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60 Space-Saving Floating Desk For Your Home Office 60 Space-Saving Floating Desk For Your Home Office

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60 Space-Saving Floating Desk For Your Home Office

Written by: Daniel Carter

These floating desk options would make great additions to your office! Studying, working and learning has never been so comfortable nor productive.

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When space is limited, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative. Sure, you may have to compromise when it comes to certain things, but you most definitely don’t have to live in misery.



In small spaces, floating furniture such as floating desks are your best friend. A floating desk provides you with the necessary support without infringing too much on space. There are a wide variety of designs and styles of floating desks that you can choose from, according to your needs.




This industrial floating desk comes in 2 different variations (14-inches and 16-inches) and is ideal for people who have a lot of files and stationery to deal with. Not only is this product a table, it also comprises 2 shelves which allow you to store home office items in a stylish manner, and access them whenever you want. 




Featuring a minimalistic yet modern design, this floating desk is an all-rounder that is sure to make being productive easier. Although self-assembly is required, the process isn’t difficult and the desk can be mounted securely to a wall using heavy anchors. Moreover, the product provides you with plenty of shelf space on top, with the open compartments at the bottom perfect for storing smaller items like stationery.




Not only is this Prepac floating table easy to assemble, it’s also super sturdy and supports up to 80 pounds of weight. Made from laminated wood, it’s both stain-proof and water-proof.  This 2-piece set also consists of a floating hutch. All in all, it is an excellent purchase for tight spaces.




It is a folding desk that is mounted to the wall. Just push the desk downwards after you are done working. It is sturdy as it is made up of high-quality materials via environment-friendly methods. It may not seem like it but, the desk can support a considerable amount of weight for longer periods of time.




The Wangyihan work desk is a folding desk and a floating desk in one. Just mount in on your wall and fold it when you do not need to use it.




The product is a very convenient work desk and can be folded away when not needed. It is sturdy, durable, and wear-resistant. All in all, it is a great purchase for a narrow home office space.




If you are into a more traditional look then the Lorell Executive floating desk is ideal for you. The table is adjustable and is supported by aluminum brackets which stabilizes it.




Durable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly; the QIMO folding desk is a great space saver. All you have to do is mount it on the wall, and fasten or lose its hinges to set or fold the table, respectively.




Sunningdale has introduced the ultimate space-saving folding desk which is a cupboard that opens into a work desk. Moreover, on the side, you get a storage area with multiple shelves to store your items of use.




The WWXX computer floating desk is made of durable wood. It does not wear off nor does it deform. The product can be closed and folded upon need, all you have to do is assemble and mount it on the wall. Moreover, you can cop this floating desk in various sizes which vary from 60 x30 cm to 80 x 40 cm.




This wall-mounted floating/ folding desk is ideal for very small spaces. It does not provide you with a lot of space but still gets the job done.




The elegant yet, the efficient product is a floating desk and folding in one. It is stylish but, also very sturdy. The work desk is not to be mounted on the wall but rather attached to a sleek drawer where you can store your cords, files, and stationery.




This folding desk is ideal for a super small studio apartment where one room is your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and office. Take your office anywhere in your place according to your comfort. The desk is adjustable and can be easily folded away when not in use. 




The corner folding desk by Cassaottima is a great investment for medium-sized home office spaces. It is shaped like the alphabet ‘L’ which makes it easier to fit in random nook and corners. Moreover, it has an extra foldable tabletop that you can use for putting your food, drinks, decoration, plants, stationery or anything else that you deem fit. The desk is made from sturdy materials like sandalwood and thick metal frames. Due to its, manufacturing material and shape, you do not have to worry about it collapsing due to weight. Furthermore, for your ease, the product comes with a comprehensive instruction manual for assembly.  



The product looks like a cupboard but opens up into a sturdy work desk. The best part is that when you open it, you are greeted with multiple storage shelves where you can store your books, files, and stationery. What more can you ask for?




The multipurpose game table can be used for various activities. This foldable desk is designed to support all your work items whilst avoiding your workspace from looking cluttered.




Simple yet, modern is the best way to define this folding desk. It comes with an extra tabletop to store your other work essentials.



The foldable desk comes with three different compartments such as, a drink compartment, a file holder, and a small drawer to store your stationery items. The desk is spacious enough to support your laptop, mouse, and a few other nitty-gritty items. The foldable brackets are durable and can support weight for long periods.




