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35 Cool & Simple Shoe Storage Solutions for Small Spaces 35 Cool & Simple Shoe Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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35 Cool & Simple Shoe Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Protect your shoes with mindblowing shoe storage solutions that are anyday safe, creative and beautiful. Beware: you are sure to fall in love with them!

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Sometimes, you just have a lot of shoes and nowhere to place them. Or maybe, you have just enough shoes but not enough space in your home for storage. Either way, finding an appropriate home for your shoes can be quite challenging at times. But no worries! Here are a couple of shoe storage ideas for small spaces that will help you organize those shoes.


Purchase? More Like Investment!

1. Shelf Storage for Your Shoes

Dreamy wardrobe with shoe closet


Shelves aren’t just for books. You can also store your shoes in them! When it comes to shoe storage ideas for small spaces, going vertical is the way to go. Shelves are a great way to utilize the vertical space in your home for maximum space efficiency.


2. Get a Shoe Drawer for Small Spaces

Shoe cabinet with footwear in room. Storage ideas


If you want to keep your shoes out of sight and organized neatly, then a shoe drawer is just the thing you need. And getting shoes in and out is no problem since you’ll simply pull down the handle and grab those shoes or slip them back in. Plus, you can use the top of the drawer for displaying decor or storing your keys.




3. Hit Two Birds with One Stone with a Shoe Ottoman Storage

Classic ottoman with storage


Space-saving furniture has been a gamechanger in both storage and interior design. So it makes perfect sense to consider this gem as one of the shoe storage ideas for small spaces. Buying a shoe ottoman not only gives you a place to store your shoes, but also a place to sit, which adds to the room’s aesthetic.


4. Baskets: A Storage Staple

baskets with storage


When thinking of shoe storage ideas, one must not forget one of the basics of organization and storage. You can store almost anything in a basket, including shoes!


With the different types of baskets out there, you can surely find the right one that fits your aesthetic, whether that’s wire baskets for a rustic look or a wicker basket for a home vibe!  The coolest thing about baskets is that you can store them anywhere (on your closet floor or at the top of big wardrobes).


5. Storage Solution in Style with V-shaped Shelves

V shaped shelves


If you don’t dig the usual shelves you see, then consider installing v-shaped shelves on your wall. Not only will you get to organize your shoes, but also a cool display in a pretty awesome way.


6. Display Shoes on a Revolving Storage Rack

shoes on a revolving rack


At first, you’d think it’s just a regular small shoe rack, but it actually utilizes a lot of space since it uses up all 360 degrees and has three or more levels. Since it revolves, you can easily see all your shoes being displayed on the rack.


7. Try a Fabric Shoe Rack

fabric shoe rack

Photo from Amazon

There are many shoe racks out there. From the classic wooden shoe rack to the sleek metal one, you can never fall short of options.


Tip – If you want a lightweight but sturdy shoe rack, consider getting a fabric shoe rack!


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8. Hang Your Shoes Over the Door

shoe storage over the door

Photo from Amazon

When you live in a cramped home, every square inch counts and you simply cannot take up more space even if it’s a simple, small shoe rack. Well, luckily, using an over-the-door hanging shoe rack is one of the cool, new shoe storage ideas for small spaces. No space for shoes on your floor? No worries! You can keep them in the pouches of a hanging shoe organizer and have it hanging at the back of your door.


9. Hang Them in the Closet and other Storage

Hang shoes in the closet

Photo from publicdomainpictures.net


Similar to the over-the-door hanging shoe rack, a closet shoe organizer is also an investment. You can maximize that vertical space and also easily pick out a whole outfit with your shoes and clothes in one place.




10. Get Shoe Hangers

White sneakers hanging on clothesline with hanger in the sun.


Another way to hang your shoes in the closet is, well, using a hanger of course! You can get those hangers specially made for flipflops and flats or improvise one with some wire.


11. Invest in a Bed Frame with Drawer Storage

bed with storage


Bed frames come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made from wood, some from metal. And some with drawers at the bottom. This type of bed frame is a good investment since you can store all sorts of things down there like toys, sheets, blankets, and — you’ve guessed it — shoes! Not only will you have those shoes off the floor and out of sight, but with this bed frame, you won’t have to worry about the dust bunnies growing under your bed.


12. Roll Them Out in Small Spaces

storage in the roll


Another useful under-the-bed contraption is a rolling storage box. If you already have a bed frame you would love that. If it doesn’t have drawers then no worries! You can store your shoes under the bed using a rolling storage box. This is pretty easy to use since you’ll just roll it out from the bed.


13. Get a Small Bench with Storage Under

storage bench for shoes


Who doesn’t like multifunctional furniture? Especially when it comes to shoe storage ideas for small spaces? Store your shoes in the compartments below your bench and set it up near your door. This way you’ll have a nice place to sit while putting on those shoes.


14. Invest in a Couch with Cubby Storage

couch with cubbies


This idea is similar to the bed frame with drawers. Sometimes, couches have built-in cubbies underneath them where you can store stuff like shoes.


Talk about convenience

15. Keep a Dresser at the Foot of the Bed

Dresser with foot at the bed


Placing a dresser at the foot of your bed is nice. It will serve as a great space where visitors get to sit. Also,  it enhances the overall interior design of the room. Last but not least, you can store quite a lot of items in them.


