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10 Boho Decor Ideas For The Free Spirit 10 Boho Decor Ideas For The Free Spirit

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10 Boho Decor Ideas For The Free Spirit

Written by: Sara Malik

Instantly up your boho decor game with these amazing tips. Discover how to thrill visitors by integrating boho elements into your house!

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Although it is a term associated with hashtags, boho decor doesn’t, in fact, originate from Instagram. The 13th-century gypsy population of France takes credit for this expressionistic decor style that has withstood the test of time.



Today, the boho decor style remains a firm favorite of artists, philosophers, and many others. This decor style gives a comfortable, cozy feeling through colors and fabric textures.



Colors can range from bright turquoises to mustard yellows to washed-out reds. Fabric textures, on the other hand, vary from soft and flowy to thick and roughly woven. Together, they create the boho look we love today. Ready to start? Here are 10 tips to perfect the boho look:



10 boho decor ideas



1. Indoor Hammock


indoor hammock

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash



Consider a hammock indoors for bohemian style with a swing. The hammock is a signature styling item as it creates a relaxing ambiance – very much in line with the gypsy way of living.



The macramé knots are also an instant reminder of boho décor textiles. Add a few tassels to enhance the overall look.



2. Tapestries and Tassels

Tapestries and Tassels


Tapestry doesn’t have to be classic to be flattering. Colorful tapestries are more welcoming than canvases, and immediately make you feel like part of a room.



The liberating way of gypsies does not prevent you from adding other items to the wall. In fact, the greater the contrast, the better!



Compliment sharply-patterned and colorful tapestries with items that are soft-edged and of neutral tones.



3. Rugs


Photo by Lida Sahafzadeh on Unsplash



An old Persian or oriental rug is the perfect addition to a bohemian style: rich red & brick hues, unconventional patterns, exquisite fabric and tiny tassels at the edges. What’s not to like?



This is perhaps the 21st-century version of this style. If you want to take boho back to its prime, opt for a finely patterned rug and perhaps layer it with a smaller, more simplistic rug.



Remember that contrast is a bohemian feast for the eyes!



4. Ottomans & Scatter Pillows

Ottomans & Scatter Pillows

Photo by Mana5280 on Unsplash



These 2 items complete any interior look and boho style is no exception. Its presence is small yet vivid in any room.



For boho styles, this is even truer because it adds another layer of fabric and color – exactly what you should be aiming for.



Opt for a variety in patterns and shades. Don’t be afraid to mix mandala patterns with Indian, Scandinavian or even modern design, there are no rules.



Having cultural representation in the room is boho heaven.



5. Anything Old

rustic old tins

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash



Nothing says gypsy and boho style like a vintage or used item. Think of ornaments like tins, a vintage telephone or an old-fashioned standing lamp (with tassels, don’t forget!).



Gypsies did not believe in social adjustment. This comes as no surprise as they are travelers and artists; free spirits, in short.



As gypsies did not have much money, they made use of old and used items where they could find it.



6. Plants & Flowers

plants and flowers

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash



Plants contribute to the relaxing atmosphere of boho décor styles.



Succulents can fill up empty spots on tables or even in the bathroom. As they are low maintenance, they’re perfect for the unconventional lifestyle.



Bigger pot plants with loose leaves rustle in the wind, bringing any room instantly alive. Don’t discount Kokedamas for atmosphere!



Small pots of succulents allow you to play with splashes of color, while the bigger pots some edge to a room.



You can also use dried flowers to hang from ropes on walls, or create glass photo frames for single stem display. Dried flowers create a vintage, sentimental feeling which adds to the depth of the room.



7. Macramé


Photo by Sarah Vombrack on Unsplash



What is a macramé, you ask? Well, it’s essentially a form of textile produced using knotting techniques.



We’re thrilled that this arty décor item is brought back from the dead – it’s one of the very best additions, hands down, to a boho décor style.



Use it to hang kokedamas, design your own hammock, or use it as wall art (similar to how a tapestry works).



Also consider items representing its design: loosely woven blankets, throws and pillow covers or practically anything with rope.



Just play with the macramé in its different forms; you don’t need to add color for it to be a striking bohemian style.



For an even more striking, surefire solution, stick to solid colors like mustard yellow.



8. Dream Catchers

dream catchers

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash



Dream catchers also represent the Macramé design, but are beautiful boho styling items on their own. They are flowy, hang free and awaken fantasy.



The artistic founders of boho décor were often existentialists. It makes sense, then, that they dreaded an organized society.



Dreams are but visions so they found a way to hold onto it… with dream catchers, of course.



9. Maps


Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash



Gypsies first arrived in France after the French Revolution.



Thought to be travelers from Bohemia, they were referred to by the French as “Bohemian” – which is where the term “boho decor” comes from.



Back then, maps were essential to the gypsies’ survival. Incorporating a map in your boho décor embodies the nature of a free spirit.



The original pastel color of a map adds a timestamp, whispering praise to the origin of boho décor.



10. Patterned Wallpaper/Tiles

patterned tiles

Photo by Samuel C. on Unsplash



Boho décor is inspired by more than one culture, so don’t be afraid to show it off. Your walls are as important as your rug; it needs to invite you in to stay forever.



Whether bold or barely visible, patterns of all kinds are mesmerizing. Think mandala art, Greek bowls and Indian silk patterns. Fine floral patterns can also do the trick.



Colorful tiles will work well in your kitchen or bathroom – even just as an accent wall. Patterned wallpaper, on the other hand, works best for living rooms and bedrooms.

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