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25 Best Retro Fridge For Your Set-Up 25 Best Retro Fridge For Your Set-Up


25 Best Retro Fridge For Your Set-Up

Written by: Henry Campbell

Adorn your space with these vibrant, super-cool retro fridges that can transform the entire look and feel of your room to a whole new level!

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If you are inspired by vintage themes and wish to give your kitchen a makeover, it is great to invest in a retro fridge. These mostly come in pastel hues and are smaller in size. In fact, there are some brands that deal with beautiful retro fridge freezers that add a whole new vibe to the interiors.


Since these are compact, you may carry your unit to different places whenever in need. Let’s look at some of the cutest mini retro fridges that are a must-have for your kitchen! 



This Frigidaire Portable Fridge is everything you need inside your bedroom! It comes with a BlueTooth speaker that connects to several devices. This way, you can easily stream your favorite music anytime, anywhere! It has a bright yellow body that looks super chic. Moreover, there is an inset handle which makes it easy to carry around. The total capacity of this mini retro fridge is around 4 liters, so you can easily store up to six beverage cans. 


Another thing that makes it a wonderful fit is that you can adjust the shelves and add other food items for easy storage. In addition to that, the temperature can also be changed from 32° F – 150° F. 



  • This mini fridge does not use Freons. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly. 
  • It doesn’t overheat while in use. 
  • You can connect it to your device and enjoy good music. 


  • The plastic handle is quite delicate. 


Here is a cute and compact retro fridge that can be placed almost anywhere. It features a glass window on the door. The metallic hinges also contribute more to its eye-catching design. Access the contents of the fridge by twisting the handle. It also comes with a retractable carry handle that lets you take your mini-fridge anywhere conveniently.


This fridge works on eco-friendly thermoelectric technology and has a capacity of 4 liters. Since it is small in size, you can place it on a shelf or desk inside your office. Moreover, the removable shelves let you store yogurt, juice, cheese, and even cosmetics while traveling.   



  • The handle of this mini fridge comes with a self-locking mechanism.
  • It is eco-friendly and doesn’t release CFCs. 
  • Moreover, it keeps the content cool even when it is off.  


  • You may notice that the fridge forms water inside it. 


This vintage mini retro fridge comes with a 4-liter capacity. It is glossy red and has the logo of Coca-Cola. So, if you are a fan, this item will be a great addition to your bedroom. This cooler is convenient to carry around and doesn’t even weigh a lot. 


The total dimensions of this product are 7.25 x 10.25 x 10.75 inches. Therefore, you can easily store plenty of food items. It comes with advanced technology which makes it energy-efficient. Additionally, it is ultra-quiet and environmentally friendly since it doesn’t use refrigerants and freons.  



  • The overall aesthetic of this cooler is really great. 
  • Its capacity is larger than a regular mini-fridge. 
  • You can carry it even while traveling. 


  • You may find this unit to be a bit noisy.
  • It isn’t that durable. 


This vintage-style cooler by AstroAI is designed to keep the content cool as well as warm. With a total capacity of 4 liters, you can place different items inside it. Additionally, the shelves are removable to easily organize cans, bottles, and food items. Its food-warming feature does not heat up cold food. Instead, it just keeps hot items warm.


Since it is compact, you can fit it into some of the smallest spaces. You can carry it to family outings or picnics and enjoy hot/cold food at any point in time. 



  • This compact cooler/warmer is lightweight. 
  • It is freon-free, which makes it environmentally friendly. 
  • It is noise-free, so you can place it inside your bedroom.


  • The water can leak from the unit and accumulate at the bottom.  


Here is a stunning mini fridge with a freezer by Wanai. This double-door unit comes with a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet that is enough to store large bottles of soft drinks. It is small in size. Therefore, you can place this refrigerator inside your RV, dorm room, or office. There are two compartments. While the upper compartment stores the frozen food efficiently, the lower compartment keeps the food items chilled. The fridge is accompanied by an R600a compressor. 


In addition to that, there are seven adjustable thermostat settings that range from 32° to 50° F. The freezer, on the other hand, is built with a crisper drawer that reduces the loss of water to keep seafood, meat, and ice creams fresh for a longer period. 



  • The fridge comes with leveling legs that keep it stable on uneven surfaces. 
  • It utilizes very low power, which further reduces electricity costs. 
  • This retro fridge comes with a one-year warranty. 


  • The 3.2 cubic feet capacity may not be suitable for some customers. 


Add a pop of red inside your living space with Northair Single Door Mini Refrigerator. It is 17.5 x 18.3 x 19.6 inches in size and takes very little space. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about making additional space for it inside the kitchen. This mini retro fridge can keep the contents fresh even after a power failure is because it comes with thermal insulation of 5-7 hours. 