The folding desk is ideal for a cooped up space where you can’t even install a wall-mounted work desk. Take it out whenever you need it, and fold it away when you are done. Moreover, the product is adjustable and flexible which makes it ideal for a moving home office.




This is your typical floating table but, with a fun and elegant design. Mount it to your wall and fold it away when you don’t need it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about it wearing off or collapsing due to weight because it has been manufactured with high-quality and safe materials. Furthermore, the stainless steel brackets provide great support.




The foldable floating desk comes with a separate folding compartment for your mouse which you can use for various other purposes as well. For instance, you can use it to put your stationery or drink, etc. Moreover, a fan is installed at the bottom of the desk that will prevent your laptop from heating. No need to assemble the desk. All you have to do is rotate, adjust, and lock it in place. The best part is that it is lightweight which makes it very travel friendly.




The folding desk is ideal for studio apartments and college dorms. It takes very little space and supports your absolute necessities like your laptop and the files and stationery that you need on hand. You can also use it as a standing desk and fold it away when not needed. Moreover, the table comes in five sizes and has a wine glass rack attached below that you can use for multiple purposes. Remember to be creative with what you have.




The stylish and sleek desk is ideal for people who believe in keeping their place trendy even if it is cramped up. The folding desk is made from waterproof and high-quality wood. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches and high temperature so you don’t have to worry about your heated laptop eroding the lamination. You can find this desk in 8 different sizes.




The wall-mounted floating is sturdy and durable. It is manufactured from high-quality wood and the texture is smooth and clear. Moreover, the desk is available in two sizes such as, 70 x 45 cm and 100 x 45 cm so you can choose according to your space needs.




The wooden floating desk opens up into a beautiful and stylish work desk that is spacious enough to put your laptop and a few essentials. It is truly made for a cramped up space and for someone who does not require a lot on their desk. The material is durable, safe, and rugged. Moreover, the product is easy to assemble and install. Additionally, it can be used as a dining table and for various other purposes as well.




The foldable/ floating desk is great from someone looking for not only a space-saver feature but an adjustable home office desk as well. It is unique, portable, and is manufactured from premium quality materials. You can easily fold it up and move it anywhere you like with the help of its four tires. 




The floating desk opens into a tabletop and small storage for your immediate files and documents. You can work without the worry of your tabletop breaking or your items tipping off because the product has been manufactured from high-quality solid wood and steel brackets. 




This is the typical wall-mounted floating desk that you fold away when not needed. If it fits your style, space, and budget then it is a great purchase.




The floating table has been constructed from high-quality wood which makes it a sturdy and durable investment. Moreover, the stainless steel brackets further add to the durability and strength of the desk which makes it possible for you to work without any worry.




The convenient floating desk is an extension of your bed. Don’t worry about your items tipping over because the desk is thick enough to deal with the weight for long periods.





An industrial-inspired floating desk that works with any wall space. Here’s a desk that shows sturdy workmanship with a rustic appeal for that old-time appeal. Made from thick table plank wood and hefty looking sturdy iron brackets. Which are hand stained and with an unpolished look for that steampunk feel. All-inclusive packaging makes assembly easy and quick.




Super slim design making this product look as if it’s floating on a white-walled background. Made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. This office essential floating desk comes with a multi-functional keyboard tray and a non-woven bin. All materials and instructions included making assembly quick and easy.




This is the table specifically designed for areas with limited spaces. A floating desk that folds away when not needed is essential for small offices. Made with butcher block wood that is UV coated for that sleek look. Then there’s it’s easy to latch and release, mounting bracket made from steel with a 500lb lifting rating. More than suitable for bearing any heavy load for office or home use.



When space is so limited that working in bed is the only option. This product will provide adequate desk space for a laptop and mouse with a pad. It even has space for your drink and phone. Made with high quality and sturdy materials, this product will last as long as you need it. Small enough that it’s easily storable, place it on the side of your bed or on top while not in use. Multi-functional enough to be of help at any time to accommodate any of your work equipment.





A surprisingly dual-purpose hanging shelf that works as a hanging table as well. Place it chest high on your wall and this product works as a floating shelf. But hang it low to turn it into a floating table and top shelf for work or study. It even works as a standing work desk with a floating monitor stand, by simply inverting the hanging table. Made of laminated particleboard this table is both strong and reliable. All-inclusive materials and anchoring kit plus instructions making installation quick and easy.





