50 Best Rattan Furniture For Tropical Feels

A walk in a rattan furniture showroom will unveil you to the most spectacular furniture designs you never thought existed. They are simple, yet breathtaking! Subtle yet so intricately designed! Rattan furniture is a safe bet and definitely a great add on to enhance the overall look and feel of your house. The age-old designs of Rattan furniture were merely for lawn and lounge at front doors, and they looked more traditional, swiping it off from the market for a long period. But that’s not the scene anymore!



rattan garden furniture set



With new trends and fashion setting in, great designers have tried their creativity on Rattan furniture too. Rattan furniture is mainly made from the rattan cane extracted from the palm tree. This cane forms a highly significant raw material best for such furniture making it natural, durable, and above all, highly flexible. Now that you know a few facts about rattan furniture, let’s now look at how to set a trendy tone with the best rattan furniture options.





Your patio is a place that connects your home to the outside world. You can actually look at as your bridge to nature, which is why your furniture should reflect the same idea. This large rattan sofa is the perfect size if you like hanging out by the lanai or just taking in fresh air. Its frame is wrapped in waterproof resin rattan to give the sofa some lightness and airiness. For extra comfort, it comes with thick cushions and pillows.  With this outdoor sofa set, we’re sure that you’ll have the most relaxing time outside.





At first glance, you might think of this chair as something your grandmother would have at her house. In fact, when given the right styling, this chair can serve as a chic centerpiece for your living room! Today, vintage furniture is widely used in contemporary interiors in contrast with more modern and clean pieces. It will no doubt shine even more thanks to its intricate details: a fancy weave of rattan that makes it one of a kind.





Rattan furniture definitely does not have to be isolated to thick frames and full panels. Thanks to pioneer designers from Asia, they’ve come a long way since they were invented. Here, we have a minimalist rattan chair that you could use on your lanai or patio, but look just as beautiful in your living room or foyer. Not only is it black and sleek, the woven fibers that tightly make up the backrest will be a great conversation piece that you can talk about while sitting on the chairs themselves!





If you prefer a neutral gray tone over a warm woody color, you’re in luck. Gray is a great color to pair with virtually anything. It complements existing furniture pieces well but also boosts the vibrancy of whatever colors may surround it. This gray rattan sectional sofa exudes nothing but comfort and practically beckons anyone to put their feet up and take a load off. It also comes with a matching rattan coffee table with a glass top to seal in that beautiful resort look.





Take your patio lounge game to the next level with this rattan outdoor furniture set – it includes two armchairs with their own footrests and ottomans along with a glass top side table. Large sofas are all well and good for relaxing, but there’s something to be said about having your very own throne to relax on. You can have your good friend or maybe your spouse sit beside you as you both enjoy the sunset while drinking a glass of lemonade.





With rattan being such a popular outdoor and indoor material in furniture nowadays, it’s not surprising that even plastic furniture manufacturers have tried to emulate the uniqueness of woven rattan. This rattan table features a large surface that’s perfect for outdoor parties and barbecues or simply eating outside with your family. It’s sturdy and easy to clean while the  combination of plastic and metal keeps it resistant to various outside forces.





Give your living room extra seating by adding poofs in different cute materials; these could also be unexpected accents. This rattan pouf will no doubt be a seat that everyone would live to sit on: from kids to adults, it would be a wonderful piece of furniture to have beside the television or a coffee table. The beautiful woody tones will no doubt spread a lot of warmth to any space.





Resin rattan is probably the best type of rattan you can use outdoors. Whether it’s in your patio or your garden, it is able to complement Mother Nature while being able to resist everything from rain to sun and anything that may come in between. It also comes with an adorable little table to set your drinks and snacks on. Perfect for an afternoon of talking and relaxing with your best friend.





Who says rattan furniture is only confined to chairs and lounges? Even your patio bar table can be made with rattan and it will look fabulous. With this, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to your favorite resort to order your second mojito before going back to chill by the pool. This bar table doesn’t just have to be used on your patio though; it could also grace the interiors of your home. Maybe you enjoy mixing drinks by the living room for house parties as well. The possibilities are endless!





