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30 Quick & Easy Edible Garden Ideas (Works 100%) 30 Quick & Easy Edible Garden Ideas (Works 100%)

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30 Quick & Easy Edible Garden Ideas (Works 100%)

Written by: Emily Roberts

Growing your own edible garden can be exciting but confusing. Here are some quick and easy tips to start gardening like a total pro.

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Gardening is one of the best hobbies that you can pick up at any age. There’s no limit to who can do it: growing your own plants is all about creating a meaningful connection with the earth and realizing that it’s so much more than the ground we walk on, or the land on which we build our homes.



It provides us with sustenance and numerous other benefits. Aside from being able to grow your own food, gardening can also teach you how to care for the environment and the good things that we can reap if we just treat nature with a bit of love and respect. Learn how to optimize and your own edible gardens, and give the DIY hacks below a go – they’re super easy and will take you mere minutes to do.



What you’ll need:

  1. Flower pots
  2. Chalkboard paint


Although it sounds like a no-brainer, the first step to being more organized is to practice labeling all the items you own. This applies to gardening supplies too. Not only does the act of labelling help you remember and keep everything where it’s supposed to be, it can also be incredibly helpful as descriptions which indicate what particular crop is grown. You can easily make anything a writing surface by slapping a coat of chalkboard paint onto it.




What you’ll need:

1. Salad bowl



Although aesthetics aren’t necessarily the top priority when it comes to edible gardens, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a pretty environment while you’re at it. You can achieve small steps in making everything more gorgeous and luxurious by simply taking some care in your choice of planters. Whenever possible, don’t go for plastics but opt for more natural-looking materials such as wood instead. An old salad bowl can be easily repurposed into a pot for your plants.




What you’ll need:

  1. Metal drum or any large round container.



Your garden hose is one of the hardest things to store, and it can also lead to plenty of accidents if when it’s just left to “snake” around on the ground. You’ll never know when you might take a wrong step and accidentally lose your balance. To mitigate this issue, getting your house its very own storage item: one example is any large round drum where it can be be coiled neatly inside.




What you’ll need:

1. Rotating tray



Some plants are just more finicky than others and such is the bane of most gardening enthusiasts out there. However, there are simple solutions to help make your life just a tiny bit easier. A great hack to rotating plants that might be sensitive to the sun is to place them all on a rotating rack. You can simply give them a spin a few times a day to help keep them out of trouble instead of manually carrying them and rearranging them.




What you’ll need:

1. Chalkboard paint



Another thing you can label for your own convenience are your jar lids. When you’re in a rush, it’s hard to tell ingredients apart at first glance, especially when you have numerous similar jars lined up together. Do yourself a favor: save yourself precious time by labeling the tops of the jars with some good ol’ chalkboard paint.




What you’ll need:

1. Construction boards or wood planks.



When you have young plants under your care, it’s not ideal to just throw them into a large pot or replant them into the ground right away. This stage of a plant’s life is incredibly crucial as seedlings/young plants are super vulnerable to insects and the outdoor elements. You can craft your very own gorgeous plant nursery with the help of a few wooden planks and create a clear and concise division system to keep everything organized.




What you’ll need:

1. Magnetic tape



Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a large and/or sophisticated tool rack for your workstation at all. When you find yourself with not much space to spare, a single strip of magnetic tape is more than enough to keep all your tools and accessories conveniently in one place. Not only is everything securely in line but even small screws and similar tools can be stored and kept within reach.




What you’ll need:

1. Candy jars



A good and minimal slanted planter can be hard to come by, so it’s a great to know that candy jars will more than suffice when it comes to keeping climbing plants in check. Climbing plants can take up quite a bit of room. If you want to give them a sort of specialized home, there’s no better option than an affordable candy jar that’s also easy to use.




What you’ll need:

1. Hanging fruit basket



Hanging plants should always be apart of a beautiful edible garden. It keeps everything looking lush and luxurious no matter where you look, and the best part is that you can achieve a gorgeous-looking hanging planter by simply buying a hanging fruit basket. Its simple but shiny metal framing also makes it look extra luxurious.




