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10 Best Fairy Lights To Create A Dreamy Ambiance 10 Best Fairy Lights To Create A Dreamy Ambiance

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10 Best Fairy Lights To Create A Dreamy Ambiance

Written by: Sophie Thompson

These fairy light ideas will give you a beautiful house in no time! Make your space feel warmer and cozier, with minimal effort required.

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Fairy lights are impossible not to like – they’re affordable, can be used in a multitude of ways, and above all are so pretty that it’s almost surreal. New to fairy lights and unsure how to go about using them? Here’s how you can use fairy lights to create a dreamy ambiance in your home:






1. Make A Shining Statement

If there’s a mantra you live by, or even a word which you particularly like – why not use fairy lights to spell ‘em out?  Use string lights and push pins to decorate your wall with words like “hope”, “love”, and all that jazz: it’s a perfect way to wow first-time visitors to your (not so humble) accolade. 



2. Create Feature Pieces

Create Feature Pieces

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash



Go Hollywood by twining small LED lights around the edges of your mirror.  Note, however, that this works best for plain frames, and not so much ones with intricate/elaborate patterns.  Apart from mirrors, you could also consider making these furniture/items the focal point of your room:






Try lining a piano (if you’re like me, it’s old and mostly untouched) with string lights. The purpose this serves is twofold: one, it draws your line of sight to the piano; two, it adds character by giving said instrument a subtle indie touch.  This works for other instruments like music stands, guitars etc too.






Give exposed walls or walls with rough textures a feminine touch by adding string lights.  This works by instantly softening the rougher bits – the end result is a beautified wall.



Rooms With Low Ceilings

For such rooms,  installing proper light structures can often prove to be a difficult, if not impossible, process.  In lieu of wall-mounted light fixtures, try using string lights to illuminate the darker areas/corners of your space for a magical, Harry Potter-esque effect.



3. Have Yourself Your Own Polaroid Wall

polaroids with fairy lights


Have pictures of you and bae from a summer vacation, or snapshots with your family at a BBQ outing?  In this age of quick solutions, polaroids are increasingly preferred over cameras in capturing and replicating precious memories.  Whilst polaroids can be kept in albums, a better way of reminiscing about the good ol’ times is to put pictures on your wall.  The components of a polaroid wall: plenty of string, lots of pegs/blue-tack, and of course some lovely twinkle lights.



4. Light Up A Bottle

fairy lights in a bottle


If you’ve always liked the glow given off by fireflies, this is one DIY project you must try. Probably the simplest and least time-consuming method of the list, repurpose used bottles and containers (of any size and variation) by putting string lights into them.



Apart from serving as environmentally-friendly storage solutions, these also double as really pretty table pieces. Totally justifies the 2-3 minutes of time needed, no?



5. Romance Things With Stars And Constellations



Affix strings of lights to the ceiling; and, for a bohemian touch, add sheer drapes just beneath them. This makes the space feel extra dreamy – almost like a scene out of that Aladdin movie.



While clustered lights look truly amazing, space may at times be limited, or you might not want to keep moving around the room to hang up the lights (the process can get pretty tedious).  If that’s the case, try hanging stars instead – while these don’t give quite the same effect as clustered stars, they are every bit as romantic.



6. Twine It Around Objects




Be in a Christmassy mood all year round, albeit with any plant of your choice. Try twining lights around plant vases, indoor vases, and even tree trunks if you happen to have a garden (lucky you!)



Unsightly Wires

A quick solution for wires that are lying messily around is to wrap them using fairy lights.  This way, not only do they look prettier; the lights serve as a reminder to turn off the main switch after use, too.




Although stairs and window sills don’t seem very exciting, there’s a way to make them more appealing: add fairy lights.  This tiny addition will make ascending the stairs a fun and wondrous process every time.



7. Line Curtains With Fairy Lights

curtains lined with fairy lights


This simple idea lends elegance and sophistication to any room – simply attach fairy lights to the curtain rods of any room.  The shabby chic aesthetic would definitely benefit from this idea.  Although best used for curtains on curtain rods, this works for other types of curtain rods – for example, those hooked onto curtain rings on roller tracks – too.  For an extra-dreamy vibe, we recommend using warm fairy lights.



8. Mix & Match

Mix & Match fairy lights


For something more unconventional, try pairing lights with lights: it’s a gutsy move, but it may well pay off.  Since art is all about harmony and balance, try pairing the small and soft (e.g. small led lights) with larger, industrial kind of lights.  Lights of different tones (warm and cool), however, should never be paired together because the resulting combination will likely cause a headache.



Although light fixtures such as chandeliers are beautiful, not everyone can afford an actual chandelier – this is where your creativity comes in.  Recreate a chandelier by hanging string lights from a hula hoop, or let your imagination run free and explore other combinations.



9. Canvas-Light Installation



If your ceiling is not an option, take things to the canvas instead.  Here are some ideas you can try with a canvas, some tape, print, and an exacto knife: make your own mini constellations, frame your favorite quote with fairy lights… and so much more.



10. Embellish String Lights



For this DIY project, you’ll need the following items: 



  1. Use a marker to make markings on the table tennis balls. Be careful not to make them too large; the table tennis balls might slip off the bulbs otherwise.
  2. With the exacto knife, carefully make ‘X’es which fall within the circumference of the making. Practice is needed, but you’ll get the hang of this soon enough!
  3. After puncturing enough ping pong balls (proportionate to the number of light bulbs), push the bulb carefully into the X. A bit of wiggling might be required for this.
  4. Plug in the string lights and viola! 
  5. (Optional) Decorate the ping pong balls with patterns/images of your choice.



As versatile as they are, fairy lights needn’t be reserved for special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween: they can be used anytime.  A fan of the dreamy vibe given off by Disney movies? Try the above ideas, and let us know how it goes!

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