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Top 20 Outdoor Garbage Can Picks To Tidy Up Top 20 Outdoor Garbage Can Picks To Tidy Up

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Top 20 Outdoor Garbage Can Picks To Tidy Up

Written by: Bella S.

Easily maintain a clean and healthy environment with these brilliant outdoor garbage can picks you can use for quick trash disposal.

Garbage is often generated on a daily basis and can be quite unattractive and unhealthy if left unorganized. To get these trash properly disposed of, it is essential to first organize and store it in a suitable position. It keeps the environment tidy, as dirt is not littered around. Outdoor garbage cans are best for storing garbage for a short period and allow easy disposal of trash.



There are various outdoor garbage cans in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Hence, you can easily choose the most suitable outdoor garbage cans for storing your garbage. Also, most of these garbage cans come with lids, which prevents squirrels, dogs, rodents, fleas, as well as some other animals from feasting on this garbage, littering, and spreading contaminants.




Top 20 Outdoor Garbage Can Picks To Tidy Up - Infographic



Kinds Of Outdoor Garbage Cans

There are various kinds of outdoor garbage cans, often made of different designs, sizes, and shapes. The major kinds of outdoor garbage cans include garbage cans made of steel, small garbage can with lid, outdoor garbage cans with attached lids, outdoor garbage cans with handles, outdoor garbage cans with opened covers, heavy duty outdoor garbage cans, etc.



These trash bins are often designed with high-quality materials ranging from metals to plastics. The various kinds of outdoor garbage cans enable you to temporarily store garbage. With the different sizes, you can also purchase the size that suits the garbage generated. There are also decorative outdoor storage cans that do not only store garbage but can as well add some aesthetic value to the environment.



Here are the top 20 outdoor garbage cans you can easily choose from:





The Home and Comfort Trash Can is a suitable outdoor garbage can with a firm fitting lid. Made of galvanized steel, it is highly durable. The steel has been produced to be resistant to corrosion, and it is a 20 gallon-sized can. Hence, it can temporarily store quite a lot of garbage.



This amazing trash bin also has strong handles on its sides, which allows users to hold the garbage can firmly, thereby enabling convenient disposal of the garbage. Furthermore, this outdoor garbage can storage is easy to clean and can store various types of wastes, such as plastics, metals, papers, etc.




The Doggy Dare Garbage Can is an amazing outdoor garbage can storage that has a tightly covered lid, which keeps fleas, rodents, dogs, raccoons, and other animals away, thereby preventing them from littering the garbage. With this lid, stored garbage is not spilled even during a winter storm. You can easily lock the lid with the heavy-duty buckle just as you can easily open it.



The dimension of this Doggy Dare garbage can is 7.8 inches x 3.1 inches x 1.7 inches. It is long-lasting, made of durable materials and you can easily clean this garbage storage as well. Also, it weighs about 8 ounces, hence you can move it about easily as it is not very heavy.




The Rubbermaid Rollout Trash Can is among the best outdoor garbage cans with an attached lid and made of long-lasting polyethylene material. The lids are always attached and easy to open with auto lifters. This garbage can has an ultraviolet stabilizer which prevents any form of discoloration caused by the garbage. It weighs 10.6 pounds and has been manufactured to perform well in extreme temperatures.



Also, this outdoor garbage can has wheels that allow easy movement and can be effortlessly driven on driveways. The garbage can is sturdy with smooth shapes that enable easy cleaning. Its ergonomic handles allow comfortable pushing and pulling of this garbage storage.




This plastic trash bin is produced with an inbuilt ashtray and made of rust-resistant stainless steel. It is durable, healthy, and reliable. It also has an ultraviolet stabilizer which prevents discoloration or color fading. Being one of the best plastic garbage cans, it is designed with a 15-gallon capacity, and quite spacious for more garbage to be contained.



