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25 Ideal Deck Boxes for Your Outdoor Garden Storage Needs 25 Ideal Deck Boxes for Your Outdoor Garden Storage Needs

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25 Ideal Deck Boxes for Your Outdoor Garden Storage Needs

Written by: Henry Campbell

Check out the best and highly efficient deck boxes that are designed with sophistication to ENHANCE the beauty of your outdoor garden instantly!

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Deck boxes are an ideal solution for maintaining a clean and beautiful deck, porch, or outdoor garden that you would love to hang out in. They provide a perfect space to store essential items such as garden tools, cushions, toys, and other less-needed things. 



Besides, there are several new deck boxes available in the market that serves as a comfortable sitting option as well as it does as a storage tool. After in-depth research, we have made a list of twenty-five of the best deck boxes that you can buy to fulfill your storage requirements. These deck storage boxes will also double as beautiful furniture in your home.  




This premium-quality Keter resin deck box has all that you can demand from a deck box. The beautiful silver exterior, along with ninety gallons of ample storage space, makes this unit perfect for all your garden storage needs. 



It is made out of weather-resistant polypropylene that prevents any form of denting, rusting, and fading. Moreover, it provides you with comfortable bench seating since it can support up to 485 lbs of weight.



Store all your garden tools and items with ease in this high-quality Pacific E-Commerce made outdoor storage box. These deck gardening boxes come in a gorgeous wicker texture that goes exceptionally well with all garden decors. 



The large storage space of the box and its appealing style gives it an edge over other deck boxes. It also has a water-resistant exterior that saves the items inside the box from getting damaged by rainwater.  




Check out this ravishing waterproof deck box with extra-large storage to stock all the needless items of your house. It has a large storage unit of 150 gallons, and the lid of the box has an in-built spring-hinge that prevents the lid from slam shutting. 



The box is made from UV-protected panels to ensure safety from fading, cracking, and peeling. Moreover, the extremely efficient lock system of the deck box makes it worth checking out.  



You would love storing the excessive items of your house in this premium resin deck box with a large storage capacity of 150 gallons. The dark-brownish resin texture of the deck box looks aesthetically appealing and provides good durability to the box. 



It has an installation of hydraulic pistons that helps you lift and close the lid of the box effortlessly. Overall, this is a superior quality deck box at an affordable price that is just ideal for any home. 



A small square-shaped deck box is always a preferred choice for a large number of people. It serves the purpose of storing dispensable items and does not take much space in your garden. 



This deck box is crafted from a water-resistant polyresin material and has a good build quality. It has a storage space of twenty-two gallons and is ideal for people who have limited space in their garden.  




This is a fine-looking and extremely attractive white Keter deck box with a large storage capacity of 230 gallons. The design of the deck box is made with sophistication and is ideal for storing toys, gardening tools, and large cushions.



It has a construction of premium-quality resin and gives you the feel similar to that of wood. The white exterior of the box looks beautiful and makes it perfect for placing it in your patio or porch. 



Tangkula presents you with a robust and elegant storage box made of natural acacia wood material. The box not only stores your supplies but also offers you a good sitting space. It can lift a weight of up to 355 lbs with ease.  



The flexible hinges of the deck box make it simple for the user to open and close the box multiple times. This wonderful storage box is essentially on the best deck boxes of its range. 



The stylish and unique design of this Duramax deck box will certainly impact the looks of your garden. With a storage space of 71 gallons, this deck box is a perfect solution for your storage needs. 



The storage box is made from a heavy-duty polypropylene that provides great strength and amazing aesthetics to the box. Also, ergonomic side handles given in the box makes it easier to lift and close the box.  



This is a small-size deck box that has a resin construction and is ideal for storing large amounts of items. The box has a solid-construction and is resistant from all-weather types. The hydraulic pistons available make it easier to lift the box’s lid. 



Two average-size people can comfortably sit over this efficient storage box. Small spaces are given at the sides of the box for easy shifting of the deck box.  



