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Best French Door Curtains To Incorporate into Your Home Best French Door Curtains To Incorporate into Your Home

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Best French Door Curtains To Incorporate into Your Home

Written by: Daniel Carter

Get some privacy in your home by using French door curtains. Learn how you can dress your French doors with these exquisite curtain selections.

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Glass panel French doors are considered vintage or antique, but they remain a trendy door style today. These are large, double doors made up of small glass panes that help increase natural light in the house. Although this creates a more inviting and comfortable space, having large French doors could also leave the room with little to no privacy. This is why many interior designers recommend using a French door curtain not only to add style, but also to protect you and your family from nosy neighbors.


What is a French Door and What Curtains are Used for It?


French doors first became popular in the late 16th century after France won against Italy in a war. The French took most of the artistic and architectural knowledge of the Italians after the war, so although they are called French doors, they possess Italian architectural characteristics — like the use of symmetrical geometry shapes. This is evident in how French doors have a double door design with the same-sized, square glass panels that extend to the door’s length. Back then, the main purpose of French doors was to help illuminate the dark areas in the house because electricity wasn’t invented yet.



Typically, curtains used for French doors are door panel curtains that cover only the glass panels of the French door. Unlike long drapes that require a single curtain rod, door panel curtains need two pocket rods to be installed at the top and bottom part of a French door. Some of these door curtains panels also have a tieback to turn them into exquisite hourglass curtains.



Today, French door curtains are not only limited to door curtain panels. As modern interior designs become more flexible and creative, unique door covers are used to dress up French doors. This includes using beaded curtains to create a boho-inspired look. Others would still stick to classic curtain choices such as Roman blinds, valances, and drapes.




French Door Curtain Ideas


Your choice of curtain affects the overall ambiance of the room, so it’s not enough to pick just anything you can use to cover your French door. It won’t be easy, but don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Below are some French door curtain ideas you can follow to make your home look more aesthetic.


Get Privacy with Door Panel Curtains


French doors are like bay windows, so people from the outside can see you if you leave them open most of the time. Get some privacy with these French door panel curtains! Not only do they help keep nosy neighbors at bay, but they can also become a decorative accent to your home.


Modern French doors are made from dual-pane glass or fiberglass with additional glazing to improve energy efficiency. Also, they help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room by effectively blocking heat. However, these additional glass materials are not enough to stop the draft from coming through the gaps and spaces between the glass panels of French doors. You will have to use a door curtain panel to prevent drafts and improve room insulation. 



Consider choosing the DWCN French Door Curtain as this door curtain panel is thick enough to act as a barrier against cold drafts. On top of that, you may also use it as a blackout curtain to block sunlight. Now, you don’t have to worry about the harmful UV rays while you are lounging around the living room!

Key Features

  • Machine-washable
  • Soft, polyester fabric
  • Blackout door curtains


  • Measures 25 inches x 72 inches
  • Package includes: 1-piece French door curtain panel and 1 adjustable tieback


  • The curtain fabric is 100% chemical-free
  • Use the free tieback to make the curtain look more decorative
  • The door curtain panel has a 1-inch rod pocket at the top and bottom for a hassle-free installation


  • High price tag
  • Large, visible stitches

Curtains can help enhance interiors, but most require ironing before hanging them over doors and windows. This can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a handheld steamer. Luckily, with the RYB HOME French Door Curtain, you don’t have to go through the hassle of ironing thick, heavy curtains. This blackout curtain allows you to neatly tie up the fabric, eliminating the need to iron or steam them. Furthermore, it is made from polyester which is a type of wrinkle-resistant fabric. This means that even if someone undid the tie and let the curtain fall, creases and wrinkles are not too noticeable.

