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50 Best Rattan Furniture For Tropical Feels 50 Best Rattan Furniture For Tropical Feels


50 Best Rattan Furniture For Tropical Feels

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Check out the best rattan furniture options available on the market today! These simple, yet breathtaking designs can easily be incorporated into any space.

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A walk in a rattan furniture showroom will unveil you to the most spectacular furniture designs you never thought existed. They are simple, yet breathtaking! Subtle yet so intricately designed! Rattan furniture is a safe bet and definitely a great add on to enhance the overall look and feel of your house. The age-old designs of Rattan furniture were merely for lawn and lounge at front doors, and they looked more traditional, swiping it off from the market for a long period. But that’s not the scene anymore!



rattan garden furniture set



With new trends and fashion setting in, great designers have tried their creativity on Rattan furniture too. Rattan furniture is mainly made from the rattan cane extracted from the palm tree. This cane forms a highly significant raw material best for such furniture making it natural, durable, and above all, highly flexible. Now that you know a few facts about rattan furniture, let’s now look at how to set a trendy tone with the best rattan furniture options.





Your patio is a place that connects your home to the outside world. You can actually look at as your bridge to nature, which is why your furniture should reflect the same idea. This large rattan sofa is the perfect size if you like hanging out by the lanai or just taking in fresh air. Its frame is wrapped in waterproof resin rattan to give the sofa some lightness and airiness. For extra comfort, it comes with thick cushions and pillows.  With this outdoor sofa set, we’re sure that you’ll have the most relaxing time outside.





At first glance, you might think of this chair as something your grandmother would have at her house. In fact, when given the right styling, this chair can serve as a chic centerpiece for your living room! Today, vintage furniture is widely used in contemporary interiors in contrast with more modern and clean pieces. It will no doubt shine even more thanks to its intricate details: a fancy weave of rattan that makes it one of a kind.





Rattan furniture definitely does not have to be isolated to thick frames and full panels. Thanks to pioneer designers from Asia, they’ve come a long way since they were invented. Here, we have a minimalist rattan chair that you could use on your lanai or patio, but look just as beautiful in your living room or foyer. Not only is it black and sleek, the woven fibers that tightly make up the backrest will be a great conversation piece that you can talk about while sitting on the chairs themselves!





If you prefer a neutral gray tone over a warm woody color, you’re in luck. Gray is a great color to pair with virtually anything. It complements existing furniture pieces well but also boosts the vibrancy of whatever colors may surround it. This gray rattan sectional sofa exudes nothing but comfort and practically beckons anyone to put their feet up and take a load off. It also comes with a matching rattan coffee table with a glass top to seal in that beautiful resort look.





Take your patio lounge game to the next level with this rattan outdoor furniture set – it includes two armchairs with their own footrests and ottomans along with a glass top side table. Large sofas are all well and good for relaxing, but there’s something to be said about having your very own throne to relax on. You can have your good friend or maybe your spouse sit beside you as you both enjoy the sunset while drinking a glass of lemonade.





With rattan being such a popular outdoor and indoor material in furniture nowadays, it’s not surprising that even plastic furniture manufacturers have tried to emulate the uniqueness of woven rattan. This rattan table features a large surface that’s perfect for outdoor parties and barbecues or simply eating outside with your family. It’s sturdy and easy to clean while the  combination of plastic and metal keeps it resistant to various outside forces.





Give your living room extra seating by adding poofs in different cute materials; these could also be unexpected accents. This rattan pouf will no doubt be a seat that everyone would live to sit on: from kids to adults, it would be a wonderful piece of furniture to have beside the television or a coffee table. The beautiful woody tones will no doubt spread a lot of warmth to any space.





Resin rattan is probably the best type of rattan you can use outdoors. Whether it’s in your patio or your garden, it is able to complement Mother Nature while being able to resist everything from rain to sun and anything that may come in between. It also comes with an adorable little table to set your drinks and snacks on. Perfect for an afternoon of talking and relaxing with your best friend.





Who says rattan furniture is only confined to chairs and lounges? Even your patio bar table can be made with rattan and it will look fabulous. With this, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to your favorite resort to order your second mojito before going back to chill by the pool. This bar table doesn’t just have to be used on your patio though; it could also grace the interiors of your home. Maybe you enjoy mixing drinks by the living room for house parties as well. The possibilities are endless!





The perfect mix of contemporary and vintage, anyone is bound to fall in love with this rattan sofa. It’s simple but chic; modern but nostalgic at the same time. The hexagonal weave pattern on the side panels will definitely remind anyone of old hotel resorts in movies, while its plush white seating would easily earn its place in any interior design magazine. Beautiful tapering wooden legs support the bulk of the load.





This one is a seemingly classic design that we’ve probably seen anywhere, but believe me when I say that color combination can make all the difference. We’re all probably used to seeing rattan furniture in a combination of golden rattan and a white or cream fabric. This gives that classic motif a twist with its deep gray upholstery – creating a massively chic turnaround. As I’ve said before, using dark gray will nicely accent the existing colors that it plays with and this is further proof of that.





Your sofa or daybed can be so much more than the traditional rectangular sofa complete with its sectioned cushions. Why not change it up and be unique with this round design that features a light and natural rattan frame? It almost looks like your very own cradle in paradise, waiting for you to unwind after a long day at work. You will definitely rest like royalty on a sofa like this.





If you’re going for a Mediterranean motif and wish to go for a more vintage or old style rattan furniture, this might just be the one for you. There’s so much paneling and swooping forms involved that this living room set will grab your attention instantly. It’s so grand, it’s almost comparable to the furniture used in Spanish Colonial times in the Philippines! (Considered to be a mark of affluency in the 16th century). There’s nothing quite like feeling like a million bucks, we say.





If you want an interesting arm chair to spend your day reading on, we definitely recommend that you check this product out. With the most unique rattan construction, this armchair has concealed joints that allow you to swivel and/or rock back and forth with ease.  Its plush cushions will cradle you comfortably like a baby while you slowly rock yourself into a nice afternoon nap or relax with a new novel you’ve just picked up.



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