The perfect mix of contemporary and vintage, anyone is bound to fall in love with this rattan sofa. It’s simple but chic; modern but nostalgic at the same time. The hexagonal weave pattern on the side panels will definitely remind anyone of old hotel resorts in movies, while its plush white seating would easily earn its place in any interior design magazine. Beautiful tapering wooden legs support the bulk of the load.





This one is a seemingly classic design that we’ve probably seen anywhere, but believe me when I say that color combination can make all the difference. We’re all probably used to seeing rattan furniture in a combination of golden rattan and a white or cream fabric. This gives that classic motif a twist with its deep gray upholstery – creating a massively chic turnaround. As I’ve said before, using dark gray will nicely accent the existing colors that it plays with and this is further proof of that.





Your sofa or daybed can be so much more than the traditional rectangular sofa complete with its sectioned cushions. Why not change it up and be unique with this round design that features a light and natural rattan frame? It almost looks like your very own cradle in paradise, waiting for you to unwind after a long day at work. You will definitely rest like royalty on a sofa like this.





If you’re going for a Mediterranean motif and wish to go for a more vintage or old style rattan furniture, this might just be the one for you. There’s so much paneling and swooping forms involved that this living room set will grab your attention instantly. It’s so grand, it’s almost comparable to the furniture used in Spanish Colonial times in the Philippines! (Considered to be a mark of affluency in the 16th century). There’s nothing quite like feeling like a million bucks, we say.





If you want an interesting arm chair to spend your day reading on, we definitely recommend that you check this product out. With the most unique rattan construction, this armchair has concealed joints that allow you to swivel and/or rock back and forth with ease.  Its plush cushions will cradle you comfortably like a baby while you slowly rock yourself into a nice afternoon nap or relax with a new novel you’ve just picked up.





Who knew a rocking chair could look so stylish? With the right design, any object can look fashionable. The usage of rocking chairs doesn’t have to be confined to your grandparent’s living room; it could also improve your outdoor experience significantly. Imagine having a relaxing nap while on this chair, with an ice cold drink sitting on top of the side table just waiting to cool you off. Sounds like the best day ever!





Take that extra step by upgrading from a rattan sofa to a canopy sofa today. Here, you can spend your day just melting into the comfort of plush cushions while you’re being shaded by the sizable canopy. This set also comes with sectional benches to complete its circular form. Definitely, your patio will look like something out of a famous resort with this gorgeous rattan furniture set. Once it’s time for you to go back in, simply push the pieces together to form a circle, then cover it up with the canopy for that effortless cleanup.





While it’s unusual to see a pitch black rattan chair, you can’t deny how incredibly cool it is to look at. This lounge is the perfect spot to chill like a villain and it is an accent all on its own. This would look stylish against a window with a rattan side table. It almost looks like a black flower that has just sprung up to greet the sun but is juxtaposed by the dark motif. Its subtle metal framing also allows this chair to swivel all the way around!





To match your rattan lounge pieces, why not get a rattan cart to carry your snacks and beverages? If you have a gorgeous rattan bar set, you can complete the collection with this serving cart for that perfectly cohesive feel. This cart features three tiers to store a variety of things to make your trips with it very efficient. The cart itself is very lightweight but the casters should be able to support everything you carry just fine.





You deserve a lovely throne in your home, and this egg-shaped rattan frame definitely elevates any simple chair into something that’s fit for a celebrity home. Everything about this chair is elegant, from its jutted delicate legs to the soft pillow-y seating to the beautifully woven rattan cage. We’re sure you’ll also love the subtle rattan halo that envelops the metal base; as if the rattan coating were transitioning softly into the cold metal.





If you enjoyed low rattan pouf earlier, here’s a taller version that will match the height of a standard dining chair. This one is a little more versatile as it can be a makeshift additional dining chair if you have a bohemian themed dining room or simply just extra seating in a living room! Everything about this is so lightweight and summery and it’s taken even further thanks to its adorable dual tone of light colors and neutrals.





