach

design within reach logo


Design Within Reach offers contemporary and modern furniture designs for the most part.  For example, their sofa offerings are incredible within the contemporary style  many to choose from if modern is the look you’re going for. Visit Design Within Reach here.



31. Wholesale Furniture Brokers

wholesale furniture brokers logo


As the name suggests, Wholesale Furniture Brokers sells furniture wholesale so you save money.  They have many brick and mortar stores, but their online store is quite good and easy to navigate and offers a huge selection of furniture for every room of your home. Visit Wholesale Furniture Brokers here.



32.American Signature Furniture

american signature furniture logo


American Signature Furniture pre-dates the internet, opening its doors in 1948.  With the growth of the internet as a shopping outlet, they’ve created a good website on which you can purchase many of the leading brands they carry such as Kroehler, Polaski, Steve Silver, apt. 1710, Najarian and more. Visit American Signature Furniture here.



33. Ashley Furniture

ashley furniture logo


Ashley Furniture is one of the biggest furniture stores in the USA by sales volume.  It’s both a brick and mortar store and online store.  One thing you’ll notice when you visit this website is that there aren’t prices listed.  This is because the website is a manufacturer’s site… if you wish to buy something, you need to contact a nearby Ashley Furniture Home Store or dealer.  The selection is huge and since most people buy furniture in a brick and mortar store, it’s not that much of an inconvenience unless you don’t have a store nearby. Visit Ashley Furniture here.



34. American Furniture Warehouse

american furniture warehouse logo


American Furniture Warehouse’s tagline is “Lifestyle Furniture.”  They sell furniture for every room of your home and include retro furnishings as well as more contemporary offerings. Visit American Furniture Warehouse here.



35. Rooms to Go

rooms to go logo


Rooms to Go is a comprehensive home furnishing online store that carries the popular Cindy Crawford line . Rooms to Go became popular by “introducing the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings.” Visit Rooms To Go here.



36. ClubFurniture

club furniture logo


ClubFurniture.com offers “hand-crafted home furnishings at incredible North Carolina factory direct prices.”  They have a wide selection of furniture for every room of your home. Visit Club Furniture here.



37. Raymond and Flanigan

Raymour and Flanigan Logo


Raymond and Flanigan states “The Best Brands at the Best Prices!”.  Popular brands they carry include Bellanest, Cindy Crawford HOME, Kathy Ireland Home, La-Z-Boy, Broyhill and more.  They have a huge selection of the top mattress brands including Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Tempur-Pedic. Visit Raymond and Flanigan here.



38. La-Z-Boy Furniture:  La-Z-Boy has done a phenomenal job of branding itself as a comfortable furniture maker.  When I think of recliners and comfortable chairs, the first brand that comes to mind is La-Z-Boy.  They don’t just sell recliner chairs they offer a wide selection of living room furniture.



39. RST Brands:  RST Brands is a leading designer, curator and manufacturer of home and lifestyle products with expansive collections in outdoor and indoor living. Our products focus on quality, comfort and style at exceptional values and are supplied through direct to consumer and through all major online retail partners.



40. Jonathan Adler:  Jonathan Adler states on his site that he’s an “iconic potter, designer, author and personality dedicated to bringing style, craft and joy to your life.”  It’s this mission that fuels the furnishing selections available on his online store.  When you visit Jonathan Adler, you’ll quickly notice that the offerings are largely inspired by mid-century modern design.



41. Ballard Designs:  Ballard Designs is a comprehensive home furnishing and décor online store offering a wide array of furniture as well as room accessories, fabrics, slipcovers, tabletop items and lighting.  Ballard’s furniture focus is European-inspired home furnishings.



42. Bob’s Discount Furniture:  Bob’s Discount Furniture’s mission is to sell quality furniture at the lowest price.  They offer a decent selection for all rooms plus additional home furnishings such as rugs, electric fireplaces and more.