Moreover, the inside of the fridge is quite functional. You will find removal glass shelves and bottle brackets that maximize the unit’s storage capacity. This refrigerator utilizes less than a kilowatt per hour. This makes it energy-efficient and convenient. 



  • The unit comes with adjustable shelves and feet. 
  • You can choose from three different color options. 
  • It looks aesthetic no matter where you place it. 
  • The fridge is spacious. 


  • It is a bit noisy. 



Perfect for both commercial and residential use, this blue retro compact refrigerator has everything you are looking for! It has a storage capacity of 1.6 cubic foot which makes it an ideal option for several food items. The best part about this mini retro fridge is that it is CFC-free, making it good for the environment. With a built-in thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature. Moreover, it performs efficiently and doesn’t get affected by the outside temperature. 


If you wish to freeze a certain food item, you can easily make use of the tiny compartment inside the refrigerator. It comes with an ice-cube tray. Therefore, drinking a chilled milkshake couldn’t get easier than this!



  • The door is reversible.
  • This unit comes with a bottle opener. 
  • It doesn’t use CFCs and is safe to use. 


  • It makes loud noises



The ARLIME mini-fridge is perfect for keeping your food hot as well as cold. It comes with a switch on the back that can instantly change its function depending on your requirement. The temperature range of this unit is between 23° F – 149° F. With an energy-saving design, this unit doesn’t utilize a lot of energy. Therefore, you can easily use it for as long as you want to cool or warm your food. 


This cooler/warmer is portable as it comes with an ergonomic handle. Additionally, there are two plugs. While one can be used in a standard outlet inside your house, the other can be used with a 12V cigarette lighter in a vehicle.



  • It is ideal for storing skincare products, medicines, food, and beverages. 
  • The mini-fridge by ARLIME is portable. 
  • It is easy to operate. 


  • The size could be an issue. 



Adding modern comfort to your vintage-styled decor is super easy with the Winia Mint Retro Compact Refrigerator. The unique interiors of this mini fridge make it convenient to store multiple items in one go. The interiors of this unit feature LED lighting that illuminates it from the inside. 


This refrigerator truly makes life easy by providing different compartments for different uses. While there is a glass shelf that can be adjusted according to your needs, this unit also features a multi-keeper door bin and a fresh-keeper bin. The multi-keeper compartment can be used to store small items, and the fresh keeper can be used to keep fruits and vegetables. 



  • This refrigerator by Winia is multifunctional.
  • The freezer ensures superior cooling. 
  • It comes in five color options and an Energy Star rating. 


  • It is a bit pricey. 


Made to fit a truckload of food items, the Kismile Retro Fridge comes with a freezer on the top. While the fridge has a simple design, it looks utterly cute and can be used almost anywhere. It features double chrome handles that add more to its beauty. In addition to that, with the help of a thermostatic button, you can set the temperature according to your desire. 


The Kismile refrigerator features an anti-bacterial door gasket. It ensures to keep the contents inside the unit fresh and free from the buildup of fungi or bacteria. Moreover, the removable shelves offer better storage options for large food items. 




Frigidaire’s glossy red compact refrigerator will steal everyone’s attention the moment they step into your house. Apart from the bright and beautiful color, the handle and hinges make it look even more stunning. It has a total capacity of 4 liters and is compatible with holding around six cans of beverages. The door of the unit has a clear glass window that lets you check if your mini-fridge needs a refill. Additionally, it has a fully insulated interior that keeps the contents cool even after the power supply is off. 


It is easy to clean; therefore, it doesn’t take much to keep the fridge in a maintained condition. Although it is quiet, you may notice some vibrations that can disturb you if you place the fridge inside your bedroom. 



  • This retro mini fridge comes with a heavy-duty locking latch.
  • It comes with a carrying handle which makes it ideal for picnic dates. 
  • In addition to that, it features two outlet plugs.   


  • The outer body isn’t well-built. 
  • Plus, it is a bit noisy.



The Magic Chef Retro Fridge comes with an Energy Star certification. This means that this mini fridge promotes energy efficiency and will have a low impact on your electricity bill. 


The total dimensions of the Magic Chef Retro Fridge are 20.1 x 19.1 x 33.5 inches. Since it is compact, it will fit inside your kitchen with ease. It also has two compartments. While the upper compartment features a freezing unit, you can keep fruits, vegetables, and other items in the bottom compartment for easy cooling. Additionally, the inner side of both doors can also hold small food items, which further increases its storage capacity. 



  • Organize your food and beverages with the super-efficient Magic Chef Retro Fridge. 
  • It is lightweight and can be moved around by a single person. 
  • Moreover, it has a glossy shine which adds more aesthetics to your interiors. 


  • The handles are made from plastic and aren’t that durable.