For conveniently dropping in the trash, this garbage can has four openings to let in trash from any direction. It is easy to maintain and resistant to winds. Its secured removable lid protects it from rainfall, and from spilling garbage around. This outdoor garbage can is suitable for various places including homes, parks, stadiums, etc. You can use this for both trash and ash.




This outdoor trash has a large bin capacity for storing garbage, as it has a dimension of 42 cm × 30 cm × 80cm. It is easy to assemble, as well as disassemble and allows quick cleaning to be done with ease. It also has an ashtray, and made of rust-resistant stainless steel. You can use it for various kinds of garbage and have their edges made of electroplated stainless steel.



Furthermore, some parts of it are made of high-quality wood panels, and this garbage can is also resistant to dust and water. It is light weighted, making movement more convenient and does not allow any form of water leakage.




Made of a durable steel frame, this amazing Brandenton outdoor trash bin is resistant to harsh weather conditions. It is one of the best outdoor garbage cans with an attached lid, having a dimension of 32.25 inches × 16.5 inches × 16.5inches. You can easily remove this lid, thereby enabling quick disposal of the trash.



With its excellent shape and size, it allows easy maintenance that you can clean comfortably. Also, it weighs 21 pounds, and to an extent can withstand the push of winds.




The VNH Commercial Outdoor Trash Can is an excellent outdoor garbage can storage, manufactured with a long-lasting polyethylene and has an ashtray made of high-quality stainless steel. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, and it is suitable for storing wastes outside various places, such as parks, offices, hospitals, etc.



This garbage can is easy to clean and does not require any difficult means of assembling. It is quite spacious and can contain more garbage. Its lid keeps rodents, fleas, and other animals from littering these garbage around the environment.




This JUSTRITE Aluminum Round Trash Can is a 55-gallon garbage can that has a round shape. It is one of the best decorative outdoor storage cans, as it has an attractive style and comes in various colors. The metal material is powder-coated to prevent rust and makes it long-lasting.



This garbage can have a dimension of 35 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. It is resistant to fire and comes in various colors. Also, this trash can weighs about 40 pounds. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain, and can also withstand harsh weather conditions.




The AILI Outdoor Trash Can is an amazing garbage storage made of quality plastic and comes with double handles. It has a lid that you can easily open, by using the pushbuttons. It also has a snap ring which performs a dual function, that you can use to conveniently remove the trash can and easily fix a trash bag.



This outdoor trash can has its outer sides equipped with a buckle acting like a cover, and its bottom also has a buckle. To conveniently remove the attached trash bags in order to dispose of the garbage, the side buckles are removed. It is also suitable for use as a compost bin.




Made with high-quality plastic, this round 55-gallon garbage can have three legs which it stands on. It is an excellent outdoor garbage can with an attached lid and lasts for a long period of time. You can easily and quickly assemble it, as it requires very little work in fixing it up.



Also, it comes in various attractive colors which can improve the aesthetics of the environment. It is easy to maintain, clean, and much more resistant to harsh weather conditions. With its excellent design, it is very suitable to mount them outside various places like houses, parks, offices, etc.




The Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can is long-lasting and has been created to efficiently store trash until they are disposed of. It is sturdy and durable and has its base created in a way that reduces wear and tear as it is dragged along.



This trash can is among the best plastic garbage cans, having an amazing lid that deters rodents, dogs, fleas, and other animals from littering the garbage. It is a 20-gallon capacity outdoor garbage can storage and weighs 6.13 pounds. It also has strong handles which enables easy pushing and pulling of this trash can. With a dimension of 19.4 inches x 23.3 inches x 23.25 inches, it is quite spacious to contain more trash.




This outdoor garbage can has a removable lid that protects it from rainfall. It is quite spacious, as it has a dimension of 15 inches x 15 inches x 33.3 inches. Made with a polypropylene resin, this trash can is well protected from discolorations from the sun, and it is water-resistant.



With its high-quality features, it lasts longer and you can use it year after year. Also, it is very sturdy and comes with durable metal handles. As an outdoor garbage can storage, it is quite excellent as it creates an added decoration to the environment.



