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20 Best Ways To Organize With Sturdy S Hooks 20 Best Ways To Organize With Sturdy S Hooks

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20 Best Ways To Organize With Sturdy S Hooks

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Check out our unique ways of using S hooks to organize your home. See how these versatile hooks can help you organise like a PRO!

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S hooks have come across as big-time space-savers in the cheapest and best ways. Installing these is as effortless as buying them. You don’t even need to punch any holes or use other installation tools to hang them. The main reason for using sturdy S hooks to organize your home is that they provide quick and easy access to items you need individually. 


From kitchens to closets and garages, S hooks are now one of the most essential storage ideas you can use for your home. If you are looking for unique ways to use these versatile hooks at your house, here are some tips. Follow these and witness how you transform your organization system in no time. 



The entryway is the most cluttered space of a house and needs to be prioritized when it comes to organizing the house. One of the cleverest de-cluttering and space-saving ideas for the entryway is adding minimalist S hooks to any rustic branch behind the door or in the hallway. There will be no more cluttering of the coats, hats, and bags that we pile up on chairs, sofa, and bed after coming back home. Your house will remain well-organized since every little accessory will have its own go-to place. 


Saving some more floor space, you can install a shelf to the wall below the branch on which you plan to suspend the decorative S hooks. This way, you’ll never lose track of your house keys or other essentials. These versatile hooks can be mixed and matched with a huge variety of rails.



Houses with a small kitchen often face storage issues. If you, too, want to add some storage space in the kitchen, S hooks are a great addition. Adding S hooks to your wall racks will serve both style and function for your kitchen.

You can easily hang your pots and pans on the sturdy S hooks. Furthermore, these hooks are available in various materials and sizes that can accommodate your kitchenware’s weight and size. This way, you don’t have to worry about your pots and pans falling off your hooks.


The best part of these hooks is that they can be easily removed when not in use. These hooks can the pots and pans you use daily in an easily accessible spot of the kitchen, saving you a lot of countertop and cabinet space. Moreover, you can arrange them in a decorative design for a more visually attractive look. 



Your kitchen will look marvelously adorable with your mugs and teacups hanging on S hooks. This single item serves two different purposes: it gives a new home to your fragile mugs while also providing an eye-catching makeover to your wall. The stainless steel hooks can hold all types and sizes of teacups and mugs without fear of breaking them.  Apart from that, small S hooks can also help you clear the cutlery off the countertop. 


It’s difficult to find little cutlery in a sea of kitchen tools in your cabinets. Suspend your delicate mugs and cutlery from S-hooks on a strong rod or rack and clear up counter space. Eventually keeping them safe while gaining more room to chop, stir, and serve.



Working in a small kitchen has its own challenges, and the biggest one is the limited storage space. We just often end up with everything on the countertop, leaving no space to chop and cook. Heavy-duty S hooks can be your kitchen savior. It would be even better if you have a pegboard storage board to clean out the messy utensil drawer. After installing the pegboard, it will be easy to hang the utensils on the S hooks in a decorative arrangement and keep them close to where you need them the most.


Get all your spatulas, spices, and cooking tools up on the wall with this idea. This is a good idea for small kitchen spaces and for people who are just tired of digging through the cabinets to find the right pot or pan while cooking. 




No space to accommodate your gardening tools? DIY your own wall storage solutions using a rod and a few large S hooks. Since you have to hang heavy gardening tools, you will need heavy-duty S hooks to do the needful. Moreover, you can put it outside on the wall fencing the garden or inside the house wherever you wish to. The best part of organizing your tools on S hooks is that no matter wherever you put them, they will not appear shabby. 


These hooks can hang your spade, shovel, hand trowel, and other essential landscaping tools. This way, you won’t have to indulge in an hours-long hunt to find your hardware all around the garage when you need it most. Besides, you can fix the rod to a suitable height so that the kids don’t harm themselves.



Luckily, any wall can be transformed into a storage solution with the help of a metal rod or branch and some S hooks. So, if you are tired of searching for your cleaning supplies every time you plan to get on a cleaning spree, you need to elevate your organizational skills a bit. It’s best to sort your cleaning supplies suspended from S hooks.  Keep your mops, brooms, dusters, and dustpans off the floor and neatly on a towel bar. Choose any wall that you think will be perfect for holding your things and fix a metal rod. 