At first glance, you would think this was just a simple and run-of-the-mill rattan armchair… but then it surprises you with its transforming qualities to reveal a movable footrest as well as a pop-up side table. All that’s left is a sizable parasol and you’ve got yourself the outdoor relaxing area that you’ve always dreamed of. Just lean back and let your worries melt away.





Rattan can be highly decorative all on its own in the form of a simple but beautiful rug such as this one. Give your living room that unbeatable tropical paradise vibe without too much of an effort when you have something as unique as this. It’s also particularly great if you’re going for a more bohemian look as well. It doesn’t have to be limited to matching with your living room set though! This rug can blend in beautifully with existing furniture even in your study or your bedroom.





There’s something about this rattan dining chair that just almost reminds you have an alien design with its curves paired with straight lines. It feels like something you would find in an alien ship on a television show, but it’s really just a simple design for a rattan chair. The form is most likely based from the ever timeless Eames dining chair but it’s quite amazing to see it take on a completely different look by just deconstructing its form and changing the material.





Have you always wanted a swing inside your home, but dismissed the idea because you don’t want to cut a hole in your ceiling? No worries – now you won’t have to with this swinging chair that comes with its own metal stand. Although it takes up a bit more space than most similar options, we think it’s a fair price to pay for not needing to drill holes into your home. However, this type of structure has its own perks; it can become its own accent and will definitely be a great conversation starter when guests come over.





For a more interesting take on your typical coffee tables, consider opting for a more whimsical asymmetrical setup by combining ottomans of different shapes and sizes to create a little mishmash of forms. This way, you’ll achieve a more interesting composition without sacrificing on the function of a typical coffee table. A great way to maintain a little cohesion in terms of design is to choose furniture that’s made of the same material (like the ottoman set pictured above)!





Your lounge set can be every bit as elegant as you are with fan-shaped details that are fit for a queen. Not only will this look stunning by your patio or your lanai, it will look every bit as fantastic by a big window in your living room. Everything about its design is really for that luxurious feel without needing to spend a fortune. The coffee table it comes with is also equally stunning. Overall, there is no doubt that anyone would love to have this set in their homes.





Intricately designed panels are something we don’t see a lot nowadays because many people have opted to go the minimalistic route. However, it’s always a good idea to offset the simplicity of modern furniture to keep it from being way too monotonous by incorporating accent pieces here and there. This nightstand is simplistic with its stark white color, but its beautiful peacock detailing works to keep the eyes fairly satisfied.





Thanks to this rattan plant stand that consists of a wooden top slat, the beauty of the plants in your home can be brought out. The design of the rattan body can almost fool the eye that it’s gold plated steel and is then wrapped around the legs with natural rattan fibers. The only thing that could improve this single plant stand is to, of course, get more.





If you have a tight space, this rattan dining set might be the perfect one for you, whether it’s on your garden or veranda or even your dining area. This design features chic and simple forms with a heavy woven rattan coat and the backs of the dining chairs are formed with consideration towards the dining table. They’re designed to fit nicely into each other like a puzzle, so you can store them away neatly or display as a makeshift console table. When you fancy a meal outside, simply pull out the chairs and you’ll be able to have the time of your life.





Here’s another simple bar table design that’s made more interesting and beautiful with a woven rattan coat. The shelves inside are made of metal, and there are three spacious tiers to store your liquor and ice. This rattan bar table is certainly perfect for those who like to drink by the pool or are looking for a tropical-themed bar table. Whatever purpose you choose to use it for, this product will certainly not disappoint.





Whether it’s in your foyer or your bedroom, your space will certainly be enhanced with the addition of this pretty rattan mirror. The radial design will remind you of the rays of the sun or even the petals your favorite flower. There’s no doubt this wall mirror will evoke only positive feelings towards anyone who sees it. The light woody color of the rattan will also complement the console table it will hang over.





