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7 Best Ceiling Designs To Give Your Home A Rich Makeover 7 Best Ceiling Designs To Give Your Home A Rich Makeover

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7 Best Ceiling Designs To Give Your Home A Rich Makeover

Written by: Emma Thompson

These 7 gorgeous ceiling designs will make your home look incredible. Give the fifth wall a refreshing look now!

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Are you looking for ways to make a room look unique? Perhaps you think painting your walls will do the trick but it simply makes your walls look cleaner. So where do most of the interesting effects come from in modern homes?



The answer is ‘well-designed ceilings.’ Homes with unique ceilings can create awe-inspiring reactions from visitors. So do you want unique ceiling designs for your home?



We’ve compiled a list of the top seven popular designs that will turn any room into a lovely environment with a fascinating twist.






1. The Rustic Wooden Ceiling Design



Wood is a warm natural material perfect for rustic house ceilings. The organic wood emits a pleasant aroma giving your home a wonderful natural fragrance.



There is a myriad of wood ceiling ideas to create a cosy ambience. You can use various shades and create many textures by mixing and matching different types of wood for your ceiling design.



The Rustic Wooden Ceiling Design



The best types of wood for ceilings are the following:
– Red oak
– White birch
– Cherry wood
– Cedar
– Black walnut



White walls go well with dark wood ceiling ideas, namely black walnut.



Red oak is also the most popular type of wood especially with houses that have high rise windows.



Make use of an assortment of shapes to make your wooden ceiling an interesting feature for you and your guest to look at.



Your wooden ceiling paired with correct lighting will give your home a unique charm everyone will love.



2. Decorate A Ceiling with Elegant Wallpaper


Decorate A Ceiling with Elegant Wallpaper



Modern wallpapers aren’t like the designs of the past that had busy floral designs on a yellow background.



Contemporary wallpapers are much more appealing and elegant as they come in a variety of designs and they make excelling ceiling decorations.



You can completely transform your ceiling by opting for wallpapers with paintings on them. Almost like modern-day murals.



You can even opt for wallpapers with printed star constellations that glow in the dark that’s perfect for a bedroom ceiling design. If you can’t sleep at night, simply gaze at your star constellation to ease your mind.



Wallpaper for ceilings is popular because it’s easy to print the design you want onto the paper.



What’s more is wallpaper is effortless to paste onto to surfaces, creating patterns and textures on ceilings.




3. Patterned Ceiling With Lights

Patterned Ceiling With Lights


Patterns with ceiling decorations have been making headway in contemporary hotels and restaurants.



Various shapes used are coupled with pendant lights to make the shapes appear three dimensional.



If you simply want flat patterns for your ceiling design you can paint different shapes using dark and light colors to create contrast.



If you want a unique ceiling design for your living room or bedroom use geometric patterns for an organized effect.




4. Herringbone Ceiling

You’ve seen herringbone tiles but have you ever seen this ceiling design in contemporary homes.



It’s a fascinating pattern to use on ceilings as you can make them three dimensional.



The herringbone pattern works well with wooden ceiling ideas for outdoor environments such as patios. This is because herringbone ceilings look better in spaces with lots of light to create depth.



A herringbone ceiling design is meant to create a focal point especially in open spaces with minimalistic interior or exterior designs.




5. Beautiful Glass Ceiling To Add Natural Light


Beautiful Glass Ceiling To Add Natural Light


If you live in natural areas such as the countryside or woodlands, glass ceilings are the perfect selection for your home.



A glass ceiling design floods large rooms with natural warm light creating a magical atmosphere.



However, glass can also be used to create a myriad of elegant patterns and focal points for your ceiling.



Let’s go through the different designs of glass ceilings and how they can add value and beauty to your home.



a) Glass Ceilings For Hallways

Hallways are used to get from one part of your house to the other. Sometimes hallways are dark because they’re no windows allowing sunlight to light your way during the day. The best way to solve this problem is by installing a glass ceiling.



Use a rectangle class panel in the middle of your hallway ceiling for a symmetrical appearance. Incorporate black frames around the glass panel to make the design stand out.



b) Frosted Corner Glass Ceilings

If you don’t want your entire ceiling made from glass, you can simply install a plate of glass into a corner of the ceiling. A corner glass ceiling design is elegant and it lets enough light into a small foyer or dining room area.



Use different textures of glass such as frosted glass and a gloss finish for a fractal-like appearance.




c) Domed Glass Ceiling

Domed ceilings are typically used for rounded rooms. Using a glass dome for your round room will flood your large open space with sunlight.



It’s perfect for houses in natural open environments and for people who love looking at the sky.




6. Ceiling Tiles for a Glossy Appeal

Ceiling Tiles for a Glossy Appeal



Tiled ceiling design is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Be sure to use tiles with a glossy finish and use the correct lighting so your bathroom or kitchen will have a pure appearance.



You can never go wrong with tile patterns. The most popular are the subway and herringbone tile patterns.




7. Using Metallic Designs For The Dark And Mysterious

Using Metallic Designs For The Dark And Mysterious



Have you ever seen a metallic roof? This design is very different from anything you’ve ever seen before. If you want a room with darker tones, metallic ceilings are for you.



Metallic ceilings can make a room look dim so this design is ideal for bedrooms. Use a low hanging chandelier with your metallic ceiling design to give your décor a gothic appearance.



Final Thoughts



A ceiling design can either make a room look bright and warm or it can create a dim effect. The use of ceiling decorations also plays a huge part in the appeal of your design.



So whatever you want to achieve make sure you use the correct colours, patterns and architectural shapes that will complement your décor.



Did you find inspiration from the top seven ceiling designs?



If you see your guests looking up in wonder when they visit, you’ve succeeded in creating unique ceilings for your home.

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