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How To Make Use Of Large Wall Art In Your Cosy House? How To Make Use Of Large Wall Art In Your Cosy House?

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How To Make Use Of Large Wall Art In Your Cosy House?

Written by: Sophie Thompson

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The world of interior design is in constant flux, especially with new trends swooping up the industry and pushing boundaries every single day.



When it comes to using a large art wall, however, interior designers often tend to treat it as an afterthought.



Large wall art can seem like a bold choice. While choosing how to decorate a space, for most people it comes off as a daunting design choice. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that it can actually set the tone for the whole room and offer a unique design opportunity.



Using large wall art can force you to limit yourself to a specific colour pallet, offering you the chance to decorate the room around the art piece as opposed to the other way around.


wall art infographic



1. A Small Space Doesn’t Need To Be A Challenge

A Small Space Doesn’t Need To Be A Challenge


A small space can often restrict your creative freedom when it comes to decorating your home in unique ways. You’ll find that your options are pretty limited and you may even feel there’s not a lot you can do with the tiny area. However, large wall art is the perfect solution to this problem as it allows you to easily put together a unique design theme to convert the small space into a cosy and inviting place.



Furthermore, if you design your small cosy house around an art piece, you automatically limit yourself to a theme, thereby making the process of making design choices somewhat simpler.



Large wall art can provide you with the opportunity to express your personal style and taste a lot better.



A favourite movie, book or perhaps a favourite place – all kinds of large wall art make for the perfect interior decor that can bring cosiness and warmth to any small space in your home.



Here are some ideas on how you can make use of large wall art in your cosy house.



2. Not All Walls Are Created Equal

Not All Walls Are Created Equal


Your cosy house is probably filled with different sizes of walls, meaning you will need to invest time in selecting the right wall and room to ensure that your large wall art really stands out.



Ensuring you prepare for installation beforehand will allow you to have a much smoother experience in hanging your wall art.



Make sure you choose a wall space that is large enough to support your large wall easily.



3. Reserve Large Canvas Art For Open Spaces

Reserve Large Canvas Art For Open Spaces



Large canvas art is an absolute wonder to look at and it makes a great interior decoration piece.



When it comes to hanging canvas art, be sure to select an open space within your cosy home. This might even mean having to move furniture around.



A good rule of thumb is to use the living room wall or the wall areas between windows. Hanging large canvas art here would add a stylish touch to your room without making the room space feel all cluttered.



4. Don’t Neglect The Wall In The Kitchen

Most people ignore the kitchen wall altogether and that space entirely. When you have a cosy house, making efficient use of space is very important and ignoring the kitchen wall just isn’t an option.



The kitchen wall makes a great space for hanging cool paintings. Once you’ve selected a large piece from your collection of cool paintings that you like, you can simply hang on the kitchen wall.



You’ll find that the space above cabinets and countertops usually are great for hanging paintings.



5. Art For The Space Above Your Bed

Art For The Space Above Your Bed


Your bedroom is a space where you’ll be spending most of your time.



Adding some life and colour to your bedroom space by hanging large wall art above your bed can brighten up your room and often add a minimal look to the whole without making it look over-crowded.



There are several art ideas that you can use for your large wall art of your bedroom.



Most people go for someone that reflects a relaxing mood.



Some other art ideas include going for something minimal or perhaps abstract pieces.



The point is to keep the large wall art in line with your theme. Usually, neutral tones and soothing colors work best in the bedrooms.



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6. Even Better: Arrange The Room Around The Art

Arrange The Room Around The Art


We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve bought a large wall art with enthusiasm but hanging it in the small space of our cozy home has proven to be an unexpected challenge.



For times like these, you can shift your design approach entirely. Instead of fitting the wall art to your room, arrange your room around your art.



Arranging your room around your art will make it easier for you to not only find appropriate space for your large art piece but also make the process of arranging other items within the room a whole lot easier.



For those who are renovating, the art makes the choice of the colour palette for your theme all on its own.



Once you’ve gone through art ideas (remember to take your time and invest in a piece that you like) and decided on wall art, just use the colours and the tones in the painting as a guide to decide how to decorate the rest of your room.



Buy drapes that contrast with the art piece, or perhaps furniture that goes really well with the art piece. Whatever you end up doing, remember to make efficient use of space to avoid over-crowding.



Installing large wall art in a cosy home may seem challenging at first, but once you start evaluating your options it actually forces you to make some excellent design choices.



Whether you are going for a minimal look or a warm inviting one, your options are not as limited as you may think. Small space can force you to take your time not only while investing in the wall art but also while decorating the rest of your home around it.



Just remember to keep the size of the wall in mind when making a purchase – you don’t want to spend money on a painting that doesn’t fit your wall.

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