Your coffee table can make its own statement as a standalone piece. The design almost evokes the feeling of a cage but the fact that you can see through it makes it look so lightweight but still look sturdy when you look at the fine craftsmanship that went into making it. This coffee table will go great with any type of living room set; it’s not just limited to matching a tropical design but even more contemporary motifs as well.





Even your bathroom can enjoy the beauty of rattan furniture. These hampers are famously designed with rattan though the reason isn’t exactly clear. It could be because hampers are often referred to as laundry baskets and baskets are widely made with rattan. The result of this is a gorgeous box to neatly store your used clothes before they’re ultimately collected. It certainly beats having a big plastic basket in your bathroom or bedroom, right?





The rattan theme can also be extended to your planters at home! Rattan planter baskets are particularly popular right now. Basically, you can store you potted plants inside them to make the planters look much more attractive, especially since planters are usually made from tacky plastic. With hanging plants, you can now put them in these resin planters that can keep them sturdy and safe while still looking incredibly stylish.





Here’s an interesting idea: this rattan sofa is actually made with two corner couches that can be joined together to form a loveseat. This will definitely give you so much freedom with how you style your space. They would look just as stunning separated with a coffee table in the middle, while together, it looks like a cozy little sofa that is fit for a romantic evening.





Storage boxes don’t have to be a boring black or gray plastic casing. Instead, why not try this resin rattan woven box to store all of your unwanted clutter? The best types of storage are always those who blend into your nice furniture and keep the design of your space going. It shouldn’t have to clash with whatever it works with just because it’s used as a utility. This box proves that storage can be beautiful too!





Swinging on your throne alone can get a bit lonely, so this deluxe swinging sofa is perfect for those who would like some company. It’s also perfect for those who want to lie down while the seat gently swings. The hexagonal rattan weave pattern is almost psychedelic, while the soft cushions will beckon anyone to take a rest in this little piece of heaven that you can get right in your home.





Here’s another design that celebrates the joys of personal space but still invites the possibilities of good company. Whether it’s watching the sunset or the sunrise over a steaming cup of coffee, or even just enjoying a nice day out with a book in hand, this rattan patio seating will easily become an invaluable part of your routine. Aside from the comfortable separated seating, you’ll surely love the subtle but thoughtful design touches from the black glass table top to the shaded storage underneath for your snacks.





The foot of your bed deserves a beautiful ottoman to add softness and comfort to your space. Whether or not a tropical vibe is what you’re going for, this rattan ottoman will look stunning because the way it’s designed still retains the sleekness of modern furniture. However, it also has the distinct texture that can act as a design accent in the bedroom. Paired with the neutral cream cushion, it’s so pleasing and relaxing to the eyes as if to welcome you home after a long and tiring day.





Your bed deserves to be an unbeatable paradise so why not splurge on a beautiful bed frame that makes you feel like royalty? This intricate bed frame features gentle curves that cradle the mattress. As if to say that you’re home now and that you’re safe, the gorgeous curves almost cradle you as well. You can style your pieces with the same rattan accents but this bed frame can also stand on its own as the focal point of your bedroom. No matter what you do with this, it is sure to stun anyone.





This beautiful, golden rattan chair makes us want to curl up and spend the day reading a book!  The slight incline and vertical support will make sure you stay comfortable, no matter how long you lounge around.





Fancy having a cup of coffee on your patio or deck? This outdoor sofa set will make every coffee (or tea) session an enjoyable affair.  The durability of its construction means it will last for a really, really long time. Invite a friend or two, and bask in the awesomeness of nature together!





Something about this chest of drawers set takes us straight to the deep green jungles, don’t you think? An ideal space to store your knick-knacks in, its dark brown shade adds a lovely touch to its surroundings.






We don’t know about you, but this sofa set has got us smitten at first sight. With smooth curves and light brown color, it’s hard to pass it by and not want to sink right into it.





Mornings will never be boring again: this intricately crafted rattan dining set beckons you to a sunny breakfast. Place it in a space with plenty of natural light, and you have a bright, joyful corner in your home.