This Compact Fridge by Kuppet is a single-door fridge designed for small spaces. This retro fridge features easy to remove glass slabs. You can adjust them according to your convenience and put tall items inside with ease. Besides, the door features a high elasticity seal that ensures that the food remains chilled even when you plug it out. 


There is a thermostat knob that lets you adjust and control the temperature. The range of the temperature is between 32°F – 50°F. Additionally, it comes with a low noise feature which ensures that you work in a quiet and calm environment. 



  • The refrigerator cools down very fast and efficiently. 
  • It features drawers that can be removed for a quick cleanup. 
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  • It comes with an LED display light which lights the interiors when you open it. 


The Smeg Retro Fridge is stylish as well as super functional when it comes to storing food and keeping it cool. This single door fridge comes with three glass slabs which makes it easy for you to arrange food items. Apart from the glass slabs, there is a separate compartment for bottles. Therefore, with Smeg, reaching out to a chilled bottle of beer is easy peasy! 


There is a separate compartment to store frozen food. Apart from that, you will also find an ice cube tray that can come in handy during the summer season.  



  • The refrigerator is built with Smeg’s high manufacturing standards. 
  • Each inch of the internal space provides optimum storage space. 


  • Even though the fridge is of a decent size, it isn’t quite as functional as other alternatives.
  • The freezer is very small and can barely store large food items. 


Bossin 2-Door Compact Refrigerator looks super classy and blends well with different interiors. It features two different sections which let you freeze and store food all at the same time. Besides, it gives off a stainless steel look that adds more to its sleek and glossy design.


Along with a storage capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, you will find three removable glass shelves that can be adjusted on any of the seven options. You can slide the shelves and pull them out for cleaning if you even spill something inside the fridge. Additionally, this fridge is accompanied by an ice tray and a shovel that can be used while making a yummy cocktail. 



  • There are two different compartments for storage. 
  • There is an adjustable thermostat knob through which you can choose one temperature from the seven options. 


  • The doorknobs look cheap and aren’t functional.
  • The temperature control can get erratic. 



While this portable black retro fridge looks more like a small box, it is a super-efficient appliance that can hold up to six cans of coke. Since it is compact and comes with an ergonomic handle, you can carry it to an outing with friends and family. Moreover, your food will remain safe and secure as the door comes with a heavy-duty latch. 


The interior of Frigidaire Black Retro Portable Fridge is fully insulated, which keeps the food chilled up to hours even when you remove the plug. It is stylish and has a glossy finish. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spilling food items inside as it is super easy to clean.  



  • The appliance works on a thermoelectric cooling system that distributes cooling evenly. 
  • It features a sturdy carrying handle which makes it portable.  


  • It is way too compact and small. 


When we talk about retro fridges, Smeg definitely tops the chart. This one right here features a bold American flag. With a total capacity of 9.22 cubic feet, you can add several food items inside. The compartments are separated with removable glass slabs. Therefore, you can even clean the interiors if they get dirty. 


In addition to that, it features the latest technology, which ensures a top-notch performance and higher levels of efficiency. You can also freeze ice cubes inside the freezing compartment and make delicious shakes during the scorching summer season. The Smeg Retro Fridge will truly enhance the way your kitchen looks. 



  • There is a stunning pattern on the body of this refrigerator which makes it look royal.
  • You will find a freezing compartment inside the unit.
  • Additionally, it has ample space that allows you to store a variety of food items. 


  • Heavy and cannot be moved by a single person. 

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This Mint Green Retro Compact Refrigerator by Daewoo is super easy to control. It features a soft dial that ensures to keep the contents of the appliance cool and fresh. The color of this fridge is soothing to the eyes and also uplifts the whole look of the kitchen. 


Keeping efficiency and functionality into consideration, this fridge has a lot to offer. It comes with a wide tabletop where you can easily put fruit baskets or fresh flowers. Additionally, it is Energy Star compliant and ensures to utilize low energy while it is on. This also contributes to the low noise level; therefore, you won’t have to wake up to unwanted noise. 



  • The LED lights ensure easy handling during the nighttime. 
  • This fridge comes with a fresh food sliding drawer which makes it easy to store vegetables and fruits. 
  • The shelves are made from glass and are easy to clean. 


  • The freezer isn’t very efficient. 


Here is a mini retro fridge that not only serves the best looks but is super-duper functional as well. While it may look like a tiny vintage locker, it works efficiently in storing snacks, beverages, and fruits. Moreover, it is easy to use and comes with a rotatable thermostat. This helps in adjusting the temperature that ranges from 32 °F – 50 °F. The fridge also features compressor cooling that keeps the food items fresh. 


While operating, the appliance produces a sound less than 40 dB. It further helps in keeping a quiet working environment without any major disturbance. There are two interior shelves which offer plenty of space. Apart from that, the well-built freezing unit makes it easy to store frozen items. 



