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65 Genius Bedroom Storage Ideas You Must Try 65 Genius Bedroom Storage Ideas You Must Try

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65 Genius Bedroom Storage Ideas You Must Try

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Devour these 65 ways to maximize your bedroom space with these bedroom storage ideas to help you be organized & make the most out of your small space NOW!

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We are so used to seeing those spacious and luxurious catalog bedrooms that we don’t realize that our bedroom can make us feel as comfortable as we want. This article will help introduce yourself to more comprehensive room organization ideas, small closet ideas and storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget, closet storage ideas, storage ideas DIY, bedroom storage furniture and much more. This will help keep your closet organized and enhance your bedroom experience.




1. Go With A Bed Frame, Preferably




Just because you have an extra storage bedroom does not mean that you can squeeze in a 90 cm wide mattress. How can you have a comfortable double bed without wasting space? Simply buy a bed frame with storage. There you can stow bed linen, pillows, etc.




2. Take Advantage Of The Walls




If you do not have much space in the bedroom, you should take advantage of the walls. Shelves are perfect for books, magazines, etc. Bars and grids are also cool, and you can hang clothes, jewelry, and other accessories on them.




3. Bright Colors

Bright Colorful Room



White, white, and even more white; your little bedroom cannot have enough of this color. Because white and other bright colors make your room appear clean, tidy, and more abundant. Make sure that you choose a uniform color concept. Too many different colors in a small room appear chaotic and restless.




4. Mirror




Mirrors give the room more depth and therefore make it look larger. That’s why you should invest in at least one large or a few smaller mirrors. However, the use of large mirrors is not recommended. You may be more likely to cause trouble. They should at least be hidden in the bedroom or installed on the inside of the cabinet doors.




5. Fitted Wardrobes



Probably the most ingenious invention ever: fitted-in wardrobes! They save a lot of space and are extremely practical.




6. Sliding Doors

Wardrobe with mirror



If you don’t have a built-in wardrobe, you should at least buy a wardrobe with (mirror) sliding doors. Because there is nothing more annoying than cupboard doors that you cannot open completely. After all, the space is too narrow.




7. Reduced And Minimalist Set Up

Minimal Bedroom



Even if you are not the minimalist type, you should still try to make your bedroom as small as possible. Straight lines and bright colors simply work best in small rooms.




8. Loft Bed Frame




If you live in a one-room apartment and do not have a separate bedroom, you should consider buying a loft bed frame. It sounds like a child’s room, but it is cool to set up. For example, you can create space for a cozy reading corner or a practical workspace.




9. Few Decorative Elements




Do you have to present all the souvenirs from your last ten trips in your small room? Many small decorative elements quickly make the room look crowded. To avoid this, you should instead rely on a few, really cool decorative objects. This also applies to the wall: instead of a vast, great poster than many small pictures.




10. Several Small Light Sources




When the light comes from the ceiling, your bedroom automatically looks smaller. That’s why you should invest in a few wall lights. They do not only make the room appear more substantial, but they also create a pleasant atmosphere.




11. Multi-Functional Furniture




Nowadays, furniture is a real multi-tasker and can easily be transformed into other pieces of furniture. A sofa can be converted into a bed in just a few seconds, and tables and benches also offer storage space. Multi-functional furniture is a must for small rooms.




12. Door Hook




Where can you find space for bags, jackets, and umbrellas? You just hang them on the door. Door hooks are cheap to buy everywhere and are super practical for hanging things you need every day.




13. Folding Bed




Folding beds are great for everyone who lives in a small one-room apartment. During the day, they simply disappear into the closet so that you can create more space and space. And don’t worry, there are also high-quality folding beds these days!




14. Floor-Length Curtains




Floor-length curtains make the room appear higher – so they’re perfect for small bedrooms. It is best to use bright colors and light fabrics that give the place even more width and depth.




15. Reflective Materials




Decorative objects and small furniture (vases, bedside tables, etc.) made of reflective materials such as metal or glass should not be missing in your small bedroom. They provide more brightness and make the room appear larger.




16. Do Not Paint The Wall To The End

Painted Walls



You like colored walls, but the ceiling in your bedroom is rather low? No problem, we have the ultimate tip for you on how your room won’t look smaller and narrower. Paint the walls just below the ceiling so they immediately appear higher than they actually are. 




17. Wall Shelf With Integrated Home Office




Barely have room for your bed and have no idea where to squeeze a desk in? Then we have the right solution for you! Simply use part of your wall shelf as a (mini) desk. But make sure that the tray is wide enough – it should be at least 30 centimeters.



18. Filigree Furniture




Large, robust pieces of furniture make your small bedroom appear extremely heavy and full. So it is better to invest in filigree furniture. Chairs with slim legs and low beds without a headboard create a light, casual atmosphere.



19. Statement Piece Made Of Acrylic Glass




Consider buying an acrylic glass part for your small bedroom. Chairs and chandeliers made from this material are particularly hip and they look modern. Because the parts are transparent, they let the light shine through – and the room immediately appears much airier and brighter.




