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How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Expensive? 10 Designer Tips How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Expensive? 10 Designer Tips

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How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Expensive? 10 Designer Tips

Written by: Grace Wilson

Discover 10 expert designer tips to make your bathroom look expensive, including clever ideas for maximizing bathroom storage. Achieve luxury without breaking the bank with these easy suggestions.

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Welcome to the world of luxurious bathroom storage! If you’re looking to transform your bathroom and make it look and feel expensive, you’ve come to the right place. A stylish and well-organized bathroom not only increases the value of your home but also enhances your daily routine. In this article, we will explore ten designer tips that will help you achieve a high-end and sophisticated look in your bathroom.

From using high-quality materials to incorporating elegant lighting fixtures, these tips will create a space that exudes opulence and style. Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious ensuite, these expert-approved ideas will inspire you to create your very own spa-like sanctuary.

So, let’s dive in and discover how to transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven!

Key Takeaways:

  • Elevate your bathroom’s look with high-quality materials, neutral color palettes, elegant lighting, and luxurious hardware. These elements create a sophisticated and timeless space that exudes opulence and style.
  • Transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary by incorporating statement mirrors, scented candles, and a combination of textures. Add plants for a natural touch, creating a spa-like oasis for relaxation and indulgence.

Tip 1: Use High-Quality Materials

One of the key elements to make your bathroom look expensive is to use high-quality materials. Opt for materials that are not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. This will not only give your bathroom a luxurious feel but will also ensure that it stands the test of time.

When it comes to flooring, consider using natural stone such as marble or granite. These materials not only add a touch of elegance but also create a timeless and sophisticated look. If you’re on a budget, there are also high-quality porcelain tiles that can mimic the look of natural stone at a more affordable price.

In addition to the flooring, pay attention to the materials used for countertops and cabinetry. Choose solid wood or high-quality laminate for your bathroom vanity to give it a luxurious finish. Consider incorporating details such as ornate handles or intricate carvings to add a touch of sophistication.

When selecting materials for your bathroom fixtures, opt for polished chrome, brushed nickel, or even gold finishes. These finishes not only exude luxury but also have a timeless appeal. Avoid using plastic or low-quality materials for your fixtures as they can cheapen the overall look of the bathroom.

Lastly, don’t forget about the walls. Consider using high-quality paint or wallpaper with a luxurious texture. Textured wallpaper, such as embossed or metallic designs, can add depth and richness to the walls, creating a truly upscale feel.

By investing in high-quality materials, you will create a bathroom that not only looks expensive but also feels luxurious and indulgent. Remember, quality materials are an investment that pays off in the long run and gives your bathroom a high-end look.

Tip 2: Choose a Neutral Color Palette

When it comes to creating an expensive-looking bathroom, choosing the right color palette is essential. Opting for a neutral color scheme can instantly elevate the overall look and feel of your bathroom, giving it a sophisticated and timeless appeal.

Neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, and taupe are classic choices for a luxurious bathroom. These hues create a sense of calm and tranquility, making your bathroom feel like a serene spa retreat.

Start by selecting a neutral shade for the walls. Crisp white walls can create a clean and fresh look, while shades of gray or beige add warmth and depth. You can also consider incorporating textured wallpaper in a neutral color to add a touch of visual interest.

For the flooring, stick to a neutral tone that complements your chosen wall color. Natural stone tiles in shades of gray or beige can add a touch of luxury to the bathroom floor. Alternatively, porcelain or ceramic tiles in a neutral color can achieve a similar effect at a more affordable price.

When it comes to fixtures and fittings, opt for finishes in shades of chrome, brushed nickel, or even matte black. These neutral finishes create a cohesive and sophisticated look that complements the overall color scheme of the bathroom.

While a neutral color palette forms the foundation of your luxurious bathroom, you can add pops of color through accessories such as towels, rugs, and artwork. This allows you to change the color scheme easily without major renovations, giving your bathroom a fresh and updated look.

Remember, a neutral color palette never goes out of style and provides a clean canvas for adding elements of luxury and opulence to your bathroom.

Tip 3: Install Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can significantly impact the overall ambiance and mood of your bathroom. To achieve an expensive look, it is essential to install elegant lighting fixtures that not only provide ample illumination but also add a touch of glamour to the space.

Consider installing a statement chandelier or pendant light as the centerpiece of your bathroom. These fixtures not only provide functional lighting but also become a focal point and add a luxurious and sophisticated feel. Choose a design that complements the style of your bathroom, whether it’s modern, traditional, or transitional.