Furthermore, it is resistant to tough weather conditions, easy to assemble, and easy to clean. Just with water and an equal part of some household detergent or vinegar, you can quickly clean this can.




This is an excellent trash can that comes with two efficient wheels for easy movement. It is one of the best outdoor garbage cans with attached lids, as it has high-quality features that allow users to temporarily store garbage with ease.



Its ergonomic design allows convenient pulling and pushing of the trash can. It is 24.25 inches tall, 19.75 inches wide, and 37.5 inches deep. This garbage storage can weigh 25 pounds.




This garbage storage can is 29cm tall, 26.5cm wide, and 37cm deep. It is very convenient to use, as it works with various easy to use features. With its high-quality plastic material, this trash storage bin lasts long that you can use year after year.



Furthermore, this plastic garbage can comes with an easily held handle. It is also easy to assemble, maintain, and clean. It is suitable for use in various places and has been designed attractively in a variety of colors.




Manufactured with high-quality materials, this is one of the top decorative outdoor storage cans. Its smooth contours allow easy cleaning, and its ergonomic handle enables users to conveniently pull and push the trash bin for easy, as well as a quick operation.



With the heavy-duty wheels attached to this outdoor garbage can, users are able to move this bin from place to place with ease. It is sturdy and lasts for a very long time. Having a high resistance to harsh weather conditions, this garbage storage can is very suitable for outdoor purposes.




This excellent outdoor garbage can storage is very strong and made from high-quality materials. It is resistant to heat and other adverse weather conditions. Also, it is spacious and has the capacity of containing as much trash as possible.



Having wheels attached to the trash can allows easy and quick mobility. It is also light weighted, which makes it easy for users to move it about. Its amazing design enables easy maintenance and cleaning. The lid, once locked, prevents bears, squirrels, rats, dogs, and other animals from gaining access into the trash can.




The Bearicuda 30 Gallon Bin is a good outdoor garbage can storage, made of long-lasting materials. Its screwtop lid secures it from various animals that might want to litter the trash. Also, this excellent lid keeps the awful smell of garbage locked in the trash bin. The ultraviolet coating keeps this trash can safe from discoloration.



With its strong metal handles, users would be able to pull and lift the bin and dispose of trash easily. The amazing polyethylene material provides adequate stability and keeps this garbage can balanced. Also, the lids are easily removable, thereby allowing convenient cleaning of this outdoor garbage can. It weighs 23 pounds and has a dimension of 25 x 20 x 15 inches.




The TuffBox Bruin Trash Can is an outdoor garbage storage can that is capable of holding up to four bags of trash. It is an amazing outdoor garbage can having an attached lid that keeps the garbage locked in. It weighs 140 pounds and has a dimension of 35 x 27 x 33 inches.



This garbage bin is very spacious and you can efficiently use to store garbage for those who do not dispose of them within very short periods. You can easily clean and maintain it, and it is easy to assemble. It can be suitably kept outside different places, such as parks, houses, hospitals, etc.




This outdoor trash can has an ashtray along with its large-sized bin. It is easy to assemble, just as you can quickly disassemble it. You can also conveniently clean it using water and some household detergent. Also, it is environmentally friendly as it eliminates fire and smoke, hence protecting the surrounding.



It has lids that come with a strong handle for proper handling. Its high-quality steel material is durable, and this bin has an arc edge to prevent sudden injuries. It is also one of the best decorative outdoor storage cans having creative designs that suit the environment.




Made of durable stainless steel, this large outdoor garbage can is resistant to rust and scratch. You can easily clean it due to its glossy surface. It prevents the emission of the awful smell that is generated from the garbage.



Furthermore, with the barrel being separate from the lid, this garbage bin allows easy disposal of trash. It is creatively designed and it comes in different colors which can also add extra decoration to the environment.