Drop leaf design has always been the go-to design for small spaces. This product provides the efficiency of small space use with high productivity. Wall mounting means it can be placed anywhere within your home. Add additional table space for your living room, bedroom, or home office. Made of high-quality MDF, environmentally friendly, durable, and can withstand a considerable amount of load. Inclusive of detailed assembly instructions, making assembly work as fast as within half an hour. Maintenance is even easier: wipe clean it with a clean, damp cloth.





This product is a current trendsetter for the main sala table with a floating desk. This product also works as a floating desk with storage. Made of composite wood with a Melamine Veneer Finish for that professional look. This central table features a pop-up top to reveal hidden storage space. The top lifts up and forward creating a versatile work surface so you can surf the web or eat dinner while relaxing on your couch. The high-quality mechanism enables the tabletop to be lifted up or lowered down effortlessly and noiselessly.




Another super slim design that provides multiple utility and space-saving features. This product slides in and out of your sofa’s sides to provide additional table surface. It even swivels 180 degrees to provide an angular table space. It also contains 2 tier shelving for keeping your equipment and reading materials close at hand. Made from sturdy composite wood and iron pipes that are powder coated for rust proofing.




Another floating desk that can double as shelving or a floating surface for any function. Made of high-quality stainless steel will not rust. The 4-mm thick stainless steel precision brushed finish makes this item durable and dependable. Will work best with both composite boards and solid wood. Includes screws and anchors for easy installation.




A desk designed more for its aesthetics than it’s functionality. A contemporary of mid-century modern style, this is a stunning walnut brown finish with brass metal accent wall display shelf. Made from solid wood with a long-lasting finish and heavy-duty metal wire supports for a long-lasting product.




A wall-mounted ladder styled desk with storage is a perfect solution for small areas. Stylish and functional the desk accommodates desktop computers or laptops both for home or work use. The extra storage also works as office materials or research materials storage. Made of composite wood with nutmeg laminate for that rustic look. And powder finished metal frames for that long-lasting sturdy product design.




Current ergonomic standards suggest standing should be an option for any office worker. As such the floating adjustable workstation allows you to find a healthy balance between sitting and standing at the office. This riser or floating desktop workstation allows space for most monitors and accessories for easy reach. Designed with a robust lift system along with hefty weight capacity, this product can withstand shifting and wobbling while working. Made of high-quality, sturdy materials with little to no-assembly needed.




Uber slim and simple stylish design yet functional and suitable for any room that has limited space. Manufactured from composite wood and PVC tubes. Fits anyone’s budget and space. It features a CPU storage shelf, an elevated shelf for a compact printer or any other stationery decor. Includes materials and assembly instructions.




A floating side nightstand that is also eco-friendly. This product is a large bedside desk caddy made from eco-wood, bamboo. Specially designed with USB ports to charge devices simultaneously 5V/2A charger cable cord that securely hooks in your laptop or phone charger for easy access and a spill-proof cup holder. This product attaches to bed frames and fixes it with adjustable clamps, their hold is firm and sturdy. This item has felt-tip washers around the screws that help in avoiding damaging your bed frame. No installation or assembly is required.




Require an additional surface in your bedroom for work or study but don’t have space for a nightstand? Bedside floating shelves are your next best options. Spacious enough and sturdy to hold your laptop and phone, thus making them easy to reach for and work on. This product’s made of natural materials that are eco-friendly. Does not need any assembly just mount and use. It even features a modern Scandinavian minimalist design with 2 wire slots for charging.




This product is a floating L-shaped, corner desk, thus providing ergonomic space for your arm to rest while you work. Provides extra office desktop or dining area and folds down when not needed. Constructed with durable MDF chipboards and coated with elegant, safe lacquer finish. Convenient and easy assembly with minimal maintenance, just wipe clean with a damp cloth.




A hefty and sturdy floating wall shelving with a modern minimalist look. This product is great for adding additional table space in any of your rooms. It’s a working desk with a smart design that can be mounted on the wall to save space. Made of high-quality MDF construction provide lasting durability and safe storage for a variety of items. All instructions and materials included making installation quick and easy.




The floating desk of the future displays a modern contemporary style, coupled with state-of-the-art materials. Made of engineered hollow core particle board which gives the table extra strength. Then topping with a melamine laminate for that long-lasting gleaming finish. Finally paneling both sides with ultramodern designed tempered glass legs. So simple to assemble it only takes three steps.