In addition to the main light fixture, incorporate recessed lighting or spotlights to provide ambient and task lighting. These can be strategically placed around the vanity area to eliminate shadowing and ensure a well-lit space for grooming and applying makeup.

Another way to create an upscale look is to install sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror. This not only enhances the overall lighting but also adds a touch of elegance and symmetry to the space.

When choosing lighting fixtures, opt for designs that feature high-quality materials such as brushed nickel or chrome finishes. Avoid plastic or cheap-looking materials, as they can diminish the overall luxurious feel of the bathroom.

Additionally, consider installing dimmer switches to control the brightness and create a soft and relaxing ambiance when desired. This allows you to tailor the lighting to your preference and creates a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

By selecting and installing elegant lighting fixtures, you can instantly transform your bathroom into a well-lit and luxurious sanctuary.

Tip 4: Incorporate Luxurious Hardware

When it comes to creating an expensive-looking bathroom, the small details matter. One often overlooked detail that can make a significant impact is the hardware used throughout the space. By incorporating luxurious hardware, you can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a sense of sophistication.

Start by upgrading the hardware on your bathroom vanity. Swap out standard drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for stylish and high-quality options. Consider materials such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, or even crystal for a touch of glamour. These small changes can instantly transform the look and feel of your vanity area.

In addition to the vanity, pay attention to other hardware elements in the bathroom, such as towel bars, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders. Opt for designs that match the style of your bathroom and feature elegant finishes. These details may seem small, but they contribute to the overall cohesive and luxurious look of the space.

When selecting hardware, consider the design and functionality. Look for pieces that are not only visually appealing but also practical and comfortable to use. High-quality hardware not only adds a touch of luxury but also ensures durability and longevity.

Another element to consider is the shower and bath hardware. Upgrade your showerhead to a rainfall or spa-like option for a truly indulgent shower experience. Choose a sleek and high-quality design with finishes that match the rest of the bathroom hardware.

Remember, the hardware in your bathroom is like the jewelry that completes an outfit. By incorporating luxurious and well-crafted hardware, you can elevate the overall look and feel of your bathroom, adding a touch of elegance and opulence.

Tip 5: Add a Statement Mirror

A statement mirror is a simple yet powerful addition that can instantly elevate the style and sophistication of your bathroom. Not only is a mirror a functional item, but it also serves as a decorative element that can make a bold design statement.

When selecting a statement mirror, consider its size and shape in relation to the overall space. If you have a small bathroom, choosing a large mirror can create the illusion of a bigger and more luxurious area. On the other hand, if you have ample wall space in a larger bathroom, you can opt for a statement mirror with an intricate or unique design.

One popular option for a statement mirror is a framed mirror. Look for a frame that complements the style of your bathroom, whether it’s classic, modern, or rustic. Ornate frames in gold or silver finishes can add a touch of elegance and glamour, while sleek and minimalist frames can create a contemporary and sophisticated look.

In addition to the frame, consider the shape of the mirror. Round mirrors can add softness and a touch of whimsy to the space, while rectangular or square mirrors provide a more classic and structured look. Experiment with different shapes to find the one that best suits your bathroom’s style.

Another option to consider is a backlit mirror. These mirrors have built-in lighting around the edges, providing both functional and decorative illumination. Backlit mirrors can create a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, especially when combined with other lighting elements.

Placement is key when it comes to a statement mirror. Hang it above the bathroom vanity or sink area to create a focal point and enhance the overall aesthetic. The mirror will not only serve as a reflection but also become a decorative piece that adds depth and style to the space.

By adding a statement mirror, you can transform your bathroom into a visually striking and high-end space. It’s a simple yet effective way to elevate the design and create a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Add luxurious details like a statement mirror, high-quality towels, and a stylish vanity tray. Incorporate a mix of textures and finishes for a high-end look.

Tip 6: Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to creating an expensive-looking bathroom, paying attention to the details is crucial. Upgrading your bathroom accessories is a simple and cost-effective way to add a touch of luxury and style to the space.

Start by replacing your basic plastic soap dispenser with a stylish and high-quality one. Look for options made from materials like glass, ceramic, or even metal. Choose a design that complements the overall style of your bathroom and adds a touch of elegance to the sink area.

Consider upgrading your toothbrush holder and bathroom tumbler as well. Look for matching sets that are made from high-quality materials. Opt for designs that have a sleek and modern look or those with intricate details to add a sophisticated touch.

