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8 Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Keep You Warm 8 Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Keep You Warm

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8 Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Keep You Warm

Written by: Noah Bennett

Never ever dreamt of having an outdoor fireplace outside your home? We are sure these top 8 ideas will give you the inspiration to build your own fireplace.

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An outdoor fireplace creates a warm and cozy environment during the winter season. Typically a fireplace is found in a living room or lounge area and it’s used as a natural heating system for homes. But what about an outdoor fireplace?



More people are adding outdoor fireplaces to the exterior of their homes so they can enjoy the fresh air while still staying warm during cold days. An outdoor fireplace is a perfect feature to have when you’re hosting events outside. You can create a natural ambient glow to your event and keep your guests warm.



If you’re looking for inspiration to build your own outdoor fireplace take a look at the eight best outdoor fireplace ideas that are making waves in the design industry (mainly focused on contemporary homes). Here, you may find a design that will complement the exterior of your home.


1. Outdoor Victorian Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace


Outdoor Victorian Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace


Some fireplace designs are timeless and if you want to create an old gothic Victorian look to your outdoor space, opt for a cast iron fireplace. Cast iron is dark in color so if you have white walls placing it on your patio or decking it well will create a beautiful contrast to your outdoor environment.



A cast iron fireplace isn’t simply used for its aesthetics but there are many benefits it can provide. The reason cast iron fireplaces were used many years ago was because of their heat retention. A cast iron fireplace radiates heat evenly and retains heat for longer than some other designs.



Building a cast iron fireplace into an outdoor space will be ideal for people staying in snowy regions. It’s durable and won’t rust when exposed to moisture.


Victorian Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Yaheetech Fire Pit

Patio Firepit Table

Amagabeli Fire Pit


2. Natural Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Natural Stone Outdoor Fireplace


There are many types of natural stone that can be used to construct a fireplace. Typically marble is used for indoor structures, however, it makes for an appealing outdoor fireplace slate. Slate comes in various tones so you can choose between a dark rustic look or a clean, lighter application.



For a modern appeal, instead of using bigger stones to frame the fireplace mouth, use straight-lined trimming and coat each element with a color that will match the natural stone’s tone.



Whether you’re building a standalone unit in the middle of a deck or attaching your fireplace to a wall, slate is an excellent choice of material for outdoor features as it repels mold and retains heat well. Another advantage is that you can combine a stone wood grill with an outdoor fireplace to enjoy warm outdoor parties with succulent meaty dishes cooked to order.


Natural Stone Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

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Christopher Knight Home Chesney Stone Pit


3. A Streamlined Poolside Fire Pit

A Streamlined Poolside Fire Pit


It’s fun swimming at night, but what do you do if there’s no warmth from the sun to dry you off when you’re done. Perhaps a poolside fire pit may do the trick! For aesthetics, it’s best to stick to the same shapes when it comes to outdoor features so if you have a rectangle pool then opt for a square or rectangle fire pit.



Contemporary outdoor features are all about straight lines and organization so always make your modern outdoor features complement each other using similar shapes and colors.



Create a raised square poolside fire pit using paving stones or marble. Place black or white stones inside the fire pit and then light the fire. Use polished marble in any color of your choice to add an elegant gloss to your outdoor fire pit feature.


Poolside Fireplace Ideas

Extruded Aluminum Firepit

BTU Square Fire Pit Table

Auto-Ignition Propane Fire Pit


4. Round Fire Pit With Concrete Seating


Round Fire Pit With Concrete Seating


An outdoor fireplace that’s fixed to a wall is ideal to keep a small group of people warm. But it won’t be suitable when you’re hosting bigger events. That’s why a raised circle fire pit is beneficial. Not only will this fireplace create a focal point in your backyard, but it’s also practical for multiple people to gather around for a chat.


Round Fireplace Ideas

Fire Pit Coffee Table

Concrete Fire Pit Table

Smokeless Outdoor Fire Bowl


5. Old School Western Fire Pit


Old School Western Fire Pit


A western fire pit is easy to build and it’s ideal for any type of home. Simply dig a big hole in the ground and frame it with large rocks to enclose the pit. You can use concrete to line the hole to keep it neat, but this is optional. Stack a pile of wood in the middle and light it up or simply place an automated firebowl at its center for added convenience



This design is ideal if you want to create a makeshift camping area for the kids. It’s also ideal for cooking stew in an iron pot or make an old western roast over the hot coals.


Old School Western Fireplace Ideas

AIRLIME Smokeless Firebowl

Karpevta Fire Pit Ring

Sunnydaze Outdoor Firepit


6. A Pavilion Fireplace With Comfy Seating


A Pavilion Fireplace With Comfy Seating


A pavilion is the perfect place to add an outdoor fireplace. Simply build a wall in one of the sections of your pavilion to integrate your outdoor fireplace. You can use any material of your choice but ideally, you want to use stone such as slate, granite or marble to build your outdoor fireplace.



Incorporate the standard arched design or for a modern appeal simply build a square mouth. Paint the outdoor fireplace white and frame it with coral limestone to create more light inside your pavilion. Place a big comfy couch facing the fireplace for you to sit and enjoy the warmth of your outdoor feature.



There are also fireplace tile ideas you can use for a fixed feature. If you want to keep the fireplace looking neat use natural stone to tile out the feature. For fireplace tile ideas it’s always best to go for a glossy finish but for a rustic effect, you can select matt finished tiles.


7. Movable Outdoor Fire Feature


Movable Outdoor Fire Feature


Have you ever seen a fire pit on wheels? They are smaller than your typical fire pits and they’re made from cast iron or any type of durable metal. The movable fire feature can be designed using grids or swirling patterns around the edges. It can even double up as a table if you design a lid for the top when the feature isn’t being used.


Movable Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Pop-Up Fire Pit

Fire Sense Fire Pit Table

Portable Fire Pit


8. A Tiered Outdoor Fireplace With A Mantle




Use tiers with mantles on your outdoor fireplace so you can add decorative features to your application. This is ideal for seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter because you can easily add themed decorations to the mantles.



So now that you have eight outdoor fireplace ideas is there an application you liked? If you opt for any one of these designs leave us a comment below on how you created your outdoor fireplace. We love hearing from our readers and your comments may give someone else inspiration to build their very own dream outdoor fireplace.

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