Key Features

  • Premium fabric
  • Machine-washable
  • Blackout door curtain


  • Measures 26 inches x 29 inches
  • Also available in different sizes and colors
  • The package includes 1 curtain panel and 1 adhesive strap


  • Blocks sunlight
  • No curtain rod installation is needed because the adhesive strip
  • Allows you to tie up the curtain to change the look of a room instantly


  • Wide stitches
  • The adhesive strip isn’t too strong

Dark, blackout curtains don’t go well with small living rooms as dark colors shrink spaces. Instead of using a blackout curtain, choose the FMFUNCTEX French Door Curtain. It is made from semi-sheer fabric that helps diffuse sunlight while still providing your home some privacy. This would look great, especially if you have a French door in between the living room and patio. You can still see the beautiful view outdoors with this door curtain panel. Moreover, it has a tree branch print pattern that can make your home look more visually appealing.

Key Features

  • Semi-sheer curtain
  • Nature-inspired pattern 
  • Luxurious textured French door curtain


  • Measures 50 inches x 72 inches
  • Also available in different sizes and colors
  • The package includes 1 semi-sheer curtain panel and a bonus tie-back


  • Free tie-back included
  • Filters and softens the light
  • Tree branch print adds texture to a room
  • Provides homes with much-needed privacy without completely blocking the door


  • Requires a strong rod as the curtain is very heavy


Add Drama with Exquisite Drapes


Although French doors look decorative already, you may still want to adorn them with exquisite drapes to add drama to a room. Drapes are door and window coverings that go from the ceiling to the floor, creating an illusion of more open space. Furthermore, drapes would look great in rooms with double French doors as they help add symmetry and make the room look elevated.


Dark, blackout curtains add privacy and create a cozy atmosphere, so these are ideal for bedrooms with large French doors. In addition to that, dark curtains don’t appear as dusty and dirty as light-colored curtains. For bedroom French door curtains, we recommend choosing the Stang-H Velvet Drapes. It comes with a dark, rich shade of navy blue, effectively blocking sunlight from the outside. Since it is made from velvet fabric, this French door drape feels soft and silky to touch. Velvet is also highly insulating due to its thick and dense fibers, therefore, protecting the room from cold and moisture.

Key Features

  • Light-blocking curtain
  • Luxurious velvet fabric
  • Insulating properties


  • Measures 108 inches (L) x 52 inches (W) 
  • Also available in different colors and sizes
  • The package includes 2 rod-pocket, velvet curtain panels


  • Thick and heavy drapes for your bedroom
  • Room darkening curtain over French doors
  • Velvet fabric has a luxurious sheen to add sophistication to a room


  • Uneven stitches on the side seam
  • Difficult to smoothen out the wrinkles

Ever read some interior design blogs and wondered what “adding texture” means? It’s a common phrase used by designers to create visual interest in a room. In other words, it’s the use of various materials, patterns, and colors to avoid a flat and boring space. And one way you can add texture is by decorating doors and windows with drapes and curtains. The PrinceDeco Semi-Sheer Drapes would be a good curtain drape choice because of its linen-textured fabric. Plus, it has a light filtering effect that makes rooms look warm and inviting.

Key Features

  • Linen textured drapes
  • Simple and chic design
  • Pre-washed curtains


  • Measures 108 inches (L) x 52 inches (W)
  • Also available in different sizes and colors
  • The package includes 2 semi-sheer, rod-pocket drapes


  • Made from safe, natural linen fabric
  • Curtains are pre-washed to make them feel soft
  • Helps diffuse light while providing your room with some privacy


  • Snags easily
  • The actual color looks different in the pictures

Even though Victorian interiors with dark colors, button-back ottomans, and elegant drapes were first popularized around 1830, this interior style is making a comeback. Homeowners and interior designers alike love the luxurious and ornate decors of Victorian interiors as they could be used to liven up a modern minimalist home. 



If you are drawn to royal Victorian-style interiors, this velvet French door curtain would be a lovely addition to your home. It has a subtle sheen and weighty style that gives off a majestic, antique vibe. You can use this to create a bold statement in the living room.

Key Features

  • Cute pompoms
  • Soft-velvet fabric
  • Sun-blocking curtain drape


  • Measures 84 inches (L) x 52 inches (W)
  • Also available in different colors and sizes
  • The package includes 2 French door curtain drapes and 2 tiebacks


  • Provides privacy
  • Helps reduce noise coming from the outside
  • Luxurious pompom seams to add style to your home


  • Pompoms may come off easily after washing


Create a Hippie Vibe with Beaded Curtains


Boho, hippie interiors never go out of style. The use of eclectic patterns, earthy tones, and bright metallic accents give off a unique, relaxing vibe that most homeowners are drawn to. If this is the style you want to achieve, decorate your French doors with beaded curtains! 


