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15 Best DIY Garage Cabinets To Save You From Splurging 15 Best DIY Garage Cabinets To Save You From Splurging

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15 Best DIY Garage Cabinets To Save You From Splurging

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Garage cabinets can keep your tools organized but are difficult to build. Follow this step-by-step guide to create the best DIY garage cabinets in no time!

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Garage cabinets DIY can keep your garage organized, and give your screwdrivers and spanners a home. The downside is that they tend to be difficult to build. In this post, you will find out all that’s involved in building a DIY garage cabinet. By following the steps listed, you’ll be able to create the best DIY garage cabinet in about two hours.


The Best DIY Garage Cabinets 

Who doesn’t like DIY garage cabinets that act as a perfect spot to store all your essentials? Well, of course, we like the idea, but how do we build one? So, in this article, we shall be talking about some pretty simple garage storage options. You can easily install them inside your garage and ensure that everything in your garage is organized. 



But, first, we shall give you an insight into how to build DIY garage cabinets from scratch! Let’s get into it!


1. The DIY Garage Storage Cabinet from Scratch

The DIY Garage Storage Cabinet from Scratch

Here is the perfect idea if you are thinking about building DIY garage cabinets with drawers. All you need is a couple of tools, and boom, you are done! From large equipment to small tools, you can fit almost anything in here. So, let’s see how you can build one.


Material Required:

Measuring Tape
Table Saw
Nail Gun/Drill
• Wooden boards
Drawer slides



1. Firstly, build the frame of the cabinet. You will need to cut two long and wide pieces of wood of the same size. These will act as the top and bottom slabs of the frame. Next up, cut the sides of the frame and make sure they are of equal size. Using a nail gun, secure the sides of the cabinet with the bottom slab.
2. It is time to add the backboard now. 
3. Once through, fix the sides of the drawer support.
4. You can also add shelves to the cabinet if required.
5. Now, take drawer slides and fix them to the support boards.
6. To build the drawers, cut all the wooden pieces from the board and assemble them.
7. Insert and attach the drawers. 
8. Place the top section of the cabinet and secure it with nails. 
9. Cut the pieces of the board for the doors and install hinges on them.
10. Finish by attaching the doors to the frame of the cabinet and then fix the handles. 
11. If the surface is uneven, you can use varnish to polish it.


Are you looking for an organizer where you can keep all your small tools? Take a look at this wooden desk organizer. Since it needs to be assembled by you, it is the perfect idea for DIY garage cabinets. The installation takes around 20 minutes, and all you need is a couple of screws. 


The material features environmentally friendly wood, which is safe and non-toxic. It is finished with a varnish, which gives it an excellent touch and a glossy look. You may even give this to your kids as a holiday assignment for making DIY garage cabinets by following instructions. 



If you want to save some space on your garage floor, try these overhead garage storage racks. These prevent water damage to all the essential items if your garage is built on low-lying ground. The ceiling brackets are long and sturdy to ensure maximum safety. Besides, all the screws and hardware have gone through a stringent test. The installation is simple and can be done using the step-by-step guide. The long ceiling brackets are to be attached to 2 studs. It is combined with six vertical posts. 




How about DIY garage cabinets that are both affordable and economical? Well, your wish has been granted. This DIY Rhino Garage Shelf comes with a strong and attractive structural design. It features a long slab that can be fixed to the wall. You can use the slab’s upper surface to store large containers or your essential tools. Not only that, but the space underneath the slab can also be utilized to keep heavy-duty equipment like ladders or bicycles. 



To install the shelf, attach the assemblies to the center of a wooden wall with sturdy steel lag screws. You will find all the pre-drilled metal components and fasteners inside the box.




Now, if you already have a garage cabinet, you might want to add another shelf to it. This Hershii Tension Shelf is the best fit for the same purpose. You do not require any tool and can expand this shelf as per your requirement. Not only that, but you can also install it on any kind of surface, including tiles. The material features stainless steel and can bear around 20kg. Therefore, you can place any kind of material on top of it. 




While the main purpose of this cube storage drawer is to store shoes, it can easily be used as DIY garage storage. The panels are made up of plastic and steel frames and are durable and non-toxic. The storage space is super-functional, and you can utilize it by keeping all the tools that come in handy. Besides, it is easy to put together and comes with multi-angled plastic connectors. Just attach the panels with the connectors and you are good to go!


The unit is dust and water-resistant and can be cleaned using a damp cloth. You can even label the doors with a sticky note to find the essential items quickly.