Not What But Where

16. Every Nook and Cranny Storage Solutins

storage for every nook


You have to be creative when thinking up shoe storage ideas for small spaces. And sometimes that means taking into account every available space in your home. One creative way to store your shoes is to mount shelves in small corners and place your shoes there.


17. No Monsters Under the Bed, Just Shoes

shoes under the bed


Now, we’ve already mentioned about storing shoes under the bed with drawers or rolling storage boxes. But you can also store shoes under a bed in the simplest way: just placing them there. If you don’t have a budget to buy storage items yet but have enough space under your bed, then you can just simply place your shoes there.


18. Move Them Out When You Have a Small Space Inside

Outdoor Shoe Rack


If you don’t have enough space inside your home, then think out of the box…literally! Take some of your shoes — like boots or outdoor shoes — and store them outside. Just make sure they’re still kept in a safe place to avoid getting them stolen.


19. Stack Your Shoes Up the Stairs

Outdoor Shoe Rack


Sometimes, shoe storage ideas don’t have to be complicated. If you live in a two-storey or more house, then consider just placing your shoes at each step of the stairway. Just remember to keep them at the side so no one trips.




20.Up High Storage

stack your shoes really high


When thinking of shoe storage ideas for small spaces, you have to consider the available floor space. But what if you consider ceiling space as well? One cool way to save up space while having a place to store your shoes is to build a shelf around the perimeter of your room, up high.


21. Get In Those Walls and Maximize Storage Space

Bright ivory room with vaulted ceiling and built-in shelves. Emp

This idea might take a lot more effort to do, but it lets you use your space efficiently. If construction is permitted within your home, then try to put built-in shelving into your walls.


22. No Skeletons in the Closet, Just Shoes

shoes in the closet


When you hang your clothes in your closet, you’ll notice there’s a good amount of space underneath. This is a perfect place to store your shoes. Find a small shoe rack that can fit in your closet and place it at the bottom.


23. Design Storage with Purpose

design with purpose


Crown molding isn’t just for aesthetics, it can also be a clever way to store those heels. Decorate your home with those dazzling heels by hanging them by the heel on crown molding.


Finding (Re)Purpose

24.Think Beyond the Bathroom Space

Stainless steel towel on grey cement wall with towel in bathroom


Ever seen a shower rail or towel rack and asked yourself what else you could do with them? Well, you can use them to hang your heels or you can insert shoes behind them for storage.


25.Up the Ladder to Maximize Space

Shelves with toys and pictures of animals on wall in baby room


Using small ladders is the latest trend in interior designing. They’re often used to display some knickknacks or books. But you could also use them to store and display your shoes in an artsy way.


26. Repurpose Crates into Storage

Yellow decorations in white bright spacious studio flat


Thinking of shoe rack ideas? Well, why not repurpose some crates and use them to store your shoes? Crates have been used and repurposed to add to a home’s rustic look. Ride on that trend and use them for your shoes instead.


27. Improvise a Pipe Rack for Storage Purposes

PVC pipes


Creativity is a must when thinking of shoe storage ideas. But sometimes you just look at some random object and think of a brilliant way to repurpose them. You can cut some PVC pipes, stack them to form an improvised small shoe rack and store your shoes there.


28. Use Empty Paint Cans as Storage

Empty Paint Cans


Paint cans don’t have to lose purpose after its empty. Sometimes, you can repurpose them. And if you have enough empty cans lying around, you can use them as a clever shoe storage solution.


29. Store Flipflops in Magazine Holders

Flip flops in magazine holders


Don’t be fooled by the name. These bad boys don’t have to hold just magazines. You can choose to organize your flipflops by placing them in magazine holders.


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30. A Good Kind of Tension for Small Spaces

Curtain Rod ฺBlack and White Strip Pattern in Bartroom


Tension rods are a pretty neat thing. They’re usually used for shower curtains, but who says you should stop there? Tension rods can make for some pretty good shoe rack ideas. You can use them to hang heels, or you can use a bunch of tension rods and create a makeshift shoe rack at the bottom of your closet.

DIY Not?




31. Construct a DIY Wall Mount for your Shoes

Shoe storage ideas often result in skipping horizontal space and going vertical. If woodworking is no problem for you, then why not make a DIY wall mount to store your shoes in. Now, this may not be a beginner-friendly DIY but know that DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces aren’t always this laborious. The other DIY items on this list might favour you more.


32. Use a Pegboard for your Shoes

pegboard for shoe storage


Pegboards are definitely in style, and who says you can’t use one for one of your DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces? Make your custom pegboard and hang your shoes on it. Now you have a cute pegboard and a cool place to store those shoes.


33. Or Perhaps a Peg Stand for Storing your Shoes?

Peg stand for shoe storage

Similar to the previous item on this list, you can store your shoes with pegs. But this time, you can orient it vertically to create a peg stand.


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34. Stick Your Shoes to the Wall with Elastic Straps

Shoe storage ideas can be cool or simple or both. Elastic straps are definitely both. You can DIY this by installing some hooks in the wall and hooking strong elastic straps to them. These straps will keep your shoes tight to the wall, defying gravity.


35. Hide You Shoes Under the Bed Skirt

bed skirt


DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces don’t have to be that complicated. You can simply get a hanging shoe organizer and DIY it to fit under your bed skirt. And voila! Your shoes are off the floor, out of sight, and carefully tucked underneath that bed skirt.


So, hurry up!! Catch hold of these ideas and let us know about your shoe storage hacks in the comment box below!

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