43.Restoration Hardware:  Restoration Hardware is a furniture website you hope you can afford one day.  Their collection is authentic and definitely high-end.  For each offering, their site offers multiple colors and in some cases textures.  The degree of offerings for each of its lines is excellent.  It’s one of my favorite furniture websites, if only to dream.



44. RoomStore:  Based in Arizona, the RoomStore is a decent online furniture store selling popular furniture brands.  Their promise is they’ll beat any price, any day on any in-stock item in Arizona.  That’s a big promise, but probably most applicable to people living in Arizona.



45.Thrive Furniture:  Thrive Furniture offers plenty of customization with the products they sell.   For example, on their website they state “you like a sofa on our site, but want it with two cushions instead of three?  No problem.  Want some advice on what colors will match well with your existing decor?  Sure thing!  I’ve never purchased anything from Thrive, but that’s definitely a nice service to offer.



46. Kirkland’s:  With 320 stores in the USA, Kirkland’s is a large USA-based furniture retailer.  Kirkland’s focuses on traditional style furniture.  One of the most notable benefits of Kirkland’s is the low prices. You can get some great looking traditional furniture for fairly low prices.



47. Cost Plus World Market:  Cost Plus World Market promises “unique, authentic and always affordable” for their large selection of furniture (indoor and outdoor) and home furnishings.  Their overall style leans toward contemporary furniture.



48.Badcock Home Furniture:  Badcock revolutionized furniture retail sales in the 1920’s by developing a consignment model with dealers throughout Florida.  What stemmed from this was the growth of offering financing to customers (now a common practice, but not so much back then).  Badcock survived the Great Depression and continues selling furniture throughout the world.



49. West Elm:  West Elm is the interior designers furniture store offering design services along with their selection of furniture.  One of their taglines that resonated with me was “We want comfortable kick-up-your-feet-style to look good too.”  I like that.  Their offerings lean toward the contemporary for the most part.



50.Modern Nursery:  I like niche furniture stores because they often offer great selection, brands and products for a specific type of furnishing.  Modern Nursery offers an incredible selection of nursery furniture, nursery décor products and baby gear.  It’s definitely a site to visit for expecting parents.




51.Passerini Casa:  Passerini Casa offers high-end luxury European furniture.  They offer a variety of mid-century modern, modern classic and art deco furniture.  Even if you can’t afford high-end furniture, it’s worth visiting because if you enjoy furniture, you’ll love the designs on this site.



52. Anthropologie:  We get the Anthropologie catalog to our home and enjoy their products.  Like their clothing and fashion, Anthropologie’s furniture is unique.  While it’s impossible to designate a style to their offerings, if I were forced to, I’d say it’s a cottage style of furniture for the most part.



53. Dwell Studio:  The founder of Dwell Studio, when starting up, “wanted to offer the discerning customer a range of vibrant and modern textile designs.”  The furniture designs are definitely modern in design.  This is not a discount furniture retailer… instead it’s for people looking for a very particular style and are willing to pay for it.



54. Blue Dot:  Blu Dot is another modern furniture retailer.  Like most furniture retailers focusing on modern styles, their offerings are unique and fun to look at.  Their website is unique (and fabulous) because they have fun with the images.  The site itself is worth a look.



55.Name Brand Beds:  Name Brand Beds is all about bedroom furniture, furnishings and décor.  If it’s bedroom furniture you need, this is a website worth checking out because the variety is quite good.  For instance, they have an entire selection of platform beds, which are becoming quite popular.



56.Mathis Brothers:  Mathis Brothers is a brick and mortar furniture store with a popular online store to support their brick and mortar business.  You can order directly from their website (unlike some brick and mortar website requiring you to request information).



57. Canvas Home:  Canvas Home sells modern, sustainable furniture.  I like the name… as their website states “The Home is a Blank Canvas, let us help you paint a unique picture, reflective of the life you lead”.  You can tell that Canvas Home is not just another furniture retailer  they put thought into their offerings and their website.