For many of us, gardening is probably a hobby we do on the side, so other priorities tend to get in the way. Before you know it, there will be times when you get so busy that you tend to forget to give your plants the love and care that they deserve. However, don’t let this discourage you from getting your own edible garden. Simply invest in self-watering planters that can efficiently cycle water which means less work on your part.




Wood planters are some of the prettiest that you can get for your edible garden. The downside is, however, that they are very susceptible to rot and water damage. It helps a lot to protect the stability and finish of the wood by simply incorporating a plastic sleeve to catch the moisture that is generated from daily watering. The result? A pristine garden that will require less maintainance, especially in the long run.




A large yard isn’t essential if you want to grow your very own edible garden. Even if you live in an apartment, it’s easy to create a mini-paradise by investing in window boxes like this: you can hang them over ledges and the railings of your balconies. Not only are they extremely functional, they also look beautiful and will encourage you to enjoy your balcony area more than ever.




Some window boxes come with their own dividers and even a gorgeous finish. Nothing says “cozy” more than a wooden planter that has the word “love” engraved on its surface. Whether you have a big garden or just a small one in your condo, this box would make a fantastic nursery for any baby plants or even just a divided planter for small succulents.




Overwatering is one of the worst things you could do to a plant. Although it is usually unintentional, it’s actually a very common mistake among people who have edible gardens. A great way to avoid this completely is to get a planter with its very own built-in water meter. This tells you how much water is present in the soil so you know when the perfect time is to quench your plants of their thirst.




There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting your garden and seeing the ravages of bugs and animals on your precious crops. Aside from living things, harsh weather can also destabilize or destroy your hard work, which is why it always pays to invest in preventive measures that you can absolutely rely on. This flexible vegetable garden fence can keep your plants protected while allowing sunlight and water to pass through.




If a soft fence isn’t going to do the trick for you, worry not as there are also wooden fences that are made ready-to-go for your edible garden’s protection needs. They’re simple, sturdy, and very easy to assemble. Their lengths are also perfect for creating various creative shapes to make your garden look more interesting. After all, who said your vegetable beds should only take on the form of boxes?




It’s always rewarding to see all your efforts come to life and slowly ripen to the point of harvest. However, such is not the case for all types of plants. For example, root vegetables can be tricky to monitor as they just grow and develop underground the entire time. Thanks to modern inventions, it is now possible to keep an eye on them with the help of grow bags such as the one pictured above. These smart planters have a clear window that lets you see what’s happening behind the scenes and are just as easy to maintain as any other plant container/pot.




When you have limited space or you’re just starting out, you can also try to have a small edible garden of your own by investing in an elevated planter cart. This is also very recommended to people with back problems as the ground can be a great strain to a lot of people. Having an elevated bed like this can keep you on your feet and ensure that your essentials remain accessible at all times. It’s a garden and a tool shed in one.




What you’ll need:

1. Crates



How you frame your plants is also essential in keeping a very beautiful edible garden and you can get as creative as you want with how you store them. A great hack that’s easy to pull off is to make full use of wooden crates. As they tend to be very stable, you could easily stack them to form a very interesting shelf or rack. You could either place them on the ground or affix them onto walls to create shelving units.




What you’ll need:

  1. PVC pipes



Your tabletop tool rack doesn’t have to be boring and bland just because it’s used to store your gardening gadgets. It can also be an extension of your fun personality through the use of small PVC pipes. You can simply stick them together and then cut them at interesting and varying angles. You’ll end up with a stalactite formation that’s unique, fresh, and very personal.




What you’ll need:

1. Pallets



Larger tools can be such a hassle to store. Some people find themselves needing to buy an entire shed just to give them a safe place to stay but you can actually just purchase a large pallet that can act as a mounting rack for your large tools. Not only does it keep them upright and accessible at all times, it’s also not hard to return them to their original positions. Bonus: DIY storage racks like these look very rustic and stylish.