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Garbage Can Picks



1. Why Should I Purchase An Outdoor Garbage Can?

Outdoor garbage cans are excellent for a proper organization of trash, as they let you store garbage temporarily until they are properly disposed of. Most of these trash bins are made of durable materials ranging from steel to plastic and being resistant to harsh weather conditions, they are very suitable for storing trash outside.



2. What Size Of Outdoor Garbage Can I Purchase?

As these trash bins come in various sizes, it can be quite difficult to choose and purchase an appropriate garbage can. However, the size of outdoor garbage cans to purchase is always dependent on the amount of garbage generated and how often this trash would be disposed of. Therefore, create a plan based on the garbage generated, as well as often you would dispose of them and then purchase an appropriate sized outdoor garbage can storage.



3. How Often Should I Clean Trash?

Oftentimes, garbage is filled with several harmful microorganisms and can generate a bad smell. There are no exact schedules for cleaning your outdoor trash cans but it is very important to create a cleaning schedule that suits you. However, it can be very suitable and hygienic to clean your garbage cans at least once a month.



4. What Should I Use For Cleaning My Garbage Bin?

Most outdoor garbage cans are easy to clean, as they come with ultraviolet stabilizers that prevent discolorations. Hence, you can easily clean them with a mixture of water and a small part of household detergent or a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. You can also clean your garbage bin with other suitable homemade cleaning options.



5. Can I Get A New Lid For My Outdoor Trash Can?

Outdoor trash can lids are very useful as they keep garbage locked in, and keep various animals away, to prevent littering or trash. For most outdoor garbage cans with attached lids, there are often replaceable lids sold at various stores, both online and offline. You can easily purchase and fix these lids, as they are usually easy to assemble.




Having a well-organized environment with a proper site for storing trash, creates comfort. Outdoor garbage cans are the best options for temporarily storing trash, till when they are disposed of. They are often made of a variety of materials, including metals and plastics which are often durable. The various garbage cans are of different designs, with some having lids and others lacking lids.



The various garbage cans having lids are often efficient in deterring rodents, bears, dogs, as well as other animals from littering trash around the environment. Most of these trash bins are often manufactured to be resistant to water, dust, and various harsh weather conditions. Also, some of these cans have ashtrays which are environmentally friendly, and suitable for outdoor environments. They often have well-attached study handles for easy operation.



6. How To Avoid Bad Smell Of Garbage Cans?

Sprinkling some baking soda or kitty litter at the bottom of the garbage can prevent bad smell from developing in the trash can.



7. Does Covering Garbage Prevent Maggots?

No. Maggots in trash can only appear when the trash isn’t taken out for days, and flies start gathering on the garbage. Covering it will only prevent the flies and insects from entering the garbage can.



8. Why Does My Garbage Can Storage Have Maggots?

It’s because the garbage has been accumulating inside the can for days and was left uncovered. Covering the garbage can with a strong lid, and emptying it regularly are two vital steps to avoid maggots.



9. Which Large Size Garbage Can Storage Is Perfect For Outdoor Use?

Large-sized garbage can be suitable for you if you notice that the trash that you produce is quite a lot. When selecting a size, be sure to take into account the space you have outdoors and the overall trash produce you normally have to deal with.



Normally, a 30+ gallons sized trash can is suitable if there is a lot of waste products. Otherwise, 12 gallons and 10 gallons of trash can sizes are suitable for indoor use.



10. What Outdoor Garbage Can Sheds Are Good For Enclosing Your Trash?

Outdoor sheds are becoming increasingly popular with more and more people opting to hide away their trash cans from plain sight by storing them in a shed.



There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to an outdoor shed. Generally speaking, a 12 by 12-foot outdoor shed might be suitable if you have a large outdoor space or yard. You can go for smaller sheds depending on the available space.



11. How To Organize Waste Using Outdoor Garbage Can Storage?

Outdoor garbage can storage can help you get rid of all the trash and junk piling up inside your home. Make a habit of throwing away everything in dustbins inside your home and then gather all of that to dump in the outdoor garbage can. This way you’ll have an organized system in place to take out the trash without letting it get piled up.

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