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How to DIY Storage Baskets? How to DIY Storage Baskets?

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How to DIY Storage Baskets?

Written by: Sophie Thompson

With a DIY storage basket, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some fun ways you can build a storage basket that reflects your personal style.

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When it comes to organizing a household, many individuals find themselves stalling and procrastinating, instead of getting the burdensome task of organization completed. Contrary to what we believe so far, organizing a household doesn’t always have to be such a huge chore. Instead, if you’ve got the proper tools at your disposal, you can turn even the biggest mess of clothes, makeup, and other paraphernalia into a neat and easily accessible storage collection.





Perhaps the handiest tool to grab a hold of, especially while you’re in the middle of spring cleaning or just attempting to declutter the ‘pigsty’ that you inhabit- is none other than a simple wicker basket. And no, we don’t mean the type of wicker baskets you carry around during picnics, instead, we’re referring to the glorious invention of a storage basket. Not only does a storage basket provide an ample amount of space to store your stuff in, but it also makes decluttering a whole lot easier, since you don’t have to worry about not having enough storage space.


Fabric DIY Storage Basket


Even better than a storage basket is a DIY storage basket, which provides individuals with the freedom to add their own flair. With a DIY storage basket, the possibilities are virtually endless, since you can build a basket that goes in tandem with the rest of the furniture and ornaments in your room. To aid our readers in designing the best DIY storage baskets, we’ve compiled an article that covers everything you need to know about them, starting with the various kinds of storage baskets available.


The Different Types Of Storage Baskets

In addition to the ease that storage baskets bring to the typically tedious process of organization, another reason why we absolutely adore storage containers is because of the diverse array of forms that they come in! Whether you need a storage basket solely for the functionality that they offer, or if you want to spice the decoration up in your rooms in an effective manner – the different types of storage baskets that we’ve mentioned below have got you covered.


Fabric Baskets

Fabric DIY storage basket


Whenever you hear the word basket, chances are that the image that you’ve got in your head is of a typical wicker basket. Although a wicker basket is an extremely useful storage tool, fabric storage baskets provide a much fancier alternative to all your decluttering needs. Not only do fabric storage baskets come in a wide variety of shapes, including the high-in-demand ‘fabric tote’, but they are also great for storing everything from seasonal clothes, clutches, to wallets and towels. Moreover, since fabric storage bins come in exquisite designs and patterns, they can also double up as a highly functional decoration piece.


Acrylic Storage Baskets

Acrylic storage baskets


Although wicker storage baskets and fabric bins are an excellent choice for multipurpose storage, sometimes, you just need a place to stow away your belongings in, which is where the clear plastic square and rectangular storage bins prove to be an excellent option! Since acrylic storage baskets come in an arsenal of sizes, you can use them to store essential items, as well as the miscellaneous junk lying around the household. Furthermore, since acrylic storage bins are clear, you can see what you’ve stored, and even label them for additional organization.


Wicker Baskets

Wicker DIY Storage Baskets


If we hadn’t made it clear enough by this point, we absolutely love wicker baskets. And, why wouldn’t we? If you’re someone who loves tidying things up – wicker storage baskets are a dream come true. Similar to acrylic storage baskets, wicker baskets come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes and can fit everything from office supplies, clothing items, fabric to craft supplied and decoration items. Furthermore, a wicker storage basket immediately adds warmth and texture to a room, along with aiding in the organization.


Stacking Bins

Storage bins


Once you’ve got hold of storage containers, and baskets, there’s always the question of storing the containers themselves. A smart solution to this problem is to simply get stacking storage bins, which provide the additional storage space you need without overcrowding your room. Additionally, stacking bins are also great to house more compartments in one part of the container.


Shoe Boxes

Shoe Box


A great storage option that you might just have lying around in your homes is none other than a shoebox. In addition to being completely free, and extremely versatile, a shoebox can easily double as a DIY storage basket, since you can easily pretty them up by covering them with a wrapping paper of your choice. A shoe-box-turned-storage-container can work as a drawer separator and can hold toys, toiletries, and even office supplies.


DIY Storage Basket Ideas

Apart from the shoe-box-turned-storage-container option that we’ve mentioned above, a majority of the options that we’ve included above calls for a trip to your nearest IKEA store to get as many different kinds of storage containers that you need. Another alternative, that saves money, and gives you the freedom to design a storage basket that caters to all of your specific storage needs is to simply design one yourself. With a DIY storage basket, not only can you design a basket in a way that seems the most appealing to you, but you can also equip your storage basket with add-ons to fulfill your specific storage purposes. If you’re caught in a slump and don’t know where to start, here are some DIY storage basket ideas to get you going:


DIY Fabric Storage Basket

Fabric DIY Storage Basket


The easiest way to store various items around your house, along with adding to the overall decoration of your room is to simply make a DIY Fabric Storage Basket. Not only can these storage baskets fit in easily in your room, but you can also fold them up when not in use. In order to make a DIY Fabric Storage Basket, you’ll need the following items:


  • 2 yards of coordinating fabric for the basket’s exterior and interior
  • 2 yards of double-sided Peltex 72F
  • NoFraySpray or FrayStop to ensure that fraying is at a minimum
  • A fabric marking pen or pencil


After you’ve gotten your materials ready, you’ll need to follow the steps below to prepare your DIY Fabric Storage Basket:


