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30 Best Fireproof Safe Options (In 2022) 30 Best Fireproof Safe Options (In 2022)

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30 Best Fireproof Safe Options (In 2022)

Written by: Sophia Turner

Get the best fireproof safe options this 2020 to protect your valuables, as well as some helpful insights on how you can choose a good fireproof safe.

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Fire is something that sends chills down one’s spine just by the thought of it. It can destroy literally everything you’ve worked for without mercy and your only option would be to start all over. During a fire, you call 9-1-1 then hope that they get there before everything turns to ashes. But, while running out, you’ll need to collect your important documents.



In cases where you’re not around and your place gets burnt, it simply means that you’ve lost everything and would need to start from scratch. To prevent such circumstances, you’d need to fully protect your documents with a fireproof safe. These fireproof safes not only protect your documents and valuables from fire but from theft as well. Whatever your personal preference might be, here are 30 best fireproof safe options.



SentrySafe SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe is not just a fireproof safe, but an extremely secure safe that’s impact-resistant and waterproof. It has a verified 60 minutes fire protection rating of up to 1700°F that guarantees the survival of your valuables in a roaring blaze.



SentrySafe offers a lifetime replacement for any situation where your safe gets damaged by fire or water. The SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe has been tested and proven to be capable of keeping out up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours during a flood. It is also impact-resistant which means even if it falls from a height of up to 1 feet, it will remain securely closed. This safe is as tough and reliable as a standard safe should be. The dial combination lock is the most reliable and secure way you can use to secure your valuables.



A gun safe is the best place to keep your weapons away from would-be thieves and also to prevent children from causing harm to themselves with dangerous weapons. This safe is child-proof, theft-proof, and fireproof that you can use to store your precious collections. It is a large, stable gun safe featuring a 24 cubic foot interior storage capacity and it’s 55 inches tall weighing over 300 pounds. At the high end on the door, totally out of children’s reach, lies its lock — a backlit electronic lock.



The steel door of the 24-Gun Fireproof safe is locked in place of three 1 inch bolts that the electronic lock or backup emergency key can unlock. The fireproof rating for this safe before the temperature of the interior reaches a dangerous and destructive level is 1200°F for 30 minutes. It also features a shelf and cubby storage system that is height adjustable.




SentrySafe EF4738E Locker Safe is a small safe with a weight of about 217 pounds that resembles a gun safe. It features heavy-duty steel storage shelves and a short carpeted interior that helps protect your household valuables and business materials from getting scratched when placed on a bare metal surface. You can store hundreds of silver and hold in this safe without it bending or breaking. This safe features bolt-down hardware that helps prevent anyone from loading it into a dolly and taking it away.



The SentrySafe EF4738E’s has an up to snuff fire protection rate with a 72 hours waterproof seal. To help keep the steel door securely closed when the locks are engaged, the SentrySafe features four thick deadbolts and five live-locking bolts. With the keypad lock, you can set your own digital combination and if by chance it gets damaged during a fire outbreak, you can use the emergency physical key as well to unlock your safe and get all your items.



First Alert 2087F Bolt-Down Combination Safe is a small, solid fireproof, waterproof, and pry-proof safe. It prevents thieves from easily carrying it away, as it is bolted down to your floor.



For a small safe, it has quite a spacious storage capacity. It features an override key that’s solely used for emergency, probably when you lock yourself out. Although, its combination lock is secure. The FirstAlert 2087F’s pry-proof concealed hinges feature discourages and resists forced entry with a crowbar. The rating for it being fireproof is 1700°F for up to 60 minutes. Its storage capacity is up to 0.94 cubic feet.




The SentrySafe Small SFW082F Digital Keypad Safe is just like SentrySafe SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe and SentrySafe SFW082CTB Small Dial Combination Safe, but this safe uses a battery-powered keypad instead of a mechanical dial combination lock. The decision to choose between this one and the dial variant depends on personal preference.



SentrySafe Small SFW082F has a storage capacity of 0.82 cubic feet. Its fireproof rating is 1700°F for up to 60 minutes. It is impact-resistant which means even if it falls from a height of up to 15 feet, it will remain securely closed. It has been tested and proven to be capable of keeping out up to 5 inches of water for 24 hours during a flood.



Stack-On PFS-019-BG-E Personal Steel Safe features a customizable digital password of about 3 to 8 characters with a silent entry option. The password can either be easy or difficult to open depending on how you decide. It also features a backup key for emergencies. When the battery on the electronic lock is low, the safe warns you. Although it is a small safe it’s on the larger end, with a 2 cubic feet storage capacity. Its interior is padded with soft materials to prevent your valuables from getting scratched when placed on the bare metal surface.



