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How To Get Alexa Guard How To Get Alexa Guard

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How To Get Alexa Guard

Written by: Chloe Davis

Learn how to set up Alexa Guard and protect your home with home automation appliances. Discover the best tips and tricks for maximizing your home security.

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Home automation has revolutionized the way we interact with our living spaces, offering unparalleled convenience and security. With the advent of voice-controlled virtual assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa, the integration of smart home technology has become more seamless and intuitive than ever before. One of the standout features of Alexa is the ability to transform your home into a smart, connected ecosystem, safeguarding your abode even when you're away. This is made possible through a feature known as Alexa Guard.

Alexa Guard serves as a vigilant sentry, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and connected devices to monitor your home for potential security threats. Whether it's detecting the sound of glass breaking, the presence of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, Alexa Guard is designed to keep a watchful eye and ear on your surroundings. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of setting up Alexa Guard, utilizing its functionalities, and managing it to ensure your home remains safe and secure.

As we delve into the intricacies of Alexa Guard, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how this innovative feature can enhance the safety of your home. From its seamless integration with smart home devices to the peace of mind it offers, Alexa Guard is a powerful tool that exemplifies the potential of home automation. So, let's embark on this journey to unlock the full potential of Alexa Guard and fortify our homes with the latest in smart security technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alexa Guard is like a smart security guard for your home. It listens for sounds like glass breaking or smoke alarms, and sends you alerts to keep your home safe when you’re away.
  • You can make Alexa Guard even smarter by connecting it to your smart home devices and customizing its settings. It’s like having a superhero sidekick for your home security!

Setting up Alexa Guard

Setting up Alexa Guard is a straightforward process that begins with ensuring that your Amazon Echo device is compatible with this feature. To check compatibility, open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet and navigate to the 'Settings' menu. From there, select 'Guard' and then 'Set Up Guard' to initiate the setup process.

Once you've accessed the Guard menu, you'll be prompted to select the Echo devices you want to use for Alexa Guard. These devices will serve as the ears and voice of Alexa Guard, enabling them to listen for specific sounds and respond to potential security concerns. After selecting the devices, you'll need to confirm the address where Alexa Guard will be active. This is crucial for ensuring that the feature accurately assesses the location of your home and responds to security events accordingly.

Following the address confirmation, you'll have the option to enable 'Smart Alerts' for your selected Echo devices. Smart Alerts utilize the advanced capabilities of Alexa Guard to send notifications to your smartphone when specific sounds or disturbances are detected. This real-time alert system empowers you to stay informed about potential security issues, even when you're away from home.

As part of the setup process, you can also integrate Alexa Guard with compatible smart home security systems and devices, such as Ring and ADT. This integration enhances the efficacy of Alexa Guard by expanding its capabilities to work in tandem with existing security infrastructure. By linking these systems, you create a comprehensive security network that can respond proactively to potential threats, providing an additional layer of protection for your home.

Once you've completed these steps, Alexa Guard will be fully set up and ready to monitor your home for sounds associated with glass breaking, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. This seamless integration of smart home technology and advanced security features exemplifies the power of Alexa Guard in fortifying your home against potential security risks.

Using Alexa Guard

Once Alexa Guard is set up, using its features to enhance the security of your home becomes an intuitive and effortless experience. The primary function of Alexa Guard is to monitor your home for specific sounds and disturbances, providing you with peace of mind and real-time alerts when potential security threats are detected.

When you leave your home, simply say, 'Alexa, I'm leaving' to activate Guard mode. Once activated, Alexa Guard will begin listening for sounds associated with glass breaking, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. In the event that any of these sounds are detected, Alexa Guard will notify you via a Smart Alert on your smartphone, allowing you to take appropriate action and address the potential security concern.

Additionally, Alexa Guard offers the 'Away Lighting' feature, which can be enabled to simulate the appearance of occupancy in your home while you're away. By randomly turning compatible smart lights on and off, Alexa Guard creates the illusion that someone is at home, deterring potential intruders and enhancing the security of your property.

Moreover, Alexa Guard integrates seamlessly with compatible smart home security systems, allowing it to arm and disarm these systems using voice commands. This level of integration streamlines the management of your home security, providing you with a centralized platform to monitor and control various security features.

Another noteworthy aspect of using Alexa Guard is its compatibility with Alexa Routines. By incorporating Alexa Guard into your custom Alexa Routines, you can automate specific actions and responses based on security events. For instance, you can configure Alexa Guard to turn on specific lights and play deterrent sounds when glass-breaking sounds are detected, further enhancing the security measures in place.

Overall, using Alexa Guard empowers you to proactively monitor and safeguard your home, leveraging the capabilities of smart home technology and advanced security features to create a comprehensive security ecosystem.