Attach the bar to the back of a tool shed door and use stainless steel S hooks to hold these essentials. After all, they are specially designed to handle heavier loads and keep them sturdy. Since they are durable, you won’t have to buy new ones every few days to replace them. 



The garage is full of tools, sports equipment, hardware, and much more. And let’s all admit that we pay the least attention towards keeping it organized. It’s because of this mentality that we never find a certain tool when we need it the most. In order to change that and organize the space entirely, it’s best to store small garage gadgets and tools on sturdy S hooks. This way, you will have easy access to these items while repairing your car, machine, or any other thing that requires hardware. 


Believe us, working with tools has never been this convenient as it is now with S hooks to the rescue. Therefore, instead of letting tools pile up in the corner of your shed or garage, display them tidily on a bar, hanging them up with S-hooks.



S hooks can help you keep your jewelry and necklace from tangling and scratching against each other. It’s best to hang the mini S hooks on the metal rod on the inner side of the wardrobe door. This way, all your necklaces, earrings, bangles, and other accessories you use will be right in front of you when you get ready for your office in the morning or an evening party.  In addition, they will remain clean and will not come in contact with dust particles outside.


Besides, stainless steel hooks are corrosion and rust-resistant. Therefore, there is no risk of your jewelry losing its shine and value. Alternatively, you can also hang the mini S hooks on a regular cupboard hanger and display your collection. 



Why just organize when you can also decorate your room using S hooks. S hooks with clips can be used for wall decor in a budget-friendly way. If you do not want any excess furniture in your room or drill the wall unnecessarily, you can just have a long rod fixed on one of the walls you want to add some elegance. S hooks with clips are also available that allow you to hang your favorite photographs, polaroids, or reminder notes.


If you want to avoid installing a rod, you can tie strings to the window and door edges and clip your memory pictures on these hooks. Furthermore, add layers of strings for a more decorative look and arrange your photographs in an orderly arrangement that suits you. 



Falling short on storage space? DIY your own wall hanger and add extra storage to your limited space. You require no extra tool to make it. All you need is a long chain to support the S hooks. Now, take a carabiner that works the best to hang on a hook. Alternatively, you can simply loop the chain around the closet rod and clip the chain in place with the carabiner. 


That’s it. Your DIY wall hanger is complete. Now, all you have to do is space our the S hooks appropriately to hang your stuff at a proper distance. Hang your accessories like bags, purses, or belts in a way that makes them easily visible. In addition, the same system can be used to hang hats and scarves as well. 



Your bags and belts can lose their shapes and tear off the material if you do not have enough space to store them properly. Hanging your purse on the hooks is the quickest and easiest way to organize them and save some shelf storage for other important items. Besides, the best part is that you don’t need any extra tools. You can hang them in the closet on the hanger rod already available or the wall racks. 


Besides, the closet is a better idea since your belongings are safer inside. However, if you wish to flaunt your collection of lavish bags and belts, wall racks will do the job well. Furthermore, they will be more visible to you when outside. Therefore, organize your accessories like a pro with strong and durable S hooks.



Who said shoes have to go in the shoe rack only? Shoe racks and shelves take up a lot of floor space. To save space at the entryway and make a creative and budget-friendly shoe organization system, add some heavy-duty S hooks. This is one of the smartest ideas to keep your shoes in place without the risk of damaging them. 


So, how can you do that? Just install a metal rod or wooden branch on a wall. Make sure it’s long and sturdy enough to hold most of your footwear. However, if the wall isn’t long, you can have two or more rods installed horizontally parallel to each other. Now, suspend S hooks on it and hang each shoe on a single hook. Besides, do not forget to buy the S hooks with a circular edge to preserve their quality.




S hooks are an answer to all your needs, whether you are planning a friends’ get-together or a party. You don’t even need to drill the walls or doors to install them. If you have strings or a rope strong enough, you can hang the S hooks and use them to suspend your decorative items. For instance, S hooks with clips can hold photographs, sweet notes, flowers, and many more things you want to display according to the party theme.


Besides, you can also beautify the dull walls in the room. Attach strings to both ends of the wall and hang your favorite decor items on display. Moreover, you don’t need to buy anything else to decorate it. Instead, your jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, and other accessories will do wonders to the look of the room.



Your clothes take up all the space in the closet, leaving no room for other important accessories. If you are planning to organize your wardrobe, do it using plastic S hooks. Just attach these S hooks to a hanger, and you will be blessed with an amazing space-saving way to organize your ever-growing collection of tops, dresses, denim, and other clothes. 