  1. From 2 yards of fabric, cut 2 rectangles of 30” ✕ 32”, and from the Peltex 72F, cut 3 rectangles of 10” ✕ 32”, and fuse the two together by laying the Peltex strips across the fabric pieces on the wrong side, and using a hot dry iron to fuse the stabilizer in place. Repeat the process with the other 2 strips of Peltex 72F as well.
  2. Trim away any excess fabric, but make sure that you don’t trim away too much. Using the fabric pen or pencil, draw a line 10” away from each edge and sew along these lines. On each of the corner flaps, draw horizontal lines 2 ½” away from the top and bottom edges, and seal everything with NoFraySpray.
  3. Now it’s time to sew. Start by sewing around the basket edges with a simple stitch. Once done, fold the two corner flaps together to bring your DIY Fabric Storage Basket to life.


DIY Coiled Rope Basket

Rope box


Another excellent DIY Storage Basket idea that results in a beautifully hand-woven storage basket at your hands is to make a DIY Coiled Rope Basket. Although it may look complicated, making a DIY Coiled Rope Basket is pretty easy and requires the following:


  • One spool of cotton clothesline
  • A large spool of cotton thread
  • Size 90/14 universal needles
  • An all-purpose foot with a marked center


Once you’ve got all the materials that you need, you need to follow these steps to create a DIY Storage Coiled Rope Basket.


  1. Set your sewing machine for a zigzag stitch with a length of 3 mm and a width of 5.5 mm, and coil the rope in your hand until you’ve got a flat circle that measures between ½” and 1” in diameter. Place the circle under the presser and stitch as far from the center as possible to make the base of your basket.
  2. When done with the base of your basket, wedge your hand under the base circle and press it against the left side of the sewing machine. Make sure that you’ve got the cord under tension to prevent the sides from going outwards, instead of the bowl curving inwards.
  3. After you’re satisfied with the size of your basket, cut the rope, leaving a 1 ½” to 2” tail, which will later become the tassel. Stitch back and forth for about ½” and then go over the tassel with a zigzag stitch of length 1.5 mm and width of 5.2 mm.


DIY Cardboard Storage Box Basket

DIY storage box using carboard


If you’re a beginner who isn’t looking to devote a huge chunk of their monthly allowance to the supplies needed to make a DIY Storage Basket, we’d recommend that you start by making a DIY Storage Basket out of cardboard. Not only is a DIY Cardboard Storage Box a relatively cheaper alternative, but it is also significantly easier to make if you aren’t too comfortable with sewing. To make a DIY Cardboard Storage Box, you will need the following supplies:


  • A cardboard box of any size
  • Sisal rope of 6mm/ ¼” dimensions
  • Linen fabric
  • Cotton thread
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • Pins
  • A pair of scissors


Once you’ve got your supplies ready, you’ll need to follow the steps mentioned below to create your cardboard storage box.


  1.  Lay your cardboard box on one side, and start by applying glue to the edge, and laying the sisal rope down. After you’ve got the edges of the cardboard box covered with sisal rope, repeat the process until the entire cardboard box is in sisal rope.
  2. Once you’ve got your box covered with the sisal rope, wrap your linen fabric around the box and pin it to the edges of the box, leaving around ½” of fabric. Using the cotton thread and needle, sew the linen fabric together to create the interior linen lining for your storage box.
  3. After you’ve finished sewing, trim off the excess fabric, and cover the inside of the cardboard box with the linen fabric, after which your DIY cardboard storage box is complete.


DIY Sweater Storage Basket

Sweater DIY Storage basket


Perhaps the most commonly encountered storage problem that many individuals face, is the storage of their sweaters. Since sweaters are typically worn in winters, most people don’t have the space needed to house the bulky clothing items, which results in sweaters gathering dust in the attic, or some other discreet stowaway place. Fortunately, the last DIY Storage Basket on our list is a DIY Sweater Storage Basket, which requires the following supplies to make:


  • Any fabric of your choice
  • Fray Check or NoFraySpray
  • Liquid Stitch
  • Mod Podge
  • Box Cutter
  • Marker
  • Sponge Brush
  • Fabric Sheers
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cutting Mat
  • Label Plates (optional)


In order to construct these DIY Sweater Storage Baskets, you’ll need to follow these steps:


  1. Cut the top flaps off of your cardboard boxes, and then using a template, draw lines on the box with the aid of a ruler. Using a box cutter, cut across the lines and wrap the fabric around the box.
  2. Using Mod Podge and a sponge brush, glue the fabric to the cardboard box. Make sure that you’re gluing the sides of the box as you go, so as to not let the Mod Podge dry before you’ve gotten to applying fabric on a particular side. After the Mod Podge has dried down, secure the exterior of the box by applying Fray Check to ensure the fabric’s longevity.
  3. After you’ve trimmed off the excess fabric, you can start working on the interior of the box and affix the excess fabric that you’ve saved inside the box as well, to form a coherent design on your storage box.
  4. Additionally, you can also attach a label plate on the exterior of the storage container, to ramp up on your organizational skills.



At the end of the article, we can only hope that we’ve made clear to our readers that organizing their homes isn’t as tedious of a task as we sometimes make it out to be. With the right mind-set, individuals can alter the course of their houses, and make their living space significantly neater by creating the DIY storage baskets that we’ve mentioned above!


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