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20 Halloween Decorations To Scare Them All 20 Halloween Decorations To Scare Them All

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20 Halloween Decorations To Scare Them All

Written by: Olivia Parker

20 ghastly Halloween decorations to transform your house into a creepy haunted mansion, paving way for unavoidable nightmares...

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“It’s close to midnight

Something evil’s lurking from the dark

Under the moonlight

You see a sight that almost stops your heart…”

– Michael Jackson, Thriller (2008)




Halloween is the only time when “Love thy neighbor” can be changed to “Scare thy neighbor”. Spooky decor? That’s so underwhelming. You have to do something so special, scary and uncanny that your visitors are left with a real chill running down their spine.



This Halloween, deck up your home both inside and outside with scary items and characters from ghost stories. Make ’em scream out loud with these scary halloween decoration ideas!



Here are 20 decoration ideas for a spook-tastic Halloween:






1. Decorate A Graveyard

halloween decor



The entrance will give off the scary feeling when you set up some headstones (of course, fake!) and place some scary halloween decorations like body parts onto them.



Get the spooky scary skeletons a level up with the new LED skeletons. Use them in the Halloween party inside your house as well.



2. Haunted House

Haunted House



You have no idea how magically scary your house can become just with the spooky scary skeletons and some props from the scary stories. Fake headstones will come in handy too.



Hang skeletons from trees and windows. Install animatronics in the yard and play some spooky music. You are all set for the unmatched level of scary game!



By the way, have you shopped for your special ghost costume yet?


3. Witch House

Witch House



Invite your neighbors to the scary witch house (AKA your home) this Halloween, with the witch from Hansel and Gretel anticipating their arrivals /cackles with glee.



Arrange for creaking door sounds, evil laughter, and the howls of wild wolves to be played. Let me guess. Even reading this is making you excited and scared, right? That’s because it is scary when you experience things for yourself.




Tip: For best results, make sure you install speakers and stereos with excellent sound output.



4. Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse



No Halloween is complete without zombies. Grab fake zombies from a Halloween store, and set up graves in your front and backyard.



Put zombies in a way as if they are coming out from the graves.



Play the scary game well by going for animatronics again, and spice up the spooky mood.



5. A Halloween Wreath

A Halloween Wreath



What with their being on front doors, Halloween wreaths can make a significant impact and leave guests anticipating much more. Fairly simple to make and inexpensive, we’d recommend everyone to try making their own Halloween Wreath at least once.





6. Ghost Of A Scary Story




Wind up your own scary stories with imaginary characters and suddenly point out the chicken wire ghost you made in your backyard (kept a secret from your guests, of course). The mysterious figure will surely freak out the guests, and make you the winner of this scary game.





7. Put Up Spooky Silhouettes

Add more elements to your haunted house to increase the scary quotient a notch higher. Some famous paper artists are even ready to give you lessons of making these art pieces. Add an eerie feeling to your scary game with paper silhouettes and rock Halloween. Window posters will work, too.



8. Monster With Tentacles




Halloween makes even simple tentacles scary. Install an art piece on your front yard, with large tentacles protruding from underground. Creativity with a dose of thrill will make Halloween memorable for your neighbors as a large tentacled monster stands there to welcome them.






9. ‘Doll’ Up Everywhere




Shove doll heads over electric candles and make a huge shrine out of them. Choose a lone doll and camouflage it amongst other things. Hide the doll in unexpected places; it will instill a chill in those who find it. The possibilities are endless with these scary halloween props and a bit of imagination.



Go further down the line and put up a doll-head wreath on the door. Creepy as heck, we think.



10. Recreate A Murder Scene

Make Halloween more spooky and scary by letting your guests into a murder scene. The element of suspense is crucial here.



To achieve that, set up a murder scene with blood splashes everywhere in your bathroom or use a bloodstained (the blood is fake, of course) table cloth and crockery set to do up your dining table.



Sit back, relax, and delight in the horrified reactions of your guests.






11. Ghost Made Of Tape





Stock up on clear packaging tapes well before Halloween and make figurines out of them. Put up a leg of tapes coming out of your false ceiling. Put neon lights within a tape ghost figure and make it glow.



With a cheap and readily available resource like this, there are numerous ways to add scary elements to your house.



12. Serve Creepy Food & Drinks

Why leave being scary to the dinner table? Spread out the menu of your Halloween party in a scary way. Make a skull out of cold meat with a skin-ripping face. Add a similar touch to desserts too.



The Halloween feast is complete!



13. Hang Corpses From The Ceiling

Want to grab the title “body snatcher” from the Harry Potter series? Simple. Collect trash bags and wrap them with duct tapes so as to give it the shape of human body. Put in as many bags as you want and finish it off with a clear bag. Hand them upside down and wait for the cops to reach you for your neighbors would surely call them.



For those apprehensive about DIY, there are also ready-made options online, or from a Halloween store.



Wish the cops happy Halloween!



14. Moaning Myrtle

Unleash your Pottermaniac side full-force this Halloween. Put up a large 3D image of Moaning Myrtle and set up speakers in the toilet… so that “Myrtle” really starts to moan whenever one decides to use it.



It will give tough competition to the spooky scary skeletons everyone will be using.



15. Replicate Hogwarts At Home

 Replicate Hogwarts At Home



With a focus on witches and the fantastical, could Harry Potter be more relevant for Halloween? (The answer: no) Make your living room a replica of the Great Hall of Hogwarts by giving guests an illusion of hanging and floating lights.



To create this effect, you will need flickering LED lights and fishing wire. Although much effort is needed for this, we assure you that the end result will be utterly satisfying.



16. Hide Some Glowing Eyes



Peek-a-boo, I see you: treat your neighbors and guests to a new spooky element this Halloween.



When everyone has reached your door, switch off all the lights. Place glowing eyes in the bushes before the event starts – it’ll give guests the feeling of being watched.



Scary as glowing eyes are, their unique appeal is definitely undeniable.





17. Summon Some Creepy Crawly Friends

No insect or animal spells “scary” quite the way spiders and other creepy crawlies do. Hang a spider egg sack strategically so that it dangles over the heads of ‘trick or treaters’ visiting you.



Put mice stickers in black (as if they are shadows) on staircases. Sit back and enjoy the scary game of Halloween.



18. DIY Your Own Vampire Pumpkins




While puking pumpkins is not so uncommon and spooky, add more scary elements to them by making them vampires lusting for blood. Choose tiny pumpkins for this concept and shove sets of vampire teeth inside them.



The adorable pumpkins will actually become part of the scary story unfolding in your home.



19. Nevermore Tree

When it’s Halloween, can we put Edgar Allan Poe aside? Apparently not. Set up a branch-tree filled with ravens. This is a never-failing scary element of Halloween interior. Put it anywhere. Be assured, the spooky effect will be same anywhere.



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20. Head In A Glass Jar

Take a scary and weird looking mannequin head and put it in a glass dome wrapping it with a tea-stained cheesecloth. Too scary? Yes. But that is what Halloween is all about!



What are you waiting for? Get up and start preparing, for Halloween is just around the corner. Scary and unique, this Halloween, surprise your visitors with your collection of artworks and installations.



Happy Halloween! (And remember: no one who dies here ever really dies.)

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