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30 Best Desk Shelves To Store Your Office Supplies 30 Best Desk Shelves To Store Your Office Supplies

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30 Best Desk Shelves To Store Your Office Supplies

Written by: Henry Campbell

Office desk shelves are a great way to declutter your home workspace. Check out our picks for top 30 desk shelves you can find online.

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A cluttered desk is the last thing you need when you are trying to get work done. In fact, a clutter-free workspace will actually improve your productivity levels and help you get more things done. With more and more people embracing the remote work mentality, the need for an organized workspace has grown tremendously. This is especially true for people who have a tiny apartment or a small home where organization becomes a big challenge. 



If you are struggling to organize your workspace, a desk shelf may just be the thing for you. Desk shelves make organization easier, especially if you have a small office desk. If you work from home, your office desk probably has office essentials like papers, files, notebooks, pens, paperclips, sticky notes, and more. While this may not seem like a lot on the surface, it can quickly turn into a huge pile of distracting clutter if you leave things unorganized. This is why office desk shelves are a great way to organize your small office desk. Moreover, they are perfect for storing both small and large items because they are specifically designed as a storage for office supplies.



Let’s take a look at some of the top 30 desk shelves available online! Read through our picks and see if you can find something you like. 




First on the list is this office desk organizer by PENGKE that features eco-friendly natural wood. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble right out of the box. You can adjust the two main parts of this desktop organizer to make sure the size fits well on your desk space. Overall, this office desktop organizer is great for storing books, papers, paperweights, and more. 





This desk organizer by Jerry & Maggie features non-toxic natural wood with dark finishes. If you’re looking for a modern and chic wood desktop shelf, this one by Jerry & Maggie is a wonderful option to consider. You can store your office supplies like books, documents, and even your plants. Additionally, this wood desktop shelf is super lightweight and sturdy. 




Another wonderful space-saving wooden desk organizer that you can get for your home office. This desktop organizer features a Melamine board. Moreover, you would be happy to know that it is made out of 100% recycled material. This desktop bookshelf is great for storing your office supplies and potted plants that will add a little bit of color to your workspace. 





These over the desk shelf would make a great addition to your office space. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also super sturdy because it features heavy-duty wood and metal brackets. Moreover, this over the desk shelf is super easy to install. Another great advantage of this office storage shelf is that it can also be installed in the living room. It’s highly versatile and can be used to store a myriad of items. 




Over-the-desk shelves are a great option to consider when looking to invest in effective office storage. However, even a simple elegant wooden desk storage rack can do wonders for your workspace at times. For example, this wood desktop shelf by Tilemall is not only gorgeous to look at, but is also super easy to assemble and multi-functional. You can even use it for your kitchen or living room area if you feel like it. 



It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to over desk storage shelves. With solid and durable construction, this two-tier wooden over-the-desk storage shelf is perfect for any home office. 



Moreover, the shelf offers enough space for you to store plants, office supplies, books, documents, and more. The shelf also features an industrial water pipe laptop desk for you to use while working. Overall, this particular desk with over-desk storage shelves is a good investment to make for your productivity. 



If you are in the mood for something more minimal, these over-the-desk shelves by Fytz Design Store are a great buy. They are unique in style, easy to install, and compatible with all wall types. In fact, they can fit perfectly on drywalls, brick walls, concrete, and hollow block walls. Additionally, you get over-the-desk shelves, hooks, level anchors, a template installation sheet, and screws upon purchase. 



This wooden over-the-desk shelf is as aesthetically pleasing as wooden shelves get. If you are thinking of getting yourself over the desk shelves for your office space, be sure to give these EdenseelLake floating wall shelves a try. They are multi-functional: you can use them to organize books, documents, files, and any other useful office supplies that you often use. If you have a small desk and need shelves that won’t take up extra space, get these! 




This kind of desktop organizer is the perfect addition to any office space. If you are looking to purchase office storage, the Hossejoy wood adjustable desktop storage organizer is a good option. It features a very dark brown natural wood. The color is perfect for any office space regardless of the rest of the decor. This desktop organizer will fit right in without a problem. Like most desk organizers, this shelf also has two separate pieces that can be adjusted for your desk space. 



Vintage shelves have a charm of their own. This shelf is perfect for vintage or muted office spaces that use neutral tones in their interior decor. The rustic wood texture of this particular storage shelf is actually a result of an MDF board and black matte paint. It is primarily listed as a printer stand for offices but it works equally well for storing other office supplies like papers, documents, paperweights, paper clips, pencil cases, sticky notes, and other similar items. 



Another rustic desktop organizer graces our list. This monitor stand features shelves that can be used for desk organization. Moreover, the monitor stand improves your posture and relieves any kind of back pressure. This shelf is super stable and features durable wood. There is enough space to tuck your mouse and keyboard underneath the organizer. You can use the top for placing files, papers, or just for putting sticky notes. 



This desk organizer features a neutral finish that easily allows it to blend in with the rest of the office decor. Moreover, it offers remarkable storage capacity and does not take that much space on the desk either. You can keep all your office supplies within an arm’s reach with this desk organizer. Furthermore, it features natural bamboo wood, making it eco-friendly and renewable. 



If you have your office desk placed in a corner somewhere, this desk organizer will make your life easy with its adjustable design. Any odd angles or corners are no issue at all. You can simply adjust this shelf and have it placed on your desk.  The desktop organizer also comes with three drawers that you can use to store smaller office essentials like paper clips, pens, rulers, markers, etc. 