Wouldn’t it be nice to hang out in the living room with the sun streaming through the large French doors? It’s relaxing to see such a beautiful view in the morning. However, leaving the French doors bare can also be uncomfortable for some because of the lack of privacy. Fortunately, you can still get some privacy while enjoying the beautiful scenery with the WINSFISH Beaded Curtain. It is a wire string curtain with large, buckle-shaped beads that partially conceals your home’s interior.

Key Features

  • Boho chic design
  • Big, buckle-shaped beads
  • Self-adhesive French door curtain


  • Measures 80 inches (L) x 40 inches (W) 
  • Also available in different colors
  • The package includes 1 beaded curtain panel and 1 adhesive strap


  • No curtain rod needed
  • Can also be hanged on a thin curtain rod
  • Beads reflect light, therefore, helping illuminate the room


  • Strings tend to stick at the bottom

One way you can turn your living room or bedroom into a boho-hippie space is by using home decors made from wood to add a natural touch. This Beaded Curtain from the FlavorThings would be a great choice for a boho-inspired room as it is made from real bamboo beads! Aesthetics aside, this curtain panel also features a durable hanging bar with hooks attached to each end. You just need some nails and a hammer to install this hippie bamboo curtain over the French door.

Key Features

  • Real bamboo beads
  • Hand-painted bamboo curtain


  • Measures 79 inches (L) x 36 inches (W)
  • The package includes 1 beaded curtain panel


  • Adds a unique touch
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Unique, handmade French door curtain


  • Beads tend to snag

If you have a pocket door style French door between your kitchen and living room, adding a valance would be appropriate because these are high-traffic areas. Long curtains would only get in the way, so why don’t you choose the YaoYue Beaded French Door Curtain instead? You can cut it short and turn it into a decorative valance to add a boho-hippie vibe. Doing this can also help avoid kids and pets from getting tangled on the beaded curtain.

Key Features

  • DIY beaded curtain
  • 100% polyester


  • Measures 100 cm x 200 cm
  • Also available in different colors
  • The package includes 1 beaded curtain panel


  • Cut it into any shape you want
  • Polyester is an eco-friendly material
  • More colors to choose from


  • Bottom strings tend to twist together



FAQ About French Door Curtains

If you will be buying door curtain panels, measure the width and length of the glass area. After that, take note of the width measurement and multiply it by 1.5. This allows the door curtain panel to bunch up beautifully on your French door. As for the length, make sure it is two inches longer than the length of the French door’s glass area.



Meanwhile, if you choose to buy long heavy drapes and beaded curtains, the procedure is almost the same with door curtain panels, except when measuring the drape length. You will have to consider the French door’s full length for maximum coverage.

  • How to install a French door curtain?

There are many ways you can install a French door curtain, and one of them is to use sash rods for door panel curtains. Begin by sliding a sash rod into the pocket of the curtain panel. Next, hold up the sash rod against the French door and mark the areas where you will be drilling the rod’s hardware (nails and screws). After that, install the hardware and secure the rod in place. Do the same steps for the bottom glass pane of the French door.



The second option is using a curtain rail. This is much easier as you will only have to install a single curtain rail above the French door. Just mark the position of the curtain rod brackets, drill holes onto them, and screw the brackets in place. After this, slide the curtain rod into the curtain panel’s pocket and place it on the brackets.



You can also install French door curtains without drilling holes. Some come with a strong adhesive sheet, so all you have to do is stick them on the door.



Wrapping it Up


Although the purpose of French doors is to maximize the natural light in the house, it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave them open all day long. For sure, you will find it difficult to move around the house knowing other people could see and spy on you. This is one of the reasons why French door curtains are a must. More than providing you with privacy, these exquisite curtains can also be an added decoration to help improve home ambiance.

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