Another accessory to upgrade is the towel rack or towel hooks. Instead of using standard hooks or racks, consider installing towel bars made from materials like brushed nickel or chrome. This not only adds a luxe look to the bathroom but also provides a practical and organized storage solution for your towels.

Don’t forget about the shower accessories. Replace your generic plastic shower caddy with a stylish and durable one made from metal or high-quality plastic. Consider incorporating matching accessories like a soap dish or a shelf to keep your shower essentials organized and within reach.

In addition to the functional accessories, consider adding decorative elements to enhance the visuals of your bathroom. Place a beautifully scented candle on the countertop or a small vase with fresh flowers to add a touch of elegance and a natural element to the space.

Remember, upgrading your bathroom accessories is all about adding quality and style to the small details. By investing in high-quality and visually appealing pieces, you can create an overall luxurious look and feel in your bathroom.

Tip 7: Install a Rainfall Showerhead

Want to create a spa-like experience in your bathroom? Consider installing a rainfall showerhead. This luxurious addition will not only elevate the functionality of your shower but also enhance the overall aesthetic and create a sense of opulence.

A rainfall showerhead is designed to simulate the feeling of standing under a gentle rain shower. The wide and even distribution of water creates a soothing and relaxing effect, offering a truly indulgent bathing experience.

When choosing a rainfall showerhead, opt for a design that matches the style of your bathroom. Choose a finish such as chrome, brushed nickel, or even brass to coordinate with the other fixtures in the space. Look for options with adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the water flow and intensity to your preference.

Consider the size of the showerhead as well. Larger showerheads provide a more immersive rain-like experience, covering a wider area and enveloping you in a cascade of water. However, make sure to consider the water pressure in your home to ensure optimal performance.

Installing a rainfall showerhead can be a simple DIY project or require the help of a professional, depending on your plumbing setup. Either way, the installation process is worth the effort as it adds a luxurious touch and transforms your daily shower routine into a spa-like experience.

For an added touch of luxury, consider incorporating additional features such as a handheld showerhead or built-in body jets. These elements provide versatility and enhance the overall shower experience, allowing you to further personalize your bathing routine.

Remember, installing a rainfall showerhead not only adds functionality but also creates a focal point in your bathroom. It is an impressive and visually stunning addition that elevates the overall look and feel of the space, giving your bathroom a high-end and luxurious ambiance.

Tip 8: Create a Spa-like Atmosphere with Scented Candles

Transform your bathroom into a serene and relaxing spa-like retreat by incorporating scented candles. The gentle glow and enchanting aromas of candles can create a soothing ambiance and elevate your bathing experience to new heights of luxury.

Choose scented candles with calming fragrances such as lavender, eucalyptus, or jasmine to create a serene and tranquil environment. These scents promote relaxation, helping to melt away stress and tension.

Place a few candles around your bathroom, strategically positioning them near your bathtub or on a countertop. Opt for stylish and elegant candle holders that complement the overall design of your bathroom. You can choose from a variety of materials like glass, ceramic, or even brass to add a touch of sophistication.

Before lighting the candles, make sure to select a safe and stable location. Keep them away from flammable materials and place them on heat-resistant surfaces. Always remember to extinguish the candles before leaving the bathroom or going to bed to ensure safety.

To enhance the spa-like ambiance, consider incorporating other elements such as soft, fluffy towels, bath salts, and soothing music. Create a relaxing playlist or play nature sounds to further immerse yourself in a tranquil environment.

Additionally, you can enhance the visual impact by dimming the lights or using soft, warm LED lighting to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. This will further set the mood for a rejuvenating and luxurious bathing experience.

Remember, scented candles not only create a spa-like atmosphere but also provide a beautiful and fragrant addition to your bathroom decor. The combination of soft candlelight and calming aromas creates an oasis of relaxation, allowing you to unwind and indulge in a truly luxurious experience.

Tip 9: Use a Combination of Textures

To infuse a sense of luxury and visual interest into your bathroom, consider incorporating a combination of textures. Texture adds depth and dimension to a space, creating a multi-layered and sophisticated look.

Start by selecting a variety of materials for your bathroom surfaces. Mix and match different textures such as smooth marble or porcelain tiles for the flooring, textured wallpaper for the walls, and a natural stone countertop for the vanity. This combination of materials creates a visually dynamic and visually captivating environment.

Consider adding texture through textiles as well. Upgrade your bathroom towels and bathrobe with plush and soft materials like Egyptian cotton or bamboo. These luxuriously textured fabrics not only feel great against the skin but also add a sense of indulgence to your bathing routine.

