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Garage Design Ideas That Leave You In Awe Garage Design Ideas That Leave You In Awe

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Garage Design Ideas That Leave You In Awe

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Catch hold of these awe-inspiring garage design ideas! Whether you're renovating or creating an extra space, these garage designs are sure to turn heads.

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Are you thinking about renovating your garage house? Perhaps you want to create an extra room or you simply want an organized garage to park your car.



Whatever your garage plans are there are myriads of garage design ideas you can use to create that awe-inspiring look you’ve always wanted.



So if you’re looking for garage design ideas to give you the inspiration you need, you’ve come to the right place.



Take a look at what you can do to keep your garage streamlined and how to transform your garage house into an environment you’ll love spending time in.



Garage Showroom Design

Garage Showroom Design



Lighting is everything when you want to create a display inside your garage. Transform your garage into a showroom by installing a glass garage door and pendant light fixtures.



The lighting, placement, and flooring play an important part throughout your garage space in order to successfully create that wow factor.



Pendant lights are the best for showroom garage design ideas because they emit a pleasant glow that goes well with polished floors and walls. You can decide on the flooring but if you want that glistening effect, polished epoxy flooring has a grand appeal.



Showroom garage designs are extremely organized and light fixtures and wall paint all complement each other. Be sure to use neutral colors for your showroom garage design such as grey or beige.



The glass garage door will be the focus of your interior design so you want it to be aesthetically pleasing. Use steel panels to frame the glass garage door and decide on a color for your casing. Chrome goes well with glass especially if your garage interior is done with grey tones.



Keep Your Garage Streamlined

Some people use their garage as a workshop for auto repairs or arts & crafts and this can make a mess of your garage. If you want to keep the aesthetics of your garage maintained, it must be well organized. The best way to keep your garage streamlined is to opt for easy access storage.



Take a look at some garage storage ideas that can help you keep your garage neat.



Types Of Walls To Hang Small Accessories

When small accessories or items are lying around your garage it can make it look untidy. So what you need is a garage plan that allows you to store these small items to keep them out of the way.



Create extra garage space by installing pegboards or slat walls to hang items and accessories so they’re always neatly in place.







Pegboards are sheets of wood with holes you can slot pegs into. These pegs allow you to hang anything from pictures to garage tools and equipment.



Organize Your Tools With A Slat Wall

Organize Your Tools With A Slat Wall



Slat walls are more appealing than pegboards because you can install hooks or baskets on the application to store paints, gloves, garden tools, and even pot plants.



Chest Of Drawers For Organized Storage

Chest Of Drawers For Organized Storage



You can refurbish your bedroom chest of drawers and turn it into garage storage compartments. For a sophisticated look paint the drawers black and install chrome handles to keep your garage design ideas & style consistent.



Steel Lockers For Tools And Car Accessories

Steel Lockers For Tools And Car Accessories



For rustic garage design ideas, you can install steel lockers to store garden tools and car accessories. These storage units have ample space so you can easily store many items out of sight. You can install hooks into the steel lockers to hang bigger power tools or even overalls and coats.



Converting Your Garage Into An Entertainment Area

A garage is a perfect size to build an entertainment area you and your loved ones can enjoy.



Old School Gaming Room

Old School Gaming Room



Have you always wanted to create your very own arcade? Your garage will be the right size to build your very own gaming room. Install pinball machines, old school gaming boxes, pool tables and a foosball table for your entertainment area.



To create the ambiance of an old school gaming room use polished tiled floors and walls and install neon signage lights for a colorful glow.



Man Cave

Man Cave



Drawing up garage plans is easy if you know what you want to do with the space. How about a man cave? Install a wooden bar with red stools and hang up a big screen TV to watch your favorite sports.



If you want to use the aesthetics of a bar, use dim lights and install carpets that go well with your interior design. Sports memorabilia or country flags are accessories every man cave needs. Hang flags from the roof and framed pictures of sports stars on the walls.



For seating use auto part furniture such as car chairs and a refurbished engine block as a base for a glass tabletop.



Tea Room

Tea Room



For the ladies, a garage house might be an ideal environment to build a tea room. Install glass cabinets to display your tea sets and install countertops to place pot plants and other accessories you love.



Use soft colors such as white, crème or lilac for the walls and install neutral color carpets to keep the warmth of your tea room garage design. For garage sizes that are small, install windows or a sunroof to allow natural light to come through which will make the environment appear more spacious.



Create A Vintage Display

Create A Vintage Display



Decorating your space can be fun and creative when you apply a theme to your garage plans. Vintage themed garage design ideas are suitable for anyone who loves 50s memorabilia.



Hang images of your favorite vintage cars on face brick garage walls and install pendant lights below each framed picture. Glass cabinet displays of vintage cars are also excellent ideas if you want to impress your guests.




One piece of advice we can give you when drawing up garage plans is to stick to a theme. It will ensure that the area looks less cluttered and more aesthetically appealing.



Showroom garage design ideas are the most popular because they’re easy to build and maintain. All you need is a polished floor, streamlined storage and ambient lighting for this interior garage design.



So is there a garage design idea you liked? Garage sizes are the perfect dimensions to create an extra room to the house. Use these ideas as well as your own garage designs to create something spectacular you and your loved ones will enjoy.

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