You can also hang pants from the belt loops, so they don’t take up excess drawer or shelf space. Apart from that, your expensive lingerie doesn’t need to get deformed in the drawers. Each of them can be separately hanged on the hangers using the plastic S hooks. Eventually, you will have more space for your delicate outfits after you have organized them in an orderly manner. 



Wardrobe items like coats eat up most of the closet space. Coats may also lose their shine, value, and quality when folded and stuffed in the cupboard for a long time. It’s all thanks to the S hooks that provide us some extra space in the most unexpected ways and corners of the house. Your overcoats and blazers will find a good place on sturdy large S hooks. Installed on a metal rod, you can have them in your entryway, bedroom, or bathroom.


You can also invite your creative side to transform the wall completely. Coat knobs are emerging as the new wall decor trends in many houses, so why not try them? Buy some colorful coat knobs along with the S hooks, scatter them all over the wall, and suspend S hooks on them.




Ever thought about organizing your kids’ toys on the wall? If not, it’s time to do that now. Undoubtedly, most of the mess in a kid’s bedroom is caused by the toys and games scattered all around the floor. Perhaps, you once even ended up stepping on one of their lego pieces as well! Therefore, having S hooks to hang their toys can help you reduce your cleaning time as well as clear the clutter. 


Apart from that, their sports equipment like badminton and tennis racquets, skipping ropes, bicycle helmet, and other equipment can also go on S hooks. Besides, you don’t require excessively heavy hooks for the kid’s room. Nowadays, S hooks are available in different materials and colors to add a decorative element to the wall. 



With creative kids in the house, you are sure to have a large stock of stationery and craft supplies all around. If you and the kids like to do crafting, whether crochet, design scrapbooks, or knit, you know just how much space all the supplies can take up. You’re also certain you will run out of storage space after you have already overfilled the study desk, drawers, and cabinets.


Before that happens, get S hooks to help you with this storage dilemma. Just install a towel bar and use a few plastic s-hooks of various sizes as per the requirement to hang up scissors, baskets of colored pencils, or jars filled with craft items to keep the space organized and efficient. It will be easy to find what you need, and they can go back to the same place after use. This makes sure that your crafting area has little to no clutter.



If you do not have a linen closet or vanity cabinet in your bathroom, you have limited storage options to keep your towels and other bath supplies. The best you can do at a small price is to invest in some durable S hooks to save space. Plastic S hooks will serve the required purpose in a bathroom without being at risk of rust. 


This way, you can keep these bathroom must-have essentials like a dry loofah, body scrubs, etc., off the floor and close to you while you shower. Moreover, you can get the metal rod fixed anywhere you like. Even a shower rod curtain rod will work for you. Just place a few extra S hooks along the suspension rod of the shower curtain and hang your towel or bathing robe on them. This way, you don’t have to endure any wet towels or reaching across the bathroom while dripping wet.



It happens with almost everyone when we lose some essential things, among other things, in the bag and purse. We are talking about things like the wallet, car and house keys, etc. If you want to have these things handy, S hooks are the best solution. You can hang these items on the plastic or other small S hooks with the straps of the wallet or keyring loops. 


Moreover, this is also a great way to carry everything with you even if you do not have enough space in your bag. For instance, a medium-sized bottle is tough to fit inside the handbag. Of course, you cannot carry it in your hands every time. Therefore, S hooks will help you carry it easily. Likewise, anything you need to carry along occupies too much room in your bag can be hung outside the bag.



If you love to have greenery around you, the odds are that you have many plants inside and outside the house. No doubt, plants are beneficial to our living spaces in so many ways. For instance, they help reduce carbon dioxide levels and pollutants and keep air temperature maintained.


But when kept on the floor, they occupy a lot of space, and there is always a hazard to kids and pets. Therefore, without compromising on your green decor, you can keep your spaces neater and safer by mounting a rod or rack in your balcony or a window on the sunny side and hang your plants on heavy-duty S-hooks. Although the latest plant hangers come with a ring at the top, you can simply tie a secure loop to slip the hook through if yours doesn’t. Similarly, you can hang bird feeder containers as well. 


With these many unique ways to use S hooks for various purposes, you are surely going to give your house a complete makeover. Make a smart investment, try these now, and ease up your life. On a parting note, make sure to buy the S hooks that fit the best to serve your purpose. With a variety of materials, sizes, and styles, you will never fall short on choices, though. 

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