Introduce texture through accessories as well. Incorporate woven baskets or decorative storage boxes made from natural materials like rattan or seagrass. These add a touch of rustic charm and introduce an organic texture to the space.

Don’t forget about the smaller details. Consider adding texture through decorative elements such as a mosaic tile backsplash, a textured soap dish, or a patterned shower curtain. These subtle touches create visual interest and elevate the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

When combining textures, aim for a harmonious and balanced look. Consider the scale and proportion of the textures used to ensure a cohesive design. Incorporate both bold and subtle textures to create a visually stunning and inviting space.

Remember, texture adds a tactile and sensory experience to your bathroom. By using a combination of textures, you create a luxurious and visually captivating environment that is sure to impress and delight.

Tip 10: Incorporate Plants for a Natural Touch

Bringing nature indoors is a wonderful way to add warmth and a natural touch to your bathroom. By incorporating plants, you can create a soothing and rejuvenating environment while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

Choose plants that thrive in the humid conditions typically found in bathrooms, such as ferns, orchids, or spider plants. These plants not only add a touch of greenery but also help to purify the air, creating a fresher and healthier environment.

Consider placing plants on windowsills, countertops, or floating shelves, making sure they have access to natural light. If your bathroom lacks natural light, you can opt for low-light plants that can thrive in artificial lighting conditions.

Add a decorative touch by choosing stylish planters or hanging baskets that complement the design of your bathroom. You can opt for ceramic or terracotta pots for a rustic look, or sleek and modern planters for a contemporary vibe.

In addition to adding greenery, consider incorporating other natural elements. Display seashells, stones, or driftwood to create an organic and beach-inspired feel. These elements add texture and a serene ambiance to your bathroom.

When caring for your bathroom plants, make sure to follow their specific watering and care instructions. Keep in mind that bathrooms tend to be more humid, so you may need to adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Remember, incorporating plants brings life and vitality to your bathroom. The natural touch they provide adds a sense of tranquility and beauty, creating a spa-like atmosphere where you can relax and rejuvenate.


Creating an expensive-looking bathroom is within reach with the right knowledge and design strategies. By implementing these ten designer tips, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and sophisticated space.

Start by using high-quality materials to ensure durability and a timeless appeal. Choose a neutral color palette that exudes elegance and creates a refined backdrop for your bathroom. Install elegant lighting fixtures to enhance the ambiance and provide functional illumination.

Incorporate luxurious hardware throughout the space, from the bathroom vanity to the towel racks, to add a touch of sophistication. Place a statement mirror that adds style and visual interest while expanding the perceived space in your bathroom.

Upgrade your bathroom accessories with high-quality pieces that not only serve their purpose but also elevate the overall look and feel. Install a rainfall showerhead to create a spa-like experience and indulge in luxurious showers.

Enhance the ambiance by using scented candles to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Combine textures to add depth and visual interest, making your bathroom visually captivating. Lastly, bring nature indoors by incorporating plants to create a natural touch and a rejuvenating environment.

Remember, creating an expensive-looking bathroom is all about attention to detail and the use of quality materials and elements. By following these tips, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven, providing a daily retreat where you can relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in pure luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Expensive? 10 Designer Tips

What are some creative ways to maximize bathroom storage?

Some creative ways to maximize bathroom storage include using over-the-toilet shelving units, installing floating shelves, utilizing vertical space with tall cabinets or storage towers, and incorporating storage baskets or bins to keep items organized.
How can I make use of small spaces in my bathroom for storage?

You can make use of small spaces in your bathroom for storage by installing narrow shelving units, utilizing the back of the bathroom door for hanging storage, incorporating wall-mounted hooks or racks for towels and robes, and using under-sink organizers to maximize space.
What are some stylish storage solutions for a modern bathroom?

Stylish storage solutions for a modern bathroom include sleek wall-mounted cabinets, minimalist floating shelves, geometric storage containers, mirrored storage cabinets for a seamless look, and integrated storage within bathroom furniture such as vanities and mirrors.
How can I declutter my bathroom and create more storage space?

To declutter your bathroom and create more storage space, start by getting rid of any expired or unused items. Then, invest in drawer organizers, stackable bins, and compartmentalized trays to keep everything in its place. Consider installing a medicine cabinet or mirrored cabinet to free up counter space.
What are some budget-friendly storage options for a bathroom makeover?

Budget-friendly storage options for a bathroom makeover include repurposing items such as mason jars or decorative boxes for storage, DIY-ing your own shelving units or storage solutions, utilizing tension rods with hanging baskets or shower caddies, and upcycling furniture for unique storage pieces.

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