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15 Best Key Lock Boxes To Keep Your Valuables Safe 15 Best Key Lock Boxes To Keep Your Valuables Safe

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15 Best Key Lock Boxes To Keep Your Valuables Safe

Written by: Olivia Parker

Never get locked out again! Keep your keys and valuables safe in these durable lock boxes, which guarantee 100% security and peace of mind.

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Gone are the days when you had to hide your keys under the mat. Thanks to key lockboxes, you can now keep the keys of your house or premises safe and secure. These strong and sturdy options require a password combination in order to be opened: this way, you can ensure your house is safe from intruders.


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Key lock boxes are available in many sizes and forms.


You can choose to have many small lock boxes for each room, or one large key lock box to keep all your keys safe. 


If you like, you can affix key lock boxes onto walls. But there are portable lock boxes for indoor and outdoor purposes as well. So you can take it off when you don’t need it, and easily use it somewhere else.


Different key lock boxes use different password techniques and technologies. Some use dial number combinations while others use buttons. Digital lock boxes are gaining popularity these days: this particular type of lock box uses bluetooth and other technologies to unlock the box. 


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With so many products from different manufacturers, you may find yourself confused about which one to buy. Worry not, we’ve got your back. Here are the 15 best key lock boxes to keep your valuables safe!



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This is one of the most versatile portable key lock boxes. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can keep up to 6 keys inside it. Its interior cavity is large to keep key fobs and access cards as well. The 4-digit combination is safe and the construction of the key lock box is highly durable. The vinyl coating prevents scratching and it is weather-protected. On top of all these features, it also has adjustable shackles to securely fit different doorknob styles.




Its sleek design means it is able to fit into small spaces, while a rugged metallic body sets it apart from others. The Kingsley Guard Key Lock Box is built so strong that it is nearly impossible to break it using a hammer or saw. These compact lock boxes are large enough to accommodate up to 5 keys. The knob will fit perfectly on any standard door. Additionally, these are weather-resistant and can withstand all adverse conditions.





This is a stylish portable lock box that you can carry like a handbag. This lock box can not only be used for keys, but other valuables as well. It also has an opening that will let you store your phone and charge it at the same time. You can even access your earphones through this hole. Sounds ideal for a vacation? Well, there is more.



It works on a 3 digit code combination. Its heavy-duty flexible steel cable will secure this box to any fixed object: a locker, lounge chair, closet or any other item, so you’ll never have to worry about theft. It is made of nickel-plated material which is resistant to water and rust. This box is so sturdy that it can even withstand heavy and forceful damage. Despite all these, it is lightweight and easy to carry, making it your perfect companion.




Mount this small lock box on your wall and never get locked out again. It features push button combinations that are easy to use compared to traditional ones. This particular model can hold around 2 keys, but is available in bigger sizes as well. Take your pick from 3 different colors, namely: white, titanium gray and clay. Up to 1000 key combinations are possible with this lock box. The installation is simple as the mounting hardware is available in the package.





This very sturdy wall mounted lock box comes in a black finish. However, they are available in portable designs too. It features a tough ABS plastic shell and a rugged metal interior. Apart from keys, they are large enough to accommodate fobs, credit cards, IDs and so on. These small boxes use push buttons instead of dials, thus making for easy usage. A cover ensures that the keypad is kept hidden from sight and protected from different weather conditions.





If you can’t or don’t like remembering your password combinations, look no further: this is the lock box for you. This strong and sturdy electronic option is bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can either key in the passcode manually or using your smartphone. Through their app, you can get notifications whenever someone visits, or when there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to unlock the door.



This digital lock box has illuminated dials and hence is easily visible even at night. It stays illuminated for about 15 seconds before you press again. Its rubberized cover can withstand up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence it is one of the most durable lock boxes. Besides they are available in portable and wall-mounted options as well.





This heavy-duty lock box can be mounted on the wall, and is available in 4 different colors. 



Its steel-and-zinc build makes it very durable. This material effectively prevents slicing, thrashing and snooping, while a 4-number combination lock keeps your keys totally safe. This locker box can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a maximum capacity of 8 keys. With over ten thousand unique combinations available, rest assured that your belongings will be kept safe.




If you are looking for a box that can store all your keys, you are sure to like this one! They are available in 3 different sizes, and can hold from 30 to 120 keys. These boxes can be used in both houses and commercial spaces.  They come with push buttons feature for your convenience. Furthermore, they have ample storage space to easily contain even the largest of keys. You can easily install this key-safe box as it comes in a package alongside wall anchors and screws.





This is especially popular as it is one of the police/insurance approved lock boxes. It comes with a weatherproof cover made of high-quality material.  It is made of good grade stainless steel and zinc-alloy making it tough and durable. This prevents any damage caused due to rain or snow. This box can easily store 2 keys in this using push buttons. 




These are highly durable lock boxes made of zinc alloy and steel. It has a 4 digit dial combination system with 10,000 combinations. Further,  it features a removable cover to stand against  different weather conditions. So it is safe to use outside. Also, It has large storage space that can hold access cards or up to 5 keys.




This manufacturer guarantees that it will not get jammed in operation like other lock boxes. Its high-quality hard aluminum make it rustproof and durable. As it works on the simple 4 digit combination, anyone can operate it. Hence suitable for children or the elderly. This lock box comes in both wall-mounted and portable form. And also 2 colors to choose from. It has ample storage to keep 5 keys. A small push button is provided to allow access to the 4 dial combination lock.





This one comes from an established company that is 5 decades old, so you don’t have to worry about quality. This box features 28 key rings with labeling tags to make organization easy. It is ideal for valets, front desks or anywhere you need to safely store a large number of keys. Its powder-coated steel makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. A knob makes opening the box easy, and provides instant access to keys. A budget-friendly choice you mustn’t miss out on.




These lock boxes come in both wall-mounted and portable form. They are known for their strong build that can withstand hammers and saws. It provides ample storage space for keys, cards and more. The one with a shackle can be placed on a door lock knob, pipe or fence.





Made from hardy steel material, this lockbox is very strong.  Its weatherproof shutter cover slides over the 4 combination dials.  This protects it from rain, snow, and ice. It has the capacity of holding up to 5 keys. When you or a loved one needs access, though, the process couldn’t be easier. Young or old, anyone can deftly turn the combination dials. 




These are padlock style, small lock boxes. Typically, they come in packs of 2 and more. So that you can use them in many places separately. With its large opening, it will fit in most standard-sized doorknobs. The material used to make it is strong and durable. Since it can withstand all weather conditions, you can use the padlock outside. In addition, it is capable of storing up to 5 keys.




Now that you have gone through our list of best locked storage boxes for your keys, we hope you’ve found the one that best suits your needs. Remember, safety is key (pun intended): get your very own key lock box today!

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