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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Fireproof File Cabinet Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Fireproof File Cabinet

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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Fireproof File Cabinet

Written by: Sophia Turner

Discover compelling reasons why you should invest in a fireproof file cabinet! Protect your valuables and important documents today.

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The thought of a fire outbreak can send chills down your spine. Once a fire is sparked, it can be hard to contain and lead to the destruction of your belongings – hence the need for a fireproof file cabinet. Not only will this article provide details about the fireproof file box, but it’ll also give reasons why you need one.


What You Need To Know About A Fireproof File Cabinet

Modern small safe in cabinet



A fireproof file cabinet is a piece of furniture mainly found in corporate offices. They usually come with drawers that can hold papers in vertically placed folders. Vertical filing cabinets and lateral filing cabinets are two of the most common types of filing cabinets. 



File cabinets are mostly used for storing essential documents and other valuables. They also help in the organization, retrieval, and use of these documents. Although the main function of these furniture is to store relevant documents, they also protect the documents from water, theft, dust etc. 



Things To Consider Before Buying A Fireproof Cabinet

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If you’re going to invest in a fireproof cabinet, you would want to choose the one that works best. Because there are so many fireproof filing cabinets out there, it’s important to consider certain factors before buying one. Below are some things to consider:



Space And Weight

The amount of space is something to keep in mind. Weight is a critical issue. Small fireproof safes have enough space to store your documents, but can be stolen from you without much difficulty.



Are you looking to protect your documents only from fire, or do you want to protect your documents from theft? If you want both, you will have to look for a heavy fireproof file cabinet. If you just want something that protects against damage from fire, you can go with something lighter.




Prices vary widely when it comes to fireproof file boxes. While it’s common to find entry-level cabinets that cost less than $100, there are other cabinets which cost well over $1,000. Just because a safe is expensive does not always means it’s of good quality.




This seems like a strange feature to keep in mind when shopping for fireproof cabinets. But a waterproof safe is necessary. If there is a sprinkler system where you live, these can be triggered at any point during a fire. Also, in the case of an outbreak, the fire department will use high-power hoses to put out the flames. So, if your fireproof file box is not waterproof, the fire may not damage its contents, but the water can.




A fireproof cabinet is a fire-resistant for a particular time and at a specific temperature. Typically, the average home fire burns at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. It may burn hotter in some areas and cooler in others, but this is the average temperature you need to keep in mind.



Also, during a fire outbreak in a house, a room will burn for an average of 20 minutes before the flames spread to the next room. Therefore, you need a safe that is good for at least 30 minutes, although longer than that is definitely better. This is especially important if the fire lasts longer or if the safe is placed in a lower area of ​​the house (e.g. basement).



What Are Fireproof File Cabinets Made Of?

A file cabinet usually comprises a case, the parts of which are evenly made from 18-gauge steel. The bottom of the box may or may not be closed. Some of these furniture cases, especially those made for individual users, are made of oak. But steel remains by far the most common material used for business cabinets. 



10 Reasons To Buy A Fireproof File Cabinet



1. Organizing Your Paperwork

While some of us are disorganized, others keep their files organized to find the documents they need quickly. These people make extensive use of filing cabinets, which can be arranged alphabetically to make finding essential documents a less stressful process. 



2. Protection Against Fire

A fireproof safe is specially built to withstand the effects of extreme heat and protect your documents from damage if ever a fire broke out. Fire filing cabinets have been independently tested to prevent the internal temperature from reaching the point where it will ignite the paper (at about 177 degrees Celsius). For context, the average fire reaches temperatures of above 600 degrees. A quality fireproof cabinet can keep its contents safe for up to two hours. 



3. Increased Protection Against Theft

While fireproof cabinets are effective against fires, another good reason to own a fireproof cabinet is that it offers increased protection against theft. You can use it to store important paperwork and expensive items without having to worry about them getting stolen. A fireproof safe can protect your valuable items from thieves or burglars.



4. Lowers Your Insurance Rates

Purchasing a fireproof safe will help reduce your insurance rates. Having a safe lowers the risk of losing valuables in the event of accidents such as fires or incidents such as burglary. In addition to lower insurance rates, buying and installing a fireproof safe to store your most valuable items is a better option than renting a safe at a bank or warehouse. Having a safe reduces long-term costs and offers the convenience of keeping your prized assets nearby.