Multi-functional stands by HUANUO features a double-tier design. You can use the top to store your printer, while the bottom shelf is great for storing office supplies. Moreover, the shelf has a Z-shape design which is modern yet classy. This particular organizer comes with a five-year warranty so it’s a good deal overall. Additionally, the shelf also features some trays at the bottom that is great for storing loose papers or files. 




Natural wood desktop storage shelf for your office space is a good option to consider when looking for desk organizers. This shelf is a great option since it can be pulled and adjusted using its two-part design. This particular shelf is perfect for storing books, pens, papers, and files that you may have lying around on your office desk. Additionally, this particular storage organizer also comes in various different colors from beige and brown to dark grey. 





Made out of melamine board, this particular desktop bookshelf is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. The space-saving design allows you to remove clutter from your desk easily. Moreover, the bookshelf features five different compartments that can be used to store different office essentials from the very big to the very small. The design is truly remarkable in the sense that it allows you to store everything from books to smaller items like a clock, a small potted plant, or a pencil case. 



This shelves for desk is a great corner shelf for any home office workspace. Olive upgrade 3-tier desktop organizer features a very stable design. Moreover, it also comes with small anti-slip plastic feet. This way, your organizer stays grounded and doesn’t move or slide on your desk. This is a great buy with easy installation and long-term durability all packed in one. 



Books can sometimes be hard to organize, especially if you have a small office space with a tiny desk. After all, you want to make sure that your desk space doesn’t get all used up by books alone. Fortunately, you can easily store all your books right on your desk neatly with this classic desk bookshelf organizer. No need to leave the desk to run to the bookshelf to retrieve your books: simply place this desk shelf on your table and you’re good to go. 



This is a minimal shelf that is perfect for those who do not want something extra big and complex situated on their desktops. This simple Designer Suites Shelf by Fellowes is vertical in design and takes the least amount of space on your desk. Capable of holding diverse items like books, staplers, and other office essentials, this minimal desk organizer can declutter your workspace in no time. 



If you haven’t guessed already, we are huge fans of desk bookshelves. This particular one is an absolute favorite for its elegant white textures and minimal design. It is perfect for desks that lack upper shelving. If you want to utilize more space on your desk, get this bookshelf and start decluttering your space immediately. This way, you’ll have plenty of space for important items like your laptop and other devices. 



Pipishell Store’s bookshelf for desktop is not only amazing to look at, but it’s also super convenient in terms of the storage space it can offer. Made out of bamboo, this desk organizer is capable of holding anything from books, papers, and files to pencil cases, potted plants, and even your morning coffee cup. Moreover, this bookshelf is adjustable so you can flex or shrink the bookshelf to suit your needs. 



A shelf that features drawers? What more could one ask for in the office? This desktop organizer has natural wood in its design that makes it eco-friendly, durable, and easy on the eyes. Interestingly enough, the drawers on this desk shelf are irregular. That does not only make for a cool and highly unique design, but it also makes the shelf useful for small desks where space is limited. 



If drawers are something you’re after for your desktop shelf, this particular one by Maydear will make your life easier. A modern design, this desktop organizer is made out of bamboo material which is eco-friendly, strong, and long-lasting. Moreover, the design is simple and elegant with two storage drawers integrated. 



Desk shelves that also offer storage space for your laptop and other electronic devices are usually a rare find. A bamboo monitor stand that comes with shelves, HOMECHO outdid themselves this time. This desk shelf has a no-slip design so your monitor screen or laptop stays in place. Moreover, this wooden desk shelf offers ample storage space without being too big itself, thanks to its simple yet clever design. 



If you own a large home office and are looking for something that would store your office supplies while adding to the overall decor of your workspace, this storage shelf by Famgizmo is a good option. This over-the-desk shelf is built incredibly well with its sturdy construction and double bookshelf design that provides easy access while working. Furthermore, the shelf also comes with an in-built computer desk that you can use. 



Made out of wrought-iron pipes and a wooden back frame, this desk organizer is minimal and modern at the same time. If you are into steampunk or vintage decor, this desktop shelf will quickly become your favorite. You can store books, clocks, pencil cases, paperweights, plants, and more on this gorgeous desk shelf. 




This desktop organizer offers expandable storage. It’s highly useful for storing papers, scissors, staplers, and other office-related stationery. Moreover, it is also great for holding small potted plants to brighten up your office space with some natural flair. 




Black truly has a charm of its own. Made out of non-toxic, green, and healthy materials, this desktop organizer is just as useful as it is beautiful. With enough space to store books and office stationery, the shelf is easy to maintain. Moreover, it is very lightweight so you will not have a problem moving it around. 




Another easy-to-install and use the desk shelf for your home office is on this list. This one is by JulieHomes and is super sturdy in construction. Moreover, the shelf is perfect for home offices that make use of fax machines and printers more often. This shelf will easily hold all your papers and documents. 



Organize your books and office stationery using this beautiful wooden bookshelf. It is available in a single color: white. It also offers plenty of storage space so you can store several books of varying sizes without any hassle. Additionally, this desk bookshelf is scratch-proof so it will last you a long time. 



You’ve made it to the end! We hope you found something you liked from our comprehensive list. Desk shelves for a home workspace are highly useful and you simply can’t go wrong by purchasing one. Be sure to take into account your desk space, your storage needs, and your budget before you go and make an investment. 

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