What you’ll need:

1. Ladder

2. Planks



A wooden ladder can make for a unique and quirky framework for a shelf. It’s diagonal but very stable, thus making it perfect for the job in terms of functionality and aesthetics. You can simply add some planks on every level to give some working shelves and then just like that, you’ve got yourself a trusty and handy shelf that looks like it came out of an interior design magazine. The best part is you can use this for almost any room in your house and not just your edible garden.




What you’ll need:



Vertical gardens are all the rage right now but can be costly to build. However, it might interest you to know that there are various ways to achieve an effortless vertical garden and make use of all the wall space that you might be underutilizing in your edible garden. Bed slats can be mounted on the wall and then paired with a couple of S Hooks. You can mount your plant bags and these and create your very own gorgeous and homey vertical garden.




What you’ll need:

  1. Storage cart



Maintaining your edible garden is a lot of work and moving around. The last thing you could ever want is to make a million trips inside your shed or your workstation just because you have no convenient place to store your tools. The best solution to this is to invest in a handy storage cart that can follow you around as you move. This makes you ten times more efficient and keeps everything you could ever need right within reach no matter where you go.




What you’ll need:

  1. Rake



If you’re looking for a more creative way to hang your tools, then why not use an old rake head to hang your essentials in the garden? There’s a very fitting look when you use an old gardening tool to hang your real gardening essentials. Everything will no doubt look more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.




What you’ll need:

1. Spice rack



You have to handle a lot of seeds and small tools whenever you take up gardening and it can be hard to keep them all lined up and organized if you don’t know how to. A big drawer or cabinet simply isn’t going to cut it and you just need more specialized methods of storage. A great way to keep your small items organized is to use a magnetic spice rack. They can keep everything conveniently in place while you can clearly see the contents thanks to the glass window.




What you’ll need:

  1. Tin cans
  2. Moldable adhesive



Old cans can still have a lot of use and they’re actually quite easy to give new life to. When you have a lot of tools, the tendency is to stuff them all in your drawers which could be a mistake that wastes a lot of time. You can take some cans then stack them in however method you want and then you would have an easy peasy tool rack that you personally made and your desk will look so much more complete and organized.




What you’ll need:

  1. Mason jars



Another hack you can try for small items such as seeds is to store them in jars that you can attach to the undersides of your shelves. This makes better use of your shelf spaces while also keeping small items super organized and awaiting your every need. Clear jars also help you see the contents without needing to flip through the bottles one by one whenever you need something. As a result, you just become so much more efficient and fast with whatever you have to do.




What you’ll need:

  1. Door hooks



The backsides of the cabinet doors can still be utilized to almost double the storage capacity for your cabinets if you know the right hacks. One of these easy solutions is to add tool hooks and rods to add more storage options to a large empty space. This is also so much better than just dumping everything into a cabinet and having to dig deeper and deeper when you’re looking for something in particular.




What you’ll need:

  1. Shoe organizer



A shoe organizer can be your most versatile companion in the edible garden. It can make for a wonderful rack for your gadgets and gardening essentials, but it can also be an easy framework for your vertical garden. Simply mount it on a wall and use it as is. It can add to your lush paradise or even optimize your efficiency within the garden. It can even hang on doors so the possibilities are truly endless with this simple little hack.




Getting creative with your edible garden ideas can not only improve the quality of your harvests but can also make your quality of life all the more pleasurable. In turn, gardening becomes much less of a chore and it becomes so much more enjoyable. This gives it the potential to be more convenient and it will definitely encourage even your kids to try it out and maybe develop many more good habits. After all, nothing teaches you the value of cultivating your own food better than taking part in maintaining your very own edible garden.



Whether you are a big family or maybe just someone living alone, there’s a lot of joy and satisfaction that can be found by getting close and personal with the earth and finally harvesting the literal fruits of your labor.

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