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20 Brilliant Ways to Efficiently Use Your Kitchen Storage Cart 20 Brilliant Ways to Efficiently Use Your Kitchen Storage Cart

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20 Brilliant Ways to Efficiently Use Your Kitchen Storage Cart

Written by: Olivia Parker

Take into notice the best kitchen storage carts to increase your kitchen's storage capacity. Add great style with these ideas INSTANTLY!

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While there’s no shortage of kitchen storage carts, not many can get their hands on the best ones. Some don’t even know what are kitchen carts used for? Besides, most of us may not consider buying one due to size constraints, though there are many with compact designs. But to save you the efforts, we have compiled the best ones on this page.




These kitchen carts have been compiled, keeping in mind the different kinds of uses a cart may offer. Besides, these will help you efficiently use the kitchen carts, than what you might have thought about till now. From usual food storage to wine carts, and even serving carts and foldable ones, we have them all. Have a look! Alternatively, get inspired quick with our awesome yet affordable storage ideas.






The kitchen storage cart by AmazonBasics is ideal for the storage of bigger containers and other items like storage canisters. It has wired slabs and hooks, making it easy to locate items. And you may use some baskets to store in your fruits and vegetables. It is also called butcher block kitchen carts. 




Besides, it is rollable, so you quickly move it around for cleaning as well as the transfer of items. The two locking wheels ensure that the cart doesn’t roll on its own on a sloped surface. 






A rolling kitchen storage cart that is furnished with a natural rubberwood top will beautifully serve as an additional countertop. You may align with the existing countertop if you have space for such an arrangement. Or else, just place in the middle and use it as a kitchen island cart, with storage cabinets below. 




An extra perk of this kitchen island cart is that it comes with adjustable shelves. Besides, three drawers, a towel bar, and a spice rack also level up its storage capacity. It is also available in a brown finish so that you may match or contrast with existing kitchen cabinetry. 






Irrespective of the kind of cart you have, this one addition will level up its storage as well as ambiance. The metal wine rack is sturdy and will keep your bottles in fancy storage. You may also set a set of glass on the frame itself, preferably inside a cabinet. 




Whenever you feel like unwinding or have friends over, just roll on the kart to the living or dining area. It can hold up to nine bottles, is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.






A three-tier cart with two drawers, three shelves, and three slide-out wire mesh baskets will double as efficient food storage. Use it to store all your fresh supplies, especially those that don’t need refrigeration.




The top is classy enough to even use as a breakfast or prep table. Besides, you may place additional baskets in the rolling cart for better organization. It is made of durable wood and with an excellent finish. The 360-degree spinning wheels make it easy to move around.






This rolling cart is one of the unique pieces on Amazon. It has a top that doubles as a chopping board. Besides, there is an additional juice spout that collects the juices. Or you may also push in the ingredients into the bowl as they are chopped. 




You may also use the center spout as a trash ring and directly dispose of the unwanted parts of the eatables. The wire shelves are removable. The hooks around the perimeter allow the hanging of pots, towels, and other items. 






As evident in the image, this kitchen cart will be great for storing your dishes. And all you will have at mealtime is to roll it into the dining area and set the table quickly. No need to carry the heavy plates, as well as no worries of breakage.




It has one small drawer that can serve as cutlery storage. The towel rod, bottle shelf, and more large shelf at the bottom are an added convenience. The kitchen island cart can also be used as a prep station, thanks to its durable wooden rack on top. 






This stainless steel will be a durable addition to small size kitchens, thanks to its compact size. Three steel sheets shelves that will not allow a drop of any small or large items you store on it. 




Additionally, it is heavy-duty, and you can even store heavier appliances on the same. It is easy to wash, and the handles make it easy to move it in and out of the kitchen area.






A round kitchen cart with a cross-shaped metallic frame serves as an excellent addition to any home. The powder-coated metal finish is perfectly complemented by a warm walnut finish of the wooden shelves. However, many more finishes are also available in this cart.




The assembly time is stated to be only 25 minutes. And the premium caster wheels can be locked in place so that it doesn’t roll without your will. This retro and stylish kitchen cart will fetch many compliments from your friends. 






The multi-purpose kitchen cart by QTDS is easy to roll and transfer from one location to another. It is made of metal and PVC, and the baskets have better capacity than flat shelf carts.




The drawers of this kitchen cart can be pulled on two opposite sides. Plus, the top shelf has compartments for storing smaller items in an organized manner. It also supports an overall unique outlook, so it may also become a highlight of your kitchen space.






