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20 Best Trash Can Enclosure You Can Buy 20 Best Trash Can Enclosure You Can Buy

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20 Best Trash Can Enclosure You Can Buy

Written by: Amelia Brooks

The right trash can enclosure can give your bins a beautiful house and improve your home's look instantly! Your trash won't be an eyesore any more.

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Being in quarantine has allowed us to take time to truly think about what our homes really need. Good hygiene is of utmost importance during the COVID-19 pandemic, and trash cans have a huge part to play. Although we don’t think about them often, they actually contribute to the general condition of our home.



Often regarded as eyesores because of their plasticky builds and tacky colors, trash can enclosures usually come in the form of plastic tubes or boxes. A great way to elevate your yard is to make it prettier with these pretty and chic garbage can storage options.



A colorful infographic on the types of trash can enclosures one can buy





Starting off with something simple and clean, this resin type trash can shed is perfect for concealing your plastic garbage bins. The neutral colors used will make it super easy to blend in with your home without standing out at all. Apart from the wooden detailing on its doors, it also features a pretty diamond pattern on its sides. You can also easily access its contents by lifting the gray lid. All in all, this is probably one of the safest purchases you can make for your trash cans. 





A trash can enclosure doesn’t have to be limited to a large box; you could also opt for a light screen to keep your trash bins out of sight. This white vinyl fencing will hide your trash cans effectively without any heavy forms or covers that may  be detrimental to the look of your house. It is fresh on the eyes and will blend in seamlessly with white fences in your home.





If your household doesn’t need a big trash can enclosure, this one will more than do the job. We’re quite fond of this neutral cream shade that’s reminiscent of a classic Chanel beige. Who knew you could get a trash can holder in such a gorgeous shade? Its resin material gives it texture, but it’s so wonderfully matte that it doesn’t look cheap or tacky at all. This will surely look stunning in anyone’s yard.





If you’re in the market for a large wood and garbage shed, this farmhouse-style enclosure might be the one for you. There’s something about its crossed wood paneling that reminds us of old Western movies and the homely feel of a farm. Again, the neutral tones ensure that you’ll be getting a trash can shed that’s compatible with the rest of your furniture. Its lid can be lifted to provide easy access the enclosure’s contents.





Incorporate a woven touch into your trash can holders to give it a more natural look. You would never guess that it was made from waterproof resin instead of wood and rattan with the way it’s created! Thanks to its sturdy build, it is able to withstand the effects of the elements outdoors. This product is a durable trash can enclosure that will look like a beautiful feature in your yard.





If you require more privacy but not necessarily a full-on shed, this trash enclosure will give you a faux wood paneling effect with a completely opaque screen. It looks like a natural extension of your own home. While it may not be as big as a fence, it doesn’t look out of place if your home’s walls have a wooden facade. It’s a nice little in-between of a partition that will perfectly hide what you don’t want others to see, but not so large that it makes your yard look crowded.





Solid wood trash can enclosures can be tricky because wood has the tendency to becoming worn out with time. However, it can last you for a long time and age beautifully along with your house if cared for properly. Whether it’s used indoors or outdoors, nothing will ever beat the beauty of wooden products and the warmth they provide any space with. The natural touch will breathe life into your yard while keeping your trash bins right where you want them. When choosing a trash can enclosure, you should definitely keep a real wood garbage shed like this one by Outdoor Living Today in consideration!





Another product you could consider is this trash can enclosure kit option that is probably the most lightweight option out of all the entries in this list. Enclosures do not have to be limited to squared walls or fences. They can be made more interesting like this low screen that’s designed to subtly cover your trash bins. If you’re not into the idea of affixing your enclosure to the ground, these will provide you with subtle coverage as they will blend into your wood fencing! The details will also give your yard a bit of an exotic touch.




Even trash can enclosures can be very trendy. Case in point is this beautiful locking trash can. The marriage between neutral grey-toned wood and black metal framing results in a classic industrial design that would compliment an equally contemporary home. Not only do the tones of this storage option go with anything you can possibly think of, but it will also make your home look like it was designed by a pro! It’s really the little details that will make your home cohesive, and this shed will be a great addition to your home’s modern aesthetic. 





Sometimes, a modern trash can enclosure can clash with the motif of your house. If your house leans toward a more classic design, it’s also important to pick a trash can enclosure that goes well with it. It’s quite comforting to know that you can still get these nostalgic patterns to naturally blend in with the design style of an old country home. With this, it will look like the enclosure came with the house and wasn’t a last-minute decision you made just a couple of years earlier.





