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6 Outdoor Shower Ideas For A Refreshingly Good Time 6 Outdoor Shower Ideas For A Refreshingly Good Time

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6 Outdoor Shower Ideas For A Refreshingly Good Time

Written by: Simone Fiorentini

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Hate the feeling of sweat sticking to your skin after exercise? You’re not alone: so do we. Outdoor showers are perfect for washing off (literally) post-workout fatigue. Here are 6 inspiring outdoor shower ideas to freshen up instantly!



1. Brown Wood Outdoor Shower

Brown Wood Outdoor Shower



When it comes to outdoor design, wood is usually king. Here, the wood is beautiful, that is for sure, but the shapes make the difference. Notice the big background plane, and then focus on the main wall of the shower.



The contrast of depth, the orientation of the wood and the general composition create a fantastic effect. The shower seems classy, yet cozy and relaxed. Additionally, we have 2 outdoor lamps on the sides of the central plain. Imagine having a shower at sunset or early in the morning with the lights on: it would be a magical experience. Interestingly enough, even though the shower looks expensive, it can be relatively cheap if approached as a DIY project.



2. Tropical Wall Outdoor Shower

Tropical Wall Outdoor Shower



This one is pretty close to the previous design, but only in terms of materials. The idea of this design is to bring us back to the jungle and nature in general. The plants all around the shower and the use of “raw” wood just creates an incredible visual impact overall.



Like the previous style, there are 2 separate planes: but now, only the main one is made from wooden bars. All the background and the main structure of the shower feature decorations in bamboo. Notice also the use of plants to hide the sharp corners of the perimetric structure: it’s a subtle but clever touch that really works.



About the structure, the choice of building an enclosure like this is interesting. Overall, it is a great way to create an intimate space where you can enjoy some quality “me” time.



3. Outdoor Shower Ideas With Big Tiles

Outdoor Shower Ideas With Big Tiles



Again a concept featuring plants, but much more sophisticated. Using large grey tiles and small bushes, this shower looks more like a domestic garden than a jungle. On top of this, the sharp contrast of colors and shapes creates a beautiful effect.



The square shape of the main plain is broken by the organic ones of the plants, and the grey tiles fight against the white background. This juxtaposition gives character to the installation and communicates a good vibe to the viewer.



4. Tropical Style Shower

Tropical Style Shower



Again a tropical style shower, but this time taking things one notch higher. Here, nature is the true protagonist. The human touch has only shaped a bit of bamboo to supply his needs. If you are looking for a beautiful, non-invasive way to get showered in your garden, this is the way to go.  Half-way between a shower and a small waterfall, this is easily one of my favorite installations.



5. Basic Outdoor Shower Ideas


Basic Outdoor Shower Ideas



Back to the basics with this simple and effective style. If you are looking for something that doesn’t command too much attention but still looks beautiful, this is the choice for you. Use a large monochrome wall and locate the shower at one-third of its length. The end result? A look that doesn’t shout for attention but is still very classy.



A good tip is to play with the contrasts here. You already have two good things: an element that is not centered, and an element that acts as a protagonist without being at the focal point. We know it can still be a little bit too anonymous for some of you, so here is the tip. Try to use two opposite colors for the background (the wall) and the structure of the shower. You will be surprised by how minimal yet vibrant the look can be.



P.S: Don’t stick only to black and white, try different combinations and see which one works best for you.



6. Minimal Concrete Outdoor Shower

 Minimal Concrete Outdoor Shower



Another minimalistic option is this concrete-on-stone installation. Here, you might be tempted to look at the shower as only the concrete rectangle on top, but there’s a lot more to it. As we have seen, what captures the attention is a well-calibrated conflict in the composition.



Here, one conflict is shown as the difference of materials, stone at the bottom and concrete at the top. The second one instead belongs to shapes, whereby there is a clean change of direction between the top and the bottom. Where you see the stone, the composition runs horizontally. Instead, when you look up you have a perpendicular element that gives movement to the installation.



Make The Outdoor Shower Yours

If you have a beautiful view and you don’t want to compromise it, this is one of your best choices. As with the other options, you can modify the composition to suit your needs and taste anytime.



You only need to remember to maintain the contrast. Here, it belongs to the material and texture, you might want to shift it to the color or to intensify the one about shapes. Experiment and express yourself, you will not be disappointed.



Create Your Own Outdoor Shower Today

Create Your Own Outdoor Shower Today



Remember that all you need for an outdoor shower is a pipe and some water – the rest is customizable. Don’t be constrained by the usual way of doing things. Take a piece of paper and start to draw. Try out different designs and shapes. Take out the weirdest and wildest ideas you have, out them on the page. You might get some precious inspiration from it. Lastly, no outdoor shower is complete without shower heads like these.

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