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How To Make A Gaming Room Fun? How To Make A Gaming Room Fun?

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How To Make A Gaming Room Fun?

Written by: Sophia Turner

Gamers unite! Looking to game from the comfort of home? Read our article for ways to make your gaming room so fun that you'd never want to leave the room!

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Did you know: The gaming industry is expected to be worth over $170 billion worldwide by 2020.



Whether you’re into Fortnite or Mario Kart, a gaming room (otherwise known as game room, recreation room, or entertainment room) isn’t just nice to have – it’s a must-have, especially for hardcore gamers.



Below are some ways to make your gaming room fun:






1. Add Some Accent Lighting



Add Some Accent Lighting



No gaming setup is complete without lighting. Lighting is a crucial element in creating an immersive gaming experience: good lighting puts a person in the mood for an intense gaming session.



Depending on the size and style of your gaming room, some types of accent lighting you could consider are: LED strips, light bars, and task lights.



Do note that it is tricky to get the amount of light correct for game rooms. While bright lighting is not advised, you’ll want to make sure that there’s enough ambient light so you can focus on what’s happening on-screen.



Two ways to achieve this: attach a smart LED strip at the back of your PC or, alternatively, place programmable LED light bars either next to the monitor or on the floor.



Apart from experimenting with different types of lighting, it is also worth playing with various colors of lighting. When it comes to gaming, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is likely the most common lighting variation used.



While this combination makes for a unique atmosphere, it might not fit in with your ideal gaming room aesthetic. Again, feel free to experiment with different colors until you find something you’re satisfied with.



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2. Incorporate a Little Bit of Art


Incorporate A Little Bit Of Art



A splash of artwork is perfect for adding pizzazz to rooms: put up posters of your favorite games and you’re set!



Alternatively, decorate the area with beloved limited edition merchandise or even display gaming trophies/awards if you have any.



Have as many or as few art pieces you want. The bottom line is you can never go wrong with art.


Choose from a wide range of game wall art on Amazon today!



3. Go With a Theme



Go With A Theme



From Star Wars to Avengers and everything in-between, choosing and sticking to a certain theme is a sure-fire way to make things interesting.



Flaunt your love for a certain manga/anime/TV series/movie with a themed gaming room.



For instance, if you’re a crazy Star Wars fan, you might use a mostly monochromatic gaming setup (sans the occasional bits of blue).



You might also have Star Wars drawings on your walls, and – as a final touch – a couple of lightsabers for a unique lighting effect.



Flaunt your love for the Star Wars series with these decor pieces from Amazon.



4. Show It on Your Walls



Show It On Your Walls



Bring your favorite characters to life and enter a different dimension by painting your walls with your favorite game/character etc.



Depending on how your house was designed, stairs, doors, and various interior structures can serve as the perfect canvas for your creativity to be unleashed.



For example, you could have a couple of turtles from Mario descending a flight of stairs; or how about a wall comprised entirely of LED-lit Pacman?



And for those who are lazy and/or short on time, there’s always the option of wall decals to turn to – apart from being quick and easy to stick on, these can also be removed any time you change your mind. Perfecta.



Check out these cool game room decals on Amazon. 



5. Use Complementary Colors



Use Complementary Colors



Big, bright, and beautiful: think of The Simpsons house with its pink walls and mustard yellow couch.



Don’t be afraid to use bright colors for fear of overwhelming your gaming room. On the contrary, these are needed as they lend the room a burst of much-needed energy.



The trick is to pair boldly-colored items with ones of muted color. For instance, a bold red-and-white checkered sofa goes well with a beige carpet.



Apart from enlivening the room, colors can create the illusion of extra space, too. To give the impression of a higher ceiling (and a bigger, airier space), use light to mid-tones as opposed to dark colors.


Alternatively, make use of storage shelves painted in theme with the rest of your game room. They often can help you create a statement wall where you can also display your games or merchandise. 


6. Spice It up With Exotic Textures and Hues



Spice It Up With Exotic Textures And Hues



Faux zebra rugs, nets dangling from the ceiling, vintage leather sofas… although frequently overlooked, texture is a key ingredient when it comes to making interior spaces pop.



In interior design, five aspects work together to make a space appealing: color, shape, pattern, line, and texture. Texture, in particular, has the ability to affect the weight and tone of your gaming room.



For more modern/futuristic designs, use materials such as granite and glass. If you’re opting for a more vintage feel, however, rough and natural textures (e.g. grunge concrete) might fit better into the overall aesthetic.



Our suggestion is to employ a systematic approach when it comes to incorporating texture. Start from the floor, then slowly but surely weave bits of texture into the decor, furniture, walls, and the ceiling.



How about completing your gaming room with these leather sofas from Amazon?



7. Choose to Project for Maximum Effects



Choose To Project For Maximum Effects




As brilliant as your PC screen is, sometimes it just isn’t quite large enough (4k-resolution purists can attest to this). If you have some cash to spare, opt to magnify your screen using a projector.



One benefit of having a screen projector is that it allows you to customize the range and size of the screen any time you want. The magnified screen also allows you to bask in the glory of games like Grand Theft Auto V and Tomb Raider.



Here are some projectors from Amazon to consider.



8. Enjoy the Arcade From Home







Yes – by arcade, I’m referring to actual arcade and pinball machines (Stranger Things flashbacks, anyone?).



If you’re constantly yearning for a go at one of those, consider buying one for your personal use.



As costly as they are (ranging from USD $2,500 to $10, 000 per machine), there’s arguably no better way to relive those good ol’ times spent with your friends after school.



Apart from being lots of fun, these machines can really brighten up your room with their neon shades and flashing lights.



Hype yourself up for a good time with these pinball machines from Amazon.






Since gaming rooms can be considered an extension of one’s personality (and favorite games), dress yours up the best that you can.


Never mind if it’s loud, and no worries about it being “over the top” – the most important thing is that you like it.

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