Simplicity often speaks volumes and this minimalistic rattan end table is proof. Its simple, clean lines and glass design make for a sweet addition to your living room or bedroom.






Be it your living room, bedside or even outdoors, this rattan side table promises to be a pretty addition to your space. See the way it curves slightly inwards? We love it!






Pair this lovely brown rattan ottoman (3 variations available) alongside your chair, or place it by itself. Either way, one thing for sure: it’s a looker! Add a floral cover on the cushion, and you have a garden wonderland in your space.






This one’s for people who enjoy the outdoors sans blazing sun. With this rattan outdoor bed, rest assured that you’ll still have your quality outdoor time… From the comfort of its shades, that is. Great portability, a UV-resistant retractable canopy and soft cushions? We’re sold.






Want a nightstand that’s both pretty and practical? Here it is. With its airy design and ivory white finish, this nightstand is useful on two counts. Its large surface can hold items like lamps and flower vases, while an extra storage compartment means more space for all your goodies (yippee).




Rattan furniture is clearly so much more than a tropical novelty. Especially with all the innovations when it comes to furniture design, the concept of woven rattan has become so seamlessly integrated. It’s impossible not to fall in love with rattan furniture because it’s so lightweight which means the furniture is easy to move. It’s also very natural and warm which can easily breathe life into a space the same way that wood does. The only difference is that rattan is light and airy almost as if it can sway gently with the wind. There’s beauty in lightness that only rattan furniture can possess which is what makes it so unique in the world of furniture. There’s truly quite nothing like it which is why it definitely deserves a nice spot in your home.


Rattan furniture Infographic



1. Rattan Furniture In Your Bedroom

Rattan furniture in kids room



Long are the days when rattan furniture was only for outdoor preferences. Today, they have entered our homes and have held a place in our bedrooms too. If you want you can buy a high-end bed made from rattan material. Doubting on its strength? Wait until you test one out.  If you like chairs in your bedroom, there are rattan chairsCheck Latest Price , beautifully designed to match your room decoration and arrangement.  Specially designed tables and wardrobes made from rattan are also found in plenty. These will not only add beauty but gives a glorious appearance.  See more details on how to go about the rattan furniture arrangement in the following pictures.




2. Rattan Furniture In Your Dining Room

 Rattan Furniture In Your Dining Room

Picture by Mariane on Pixels



The versatility of the rattan furniture extends to your dining room as well. If you wish to decorate and flourish your dining space, then the rattan chairs and tables will do you great justice. They will give you more comfort, adding the kind of extravagance you have always been yearning for.



Due to the rattan cane, the rattan chairs, tables and any other furniture around your room give a pleasant beautiful and casual look. In most cases, well-designed wicker furniture gives such presentations. Those who are neither keen will always confuse a wicker chair from a rattan chair. Differentiating, the two may be quite difficult for them. All in all, either of this furniture Check Latest Price gives such a striking appearance for your dining room by simply adding a little touch on it with their uniquely distinctive design.




3. Rattan Furniture In Your Living Room

Rattan Furniture In Your Living Room

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash



If you are a traditionalist who likes pulling the ancient artistry and modifying them to fit the recent, then rattan furniture is here for you. The vintage roots of the rattan cane along with their natural feel makes any room present calm and welcoming. This must be what you would be wanting for your living room, right? If yes, then you have got to start looking for the best rattan chairsCheck Latest Price , tables, stools, and many others.



If you do not find them but still love their design, you can go for the wicker made design such as wicker chairs. Despite the material difference, they look similar.




4. Lawn

Rattan furniture in your lawn

Photo by Artiangel on Pixabay


You need not buy an ergonometric office chair for your yard. It would even look awkward. A lawn needs exclusive furniture that fit its location and environment. They must be comfortable and good enough to relax and incredibly relevant to the surrounding theme. Rattan or wicker chairs Check Latest Price are always the best choices for any lawn. They blend well with nature and makes the environment look relaxed and good.