To get Alexa Guard, open the Alexa app, go to Settings, select Guard, and then Set Up Guard. Follow the prompts to enable the feature and customize your preferences.

Managing Alexa Guard

Effectively managing Alexa Guard involves optimizing its settings, integrating it with compatible devices, and staying informed about its activity. The flexibility and customization options available within the Alexa app enable you to tailor Alexa Guard to suit your specific security needs and preferences.

Within the Alexa app, you can access the Guard menu to manage and customize Alexa Guard settings. This includes adjusting the sensitivity of the sound detection feature, enabling or disabling Smart Alerts, and configuring the integration with compatible smart home security systems. By fine-tuning these settings, you can ensure that Alexa Guard operates in a manner that aligns with your security requirements.

Furthermore, managing Alexa Guard involves staying informed about its activity and receiving real-time notifications when potential security threats are detected. Smart Alerts play a crucial role in this aspect, as they deliver instant notifications to your smartphone, allowing you to take timely action in response to security events. Regularly reviewing these alerts and staying vigilant about any detected disturbances is essential for effectively managing Alexa Guard.

Integrating Alexa Guard with compatible smart home security devices and systems also falls under the purview of managing this feature. By linking Alexa Guard with devices such as Ring and ADT, you expand its capabilities and enhance the overall security infrastructure of your home. This integration not only strengthens the protective measures in place but also consolidates the management of various security components into a unified system.

Moreover, managing Alexa Guard involves leveraging its compatibility with Alexa Routines to automate specific security responses and actions. By incorporating Alexa Guard into your custom Alexa Routines, you can create tailored sequences of events triggered by security detections, further enhancing the proactive security measures implemented in your home.

Regularly reviewing and updating the settings and integrations associated with Alexa Guard ensures that it remains aligned with your evolving security needs and preferences. This proactive approach to managing Alexa Guard maximizes its efficacy in safeguarding your home and provides you with greater control over its security functionalities.


Alexa Guard represents a significant advancement in the realm of smart home security, offering a comprehensive and intuitive solution for monitoring and protecting your living space. By seamlessly integrating with Amazon Echo devices and compatible smart home security systems, Alexa Guard empowers homeowners to fortify their properties with advanced security features and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the process of setting up Alexa Guard, utilizing its features, and effectively managing its functionalities. From the initial setup, which involves selecting compatible Echo devices and confirming the address for active monitoring, to the integration with smart home security systems, Alexa Guard provides a robust foundation for enhancing the security of your home.

Using Alexa Guard involves activating Guard mode when leaving your home, enabling it to listen for specific sounds associated with security threats. The feature’s ability to send Smart Alerts to your smartphone ensures that you remain informed about potential disturbances, allowing you to respond promptly and mitigate security risks. Additionally, the 'Away Lighting' feature and integration with Alexa Routines further augment the proactive security measures that Alexa Guard offers.

Effective management of Alexa Guard entails customizing its settings, staying informed about its activity through Smart Alerts, and leveraging its compatibility with Alexa Routines and smart home security systems. By fine-tuning its configurations and integrating it with existing security infrastructure, you can create a cohesive and responsive security ecosystem within your home.

In conclusion, Alexa Guard exemplifies the convergence of smart home technology and advanced security features, delivering a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your living space. As the capabilities of virtual assistants continue to expand, Alexa Guard stands out as a testament to the potential of these technologies in enhancing the safety and security of our homes.

By embracing Alexa Guard and leveraging its functionalities, homeowners can embark on a journey toward a more secure and connected living environment, where proactive monitoring and real-time alerts provide peace of mind and comprehensive protection.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Get Alexa Guard

What is Alexa Guard and how does it work?

Alexa Guard is a feature that turns your Amazon Echo device into a security system for your home. It can listen for sounds like breaking glass or smoke alarms, and can even integrate with smart lights to make it look like someone is home when you’re away.
Can I use Alexa Guard without an Echo device?

Unfortunately, Alexa Guard is only available for Amazon Echo devices, so you’ll need to have one of those in order to use the feature.
How do I set up Alexa Guard?

To set up Alexa Guard, open the Alexa app on your smartphone, go to Settings, select Guard, and then follow the on-screen instructions to enable the feature and customize your preferences.
What other smart home devices can Alexa Guard work with?

Alexa Guard can work with a variety of smart home devices, including Ring security cameras, smart lights, and security systems from companies like ADT and Scout.
Can Alexa Guard contact emergency services?

Alexa Guard can send you Smart Alerts if it detects something unusual, but it does not contact emergency services directly. However, you can use Alexa to call 911 or your designated emergency contact if you need help.

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