The Stack-On PFS-019-BG-E features two height-adjustable carpeted shelves. It was built strong and tamper-resistant with welded-steel construction and 2-way locking action with 2 solid-steel live-action bolts and 2 deadbolts. Its rating for being fireproof is 1400°F for up to 30 minutes. The door is capable of opening beyond 180 degrees so you can easily access the contents of your safe.



The Honeywell 2605 Fireproof Safe is a fireproof and waterproof safe that can pull off as a standard safe. It is 2 hours fireproof safe with up to 1750°F. For its waterproofing, it can stay under 2 inches of water for 8 hours. If you’re looking for a small safe with the best fireproof protection, then this safe is your best option. Its concealed hinges and recessed doors help it in preventing people from getting access to your safe.



The Honeywell 2605 features a programmable backlit keypad lock that gives you the opportunity to customize your access code. It has an alarm that gets triggered when several failed access code entry attempts are made, or when the safe is accidentally tilted during a possible robbery or when it is dropped. This safe comes with a 7 years warranty and a lifetime replacement guarantee after a fire.



SentrySafe SFW082CTB Small Dial Combination Safe is a smaller sibling to the SentrySafe SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe possessing the same features it has. In the small safes market, this safe offers supreme security with simple yet solid construction. It features a storage capacity of up to 0.82 cubic feet. It is 60 minutes fireproof safe with up to 1700°F.



The SentrySafe SFW082CTB has been verified to feature a waterproof seal of protection for about 24 hours with a depth of 5 inches. To aid strong security during a fire, this safe features a preset dial combination with three live-locking bolts, steel construction, pry-resistant hinge bar, tray, and bolt-down hinges. SentrySafe offers a lifetime replacement for any situation where your safe gets damaged by fire or water.



Steelwater AMSWS-1000C Gun Safes Office Safe is a direct competition to the SentrySafe EF4738E Locker Safe, one of our top picks for a large fireproof safe. Both have almost the same dimensions. The Steelwater AMSWS-1000C features a storage capacity of up to 4.36 cubic feet. It is 120 minutes fireproof safe with up to 1850°F interlocking drawer. These safe shelves are both adjustable and removable, and the drawer has a key lock at the top of the safe.




SentrySafe SFW205CWB is a very secure large fireproof safe with enough room. Inside, it can fit multiple shelves and/or bins. It weighs about 124.8 pounds. Since it is waterproof, fireproof, intruder proof, and drop-proof, it is the perfect safe option. It has a mechanical lock which makes it a lot harder for anyone to break into and it also spares you the stress of changing out batteries.



The SentrySafe SFW205CWB lock is a combination-styled lock that is just like the type found on an old locker in high school. If by any chance, you forgot your combination, the secondary key of this safe can be used to unlock it. It usually comes with a bolt-down kit so you can bolt it to the floor or wall as it helps prevent someone from stealing it. This safe can fall from a height of more than 15 feet and still be intact. Its waterproof rating states that it can stay up to 24 hours submerged underwater. While, for its fireproof rating, it is 1700°F for up to an hour.




SentrySafe CHW20221 Fireproof Safe is a budget-friendly, small fireproof safe great for storing documents and other small objects. It weighs about 20 pounds with a storage space of up to 0.28 cubic feet. This safe is so portable and lightweight that it can be picked up by children without causing any harm to them. Even in an occurrence of a fire outbreak, you can easily grab it when running out of the building. It has a fireproof rating of up to 30 minutes and a waterproof rating of up to 72 hours.



The Steelwater AMSWS-1750C Gun Safes XXL Office Safe is perfect for large office safes. Crates of important documents and other materials are to be kept in a fireproof container, so this safe is one of your best options. It weighs about 1254 pounds featuring two doors, two storage drawers, and multiple shelves. Before purchasing this safe, you have to be sure that your flooring can handle its weight. The safe has a storage capacity of up to 20.35 cubic feet. It is 2 hours fireproof safe with up to 1850°F.



SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box is a small fireproof safe that resembles a locking briefcase compared to a household safe. This safe is a portable safe with a handle for carrying it about. It is used for storing small valuables that need protection and would need to be regularly carried about. This safe comes with a mechanical key lock that helps you keep your belonging securely. Its storage capacity is 0.18 cubic feet. The SentrySafe 1200 features well-insulated walls that can comfortably withstand the fire of about 1550°F for up to 30 minutes.



Honeywell Fire Safe Filing Box is a great option to safely store your important documents from both water and fire damage since it was designed to fit common upstanding document folders. It has a storage capacity of up to 0.64 cubic feet.



This safe features an insulated shell that will protect its content from hot flames of about 1550°F for up to 30 minutes. It can be submerged under about a meter or 39 inches of water for 24 hours without getting damaged. This chest comes with a key lock system for extra security measures. Honeywell offers a lifetime replacement for any situation where your safe gets damaged by fire and it has a 7 years limited warranty.