This walnut finish cart with wheels is quite a stunning entertainer. It has three slatted shelves and two removable serving trays. You may feel free to place the serving trays on any shelf. When you have guests, you pick out the tray, and you will be ready to serve. 




The product is made of solid composite wood material. It rolls with ease. It has a curved handle on the side, and thus moves into the dining or living area like a charm.






A fresh blue kitchen storage cart is going to be eye candy for many kitchens. It is made from carbon steel fiber material, which makes it lightweight and durable, both at the same time. The four wheels, two of which are lockable, making it easy to move.




The three racks have enough space for storing spices, fruits, packaged food, and many other items. When out of use in the kitchen, you may easily use it for storage in your kid’s room or even garage.






This kitchen storage cart features a foldable tabletop. The flat rectangular countertop can be expanded by lifting another square board from the back. In addition, it has two small drawers for storing smaller essentials like knives or cutlery. And a towel rack as well.




Besides, you will also get two stools entirely made of wood, like the cart. All the pieces have teak wood finish tops from top to bottom. Moreover, the polish is moisture-proof and ensures that this cart will last you for years to come. When short on space, you may also place the stools inside the cart, by setting them on the bottom shelf. 






Available in beautiful purple color, this cart will pop out in your kitchen area. It has large mesh wire baskets that are removable. You may wash your fruits in the baskets, let them dry a while, and then place the basket back in the cart.




Wire mesh also makes it easy to identify the stock as well as keep the items aerated. The metal frame renders its durability and strength. Similarly,  the wheels offer additional assistance.






This kitchen storage cart is compact yet features a drop-leaf shelf that can be expanded into a bigger one. The unique feature of this kitchen is that it has a ceramic tabletop, which is easier to clean than the wooden ones. 




Besides, one small drawer and two metal wire baskets, apart from the slatted bottom shelf provide extra storage. Moreover, the frame is made from pinewood, so its grace and charm will stay for years to come. 






Place your microwave on top, or use it as a prep station, this kitchen cart will not disappoint you. The design is both sleek and compact. Additionally, the drawer has ample storage capacity.




But the most crucial part is the pull-out slot for placing your bin. So, whenever you use it for chopping off your vegetables, just pull out the bin slot, and the waste goes right into the bin. Subsequently, your bin will stay hidden, and your kitchen will continue to remain chic. 






The matte black finish of this kitchen cart makes it stand out loud from the rest of the kitchen furniture. Furthermore, it is also an attention grabber, so it will be best to store the priciest of items in your kitchen.




Made from laminated particleboard, it has an empty middle shelf, three side slots, and a wine bottle sized shelf on the other side. Therefore, it will make for a perfect wine rack for storing your wine bottles as well as some snacks. 






Though the frame is metallic, the drawers of this food cart feature durable PP material. In addition, the drawers baskets don’t have a proper cover, but efficiently semi conceals the items. Ideal for fruits and vegetables, it can also be used for storing snacks and other groceries.




On the top, there is a steel panel that adds both beauty and utility to this kitchen cart. However, the tiny knobs on the baskets are instant attractions, and the steel finish on them makes it look stylish.






Have an outdoor kitchen for BBQ? Here’s a cart for you too. This kitchen cart can be placed outdoors without the hassle of maintenance. It has a stainless steel top, spice rack, hooks, one open shelf, and even an ample lockable storage space. 




All of these make it one of the best kitchen carts for outdoor use. Two of its legs feature rolling wheels, while the other two are height adjustable. Not to mention a paper towel holder and bottle opener are also available. 






A kitchen cart with a hood for safe storage for microwaves may become another great addition to your kitchen. It is even better if you are short on storage space and wish to keep your kitchen countertop to be free. 




You may place other items on the top shelf, while the covered storage below may come in handy to store microwave accessories. Besides, it is available in cherry, beach, and even white color. It is spot-on in terms of mobility and convenience. 






This one truly one of the best carts you might have come across. Elongated as a train, it has multiple baskets for easy segregation of your items. The metallic frame makes it sturdy while the wooden shelves add class to it. 




The unique feature of this farmhouse style rolling cart is its large wheels. Moreover, baskets are removable, and you may have an entire shelf for extra storage. Apart from storage, it can also be used as a smart serving cart. 



To sum up, these were the top kitchen storage carts, and we hope that you stumbled upon the one that suits you best. For many out there, we hope we have cleared the answer for what is a kitchen cart? However, before making the purchase, please check the size and materials. This will ensure that you will not face any problem while placing it in your kitchen. For quality and efficiency, we have already given the highlights. Make the right purchase decision!


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