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20 Best Space-Saving Floating Shelves To Awe Your Friends 20 Best Space-Saving Floating Shelves To Awe Your Friends

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20 Best Space-Saving Floating Shelves To Awe Your Friends

Written by: James Anderson

Sleek and trendy, floating shelves are one of the best utility-furniture pieces. Tastefully designed, they add a great effect to the modern home decor.

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Does the door to your house or apartment open to a living room where the blank walls stare down at you? Time for you to gift your home décor floating shelves! These would add oomph to your room, while saving space at the same time.



Mark our words: from bedroom to drawing room, these storage shelves can do wonders to modern home décor. Here are 20 space-saving floating shelves to give your interior a makeover. You can also check out these quick and easy storage ideas that are guaranteed to help you maximize existing space.



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1. Long-Floating Shelves

Long shelves add to the elegance of your room, and are practical as they can hold many items. They are especially useful for lining up pictures or photos in decorative frames, side by side.



2. Provincial Shelves

These wall shelves are perfect hung over your washbasin or a bathtub. Put towels and other small bathroom accessories on these shelves. This would bring sophistication to the bathroom décor.



3. Corner Shelves

Nothing makes corners more useful than floating shelves. Unlike wall shelves, floating shelves barely take up any space. You can choose the corner beside your dressing table and store your essentials in them. Bedroom corner walls can be utilized in a similar manner. Perfect for kitchen and drawing rooms, these corner wall shelves can make any corner look stylish.



4. Art Gallery Shelves

If you end up choosing long floating shelves, go for the white and clean ones. Depending on your need for space, you could choose a single shelf or go for two.



Simplicity and sophistication blend together in this art gallery shelf display – these are definitely one of the best choices.



5. Box Shelves

Want to bring a unique yet familiar tone of countryside to your home décor? Box shelves are perfect for the rustic/farmhouse decor style.



Do rustic designs appeal to you? Then check out Fine Rustic Home Decor To Accentuate Your Lovely Home for useful tips and tricks.



Well, look no further than box shelves. In the living room, above our bed – box shelves can be set up anywhere and save a lot of space. They impart a cozy and comfortable feeling to their surroundings.



6. Heavy Duty Shelves

Choose solid planks of wood and use them as a shelf in your kitchen.



These art-cum-utility furniture pieces add a farm-style to your kitchen. Also, being solid wall shelves, you can put heavy items on them. Elegance and strength together are here for you in these floating shelves. Get your BAYKA Floating Shelves (Wall Mounted) today.



7. Honeycomb Shelves

Deck up the wall in your living room with artistry and utility paired together in the form of honeycomb shelves. Put anything here – books, a wee pot of plant, a small lamp, and books.



Place several of these hexagons together and they will surely change how your wall looks, plus win you looks of admiration from your guests. This Sorbus Floating Shelf Hexagon Set is pretty and affordable.



8. Cantilevered Shelves

Cantilevered shelves can also be referred to as overhangs. These shelves are more sturdy and durable than typical shelves. Affix it onto the wall beside your fireplace, in your bedroom, or in your living room – anywhere would work.




9. Cute Shelves

Be creative with the room of your tiny tot. Don’t just put up a conventional shelf there and spoil the charm of kids’ room. Put up star-decorated shelves such as these. Use them to store your child’s storybooks, or place stuffed toys on top. These shelves would make such an attractive addition to the room!



You may go for other shapes and sizes too – just don’t forget to include creative fun elements in them.



10. Secret Storage Shelves


Do you constantly have trouble finding the remotes of your TV, AC etc? Or do you have the tendency to misplace important items such as your keys?



Secret storage shelves might just be your answer.



With a panel that is hidden from outside view, items can be stored both inside and on top of such shelves.


11. Stained Floating Shelves

Add some native countryside feeling to your shelves and go for solid-colored, wide wall shelves. Get your carpenter to polish them in a way so that they look properly stained.



With greater width and thickness, these floating shelves can hold more items and save more space than typical shelves.



12. Entire Wall Shelves


Consider consolidating your shelves instead of placing them here and there. Give your dining area a complete makeover by stacking floating shelves along the entire length of one of its walls.



Put as many shelves as you want, but be careful to not overdo it: too many shelves will make the wall appear crammed, and the overall space smaller.



13. Planter Shelves

Get rid of worries where to put those prized indoor plants. Choose birch floating plant shelves for placing the pots.



Aesthetics and utility blend perfectly in these floating shelves, making them a must-have.



14. L-Shaped Corner Shelves

Where to put all those classy artifacts you collect? Choose L-shaped floating shelves as your art display space.



They deck up the corner nook while serving your purpose perfectly. Put 2-3 shelves to give the corner an artistic look while saving quite a lot of space.



15. Floating Mantel

Why keep the fireplace bare? Put up a floating shelf right up there and bring home a rustic feel. Organize the mantelpieces on it.



Sufficient storage? Check. Nice design? Check. Well, what more could we want from a shelf!



16. Display Shelves

Place a shelf on the wall near your breakfast table and keep essentials like plates, cups, and coffee mugs there.



This way, your kitchen shelves will never be overly cluttered. Plus, display shelves like this one also give off relaxed vibes.



17. Big And Bold Shelves

Why only go for floating shelves that are sleek? Be bold and choose big shelves with boldness oozing out of them.



Beside the door, behind the TV, above the sofa set – put them anywhere you like and stack up whatever you want (in an organized way, of course).



Big and bold floating shelves are must-haves for bookworms. With multiple storage spaces created within one single unit, they act as the perfect storage-cum-displays for your favorite books.



18. Entryway Shelves

Put up floating shelves right at your entryway with little chambers – you can put your keys or other items you wish in them.



Put up a wall hanging along with it and you’ll have yourself some pretty-looking storage!



19. Crystal Clear Shelves

Put up crystal clear shelves in the sunniest part of your room and place your potted plants on top of them.



Alternatively, these shelves can be used to hold items such as cosmetics.



20. Square Cluster Shelves

Last in the list are the most common type of shelves: square shelves, that come in all sizes.



Put up a cluster of these floating shelves on your reading room or living room walls and add a stylishly fun element to your home décor. Place the different sizes as you find appealing and deck them up with items you want to showcase. Whichever type of house you live in, never let the walls beg to be decorated. With floating shelves, you can do both space as well as style management easily. Trendy and useful, floating shelves are surely here to stay!

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