58.Costco:  Costco is renowned for low prices.  In the case of their furniture offerings, it’s fairly broad and you’ll probably not pay less than anywhere else.  That said, as with shopping online for anything, once you’ve narrowed down your furniture item, compare prices.



59. Ethan Allen:  Ethan Allen caters to interior designers as much as to regular customers.  What I really like about their website is they have a “shop rooms” feature which shows you many room designs from which you can pick and choose the furniture and décor items displayed in the room.  This is a great feature, especially when getting started with your room design.



60. Sofas and Sectionals:  If you’re in the market for a sofa or sectional, this is one website to check out.  Their selection is second-to-none a huge variety of styles and designs.



61. The Room Place:  The Room Place is an online furniture e-commerce website worth checking out because they have some really good discounts on select items (marked “Outlet”).  Some of the discounts are more than 65%.



62.Home Gallery Stores:  Home Gallery Stores sets out at the top of their website “Guaranteed Lowest Price” which follows from being a discount furniture retailer.   This site carries some premium furniture for your home. They offer discounted furniture for the home throughout the year and then have 4 massive annual sales on Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.



63. mod.GSI:  mod.GSI is a Canadian company focusing on contemporary furniture created by manufacturers all over the world.  Although based in Canada, they do ship globally, so if it’s contemporary, modern, mid-century you’re looking for, mod.GSI is definitely worth checking out.



64. CAModernHome: CAModernHome is a high end modern furniture, lighting and home accessory store. Their selection is limited; it’s akin to an online furniture boutique that curates its offerings. Sometimes less is more when it comes to choices.



65. west elm: west elm’s tagline is “We make it simple to express your personal style at home. This company started in Brooklyn, NY in 2002. Their mission is to offer CHOICE, build COMMUNITY with customers and focus on CONSCIOUSNESS and honest business practices. The online store is supported with a home base brick and mortar store in DUMBO, Brooklyn.



66.Humble Abode: Humble Abode is a USA-based online retailer founded more than 15 years ago. They offer a wide array of furniture including bedroom, dining room and living room furniture. They are a top 1,000 internet retailer and are on the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in the USA.



67.Everything But the House: This online estate sale listing site has everything from cars to full-blown antiques, and draws an international bidding audience as its sales can be full of surprises. It has reinvented the estate sale process, and takes both large and small lots and lists them with a bidding system that’s similar to eBay. The website is relatively new, but it has quickly expanded into cities on both coasts, from L.A. to Atlanta. The prices can be fantastic, but shipping is often expensive, so it’s a great resource if you can pick up items if they’re in your area.



68.Forever Furnishings:  Forever Furnishings was kind enough to provide me some details about their offerings.  Here’s what they provided me:  Here at Foreverfurnishingsltd.com we are dedicated to providing quality furniture at reasonable prices. We offer free shipping (within the continental US) on all our products and we offer a range of items.



69.RoomsToGo.com: This massive furniture company launched in 1991 and are now one of the largest independent furniture companies in the USA.  They offer a wide array of styles including modern, traditional, cottage, contemporary, rustic and more.  One of my favorite features of their website is the living room sets.  They not only showcase great furniture but you also get some great interior design ideas.



70. Emfurn:  Established in 2014, Emfurn.com is a leading retailer of mid century modern furniture reproductions online and replacement parts. We offer high quality replicas of the world famous Barcelona chair, Eames dining chairs, Tulip dining tables and more. Delivery is free across continental United States with delivery options available within Canada and worldwide.



71. Structube: I recently had the pleasure of ordering a sofa, bookcase and desk from Structube.  Structube serves Canada. They have 45 brick and mortar stores plus a great online furniture store with all their offerings.  What I like about Structube is they have carefully selected modern furniture that is very reasonably priced. I visited their Vancouver store to check out their stuff and liked it immediately.  I then placed a large order on their website.

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