You will love this Gamegenic-made dungeon convertible midnight gray deck box if you are a gaming enthusiast. It has a super simple assembly and is ideal for storing a moderate amount of supplies.  



The closing mechanisms of the box are super classic, and you will enjoy storing your essentials in this alluring box. So if you have a style craze, then you must take a look at this beautiful storage item.  



This Rubbermaid deck box is made to fulfill your storage needs and provide beauty to your garden. It has a size of 2.6 cubic feet that provides sufficient storage space for the user. 



The compact design of the deck box gives it the advantage of easy storage at any place of the house. The double-wall construction of the unit gives it high stability and durability. 



Check out this large deck box that is ideal for storing your household’s inessential items. The plate-white design of the deck box looks exceptional and goes well with all manner of garden decor. 



The deck box has an easy assembly and minimal maintenance requirements. This hydraulic-base deck box is useful and perfect for a moderate to a large outdoor garden.  



Looking for an all weather-resistant and waterproof deck box? If the answer to that question is yes, then this HYD-Parts patio deck box is worth checking out. It comes with a large storage capacity of 120 gallons and can adequately store all types of garden tools.  



The box won’t rot or rust in the sun or rain and is a functional item for any kind of storage needs. Its assembly is simple and does not take more than five minutes in its installation.  




It is an affordable and workable option for storing all the unnecessary items from your house. It has a resin construction and its wood-like texture works well with all garden decors. Also, this can be used for sitting and offers a weight holding capacity of 485 lbs. 



The assembly of the box does not require the use of any tools and has a simple installation. Overall, this box will be a great addition to your house.   



Buy yourself one of the most efficient deck boxes for your outdoor garden. This Suncast deck box comes at a reasonable price and has various good features to offer. The storage box has a capacity of 50 gallons and is suitable for placement on a deck, porch, or garage. 



The box is waterproof and does not rot and rust with rainwater. The aesthetically pleasing design of the box makes it a perfect unit for your house.  



Are you searching for a smart-looking and efficient storage box that can eat up all your surplus items and enhance your house’s appearance? Well, check out this Homespark-made deck box that comes in an aesthetically pleasing white color and can store large amounts of items in it. 



The box’s built-quality is exceptionally high, and the easy assembly of the box makes your job of setting it up in your garden extremely simple.   



If you are interested in buying a good-quality storage box that is functional and does not harm your house’s appearance, you should take a look at this beautifully designed deck box by KETER. 



It is made from weather-resistant polypropylene and is extremely sturdy and robust. The installation of the hydraulic piston makes it easier to lift and close the lid of the unit.  



This wonderful storage bench will surely interest you with its ergonomic design. Apart from its impressive storage capacity of seventy gallons, it also offers you a bench for comfortable sitting. 



The deck box is waterproof and has superior strength to withstand different weather conditions. This item is undoubtedly one of the best deck boxes of its range.   



Check out this Incbruce outdoor 120-gallon large deck box that is made of premium and durable material. The wicker style of the box helps improve the looks of your garden. It has a storage space of 120 gallons. 



The weather-resistant storage box does not rot or rust due to external weather. It is an efficient and long-lasting product. 




This is a high-quality deck box that can store all your essentials with ease. The box has an aluminum board installed at its top that saves it from getting damaged from rain or sun rays.



There are two tires present on the sides of the box that helps in moving the box from one place to another. The easy-to-assemble deck box won’t require much help from others for its installation. 



Do not be afraid of buying new things for your home as this large deck box is made for storing all old essentials of your house in it. The box has a storage capacity of 140 gallons and an inner lining is available in the box to prevent water from coming in and damaging your valuables.  



There are handles present on the sides of the box that becomes helpful in moving the box around. This is an excellent deck box that is worth checking out. 



Want a high-quality deck box at a low and reasonable price? Check out this coffee-colored deck box made for storing items such as garden tools and toys. The box is lightweight and is easy to move around. 