5. Office

Rattan chair in the office


If you think rattan furniture only fits the home environment, then you are wrong. Even in the office, they are highly relevant and appropriate. There are incredible ergonometric designed office rattan chairs and tables which would make your office look elegant and alter its boring appearance. However, if you are worried about the office getting a casual look, do not, it will still retain its formal look. Since they look alike, wicker chairs, wardrobes, tables, crate & barrels, amongst many other furniture, will always do the work.



6. Rattan Furniture In Your Kitchen

Rattan in Kitchen

Photo by curlingchampionstour.com


You can alter the entire outlook of your kitchen with rattan or wicker furniture. Instead of the typical metal or plastic crate & barrel, you can have one made of rattan. You can also have your shelves made of it or a wicker material – still it would appear the same. The fact that rattan furniture may appear more ancient or traditional should never stop you from thinking it is irrelevant or less useful.


Leave alone the old designs, today there are high-end designs which come will all the beauty and decency you’ve been looking for from other furniture types. We assure you that you will always find good looking rattan furniture that will excellently fit in your bedroom, kitchen, outdoor, living room and even at your office.  But, yes, never get confused with wicker and rattan! Make sure you do enough research so that no one can fool you showing wicker furniture.



What Exactly Is Rattan?

Let’s start with the basics – what is rattan, and where does it come from?  Rattan is the name of a climbing vine that grows around trees in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.  Flexible and slender, these vines depend on other trees for support by wrapping around them as they grow.


The toughness of rattan wood makes it a great choice as furniture material. Its flexibility allows it to be twisted and shaped easily, while its strength ensures furniture made is long-lasting. While natural rattan adds a natural, breezy vibe to any environment, it can, unfortunately, become damaged/corroded rather easily. Enter PE/PVC rattan (synthetic forms of polyethylene rattan). These types of rattan emulate the properties of natural rattan, but have the added advantage of being able to withstand harsh weather conditions e.g. rain and bright sun rays.


Qualities Of Rattan Wood

Several properties make rattan a popular and ideal choice as furniture material.


Some of these are as follows:


1. Lightweight

Being light in weight makes rattan furniture easy to transport and carry. So if you’d like to reinvent your space and move your rattan chairs around, it would be easy to do!



2. Flexible

This vine’s flexibility allows it to be easily twisted and fashioned into many curves and shapes- from chairs, tables, lampshades and more. This makes it a very versatile material to work with.



3. Tough

Since rattan grows in length and not in concentric circles like tree wood, it is quite strong and does not break easily.



4. Insect Resistant

While other types of wood run the risk of insect damage, rattan wood successfully fights off this problem. This makes rattan furniture durable and long-lasting.



5. Moisture Resistant

Since this vine typically grows in humid conditions, it is naturally moisture-resistant. This means any furniture made from it will not fall victim to mold or moisture damage. It is an especially welcome quality when picking outdoor furniture.



How Is Rattan Furniture Made?

When rattan vines mature, they are harvested and their outer covering is separated from the inner core. The inner wood is cut into thinner sections, steamed, and shaped to weave into the desired furniture’s shape. The rattan’s tough outer covering, on the other hand, is used to wrap and bind the joints of the furniture. While this vine is found in a variety of natural brown and golden shades that look great on their own, rattan can also be painted in shades of your choice.



Rattan Vs. Wicker Furniture – What Is The Difference?

Wondering what the difference is between rattan and wicker furniture? Most people assume that wicker is a material. But it is not. This is a common confusion between furniture-buyers, and it is important to know the difference to make sure you buy the right furniture for your home. While rattan is a material, wicker is, in fact, an ancient weaving technique used to make furniture. The method to create wicker furniture involves wetting the material, slicing it in lengths, and then weaving the strands together to create a shape. Wicker furniture can be made by using a variety of materials – from willow, bamboo, synthetic fiber, and yes, also rattan.



TL:DR; While rattan is a material, wicker is a weaving technique. 



Rattan furniture is versatile and works well in both outdoor and indoor settings. Flexible, durable, strong and moisture-resistant – it’s little wonder why rattan is so popular as a material.

More Rattan Furniture Ideas