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Top 30 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas (Must Try) Top 30 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas (Must Try)

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Top 30 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas (Must Try)

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Stunning small bedroom storage ideas that maximize every available inch of space! Try these to make the most out of your bedroom.

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Finding the ideal designs for your tiny bedroom is not always an easy thing. While bulky dressers and over-the-door organizers are usually what come to mind when it comes to bedroom storage, it is great to go wild with ideas sometimes.



Top 30 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas (Must Try)




Clear acrylic chairs (popularly known as Ghost chairs) have one very nice feature about them. They are very light and it can be hard to see them as a result of their visual property. They are also very stylish, and more importantly consume little space in your bedroom.



This is an eye-catching wall-mounted bedroom rack that’ll ensure that some space is reserved in your bedroom for your JK Rowling, Stephen King novels etc.



This DIY bookshelf also functions as a room divider, thus ensuring that you have enough space in your bedroom. Some of your books can be effectively stored here; plus, they also have a cool lighting system that further illuminates the room.




This is a brilliant closet storage solution that does not take up much floor space. It also includes a shelf underneath that serves as a perfect area for placing your shoe collection.



If you have been on the lookout for a fashionable way of introducing additional lighting to your room, this is the perfect option for you. Apart from the fact that this storage solution is relatively sleek, its arms can also be adjusted according to the occasion/function in question.




If you are inclined towards the arts but space is unfortunately a constraint, opting for a photo frame like this Mandalay Photo Frame adds class to the room and takes up minimal space.




It is true that every bit of space in your bedroom matters, even the wall space. Shelving that also functions like arts is cool. A nice shelf that can be hung on the wall gives you the opportunity to display your treasures for visitors to see.



If elaborate/intricate bedroom furnishings aren’t your kind of thing, make a statement by opting for this Accent Cushion Cover. It  would surely give you that additional space you so desire!


You do not necessarily need to have a large bedroom to have a suitable workspace. This wall-mounted floating furniture can function as a desk as well. The space it provides is tangible and useful too.


Murphy Bed is a smart foldout bedframe that is useful in concealing large and heavy furniture in a bedroom with limited space.


For a bedroom where you are sleeping alone, there is usually no need to have two nightstands. Majesty Palm will add clean and fresh air to your room while the light in your room drives its photosynthetic process to enable it to thrive. It is indeed a win-win situation!


Position two nesting tables rather than a conventional nightstand close to your bed and you can immediately create more room for storage. No additional pieces of furniture required!


Think daybeds are for kids only? Well, think again. Coupled with the fact that they provide a more compressed bed frame, many daybeds feature in-built drawers that provide more storage. They can also be used as sofas.


Putting crates, baskets, or even storage bench at the base of your bed is an intelligent method of squeezing more out of what you want there. It is efficient in storing the things you need to be stored, and there is significant payoff for the price.


If you are on the lookout for a fashionable light fixture, this is one intelligent storage solution that you have to opt for. Hanging lights or pendant lights typically do not take up much space in your bedroom, and lend a warm glow to its surroundings.


The presence of this super slim desk in your bedroom will be one of the reasons why your room will seem more spacious than it actually is. It is also beautiful, meaning (warning!) that you may not leave your room all day.


Most New Yorkers instinctively know that you have to be vertical in your thoughts if you want to maximize storage space in your bedroom. Whether you are using suspended lights or shelves that are mounted on the wall, you can always create more room for yourself to enjoy.


You can rely on BEHR to lighten and create space for a packed bedroom. This is particularly when it comes to creating the illusion of a larger room for small spaces.




Sometimes what is needed right next to your bed is a small platform that can hold your cellphone/alarm and a glass of water. A pedestal table is compact and also ideal for placing bedside items on without contributing any clutter.





These smart pieces are perfect for hanging up your scarves and purses (and other things) in a fashionable manner, no nails and hammer necessary.




Many decorating ideas for bedrooms involve a bed that is placed centrally against a wall. But limited space and narrow floor plans can unfortunately make this plan impossible.
To maximize floor space, tuck up your bed against a corner or a wall. This will in turn create a cozy or snug-like sleeping area. The end result is a more spacious bedroom!


This desk table lamp keeps the space of your room from looking too boxed in or busy.

You can also opt-in for this lighting solution to prevent your bedroom from feeling void or cold. In the above bedroom, the simple addition of a chrome lamp and patterned throw alters the room and makes it appear more beautiful.



Having a few inches of additional space can give you the feeling that you are living in a luxurious king-size bedroom while in reality. Discard your footboard-fashioned bedframe in favor of a modern but simple headboard that makes your bed look extra nice. With the SER Elite Frame, you can have that classy feeling in your tiny apartment!


Free up bedroom space by paring items down to essentials only. You can also use contemporary built-ins for extra storage. They help to maximize storage even though they may seem absent. The GTU Furniture sets is the ideal solution to help you achieve a simple yet comfortable feel.



Mirrors can help “expand” a tiny bedroom by creating the impression of a larger room. Placing a mirror in a position where it reflects light is one of the easiest (and most natural) ways to  illuminate your room.



If you are toying with the idea of buying a new bed, you could also consider a bed that has bottom drawers for additional storage. 


If the space on the floor is limited, but your ceiling is fairly high, you might want to add a platform or loft to your room. Although not everyone is a fan of it, for those who obviously have a thing for it, this may be the reason why your room may become transformed. Dorel Loft Bed does this better.



Just because your bedroom is tiny doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Just like your headboard wall, try applying a bold wallpaper pattern to create a focal wall.


Wallpaper seems to get a bad rep of making rooms appear cramped and crowded, but the correct technique and style will give you your desired effect. When choosing wallpaper, pick a simple wallpaper over a busy one to maximize space.



If you’re trying to limit the number of furniture in your room, go for this multipurpose floating shelf. Below are some of the ideas you can use it as: a nightstand replacement, a bookcase, an entry table positioned close to the door, a laptop desk, an entry table by the door, a laptop desk, and a bookcase.


Like its name implies, this is a versatile solution that would help you free up bedroom space instantly. If your bed is fixed to the wall, you can make use of a stud finder to scratch the location of your bed’s wood beams. After doing this, cut an alcove out and mount your nightstand there.



Above are different bedroom storage solutions and ideas to make your life easier and (hopefully) more fun. From swing arm sconces to wall-mounted shelves, these smart ideas help you maximize your bedroom storage space irrespective of the size of your bedroom.

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