Here is another cube storage unit similar to the one mentioned above. However, it doesn’t come with doors and has ample space to store bulky tools. Each cube can easily hold around 22lbs of weight. It is multi-functional and features a modern industrial wire grid style making it an ideal choice for a garage. The durable plastic connector secures the whole structure firmly to a wall. Moreover, it can easily be assembled and disassembled using a wooden mallet. 


Create different blocks for different spaces with this easy DIY garage cabinets.




This closet organizer has plenty of space to store all the essential tools in your garage without having to spend a lot of money. With around twelve different cubes and two size baskets, there is nothing that is too big or too tiny to place inside this unit. The cubes are supported by four steel bars along with a rust proof iron frame. Apart from that, they are covered with a dustproof, durable material. The reason why we have included it in DIY garage cabinets is that it is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools; the instructions are the only thing you need. If you are looking for perfect DIY garage cabinets with drawers, this is the one!




You might have gone through several cube organizers, but this one beats them all! It is both fancy and functional at the same time. If your garage is missing an elegant storage unit, this is the one! This sixteen-cubes storage organizer comes with doors that feature beautiful designs. Each grid can lift around 11lbs of weight. Besides, you don’t have to worry about getting your stuff dirty since the unit features top quality material. 


What makes it even better is that during installation, it can be combined into any shape you want. The accessories include 11 ABS connectors and a PP plastic plate. Besides, there is also a rubber mallet, which makes the work all the easier. 




This forty-four piece vertical garage storage idea will blow your mind the moment you lay your eyes on it. An ideal choice for all the DIY fans out there, this panel will organize your life as well as your garage like never before. Even the smallest of the tools like nuts and bolts, can now be placed within your reach. The bins are stackable and can also be used individually when required. 




Are you looking for a sturdy garage hook to store your bicycles with ease? Here is the perfect organizer. Made from high-quality steel, these hooks work like magic. They feature a non-slip rubber coating that holds the objects firmly and prevents them from slipping away. 


The hooks can be mounted on concrete, plaster, and wooden surfaces. For plaster walls, mark two big holes and twist the black wide thread screw in. For wooden or brick walls, mark two small holes and drill the hole. Next up, hammer in the whire plastic anchor. Now, screw the nail into the anchor. 



If you are looking for some shelves for your DIY garage storage but do not want to compromise on the aesthetics of the space, here is what you need! This shelf idea comprises two black iron wall brackets and four flanges that uplift the look of any space, even if it is your garage! 


To install the brackets, attach two short arms with flanges on either side. Mark the area on the wooden panel. Drill holes on the panel and secure the flange with nails. Now, drill holes on the wall and fix the shelf to it. You can place your hardware on top of the shelf and make your garage look aesthetic at the same time. 




Now, if your garage doesn’t allow you to put DIY garage cabinets with sliding doors, you can easily use the vertical space with a pegboard panel. You can mount it on the wall directly after getting it out of the box. There are no other frames or panels that need to be fixed. Place all the heavy-duty equipment on it and make use of the vertical space inside your garage. 




Give your garage a subtle vintage touch with this metallic dresser as a garage cabinet. It is the best solution if you are looking for DIY garage cabinets with drawers. The unit is double-toned and features a rustic brown and black finish. Due to its compact shape, you can place it almost anywhere inside your garage, even on a shelf. There are five deep drawers that will help you tackle any mess that keeps lying around the garage floor.


P.S it comes with assembly tools!



Well, there is no way you can stop your child from entering the garage. While you are busy cooking inside your home, his curious hands will touch anything that comes within his reach. Therefore, to make sure that your child doesn’t encounter a mishap, this safety cabinet is perfect for storing all the flammable materials. 


It features a three-point key lock, four adjustable levelling legs, dual 2-inch vents and a grounding screw connection. Moreover, this cabinet features galvanized steel that is resistant to dent, rust, and certain chemicals.


Taking care of all the tools and equipment inside a garage can be quite a daunting task. But if you know how to build DIY garage cabinets with sliding doors, the work gets super-easy! The above mentioned DIY ideas come in handy when you require additional storage space for your stuff inside the garage. Make it look neat and tidy by using a few of these ideas!


Things To Consider Before Buying A DIY Cabinet 

man and woman deep in thought



The main purpose of getting DIY garage storage cabinets is to improve the functionality of your garage. This does not mean there are no other benefits to owning a DIY garage cabinet. Here are some other things you should consider:




Firstly, you’ll need to know what garage cabinets DIY are for. How are they used in a space? What do you plan to do with one? Your needs at the moment will determine what you should be looking for. General purpose garage cabinets tend to be cheaper than specialized ones.  Also, when making a choice, consider the amount of space you have.