One of the most common floating desk ideas is drop-leaf. Not only does it save space but it also brings a variable amount of desktop, depending on your needs. This product in particular provides large enough space for use as a computer desktop or office table. It can also be utilized as a utility table for craftwork. Made with durable materials and high-quality construction this product can support weight up to 30 lbs. Great for indoor use due to its highly stylized mirror-polished finish.




Ultra-minimalist floating desk design for working while you sit or stand. A space-saving workstation is great for laptops, micro-desktop computers, or for use as a writing or studying space. This product has a multi-level adjustment for height and comfortability. It also epitomizes easy and quick install since it only requires a couple of screws to install. Multi-level adjustment is also easy due to its thumb screw lock.




Stilt legs make this huge yet ergonomic table adept to a floating desk workstation. Made with a wide 60 inch L-shape carbon fiber textured desktop. Large enough to hold on top all your computer and peripheral equipment plus more. Pullout keyboard and mouse drawer make it easy and ergonomic to control your mouse and keyboard. Product also comes equipped with an integrated power strip storage box plus two cable grommets. This provides easy access to a power supply and control over your myriad of wires. A great product for any power gamer.




A floating desk riser is an ergonomic answer to an otherwise stiff table. Created with premium matte MDF wood to add a nice smooth finish to the surface material. This product also features gas springs and a heavy-duty aluminum frame that can comfortably support up to 33 lbs of gear. Besides, a pre-set grommet hole allows for the simple installation of an external monitor mount for heightened capabilities. Improve health and posture by making in-office meetings more interactive and accessible with this sit-stand desk a staple in the modern workplace.




A great dual monitor sit-stand desk riser that helps for correct ergonomic posture while working. Accessories any sit-down desk into either a sitting or standing desk. The gas strut design allows quick and easy adjustments of a desk and monitors height with a twist of a knob. The mounting bracket can hold up to two 24″ wide monitors of up to 11 lbs each or a single monitor located in the middle of the bracket.




A floating desk idea that can work even when you’re outdoors. It’s an extraordinary new product for expanding your outdoor Leisure living. This item is a 36″ half-square table with drop leaf, gate-leg design. A total space saver that sets up in an Instant and is practically 100% mobile. Folds flat against the wall when not in use or for easy storage. Constructed with strong, durable acacia hardwood that can withstand the elements Year after Year.




An ideal floating desktop computer table set that easily fits your small space. The convenient wall-mount design allows easy access to work for comfort. High-quality A1 grade high-density board, easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth. Flatpack and easy to assemble. Only part assembly is required. The simple design also offered large storage space under the desktop where you can comfortably stretch your legs. Inclusive of all assembly instructions and materials.




A floating desk with drawer design for a minimalist environment. The convenient wall-mount design allows easy access to work for comfort. Made of an artificial board that is varnished with different color options. Can be fixed to the wall with a secure fastener at any level you want. All required mounting hardware is included along with installation instructions.




Another stilt-legged L-shaped desk making it seem like a floating desk. This L-shaped gaming desk is made out of Eco-friendly P2 particle board. This desk material is moisture-proof and scratch-resistant. It also features height-adjustable foot cups to keep the legs in the same height and stable. The package includes all the necessary tools and instructions for quick and easy assembly.




Variable stick legged tables make for great floating desks, as such, this product. The Nathan James rustic floating console table makes for an instant desktop whenever and wherever needed. The walnut brown wood table top can match any chair color while X-shaped solid wood base ensures stability. For everyday use always keep the table leaves folded and when needed open them up to accommodate up to six guests. Great use for accommodating people in a meeting. Easy and quick 20-minute assembly required.




The answer for a quick and easy computer desktop requirement. This floating desktop is full-featured and is suitable for any room with limited computer space. Great for ergonomic use, it helps to promote a posture between sitting and standing and a healthy working style. It also features a silent pull keyboard and mouse drawer. Constructed with a wood-based panel type particle board with melamine laminate. This makes this product easy to maintain and easy to clean.




This is a modern yet eco-alternative riser for your desk or wall mount. An alternative design concept for the most contemporary product that saves desktop space. This product easily adjusts between sitting and standing with a 15 slot ladder unit for your desk planks. Handmade in Cape Town South Africa from high-quality premium Baltic Birch plywood material. Engineered for quick and easy assembly, then simply unclip for easy storage.



So, which one of these floating desks is your favorite? Get your hands on one of these to resolve your storage issues without compromising much on your home office.


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