5. Limited Accessibility

Code lock on the safe door.


Fireproof cabinets are secured by a pass code that only you’ll know about. If you have a firearm, consider keeping it in a fireproof box instead of keeping it in a drawer or closet. In addition to firearms, items such as prescription drugs and detergents can cause harm if they fall into the hands of little children. To avoid such incidents, use a fireproof safe to store these items.



6. Peace Of Mind

Storing your valuable items in a fireproof safe will give you a certain sense of control. You can just go about your day knowing all your expensive and important things are safe. You can stash away items such as your family photographs, valuable jewelry, academic records, etc. and forget about it until you need them.



7. Styles That Blend In Well

Style is one essential thing or aspect to keep in mind when buying a fireproof cabinet. As a wide variety of cabinets are available, it can be easy to find the right style that best suits your home or office. It is important to know that they are also available in a wide range of colors, so choose the one you like.



8. Available In Different Sizes

Fireproof boxes comes in various shapes and sizes to fit into any home or office. You can make your choice depending on the number of items that are intended for storage.



9. Affordable Cost

Various models of fireproof cabinets come an affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. All you need to do is research and determine the model that suits your needs the best.



10. Protection Against Server Crashes

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Records kept in internet clouds are vulnerable to server crashes, and if you don’t keep hard copies of those documents, then they could be lost forever. Hackers can hack into the online security system of a company to get access to its financial records, company secrets, and confidential data of its employees.



In this increasingly digital world, storing memories of family outings in the form of data can be as simple as storing them on your hard drive. It’s a good idea to keep these hard drives and other data in your fireproof cabinets. This method also applies to companies – storing the copies in a fireproof file cabinet is far more secure than storing it in a regular one.



5 Best Fireproof File Cabinets For Documents

The best fireproof file cabinet can withstand the impact of fire occurrence in our offices and homes. They are also a safe place to store vital records and items. Here are the five best fireproof cabinets:




The Datacare series comes with humidity and temperature control. It also features an all-steel construction and key lock for ease-of-use. Actual conditions of a fire were stimulated, and the safe was able to survive 2 hours unscathed.




This fireproof safe is UL Classified, can endure 1 hour at 1700°F and has been proven to withstand falls of up to 15 feet. In addition to that, it also boasts pry-resistant hinge bars and is waterproof for up to 24 hours.




This safe is built using state-of-the-art technology. It comes with a 2-hour fireproof feature, a safe electronic keypad and many other features to provide the best protection for your items. Auto lock, airtight construction and 3-way locking chrome bolt? We’re in.




At 1.25 cubic feet, the AdirOffice Security Safe features a digital lock which uses a programmable code that you can create. Easy to install and operate, this safe is available in 3 stylish colors and it comes with a cushion inside to prevent your valuables from getting scratched.




At 1.24 cubic feet, this safe comes with a digital dial pad and solid handle lock. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe can withstand fire for up to 20 minutes at 1200 degrees. It also features adjustable shelves and is highly durable.



Frequently Asked Questions About Fireproof File Cabinets



1. How Deep Is A Lateral Filing Cabinet?

Lateral filing cabinets are usually 20 inches deep, come in 30-, 36-, and 42-inch widths and have up to five drawers each. The 30-inch (760 mm) two-drawer version is commonly used inside cubicle workrooms, as it is designed to fit under or along the work surfaces of cubicles. 



2. What Is the Difference Between Vertical And Lateral File Cabinets?

Vertical file cabinets have drawers that extend to the short side (usually 15 inches) of the cabinet. On the other hand, a lateral file cabinets have drawers that extend from the long side (different lengths) of the cabinet.



3. Where To Put A Safe In Your House?

As every house is built differently, it’s hard to determine the “best” place for your house. A bedroom works well for some people, while others prefer to keep theirs in the basement. However, general guidelines are available when it comes to safe places to put a safe.



The use of a high-quality fireproof file cabinet allows you to maintain the highest level of security in your home or office. Even if a fire or burglary were to occur, you can rest assured that your documents and valuables will be protected well.

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