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11 Best Wall Decor Ideas For A Stunning Wall 11 Best Wall Decor Ideas For A Stunning Wall

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11 Best Wall Decor Ideas For A Stunning Wall

Written by: Daniel Carter

Give life to empty walls with these brilliant wall decor ideas. Make it vibrant and lively like never before - in record time.

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Decorating a new home can be quite challenging since you need to bring all those empty walls to life. We are here to present some amazing wall decor ideas that will lighten up your home.



You want to avoid making your walls cramped so you might spend hours staring at a plain, white wall. Figuring out how to make it look stunning and homey isn’t an easy task at all.



It can be rather frustrating so just take a look at our wall decor ideas that will make your new home stylish and warm.



11 Best Wall Decor Ideas For A Stunning Wall - Infographics



Decorating Large Walls Don’t Have To Be Challenging

Large walls without windows can be intimidating even for those who have experience in providing great wall decor ideas. However, they can just be perfect for expressing creativity.



Decorating Large Walls Don’t Have To Be Challenging



From abstract art ideas to floating shelves. There are numerous ways to decorate your new wall with style.



1. A Picture Ledge To Cover Blank Space


picture ledge


Plain, white walls are so outdated. If you are looking for some state-of-the-art wall decor ideas, then check out picture ledges. Is there a better way to display all of your art?



What’s more, a picture ledge is an inexpensive way to decorate your large walls.



It’s perfect if you want to have a stylish wall and yet save some money at the same time.



2. Make Your Living Room Cozier With A Fireplace




If you have a large, windowless wall in your new home, you are extremely lucky because there are an array of wall decor ideas available that you could make use of to decorate them.



Nothing makes large walls more unique than a nice, traditional fireplace.



You can, however, go for one of those cutting edge fireplaces as well. Whatever you opt for, you won’t make a mistake.



A fireplace can make your place look cozier, warmer and friendlier.



3. Simple Yet Stylish Antiques Are Popular Decorations

simple and stylish antiques



Nowadays, home decoration styles change quite often. However, not all people are into decorating their homes in a minimalist way, which is now quite a popular trend.



If you want your home to feel more rustic, go for some antiques.



Whether you decide to frame your paintings in glamorous, gold frames or hang some 19th-century mirrors on your large walls, you will still make your living room unique. However, be careful not to exaggerate with gold as it can look tacky and overdone.



Additionally, you can always make your place more rustic by hanging an array of plates from different countries on the wall. This will just be an interesting way to cover your large walls.



4. A Book Fan? Go For An Artsy Bookshelf

artsy bookshelf



Nothing makes a better statement about a place like a spacious bookshelf does. What’s more, you don’t have to decorate it with books alone.



You can even collect souvenirs from your travels and place them between the books. This will make your bookshelf more artsy and unique.


Storage shelves have a knack for bringing a certain level of sophistication to a blank wall, especially when styled right! 


5. Split The Photo To Decorate Large Walls Easily

split the photo



If you are into modern canvases and you have a large wall with plenty of empty space, then splitting a photo into three and more parts might as well be the best solution for you.



This is one of the most popular wall decor ideas nowadays since it’s also quick and cheap.



All you have to do is to choose the photo you want to make your wall more beautiful and let the professionals do the work.



Small Wall Decorations To Make Your Home Warm And Cozy

Small Wall Decorations To Make Your Home Warm And Cozy


Many people think that small walls are much more easily decorated than large walls and they couldn’t be more wrong.



Small walls can be just as challenging since there are so many art ideas and decorations that can make them look cramped. However, there are so many wall decor ideas for small walls that will make your home look stunning.



1. Art Ideas That Can Have A Big Impact In A Small Space

Metal wall decor in a small room

Metal wall decor is becoming more and more popular and preferred among all wall decor ideas found online.



Whether you are trying to decorate your new home in a traditional or a minimalist way, metal wall decor fits everyone’s taste.



What’s more? Decorating your place with a handmade metal wall decor will send a powerful statement to your guests.



Hallway interior with big round mirror and shoe storage bench near brick wall

Edgy art selection includes bronze trees, colorful flowers, deer or other animals for nature enthusiasts.



On the other hand, if you are into abstract art, there are many mesmerizing shapes and other metal wall decor pieces to make your small walls look stunning.



What’s more? You can go for cursive metal wall decor signs that send some powerful messages. This can serve as a strong motivation for you and your family members.



2. Flower Pots Make Your Place More Homely

flower pots



There is no better way to bring your small walls to life than to go for hanging and wall-mounted planters.



Garden verticals are perfect as small wall decor ideas because they brighten up space. You can use wood and leather to make a plant wall.



If you want to make things more elegant, go for hanging jar sconces.



What’s more? You can make these very easily on your own with a couple of online tutorials.



If you’re into a personal DIY project, what are you waiting for? It can be a fun family project to build a small garden after all.




3. Decorative Shelves Can Fill In Space Nicely

Cozy furnished apartment with niche in wooden wall and armchair. Interior design

If you don’t want to experiment with a tapestry that would fit your small wall, then simply go for decorative shelves.



These shelves come in different sizes and shapes and you can use them to store small items.



Several tiny cacti pots, room for keys, small sculptures and a wooden clock can make your small wall look magnificent.




Easy And Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

The interior of the bright kitchen with a bar in the Scandinavian style

When dealing with interior designing, people focus so much on the living and sleeping space that they neglect the kitchen. However, kitchen wall decor is equally important to make your home a stylish place.



1. A Herb Garden Can Bring Your Kitchen To Life

small plant pots placed on wooden shelf on white brick wall.



A hanging herb garden and spices can be your perfect kitchen wall decor. Along with product baskets, these decorations are quite useful.



On the other hand, if you are into kitchen art ideas, you can always opt for framed vintage silverware to make your kitchen walls more stylish.




2. Wall Decorations For Wine Enthusiasts

Kitchen area with walkout deck



Plenty of simple wood pallet wine racks can make your kitchen wall decor more unique.



Rustic wood boards are also fashionable and welcome in modern kitchens as well.



You can also find some nice metal wine racks to make your place even more stylish.



3. Small Details Can Make Your Kitchen Walls Stunning

Kitchen wall decorated interior with cabinet and shelf with utensils



Small details can truly make a room much different and more pleasant to be in. Therefore, take some used items like spoons, forks, food-related signs, and decorative food cans and hang them on your wall.



All of these can make an amazing kitchen wall decor.





No matter what wall decorations you opt for in the end, remember that your main goal should be to make your new home a more pleasant place to live in.



And adding a little wall decor can go a long way in spicing up your space.

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