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10 Things To Do If Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air 10 Things To Do If Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

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10 Things To Do If Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Written by: Daniel Carter

Put into practice these SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE & BUDGET FRIENDLY solutions that are guranteed to make your AC blow cold air. See the miracle happening INSTANTLY!

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Is your AC not blowing cold air? Wait for a little before you rush for your phone to call the technician. If the AC is not blowing cold air there are a few things that need to be checked. You don’t have to be an expert or receive formal training to do this, all you need to do to is check this out!


As we bring out 10 things to do if your AC not blowing cold air, possibly these tips are there to get you beat the heat!


1. Take a look at the temperatures

check the temperature of air conditioner


If your AC is not blowing cold air-check out the temperatures. You need to get to know what the room temperature is. Make sure that the room temperature is more than the temperature that you set on your air conditioner.


If you have set the temperature of the AC more than the room temperature, air will not be supplied to the compressor unit. This will result in the AC not blowing blow cold air. AC’s thermostat will sense the room temperature and only if the AC’s temperature is set below the room temperature will the AC blow cold air.


So, always remember the thumb rule to check for the temperature of the AC and check the room temperature. Keep in mind to set the temperature of your AC always less to the room temperature.


2. A dirty filter is spoiling the game

Ceaning the filter of air conditioner


So, if you rule out the temperature game, look for the filter. You will possibly find the filter needing a thorough wash. If the filter is dusty and needs a wash badly you have figured out the reason to substantiate why your AC was not cooling.


Always keep in mind that a dusty filter can result in an AC not blowing cold air. Ideally, the indoor unit filter needs to be cleaned or water serviced in every two weeks, this is the general guideline. However, if you live in a much dusty environment you might require to run down the dust out of the filter very often.


Give it a wash and you have nailed it, you saved on it and you didn’t shell out money for an AC technician – for this was a cakewalk. Job well done!


3. Possibly a block in the blower

Are you still having a problem? Even after the indoor filter got cleaned up isn’t the AC blowing cold air? There could possibly be a block in the blower. The filter there perhaps needed a clean-up much earlier!


The filter of the air conditioner should be cleaned, otherwise, it can result in the blower of the air conditioner become dirty, leading to a decreased air output. The ultimate result for all this being the central air not blowing cold air.


The prolonged condition can bring in an expensive affair, damaging the central air conditioning and heating system, causing the central air not blowing cold air.


4. Under capacity machine on duty

Are you running on a machine that is smaller than you actually need? Employing an under-capacity AC can be a reason. If you have a larger room and if the AC in the room is a smaller one, it may not be able to cool the room. It is therefore ideal to consider the dimensions of the space that needs to be air-conditioned and then bring in an AC of an ideal capacity to fit in the room.


Tips to find the right AC for your room :

Find out the total area of the space and dividing it by 600 will give you the basic AC capacity required.

> You will need an AC with 0.8 ton for a room that is up to 100 sq ft.

> 1 ton AC will be required for a room size up to 150 sq ft.

> For 250 sq ft, 1.5 ton is needed &

> 2 ton AC is required for a room size of 400 sq ft.


You have possibly figured out why you are experiencing an issue of AC not cooling!


5. Look for any air leakage in the room

see if the room is well sealed


Keep the room well-sealed. Always look out for all the doors, windows, ventilators or any other spaces and make sure your room is well sealed to contain the air conditioning. Do this before the AC is put on. Any leaks can lead to home AC not blowing cold air. Narrow spaces under the door or the sides of the window can count too.


Any gaps that can let the cool air out or can pull in warm air inside can be a worry. Make sure there are no cold air escape routes which can take a toll on your air conditioner’s functioning. If it happens so, this will result in consuming more power and getting the AC damaged. Especially, when its in the process of working really hard to maintain the temperature.


6. Leakage in ducting

A leak in the AC duct can also result in making your home feel warm. You can sense a leaking AC duct when you spot dust, uneven heating, cooling and yes, electricity bills can turn out to be big indicators!


Look for any tears, check the duct joints to spot a tear and fix it up. It should probably seal the issue of your home AC not cooling.


7. Get your dirty compressor breathing

repairing the dirty compressor


In case you have not done much cleaning around the area of the compressor, you might need to clean it up ASAP. Regular maintenance of this outdoor unit can save you a massive cleaning that’s piled up since a long time, this can leave you feeling warm and result in other complaints (such as the home ac not blowing cold air).


Keep soft hands as you clean up the condenser not to break any components. However, seek some professional help, there isn’t much you can do on your own here. If you are hell-bent on doing so, a piece of advice would be to keep the power off before you attempt to work on this!


Once you have resolved the issue, always make sure to regularly clean the areas around the compressor. Not to forget- covering it during the winter months can be rewarding.


8. Count 3 minutes of PCB programming

check for 3 min


If you still haven’t found the real cause then it would be the three-minute technical programming –the PCB! The indoor unit will take time to supply electricity to the outdoor unit. Before you start to reach for the remote control to press, wait for the compressor to start, or else make a selection using the remote. By doing so, the air conditioner starts but the air does not blow in and the AC not blowing cold air could be an issue you may face. Give it 3 minutes and let the compressor start and beat the heat!


You have cleaned the filters, blowers, and the condenser and have ruled out the possibility of using an under-capacity machine. Also, there are no leaks anywhere and the temperatures too checked. Then it paves the way to contemplate on another technical issue.


9. Leaking refrigerants- Not a DIY zone!

leaking refrigerants


Now, this might sound technical and yes! You would require to ring the professional. It is recommended to turn off your air conditioner and seek out professional help for any issues pertaining to a leaking refrigerant as early as possible.


But how do you ascertain it? The most obvious reason- AC not cooling while it is running! Sharpen your ears to catch up any hissing noise as the AC starts. You may feel warm when the AC is switched on, in the beginning, it will cool down gradually, but it may take a longer time to cool.


10. Check if you have been doing proper and timely maintenance

Technician Repairing Air Conditioner


Proper maintenance is important otherwise you may face issues with central air not blowing cold air. Make sure that regular and timely maintenance is put in place to avoid any break downs. In the absence of regular maintenance, heated issues can pop up –the electricity bills can take you on a run, it can even cause serious harm to your health.


So be regular on service to save on a lot, in terms of money as well as health, what more? You need not worry about the AC break downs and you can enjoy the cool breeze. Get the best out of your air conditioner. You will possibly get rid of issues of ac not blowing cold air.


Technical faults can also lead to AC not cooling issues. It might require the expertise of a technician to identify it and fix it up. The capacitors can run really weak after a few years of continuous usage, and might not be able to take in the load of the compressor, so it need to be replaced. Issues with the compressor can be an issue, any cuts in the PCB coil will cut off electricity supply to the outdoor unit. Jammed outdoor motor units can set the heat in. Any burnt wire in any other units can cause the AC not blowing cold air.


The above-mentioned pointers to be done if your AC is not blowing cold air, are sure to help you find the root cause. It will save your effort in running down for some professional assistance.


We would like to put a word of caution before you proceed to clean any part of the AC – make sure that the power is switched off. If there are any serious issues with the AC that might sound alarming it requires PROFESSIONAL HELP. Proper and timely maintenance can be the key-to sit back and relax without going through any of these hassles.

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