The Steelwater AMSWS-1200C Gun Safes XL Office Safe has a storage capacity of up to 6.99 cubic feet, weighing about 623 pounds. It features ½ inch pre-drilled anchoring holes inside the safe with removable and adjustable shelves. So, before getting this safe, you have to be sure where you plan on placing it so you don’t have to move it again. This safe is 2 hours fireproof with up to 1850°F.




The Honeywell Safe Box is a good safe for keeping documents, and also much stronger than the Honeywell Fire Safe Filing Box. It can last up to an hour in a fire and 100 hours underwater. This box is the best option for storing your most important papers and possessions. It has a storage capacity of up to 0.38 cubic feet. This safe comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee if it gets damaged in a fire.



SentrySafe Fireproof Document Box is an affordable safe option you can use to store your files and folders. Its captured fire insulation protects your documents from any fire outbreak. It has been verified that it can withstand a fire of up to 1550°F for about 30 minutes. It also has a storage capacity of 0.61 cubic feet, weighing about 28 pounds. The interior of the safe features grooves designed to be used for hanging files and folders. To prevent the lid from opening during a fire, it features a flat key lock.




SentrySafe FHW40100 Sealed Document Box weighs about 41 pounds with a storage capacity of up to 0.66 cubic feet. It is used to store and protect important and valuable documents, some of your priceless collections, small valuables, and USBs from fire outbreaks.



This box is UL classified and is capable of enduring about 1550°F of fire for up to 30 minutes. It is also verified by ETL for being capable of surviving underwater for up to 72 hours. The SentrySafe FHW40100 usually comes with a flat key lock for preventing the lid from popping open during a fire outbreak. The flat key lock has two keys for unlocking it. This safe also features a carrying handle for you to easily carry it about.




The First Alert 2030F Fireproof Safe is perfect when you’re looking for something small, simple, and effective, that you can easily move around. You can easily tuck it away maybe under your bed, in a vehicle, and even inside a closet due to its small size. It weighs about 27 pounds with a storage capacity of 0.39 cubic feet.



To gain access to the First Alert 2030F you’d need one of the two keys it comes with. Its lock mechanism is one of the easiest but it is quite effective in keeping prying eyes away. This safe has a fireproof rate of about 1550°F for up to 30 minutes. To help protect your valuables from thieves, it features a clamp-style latch. The lid also acts as a waterproof seal to protect your valuables from any type of flood.



Steelwater SWSD16GUN-EMP Gun Safes Long Gun Safe has a drill-resistant safe that’s over the body of the lock. It features five 1½ inches thick bolts as well as an EMP-proof digital lock. It has a fireproof rating of about 1875°F for 60 minutes with a lifetime fire and burglary warranty.



For you to be able to organize your guns and other valuables, this safe provides different padded shelves and deep storage pockets. It features pre-drilled ½ inch diameter anchor holes for the installation of its dehumidifier and to keep your safe secured to the floor.




The SentrySafe SFW123GDC fireproof safe is great for protecting your valuables from fire and water. It provides plenty of room, protection, and extras which makes it a perfect option for storing your possessions. This safe weighs up to 87.3 pounds with a storage capacity of 1.23 cubic feet. It has a really superb locking mechanism, with a big handle, keyhole, and digital keypad.



With the SentrySafe SFW123GDC, you can easily set the combination of this safe. And unlike some other safes, you can easily change the combination to numbers that you can easily use and remember. Its fireproof rating is 1700°F for up to an hour. It can be submerged in water for up to 24 hours and still remain intact. Also, it can fall down from up to 15 feet height and would still be locked tightly.



First Alert 2011F Fire Chest weighs about 14.5 pounds with a storage capacity of 0/17 cubic feet. It is a lightweight and portable safe that can give you 30-minute fire protection. Plus, it can easily be carried about during a fire outbreak. However, it is not waterproof. Its storage space is perfect for storing money, security documents, and other legally binding agreements.



Honeywell Fireproof Cash Box and Safe are just like a cash box. It has drawers for storing cash and extra space to store other documents. For security purposes, it uses a key-lock mechanism. The fireproof rate is 20 minutes for up to 1200°F.




AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe weighs 67 pounds with its storage capacity as 1.24 cubic feet. Its shelves are very adjustable thereby making it easy to store whatever you wish. It has a fireproof rating of 20 minutes for 1200°F. This safe can be mounted to the ground for extra stability and safety but doesn’t need it since its weight is firm on the ground. It is not waterproof.




SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Safe is a small safe that can be used as an office safe to store hard drives, rings, and other small documents and valuables. Its key lock is at the top of the safe. This safe weighs barely 11 pounds with a storage space of 0.15 cubic feet. It doesn’t have a carrying handle but it was designed with indents at the sides to aid carrying. It is fireproof for up to 30 minutes with 1550°F as its temperature. Its exterior texture is a bit rough and the safe is also not waterproof.




AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Locks has a storage space of up to 1.25 cubic feet. If you want to part the shelf in the middle, you can use a shelf. It is a small safe. This safe’s digit lock makes use of a programmable code you can create. And in case you forget your code, there’s an override key available. This shelf can’t easily be stolen as it has a bolt-down design.




SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fireproof Safe has its fireproof rating at 1700°F for up to an hour and its waterproof for up to 24 hours. It is also pry-resistant featuring six deadbolts. It weighs about 125 pounds. This is a small fireproof safe perfect for saving documents and valuables. The bottom of this safe was specially designed for file storage. It also has a key hook that’s used for keeping the spare keys. For added security, it features an additional key lock.




The Stack-On E-040-SB Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe can be used as a home safe or as an office safe. It weighs about 225 pounds and features three adjustable shelves for your storage. The interior is fully padded to prevent your valuables from getting scratched when placed on bare metal. To keep the safe secure, it features ten locking points for the door as well as a bolt-down design so that the safe wouldn’t be easily stolen. Its fireproof rating is 1400°F for 30 minutes.



Steelwater AMSWEL-310 Fireproof Safe is an office safe perfect for your daily cash drops. This safe weighs 75 pounds and has a storage capacity of about 0.52 cubic feet with a removable shelf that’s ½ inch deep. It features four bolt-down holes that are used to secure the safe to the floor so no one can easily steal it. Its fireproof rating is 1850°F for 2 hours. The safe’s electronic keypad has a total of four reprogrammable digit combinations and memory that’s non-volatile. The downside of this safe is that it has no mechanical key.




TigerKing Safe Box Digital Security Safe is an elegant safe box with a sophisticated design featuring a display that’s elegantly crafted.



To unlock this safe, you can either use the combination and master key, or you can bypass the combination and use both the master key and the emergency key. This safe weighs about 67 pounds with a storage capacity of up to 0.8 cubic feet. The rating time for its fireproof feature is 30 minutes. It is not waterproof, just fireproof. It also features an LED screen you can use to tell if someone tried opening the safe.



Buyers’ Guide

Here are some of the things to consider when you want to buy one of the best fireproof safes:



The size and the available space where you are going to keep it will decide what kind of safe you need to buy. It could be a wall-mount safe or a fixed on the floor safe that you will buy in line with your needs. Your safe should also be appropriate for what you plan on keeping inside.



How Long Your Valuables Can Survive in Fire Before It Gets Affected

A good fireproof safe should keep your documents safe for at least 30 minutes at a minimum temperature of 1,550°C, and also keep your documents safe from thieves.



Purpose of Purchasing It

If you’ll be storing documents, photos and digital equipment like DVDs, or flash drives, the internal temperature of the safe should be below 350°C during a fire. The internal temperature should be below 125°C specifically for DVDs and flash drives.



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A good fireproof safe should be waterproof as well. It should be able to withstand getting submerged in water, especially during floods or when putting out a fire.




What ratings should you look out for? The safest recommendation is to go for a fireproof safe that is UL or US-made safe certified fireproof safe with at least a rating of 1 or higher. ​



Lock Type

The type of lock for your safe also matters. If your lock preference is an electronic lock, it should be EMP resistant. If it is a mechanical lock, take note that it should be serviced at regular intervals.



Frequently Asked Questions on Fireproof Safe Options


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1. How Fireproof is a Fireproof Safe?

The fireproof safe is built with double walls. The space between each wall is filled with retardant material for fires. During a fire, when a fireproof safe gets heated, it releases a vapor that helps in keeping the sage’s inside cool.



2. Can I Place Discs and Photos in a Fireproof Safe?

Actually, you are not advised to. Discs and photos will deform under severe heat conditions. Although 2 hours fireproof safe will not damage your documents, if you get to them before the time limit is exceeded.



3. Can I Change The Code To My Safe?

Yes. You will be given a set of instructions to guide you through the process. If you encounter problems, do contact a safe technician.



4. What Would Happen if I Forgot My Safe’s Combination?

You will have to contact a safe technician to reset the combination code. However, do not keep your code in your safe, work office, or home.



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5. Why Do I Need A Fireproof Safe?

Unpredictable house fires are one of the most common reasons and a lot of people don’t trust banks, especially as cyber-attacks are increasing.



6. Is There A Limit To What I Can Put In A Fireproof Safe?

No. If you purchase a large fireproof safe, you’ll have all the space to yourself and probably run out of ideas on what to place in it.

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