Garage storage cabinets come in different sizes and prices. You are advised to have a budget in mind before you make a choice. This will help you to make a quick decision from the hundreds of products in the market. Don’t forget to choose a garage cabinet that fits your budget.




The best part about DIY garage storage cabinets is that you can customize them however you want. Not only is it a garage storage cabinet, it’s also a utility tool that allows you to make the most out of your space.



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Material(s) Used

The material(s) used for manufacturing the cabinet is an important consideration. It/they could determine the lifespan of the cabinet, but other factors such as the type of craftsmanship can influence durability as well. In most cases, DIY storage cabinets made from metal are highly durable.



What You Need To Store

The design, cost, and quality of a DIY storage cabinet are important things to consider but so are the things you’re planning to keep inside. Can they fit in? Would the cabinet take it all? How will you keep items safe?  You have to look at the kind of locks, doors, and drawers that are used.



Garage Cabinet Doors Design   

There are several designs of garage cabinet doors out there. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve whittled the list down to these types of garage cabinet doors. 



Garage cabinet lift up doors are folding lift-up lids for aluminum cabinets and wooden doors. This lift-up support is made of strong and high-quality metal alloy, which is the reason for its longevity. Installation can be easily made at any angle – say 90, 75, or 105 degrees. 


Adjustable door frame door hinges made for the user’s uttermost convenience. After installation, you will find this feature an excellent tool for making the door hinge turn smoothly.

Choose something like this product from DonYoung: it’s a door handle pull for heavy-duty machines that’s perfect for both exterior and interior use. It feels sturdy and is sure to last you for a long time.
Good for both aluminum cabinet doors and a wooden doors, stay lift garage cabinet doors like this are 10/10. Minor adjustments to the screw at the center of the hex can make the door panel work the way you want it to.
KETER Storage Cabinet is a product you won’t regret going for. It has a sleek appearance and is available in an eye-catching color that grabs the attention of any person. Your items will be safely secured with its quality locks.



Types Of Hinges For Cabinet 

Adjusting fixing cabinet door hinge



A hinge is the joint, usually external, that holds two things, façades or elements together, and permits rotation to various extents. In terms of interior design, the hinge two objects share would rotate on each other and on one axis. 



Generally, the appropriate size of hinges is dependent on the professional or the person with the DIY garage cabinet ideas. Some factors that influence selection include panel/door thickness, available space, and the weight of the component. Engineers suggest choosing a hinge that’s proportionate to the size of your door – we think that’s solid advice.



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1. Butt Hinges




Used for windows, doors, furniture, and cabinets, the butt hinge is one of the most common type of hinges available. Another name for butt hinge is the mortise hinge.



These hinges are made mostly from steel. You’ll have to maintain exterior doors on a regular basis to prevent the hinges from getting corroded. Stainless steel or brass are the best choices for interior works. 



2. Piano Hinges 




Also called continuous hinges, these got their names from the kind of hinges that run through the edge of the whole length of a piano. Nowadays, they are used for covering the whole length of the objects involved. You’ll be able to spot piano hinges on toolboxes, shower doors, folding wall partitions, and of course, on pianos. 



3. Barrel Hinges




From the appearance, it looks like a barrel – thus the name. It is one of the easiest hinge types to install because it just needs a single hole to be drilled into one of the pieces. Barrel hinges are usually used for gates and in instances whereby low loads are applied to the radius. 



4. Butterfly Hinges 




Butterfly hinges are beautifully designed in the shape of the famous insect. It is used wherever hinges would be visible such as in boxes, cabinets, and general furniture pieces. When you look at it closely, the shape resembles  a butterfly is spreading its wings. To make it more appealing, they come in different colors and shapes.



5. Pivot Hinges 




Pivot hinges are available for both heavy-duty and lightweight uses.  They are made in such a way that one part is attached at the top while the other is fixed over the bottom of the door. You will find this kind of hinge in overlay doors. There are two essential advantages of this kind of design. One, the door can be opened either inwards or outwards; two, it looks beautiful.



6. Flush Hinges 



Flush hinges are quite small and tend to take up less space than butt hinges. One leaf of the flush hinge can be hidden inside the second leaf. With these hinges, you don’t need to cut a corner of the door, and when you apply them, they make the look consistent and eliminate any gap or space between the door and its frame. 



7. Gate Hinges



One thing about the gate hinge is that it comes in multiple different designs. Most of them can hold both heavy-duty and lightweight gates or duty. They can be made of brass, bronze, steel, or other high-quality materials.



8. Spring Hinges




These hinges make closing cabinet doors a much smoother process. For maximum efficiency, you will need 2 spring hinges. Like a typical spring, the door will return to its original position some time after you have opened it. 


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