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9 Rustic Home Decor To Accentuate Your Home With 9 Rustic Home Decor To Accentuate Your Home With

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9 Rustic Home Decor To Accentuate Your Home With

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

These amazing rustic home decor are guaranteed to transform your house instantly! Don't believe us? Try them for yourself and see.

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The home interior designing has so many possibilities to explore and live with. When you have just bought a new house, you would want to make it to a cosy, comfortable and relaxed space.



The home interior plays a huge role in converting a brick and mortar house to a lovely home which would make you feel good, lucky and blessed.



If you search on the internet, you will find a wide range of exclusive home interior designing ideas and suggestions enough to make you bewildered. You are not alone there. It is the common dilemma of most of the homeowners and you need to find an answer for that.



One trendy interior designing idea you definitely need to explore is the rustic home decor, which could give a new meaning and charm to your home, making it beautiful, appealing and radiant.


What Is Rustic Home Decor?


what is rustic home decor



Firstly, let’s understand what rustic home decors are?



Rustic decor is an interior designing theme where more emphasis is given to natural rugged beauty. It includes different textures and patterns drawn from nature. Therefore, the colours too are simple and earthy.



Secondly, it is a type of interior design that is more natural, aged, rough, yet casual and simple. You need to remember one word here- Natural.



When you search for rustic home decor in Google, you will get an array of images with more wood, stones and other types of natural materials.



There are a few more examples using canvases, burlaps, stones, wooden furniture and other natural organic things.



In addition to that, in rustic home decor, interior designers give more importance to unfinished reclaimed wood and stones rather than polished sleek burl wood and stones.



The main aim is to make the home look more organic, natural and visually appealing and eye-pleasing.



In this blog, we will explore more rustic house decor ideas that you can implement at your home and make it more appealing and vibrant.




1. DIY Plank Wall

DIY plank wall





It is the most used rustic home decor ideas among other interior designers. However, the best part of it is that you don’t need to hire a designer for it. You can do it by yourself.



You can use planks and paint them with your favorite colors and themes and make your drawing room more beautiful and charming.



Even you can build your planks and use them to decorate a wall. A possibility worth implementing.



2. Rustic Matting

Rustic Matting



Do you have family photos that are worth hanging on the walls? How about placing matting that resembles wood and using them for photos?



It will surely give a meaningful and joyful corner in the room. If you want a rustic bedroom, it can work with such rustic matting.



3. Exposed Beams

exposed beams



The idea of unfinished business works well when it comes to rustic home decor. That’s all about exposed beams to be used in the home interior design.



Well-worn beams are perfect when you want to get a rich feel, architectural and appealing vibe that gives your home a purposeful meaning.



The resulting contrast between your modern home and old rustic feel will surely engage the audience like anything. Also, this idea can be implemented when you are doing industrial decor too, for example, for your factory office or a corporate office.




4. A Farm Table

farm table


How about including a farm table in your dining room. Do not frown! We assure you that it gives a charming feel. Wondering whether it would be an overdo at home? Definitely not!



A rustic farm table is manufactured in a classic, casual, and rugged manner that is perfect for your dining room.



Even if you have a small space there, the rich, rustic texture and natural unfinished wood will give a warm tone to the room.



Additional vintage chairs with matching colors will add the finishing touch to the room.



So don’t think much, give a deconstructed, radiant appeal to the room by adding a farm table to the dining room.



5. An Antique Bed

antique bed



When it comes to rustic bedroom making, how can we forget a bed?



There are antique French beds available which will surely turn your bedroom into a magnificent, rustic place. It will add comfort and convenience by giving the perfect rustic look for your bedroom.



Choose the colors of the bedroom walls and floors delicately and you will have a bedroom that is a perfect mixture of rustic and modern ideas which would redefine simplicity and art.



6. Use Global Accents

use global accents



When you talk about rustic home decor, it does not mean you have to use all the local things that are available to you.



Modern interior designers use global influences to give a new approach and justice to the home decoration.



There are different global accents you can use to make your drawing room or a bedroom more rustic and exotic.



Get baskets, decoration pieces, bowls and other artifacts that resemble global influences. Think out of the box and you will never fall short of artistic ideas.


7. Salvaged Shelves

salvaged shelves

Photo by mercatoantiques.com



When it comes to shabby chic decor for your home, you can always come up with new ideas that can give a rustic impression and superior appearance.



Salvaged shelves in your rustic bedroom or living room can give an undone vibe to your room and make it look more classy, simple and chic. Was it something that you were yearning for since a very long time? Then go for it!



8. A Reclaimed Coffee Table

Rustic table

Photo by shpock.com



Live-edge wood is most widely used to make a modern-rustic interior design for homes. It also strikes a perfect balance between polished and unfinished edges.



For a beautiful rustic living room, a wooden coffee table with a vintage vibe can be a perfect addition to your home.



Smooth surface texture and the natural edge of the wood will give a rugged, simplistic and exotic feel to the room. It can also be considered for industrial decor too.



9. Wooden Flower Planter

Photo by diynetwork.com

Photo by diynetwork.com


For a perfect shabby chic decor for your home, you can also go for wooden flower planter that can be made by yourself. It will give a rustic flair to your porch or patio and will look amazingly brilliant.



All you need to do is to carve out some space for soil and fill it with different types of flowers such as begonias or pansies.



It can also be used in the living room if you have some extra space.

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