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20 Amazing Bathroom Tub Scrubbers Of All Times 20 Amazing Bathroom Tub Scrubbers Of All Times

Home Maintenance • December 25, 2019

20 Amazing Bathroom Tub Scrubbers Of All Times

Written by: Ljiljana Gacic

With these high-quality bathroom tub scrubbers, forget all about body pain and exhaustion. Clean your bathroom effortlessly to save your time & energy.

Do you remember the times when you would spend hours on your knees cleaning the bathroom to make it spotless? Thanks to modern bathroom tub scrubbers you can finally forget about the overall body pain and exhaustion. What’s more? These products will definitely help you clean better with less effort and time invested.


Nowadays, we are blessed with a rich array of bathroom scrubbers that come in different sizes. Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be a tedious, exhausting job. Choose one of the 20 bathtub scrubbers and enjoy getting rid of stubborn water stains, rust, and any other dirt.


1. Oxo Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

Oxo tub scrub

Photo from Amazon

This is one of the traditional bathroom tub scrubbers that will help you clean the bathroom from top to bottom. With an extendable, lightweight steel pole you can easily do the cleaning without kneeling or climbing.


The scrub pad is removable and you can replace it without buying an entire tool. However, this product fails to clean the curves as well as it’s advertised. Therefore, if you want a perfectly shiny bathtub, look further.


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2. OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub & Tile Brush

Traditional bathroom tub scrubbers clean the hardest places to reach

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Thanks to its stiff bristles, this bathtub cleaner brush can scrub broad surfaces and fit into all corners. Furthermore, the head of this bathtub scrubber pivots at different angles to make cleaning much easier.


However, the brush doesn’t lock in place so you might struggle to get a solid grip that ensures deep cleaning. On the other hand, this is one of those bathroom tub scrubbers with a long handle so it will save your back for sure.


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3. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Scrub Brush

Handheld bathroom tub scrubbers are easy to maintain

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This bathtub cleaner brush with stiff yet gentle bristles scrubs away dirt with ease. Moreover, its contoured handle will protect your knuckles.


In addition to this, if you are running on a very tight budget, then this OXO bathtub cleaner brush is the right choice.


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4. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber

Electric bathroom tub scrubbers help you clean with ease

Photo from Amazon


Investing your money into a Homitt electric bathtub scrubber will certainly pay off. First of all, it can clean all places easily with 360-degree functionality. Secondly, it comes with 4 replaceable scrubber brushes.


Finally, it is a tub scrubber with a long handle so forget about any knee and back pain.


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5. GDMONIN Spin Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber

Additional heads help you clean thoroughly

Photo from Amazon


This multi-purpose electric bathroom tub scrubbers will make cleaning a piece of cake. Thanks to three different brush heads, it works like a charm on all surfaces.


Firstly, use a flat head for a large, flat surface. Secondly, a round brush is perfect for bathtubs whereas a corner scrubber head is ideal for hard to reach places. All in all, this spin scrubber will make your life easy.


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6. The Ultimate Bathroom Tub Scrubbers Cleaning Kit

Use your drill with extra brushes for a perfect scrubber

Photo from Amazon


If you don’t want to pile up more tools in your home, then opt for these amazing tub scrubber kit you can easily attach on a drill.


Generally, every brush is corrosion-resistant with high-quality nylon bristles that work great in corners and tight spaces. Simply attach a bathtub cleaner brush to your drill and get ready to experience some effortless cleaning.


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7. GOOD PAPA Turbo Power Spin Scrubber

With a flexible head, electric bathroom tub scrubbers are a perfect tool for cleaning

Photo from Amazon


Take cordless cleaning to the next level with the Good Papa bathroom scrubber. Thanks to an adjustable length and forepart cleaning have been made easier.


What’s more, four different brushes included will help you get rid of the most stubborn stains. On the whole, this bathroom scrubber keeps spinning even if you press it against the surface you are cleaning. Kudos for the powerful motor.


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8. GRIINTEKK Tub and Tile Scrubber

With four interchangeable brushes you can clean your tub and tiles easily

Photo from Amazon


With four interchangeable brushes, you can use this bathroom scrubber to clean your entire bathroom. Additionally, this tub scrubber with a long handle makes it easy to clean even the highest of tiles.


Even though it’s waterproof, don’t get the section that you charge underwater. You don’t want to destroy a perfectly fine cordless bathtub scrubber.


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9. RotoEraser Drill Powered Magic Bathroom Cleaning Eraser Sponges

Drill-powered sponges are great for cleaning and polishing

Photo from Amazon


For one thing, simply attach one of the sponges to your drill and see the magic happen. RotoEraser can eliminate bathtub stains and grout too.


In general, the sponges are quite durable but keep in mind that they will wear off eventually and they need to be replaced.


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10. CLOFY Electric Spin Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery

Bathroom tub scrubbers with an extendable handles are always appreciated to reach high places

Photo from Amazon


Thanks to a 360-degree high rotating speed, you will need to apply only light pressure when cleaning.


Furthermore, this bathroom scrubber comes with four different brushes that will help you deal with even with the most stubborn stains.


Moreover, its lightweight and powerful battery will win you over. Finally, there is also an extension wand included for the hard to reach areas.


