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8 Best Bedroom Colors That’s A Sure Bet Anyday 8 Best Bedroom Colors That’s A Sure Bet Anyday

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8 Best Bedroom Colors That’s A Sure Bet Anyday

Written by: Pavneet Kaur Lobana

Spice up your room with some of the best bedroom colors. Discover the colors that match your lifestyle and needs.

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Spent hours wondering over the right bedroom colors for your home and still need help? No problem! You are at the right place. A bedroom is everyone’s favorite spot in the house, for its where you spend most of your time. Naturally, its decor becomes an integral part of who you are as a person. And when it comes to decor, how can walls be left behind. Naturally, bedroom colors become a way of judging the personality of the owner of the room.



But its not just about who you are or the choices you make. Colors have a deep impact on your psyche, without us knowing. In fact, each color has its own vibe, and the more we expose ourselves to a particular color, the more influence it has on our subconscious minds.



Because our subconscious reacts accordingly. However, without digging deeper into psychology, we have found you 8 amazing bedroom colors that will make your every day special.






1. Sumptuous Plum By Dulux



For an extra dramatic splash of color to your bedroom, this plum shade by Dulux is spot on. Plum is a rich color that will make your house look no less than sumptuous, hence smartly named. This bold and vibrant shade will help you keep your head clear and work on your goals.



Your walls will be boldly highlighted and pop out with such vibrant bedroom colors. As an extra tip, use white, gold or silver for highlights and your palace will be at your service. Besides, you can use creamy white for the ceilings and the duo will make for an exciting combination. It is not one of those colors that go well with red but will be an epic standalone shade, nonetheless.




2. Celtic Green By PRESTIGE



Savvy a cool and comforting interior? How about having a popping green on your bedroom walls? This gleaming shade comes in an equally gleaming finish, that you can wash off with mild soap. It is also good on durability and your guests will find it hard not to compliment your choice. This color is a good choice if you are looking for a dark bedroom.



You will love the color apart from its easy application. It won’t chip off and is also mildew and mold resistant. Moreover, this 100% acrylic exterior latex paint and primer is truly an outstanding shade for your bedroom.



Choose this paint idea and your bedroom is going to look straight out of a movie!

Get PRESTIGE, Greens and Aquas 3 of 9, Interior Paint and Primer In One from Amazon. 




3. White By Diamond Brite



Brush, roll or spray, for spotless white walls, exude perfection. One of the most popular used bedroom colors, it makes the bedroom stylish if you choose the right white. The main reason for its popularity is that you have complete freedom for adding other colors in the decor.



However, white could become difficult to maintain. But with this paint from Diamond Brite, you can scrub off all your worries anytime, with no trouble.



Purchase Diamond Brite Paint 31000 5-Gallon Oil Base from Amazon today!



4. Impatiens Petal By Prestige



Without getting yourself into any cliche, choose pink for a peaceful abode to relax in when you come back from work. This semi-gloss paint will cover all your stresses with ease and reflect only love and harmony. When it looks brilliant in all nooks of the house, why let your bedroom stay aloof.



The semi-gloss finish is quite reflective and will look amazing if you have great lighting fixtures. The fully acrylic paint can be washed off with soap water, without harming the look or texture. So add the tone of pink to your bedroom and fill your heart with love and joy.



Get Prestige Paints SW72-Impatiens from Amazon. 



5. Almost Dusk By Montage Signature



This eco-friendly paint by Montage Signature comes in a beautiful hue that will brighten up your bedroom. Rigorous testing and advanced technology is the reason behind its brilliant texture on the walls. The low sheen lets you get rid of unwanted reflections of your room’s lighting.



The color goes best with light floors, but you can match or contrast it with any furniture of your choice. The water-based paint has a fine consistency and brilliant interlocks to defend against mildew, moisture, and molds. It is also scrubbable, so it will be easy for you to get rid of any dirt or marks that manage to stay on its surface.



Get Almost Dusk – Low Sheen, 1 Gallon from Amazon.



6. Antique Sterling By KILZ



For a somber finish to your bedroom, this antique sterling shade by KILZ is simply a killer. This light grey has a calming effect on the mind and goes well with both dark and light shades. The advanced fully acrylic technology doesn’t need extra primer coating and will offer a superior glaze. Mildew resistance is another perk.



This paint will last for years and besides, it also features a superior matte sheen and is dust resistant. Anyhow if you still notice a speck of dust on your walls, you can simply scrub it off. This paint by KILZ also has low volatile organic compounds, so that your interiors stay healthy.



Get KILZ Antique Sterling paint from Amazon. 



7. Yellow By Diamond Brite Paint



Bright and chirpy, light shade of yellow is known to stimulate energy. The pale yellow bedroom color by Diamond Brite Paint is a soothing and refreshing addition to any room. Besides, you will also find it welcoming and exciting to be in the room you paint in this hue.



Plus, this is one of those colors that go with red impeccably. During the day, it will brighten up the room like the sun just came right inside. While at the night time, even minimal lighting will be sufficient. It is bound to be loved by people of all ages.



8. High Society By Glidden



Purple is the color of royalty and splendor. It stimulates imagination and wealth. The High Society shade by Glidden perfectly captures this ambiance without irritating the eye. This eggshell paint can bring alive your wall like magic.



Most stains on the paint can be scrubbed off with ease and you can also wash them off with mild soap water. Besides, keeping in view the health aspects, it has low odor and keeps your mind fresh. With excellent coating, you can hide all the stains in just a few coats.



Get Glidden Interior Paint + Primer: Purple/High Society from Amazon. 



How To Prep Your Walls Before Painting?

Here are a few must-follow steps:

  • Clean the surface properly. All loose paint, dirt, and dust must be completely removed.
  • Rinse wall to remove residue, if any.
  • Scrub off the surface and leave to dry.
  • Patch any cracks, screw holes, and other irregularities on the surface, etc.
  • Get the paint and tools ready. That’s it!



So all in all, you can choose and order one of these bedroom colors and liven up your bedroom. But be sure to pick the most awesome bedroom colors and fill your home with love and energy. It is advisable to buy small swatches or samples to test if you’ll get the actual color as depicted in the pictures. Once you have made your mind, there’s nothing stopping you.

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