20. Improvised Bedside Table

Books in the bedroom



Is your bedroom so small that you really have to use every inch? No problem, we will tell you how you can do this without missing a bedside table. Improvise a bedside table by stacking magazines or books nicely on top of one another (preferably sorted by color) or by placing a large basket with a lid next to your bed.




21. Corner Shelves




If you furnish your small bedroom, you cannot do without practical corner shelves. After all, they not only save a lot of space but are also the perfect storage space for bags, shoes, decorations, etc.




22. Stackable Stool




You don’t want to do without a seat in your room, but you don’t have space for a large armchair or a comfortable beanbag? Then just buy a few small stools that you can stack!




23. Clothes Rails




If you don’t have space for a proper wardrobe, you can simply get two or three clothes rails on which you can hang blouses, dresses, jackets, etc. They look super stylish and also make the room look much airier.




24. Curtains As Room Dividers




Your bedroom might be small, but could it also serve as a work, living, and dining room at the same time? Yes, you just need a few room dividers! It is best to use floor-length curtains, which you can easily open and close depending on your mood. The same principle applies here: the lighter the fabric, the better.




25. Wall Table




Do you have no space in your room for a standard table? Then it’s best to invest in a wall table – it is much narrower and can be used both for working and eating or just as a storage space.




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26. Muck Out Regularly

Cleaning Out



“Less is more”. If you have a small bedroom, you should remember this sentence well. After all, mucking out periodically is essential for small rooms. From clothes that you no longer like to old magazines, you should separate yourself from things that you no longer need every few months.




27. Keep Order

Young woman organizing



The previous idea brings us to this next point: if you own fewer things, you also have to clean up less. Maintaining order is as important as regularly cleaning out.




28. Use Storage Space Under And Over The Bed



Drawer bed boxes are a beautiful thing. They offer a lot of additional space that is currently lacking in small rooms. Mattresses with a fold-up slatted frame are also practical, as you cannot see the storage space – and they do not have to take into account space for the pulled-out drawers.




29. Avoid The Character Of A Dollhouse

Bedroom decor



Small bedroom = small furniture? Not necessarily! To ensure that the proportions in the room are correct, you should make sure that not every single piece of furniture is as small as possible. Otherwise, the room will look pretty much like a dollhouse and will look anything but cool.




30. Don’t Save On Materials And Textures




Distraction is everything. Instead of color or wallpaper, rustic wood paneling can also become an eye-catcher. If you have decided to do so, you can go all out. The combination with patterned wallpaper and a striking bed head is very successful. The materials and colors are well-coordinated and create a fixed point for the eye that makes the small room size forgotten. Make sure your materials are good for bedroom storage ideas.




31. Set Highlights – But Don’t Build A Mirror Cabinet!




A narrow bedroom can look very noble due to wallpaper with a metallic effect. The reflection of the light gives the small room a certain sheen that conveys width and size.




32. Choose A High Headboard

DIY small bedroom storage ideas



A high headboard is glamorous and emphasizes the vertical, which is particularly advantageous in small rooms. With simple means a bit of manual dexterity, you can build your bedhead to size and attach it to the wall. A simple bed frame without a headboard gets a cheap upgrade in this way.




33. Save Yourself The Bedside Table




For free-standing bedside tables, there is often no sensible parking space in small bedrooms. Instead, a custom-made bedhead can be fitted with integrated shelves. This looks tidier and more spacious than a small free-standing piece of furniture.




34. A Sofa Bed For Your Guests




If you love receiving friends but don’t have much space, go for a sofa bed. That way, you can save a bedroom and not have to stuff the whole place like a junkyard.




35. Fill The Wall With A Library




A lightweight, custom floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall bookcase are perfect for taking advantage of space. The different openings make it a versatile and practical piece of furniture.




36. A Wardrobe As A Headboard

Headboard wardrobe



Convert the headboard wall into a built-in cabinet that integrates cabinets, the headboard, and the sides of drawers.



37. A Hidden Ironer




Take advantage of a cupboard hole to store the ironer. Thanks to the custom-made furniture, you will not forget any centimeter.




38. A Flying Bed

Flying bed



An air-suspended bed allows four people to live in a room. Besides, the lower beds equipped with wheels can be moved as needed. In a small bedroom, you have to optimize space to the maximum and let your imagination run wild. 




39. Removable Bedside Table




A bedside table is perfect for leaving the book or magazine you can read before bed or charge your mobile at night. With a removable shelf, you can make your nightstand disappear as if by magic when you don’t need it.




40. Bunk To Share The Room

meritline white bunk bed



A bunk bed is a perfect bed to save space in a room. Many types of bunk beds adapt to the measurements of your room. If you choose a train type, for example, you can take advantage of the structure with drawers of different heights. It is very practical for the most casual clothes, and even for storing other things.




41. Bet On The Multifunctional




Having three pieces of furniture, especially in a small space, can make them “eat” all the existing space. Instead, multifunctional furniture is excellent at saving meters.




42. Always Vertical, Save Space With Wicker Basket




Save drawer space when storing clothes. The Konmari method is ideal for making the most of every inch by vertical bending. Marie Kondo herself stores her towels in a wicker basket in her ample wardrobe.