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11. Bert Cordless Bathtub Scrubbers

Bert bathroom tub scrubber charges very quickly

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Save your knees, back, and shoulders with Bert cordless bathtub scrubber. To begin with, it comes with three replaceable brush heads to make the cleaning job easy.


Additionally, its flexible bristles can easily mold into cracks and corners. However, it’s sometimes hard to secure the heads in place. Then again, after several uses, locking in the heads becomes much easier. All in all, you can make your bathroom spotless in no time.


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12. ELLESYE Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush

Cordless bathtub scrubbers with changeable heads make your bathroom spotless in no time

Photo from Amazon


Small and easy to use, ElleSye cordless bathtub scrubber can run up to 80 minutes. Besides, it can also charge fast compared to other products of its size. Most importantly, one key control makes it incredibly easy to use.


Thanks to three replaceable cleaning brush heads, this scrubber is suitable for cleaning different areas. Therefore, from irregular surfaces to corners – this is a perfect cleaning kit that won’t take too much space in your storage.


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13. Kavalan Scrubbing Brush Cleaner Set

Energy-saving bathroom scrubbers are always popular

Photo from Amazon


This energy-saving handheld bathtub scrubber is easy to operate. However, what makes it special is its detachable cleaning head. It includes a brush, a sponge and a polisher. Finally, what more can you want from a small scrubber like this one?


However, keep in mind that you need 4AA batteries to keep in running and they are not included in the price of the kit.


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14. Winkeyes Electric Spin Scrubber Handheld Electric Cleaning Brush

Ergonomically designed handle is great to avoid any wrist pain

Photo from Amazon


Thanks to a 360-degree rotation, Winkeyes scrubber provides a powerful cleaning effect. It might be small, but it is quite functional with an ergonomically designed handle.


It comes with three replacement heads to meet all your cleaning needs. Your tub, tiles, sink, and floor will be perfectly clean thanks to this cordless, rechargeable scrubber.


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15. BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush

Small scrubbers are great for light stains

Photo from Amazon


If you don’t need to deal with heavy dirt, then this lightweight, handheld scrubber from Black+Decker will satisfy your needs. It is fully submersible and powerful enough to deal with light stains on your bathtubs and sinks.


However, it needs 4AA batteries to run and of course, the rotation strength weakens as the batteries die. Then again, you will be happy to learn that it doesn’t stop working once you put pressure on it thanks to its well-made motor.


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16. The Simple Scrub Bathtub Scrubbers

Cheap and simple cleaner for the entire bathroom

Photo from Amazon


If you aren’t willing to invest money into an electric scrubber, then The Simple Scrub might have a perfect product for you. The ergonomic bend, as well as the swivelling head, will help you reach all surfaces in your bathtub.


Thanks to its aluminium core, this sturdy scrubber won’t rust or bed. What’s more, it comes with one white pad but you can buy additional ones easily. However, be aware that it isn’t extendable. Still, it’s the right size to help you reach all the tiles.


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17. Clean Reach Deluxe Power Scrubber Bathtub Cleaner

Extendable handle and soft sponge will help you clean the bathroom from floor to ceiling easily

Photo from Amazon


Are you looking for a budget bathtub scrubber? Clean your bathroom from floor to ceiling with an amazing, extendable Clear Reach bathtub scrubber. Besides, with a contoured pad shape, you can access all corners with ease.


However, keep in mind that users reported that the sponge can fall off if it gets too wet. You can always get a replacement one, but you can still invest your money in better scrubbers.


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18. Fuller Brush Tub & Shower E-Z Scrubber Brush

Fuller Brush bathroom tub scrubber fight even the most stubborn stains efficiently

Photo from Amazon


If you are looking for a traditional scrubber that would do a thorough cleaning, then Fuller Brush has one for you.


Furthermore, durable, chemical-resistant bristles will handle the toughest stains effortlessly. Additionally, the brush is so flexible that it won’t scratch your tub. That’s the most important, isn’t it?


Finally, use a telescopic handle to reach unattainable areas without risking an injury. This product is worth every penny.


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19. MSR Telescopic Tub & Tile Scrubber

Clean your bathroom with ease without damaging sensitive surfaces

Photo from Amazon

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0058MIR8CCheck Latest Price

What makes this scrubber great is that its sturdy brush can handle a lot of heavy-duty scrubbing.


Nevertheless, it is lightweight and easy to use which makes it great for the elderly. Instead of having to get into the tub and spend some time in rather awkward positions, you can use this product to scrub away the stains more effortlessly.


However, keep in mind that the brush head can unscrew easily if you apply a lot of pressure.


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20. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery

New Homitt bathroom tub scrubber with a powerful battery

Photo from Amazon


This brand focuses on electric cleaning products and it’s no wonder that their bathtub scrubbers are high-quality and very efficient.


Thanks to several different heads and an extendable handle, once a tiring activity becomes a quick and efficient activity. You can scrub your tub in minutes and spend all the time saved on a bubble bath.


Finally, with more than 90 minutes of running time, cleaning up an entire bathroom is a breeze. You’d wish you had got this product sooner.


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Close up of female hands cleaning bathtub with sponge brush

Taking good care of your bathtub is important since long baths are always so relaxing and help you forget about a stressful day at work. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get one of those perfect bathroom tub scrubbers to keep your bathtub sparkling clean.

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