The box has a construction of polyresin that makes it sturdy and robust for all kinds of weather. It is rain-proof and will ensure the safety of your items from heavy rainfall.  



The alluring and attractive design of this awesome deck box makes it one of the finest items of this list. The horizontal barrel-style box has a resin construction and provides a look similar to that of shining wood. 


It not only stores your stuff but also provides you a good seating with a weight limit of almost 308 lbs. This versatile and innovative deck box is definitely worth checking out.  



You are going to love these wooden style deck boxes with bench seats that are specifically made for your garden. The storage box has a wood construction and has a large storage capacity. The bench comes with a waterproof lining that prevents the water from entering its surface and damaging its contents. 



It can accommodate two people comfortably on it and requires low maintenance. This premium beach will surely enhance the decor of your garden. 



Have a look at this stunning waterproof deck box that offers you a good storage capacity of 120 gallons. Moreover, the storage box provides you with an option to lock it after placing your valuables in the box. 



The tools-free assembly of the deck box lets you install it in minutes without any help. This well-built storage deck box has an affordable price and is suitable for all home decors. 


The 5 Things You Need To Know About Deck Boxes

  • Deck boxes are one of the perfect storage solutions for your outdoors. Not only do they provide storage solutions, but they also offer ease of mind with their weatherproof and sturdy build quality. Deck boxes are made of different materials like wood, resin, and plastic, all of which have a similar quality, i.e., waterproof and durable build.



  • Apart from durability, these deck boxes are also your reliable companions in providing efficient storage solutions. They provide resistance against weathering agents such as wind, water, and sunlight.



  • Deck boxes double up as seating sofas or tabletops depending on their style. This versatility is achieved by the impressive design of these storage deck boxes, which provides dual functionality. The top surface can be used as a chair or a sofa, while space below is used for stowing items. There are about four classifications regarding the sizes of the deck boxes. These range from small to extra-large with capacities of 50 gallons to more than 150 gallons, respectively.



  • Deck boxes come in different styles such as being designed as coffee tables or sofas, or even vertical deck boxes. They also provide a secure storage solution with hinges and a safety lock that can be padded.



Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Deck Box

things to consider


Before you set on the journey of getting deck boxes as your outdoor storage options, you need to keep heed of the following:




1. Assess Your Requirements

The first and foremost factor to keep in mind before buying your perfect deck box is to ascertain what kind of items you require the deck box to hold eventually. Are you going to store gardening supplies that you always need on the go and cannot go to the garage all the time?



Or perhaps you just want to relieve your garage from all the clutter that small items like kids’ toys, outdoor games, and pool items can make. In any case, you need to make a detailed assessment regarding the purpose of your storage requirements. This way, the task of buying the storage deck box becomes a little less painful.




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2. Material Of Construction

After you have considered your storage needs, do some research on the type of material you should opt for in a deck box. The three major options regarding the material of construction include plastic, resin, and wood. Choosing a material can become easy if you know the kind of aesthetic you’re going for and also if you have a rough idea of what you’ll be storing inside.




3. Size

Just like the material of construction, the size of the deck box is another consideration you need to take into account. The size of your deck box must match that of the assessment for the storage requirements made in the earlier step. Pre-assessing your needs will ensure that you make a suitable purchase. It’ll also ensure that you don’t end up spending over the top for unnecessary storage.




4. Style of Deck Boxes

Available in a host of different styles, deck boxes provide several useful alternatives uses for the prospective buyer. Deck boxes can be used as a coffee table, or simply as a cushion storage bench. Moreover, you can opt for a cushioned sofa like a deck box or a vertical deck box for maximum storage volume.




5. Miscellaneous Features

Deck boxes also come with additional features such as security lock padding, hinges and handles, wheels, and suspension nets. You can opt for a deck box that offers these features depending on your storage needs and nature of use.




Deck boxes are easy to assemble, do not take much space, and have excellent workability. Therefore, collect all the extra items in your house and be ready to store them in a well-made storage box. It will help you declutter your garden and enhance its beauty to the next level. 

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