  • This fridge doesn’t produce any sound, which makes it a great addition to dorm rooms.
  • It is durable.
  • Apart from that, it is lightweight, and you can move it around comfortably. 


  • The handles are sturdy and may fall off. 



While choosing a mini retro fridge, you need to keep a couple of considerations in mind. First of all, it should be compact enough to fit in small spaces. Secondly, it should come with an adjustable temperature control system. Lastly, the overall look of the refrigerator should make your guests feel nostalgic. Well, the Antarctic Star Mini Refrigerator has the above-mentioned features, which makes it a classy addition to any interior. 


It has two compartments — one for frozen food items and the other for general use. Additionally, there are two door handles that add more to its beauty. The fridge also comes with an ice cube tray and ice shovel. 



  • The refrigerator features adjustable feet.
  • The appliance comes with a fruit basket which keeps the fruits fresh for a longer period. 
  • The tight seal of this fridge makes sure that the contents inside remain chilled. 


  • You will have to defrost it at least twice a week.



If you want to add vintage charm to your apartment, RCA’s retro black refrigerator can help! This double-compartment unit looks classy and has a large capacity to store food for all your family members. The upper compartment is used to store frozen food, while the bottom one is designed to keep fresh food like fruits and veggies. 


There are adjustable shelves to store different bottles and packages and keep the unit organized. Additionally, you will also find a crisper bin that can be pulled out and cleaned as well. The door features drink bins where bottles as big as a 2-liter soda can fit in with ease. 



  • The freezer compartment comes with a removable shelf. 
  • The interiors feature spill proof glass, which is easy to clean. 
  • There is an automatic bright light inside the fridge. 
  • The door hinges are reversible. 


  • The unit may get damaged in shipping. 



The double-door mini fridge with freezer by COOLLIFE adds a sense of serenity to your interiors. Its teal color and eye-catching design make it even more functional. This retro mini-fridge is specifically designed to store different types of food items. It comes with adjustable shelves that ensure to declutter any mess. Besides, there is a crisper compartment which helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. The door also features plenty of room to store canned items or large bottles. 


The fridge has two chrome door handles which give it an additional vintage touch. Moreover, these are easy to open. 



  • The fridge doesn’t produce any noise and encourages a quiet working environment. 
  • You can easily change the temperature. 
  • The built quality of this fridge is extraordinary. 


  • The water tray isn’t that big. 



Enjoy a chilled refreshing drink anytime, anywhere with the Coca-Cola Classic Mini Fridge. It has a stunning red body that comes with the original Coca-Cola logo. In addition to that, there is also a stylish glass bottle graphic which adds more to its beauty. This compact retro-style mini-refrigerator works on CFC-free thermoelectric technology, which makes it an eco-friendly unit. 


The fridge has a capacity of 4 liters. Since it is compact, you can keep it on top of a table and even carry it around. It has a removable shelf that can be adjusted as per your storage requirement.



  • You can switch it to warming mode as well. 
  • The door features a self-locking door handle. 
  • From skin care products to medicine, this unit can come in handy for several functions. 


  • It produces a little noise. 


Give your small kitchen the ultimate makeover with the Galanz Retro Fridge. This single-door fridge comes with adjustable thermostat control. Therefore, you can adjust the temperature with the help of a simple dial. 


There are removable glass shelves that let you store your food conveniently. Its retro look is further enhanced with stylish handles. Additionally, it features leveling legs that let you adjust the placement of the fridge however you like. Since it is small in size, it fits in compact spaces with ease. You can place it inside your dormitory or office. 


  • The Galanz Retro Fridge stores food, beer, juices, and other stuff without using much energy. 
  • It has a sleek vintage design that fits well with any type of decor.
  • It comes with glass shelves which helps you organize the contents neatly. 


  • The material of the handle is not very sturdy.


Retro fridge freezers look stylish and save a lot of space. But if you are looking for something that offers more space yet looks just the same, here is an ideal product by Arctic King. It has a compact design and weighs only 9.98 pounds. Apart from that, it also has a removal hanging basket that lets you keep the small contents in place. You can regulate the temperature with the help of an adjustable thermostat that is located on the exterior of the freezer. 


Moreover, there are two leveling legs that require adjustment before you load the freezer. This will ensure that the freezer remains stable. It works on low energy and doesn’t make much noise while working. 



  • The freezer is of a pretty decent capacity. 
  • It comes with a manual guide loaded with proper instructions.
  • There is an option to defrost the freezer manually.


  • The price is quite high. 
  • The temperature dial doesn’t have a light indicator. 

A retro fridge is all about vibrant colors and sleek, stylish design. It usually comes in small sizes and can easily fit into small, compact spaces. We are sure that the list of the above-mentioned mini retro units will surely come in handy when you search for a functional and aesthetic mini-fridge.

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