43. Shelves For Dead Spaces

Storage in wardrobe.



Take advantage of dead space in a corner and create a column of shelves to save and decorate. It is perfect for the smallest of the house to clean themselves autonomously. A sliding shelf instead of a stool will save you space in the bathroom.




44. Strip Partitions




Say goodbye to the walls. They take up space and do not let light through. Without walls, it will seem that you have gained meters. Take more and better advantage of the meters in the room with a loft bed (either a bunk bed or a single bed).



45. A Bookstore Under The Window




Take advantage of that meter of the wall that is usually under the window by placing a bespoke bookcase.




46. A Trundle Bed




Without a doubt, the bed is a piece of furniture that takes up the most space in the bedroom. Therefore, a trundle bed will help you save on an extra wardrobe since you can store things in it without having to occupy more meters.




47. A Closet In A Nook




If you have a dead corner between the wall and a bedroom column, install a cabinet. You can also put curtains instead of a door so that it does not take up too much space.




48. Place A Shelf And Win A Desk




A flown shelf on the wall will save space in the bedroom as it will serve as a bedside table and even a desk.




49. A Bank With Storage




Where can you place the plaids, cushions, etc.? Is it a bank? A wall? A bookstore? The possibility of having a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture is always an excellent solution to save space when the meters are not extravagant.




50. Create A Loft




If you live in an old apartment with high ceilings, creating a mezzanine, or placing a light staircase will save you useful meters. It also allows you to double them. 




51. More Than A Mirror




Place a mirror cabinet in the bathroom that allows you to store all hygiene and aesthetic products. This leaves the surface of the countertop clear, away from the bedroom.




52. Bar As A Wardrobe




Small bedroom? From now on, you will not be able to use the few meters as an excuse when they blame you for leaving your jacket lying on the bed. With a bar, you can get a wardrobe or hanger for coats.




53. A Literary Headboard Wall




Lover of books or not, take advantage of the headboard wall to make a bookcase. This enables you to store them without having to lose space in the bedroom. It will even make a great photo storage solution.




54. A Mini Storage Room On The Roof




High ceilings? You’d be lucky if you’re not too tall. You can take advantage of the height to create a mezzanine and save space at ground level.




55. Walls That Move

Living room



In addition to sliding doors, you have another alternative: choose a revolving door without losing a single useful meter or light. They store, organize, decorate, display, and, above all, save space. Also, to have a niche, you don’t have to make a big hole in the wall to be useful.




56. Take Advantage Of The Space On Your Terrace




Having a terrace is terrific, especially during good weather. Take advantage of every inch of it, saving on furniture to store outdoor accessories. For example, with drawers under the sofa on the terrace.




57. Modular Furniture




Drawer modules are like the pieces that come together and mold with each other. The best thing is that it manages to save space and get a storage plus.




58. A Bar For Hanging Clothes




If you always iron in the same place, consider placing a bar to leave the clothes. Not only to lay them out but because once they are ironed, you can easily leave them hanging until you put them in the closet.




59. A Built-In Wardrobe




Do not waste the meters of the corridor especially if it is something broad. Invest in a custom built-in wardrobe so that visually, it does not make you feel the loss of meters.




60. A Piece Of Multifunctional Furniture Would Do




If you are looking to have a bed in your workplace or vice versa, then a 2-in-1 design is very futuristic. Take advantage of the vertical space. You can add stairs and duplicate the available room. Use the upper floor for anything: a secluded reading space, a desk, or even an extra bed.




61. A Desk That Turns Into A Dressing Table




Instead of a single drawer of traditional clothes, modify a table that can be lifted to obtain a storage space under the cover. Place a mirror at the bottom, and you’re done, a classy dresser to keep all your stuff in one place! Never again will you have to look for your accessories in different areas. You can even customize it as a study table or a craft corner.




62. If The Height Is A Problem, Use Folding Bunk Beds




If vertical space is limited, then removable bunk beds would work beautifully. This minimalist space-saving is excellent for homes with many children. Instead of beds, you can also customize the space as a removable cabinet for storing children’s toys or extra beds.




63. Utilize Every Space Optimally




You can use the wall to write poems, to-do lists, or just inspirational quotes. It is a decorative option and a means of expression at the same time.




64. If Black Is Your Thing: Combine It With Gold Accents




Painting metallic geometric figures on a black wall, and decorating the place with golden touches, will give a goth glam touch to your room. As for the decoration, do not leave aside the shades of fuchsia, orange, white, and pink.




65. Make An Elegant Personal Corner To Hide When You Need To Relax



Just adding an awning made from semi-sheer fabric, cushions, and a rug, you already have your adult version of the treehouse. In this place, you can sit down to drink wine, review Instagram, read a book that you always take long, or just think about life.





When it comes to small or big bedrooms, there are hundreds of ways to store everyday items and keep everything in order. So in this article, we have highlighted 65 super-smart storage ideas that you can use in your own bedroom space. With the help of these, you can be sure to enjoy the best of your little space.

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