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Running Out of Space? Here Are the Best Garden and Home Storage Solutions Running Out of Space? Here Are the Best Garden and Home Storage Solutions


Running Out of Space? Here Are the Best Garden and Home Storage Solutions

Discover the best garden and home storage solutions to maximize your space efficiently and stylishly. Explore our top picks for organized living.

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Are you struggling to maximize your garden and home storage space? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Recent surveys show that 2 in 10 American households struggle with their storage space. Finding space you can use comfortably, either at home or in the garden is a challenge, especially if it’s not spacious. However, living in a small home doesn’t have to cramp your storage or style.

Why Storage Matters

If you are lucky enough to have a place you can call home, then you have a coveted storage space, too. Well, there are many ways of incorporating storage solutions into your garden and home to assist you in decluttering the space. So, rather than filling the garage space to the brim as well as cramming your things in the space, you may use your garden area for storage needs. One way to maximize your space, either outdoors or indoors, is to incorporate DIY storage ideas. With your DIY skills, you may create your own shelves and storage blocks to hide clutter from sight. On the shelving issue, DIY shelves are a cheap and easy way to create extra storage in a home, even when you have limited space. Sheets of plastics as well as planks of wood are easy and cheap to come by. Plus, you don’t require building experience to drill well-placed holes into the walls. Alternatively, you may use adhesive to stick small storage items. It is advisable to think of plastics when creating shelving space for your home. If the plastics have old glue, you can get rid of them and put adhesive afresh. If you put your laminated artwork in the basement when you relocated to a new home, then it is high time you rehang them. Rehanging them doesn’t have to be daunting. All you have to do is to get the old glue off the artwork. In just a few steps, you can remove the old glue. Here are the steps you can use:

  • Saturate a piece of cloth – Use a nail polish remover, warm soapy water, or white vinegar to saturate the rug.
  • Put the cloth over the area – Give the solution time to saturate your adhesive. Soaking time will depend on the adhesion power and size of the residue.
  • Wipe the solution – Use the cloth to wipe the solution away.
  • Scrap away remaining residues – Using a credit card, scrap away the remaining residues. But be careful not to scratch the artwork.
  • Repeat this process – If there are still stubborn residues, repeat the process until you completely get rid of the remains.

How to Create a Good Storage for a Home or Garden

Creating good storage for your home or garden is about organizing things in an efficient way that can improve your life quality. Remember, every home is created uniquely, so expect storage solutions to be different, too. However, specific strategies remain universal. One specific strategy that remains universal is to keep things very simple. As you begin the process of planning and designing your garden or home, you can easily be carried away and then complicate a few things. While you might want to include those functional components in your space, like a place to relax, play, and dine, so you can spend more time enjoying them, the last thing you want is to make the entire space feel chaotic and cluttered. You might have heard about the rule of three when it comes to interiors – items seem to look good when they are grouped together, especially in odd numbers. Sticking with this rule and planning your storage design can help to ensure you are focused and the space doesn’t overwhelm you with so much visual noise.

Storage Solutions

Incorporating some great storage solutions for your home and garden will make it easier to move around. Apart from ensuring things are easier to access, it can as well free up enough space for inviting guests over as well as allow your space to shine. For most, summer means kids will spend time at home and in the garden, making good memories that come with many outdoor games, like water toys, paddling pools, and balls. This is why it is important to think of storage solutions, such as the following:

Storage Shed

This is a lifesaver for homeowners with a lot of items, especially bulky stuff, which they don’t use a lot. The storage solution is helpful for homeowners with an outdoor space. You can think of this storage solution as your home extension to house outdoor games, bicycles, gardening tools, and holiday decorations.

Storage Bench

Does your garden have space for a seating area? If yes, add a storage bench. The best thing about this storage solution is that it serves two purposes. First, you may use it to hide your stuff inside the storage bench. Second, you can use it to sit with your family or friends. Some of the things you can keep in a storage bench and your guest can’t suspect a thing include:

  • Lawn games
  • Camping gear

Repurposed Storage

Industrial metal racking and shelving are practical both indoors and outdoors. To create a repurposed storage, look for old pieces in your salvage yard and set them so they can meet your needs with S-hooks/pegs for string, seeds, and gloves and a mesh basket for your hand tools. You can give old wooden dressers, desks, and tables a new life in your shed or garden by including shelves and drawers to keep your gardening kids.

Vertical Storage

The best way to maximize your vertical storage at home is to add over-the-door shoe organizers. You can use these organizers to keep things, such as toiletries, accessories, and handbags. Another perfect place to store stuff is at the back of your bathroom or bedroom door. You may hang up storage shoe bags and keep small items inside them. With this, you can free up enough space in the cabinets to keep other things, and at the same time, keep those stuff organized as well as out of sight until their need arises.

Final Word

The bottom line is that there are many storage solutions for your home and garden, which may help to keep your home enjoyable and organized. Whether you own a big garden or a small balcony, you will have solutions that can suit all your storage needs.

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