Probably one of the most interesting products on this list is this faux sandstone trash can holder. Do you have a large stone house and are seeking a trash can enclosure to go with it? If so, this might just become your new favorite. Designed like a column fit for a Greek temple, this trash can holder will add a touch of elegance to your yard while its neutral tone can easily fool anyone into thinking that it’s made from real limestone.





When it comes to outdoor furniture, metal is always a safe choice. However, it also has to be treated like wood to withstand the elements. Metal is incredibly durable, won’t rot, and comes in various finishes. This one is simple and easy to use with a dark neutral blue tone that will compliment warm wood finishes or neutral colors in general. Overall, it is a versatile trash can enclosure that anyone would love to have.





Another nice choice for a wood trash can enclosure is this one from Hanover. Instead of a simple and unassuming vertical or horizontal paneling, it goes for interesting diagonals which can result in a nice accent for your yard! The tone of the wood leans more toward a warm tone which will undoubtedly give a lot of life to your yard and contrast beautifully against the grass. However, it’s neutral enough that it won’t clash with your home’s colors.





Let’s say you’ve always admired the aesthetic of a beautiful community park. Now, you can now enjoy this same feel with this metal trash can holder with black-painted metal grills. This will look particularly elegant if you have metal fences or gates in the same finish. Imagine this with a yard that’s beautifully landscaped—you probably won’t even have to go to the park anymore.





If you don’t want a solid and heavy garbage shed, opt for a woven rattan look but in a coated plastic finish instead. This way, you can enjoy the simulated beauty of a natural weave that can actually go up against rain and other types of bad weather. It will also give your yard that resort look but still remain neutral and complimentary with its varying shades of gray, white, and black. Unlike most trash can sheds, this is pretty light so it’s easy to move it around whenever needed.





A no-nonsense person deserves an equally no-nonsense design for their garage storage shed. This simple and straightforward design makes use of a sturdy galvanized metal body which is incredibly resistant to whatever is thrown at it. The form is also quite flush and assuming with minimal fluted detailing to keep it from being too boring and flat. The black tone won’t clash with anything and will go with anyone’s yard as well!





I’m sure you’ve probably seen this design at least once in your life, but it usually comes in depressing colors like black or hunter green. Who knew something as simple as changing the color can breathe so much new life into an otherwise generic design? This shade of cream is probably one of our favorite colors because it’s just so neutral and complements nearly anything you can imagine. Also, there’s something so luxurious and light about this tone that it just puts you at ease.





The most unbeatable neutral tone will always be light grey. It can elevate any other color that it’s paired with, but it’s able to retain its own unique identity at the same time. This simple metal garbage bin shed is designed to accommodate three garbage bins and enables good air circulation with its diamond perforations. There’s really nothing worse that opening your trash can enclosures and getting the straight-up funk of your trash. This garbage bin storage option by Canditree makes sure that doesn’t happen.





This resin-type garbage storage shed is probably the one that tried its best to look like wood, and you can definitely applaud the effort that was put in its creation. If you’re iffy about getting a wood garbage shed, you might really enjoy this one from KETER. The combination of the dark wood tone and the black metal hardware really gives it an old-world apothecary vibe that will contrast nicely with a modern house design. It will go just as well if your house has that vintage aesthetic as well! It’s an unexpectedly versatile piece of furniture that you’ll fall in love with.





This last trash can holder plays with form to give an illusion of an almost-triangular body which is very uncommon in the realm of trash can enclosures. This one combines gray faux wood panels with a black metal frame in a beautiful matte finish. It should be noted that it has derives most of its inspiration from the industrial style, but it’s then modernized with a lot of clever play on metal forms. This results in a cool and contemporary wood trash can holder.




Even when it comes to trash can enclosures, there’s actually a surprising amount of variety that’s available for everyone to choose from. Not only do you have to consider how it looks against your yard, you’ll also have to think about how well it fits with the design of your house.



Thankfully, you can have your pick from classic to contemporary with a ton of material and color combinations, too. You would actually be surprised at what adding a trash can enclosure can do for your home. By removing eyesores and unattractive clutter from sight, you’ll start feeling better not only about your home but also about yourself. Your mind will definitely be clearer and your body will thank you. Who knew such a small thing can help you live your best life?

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